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I (Johnathan Nightingale) handled the original coding, distribution,
maintenance, etc.
Peter Tirsek (peter at tirsek dot com) filled me in on where the magical
fairy number comes from (see beep.c). He also tracked down the relevant
kernel code that causes the ioctl()s to die under certain conditions
(see the README or man page sections on ioctl). He is truly a wonderful
Andreas Hochsteger (e9625392 at student dot tuwien dot ac dot at) contributed
several useful little patches, and was my inspiration for the -d/-D
distinction. He's also thrown pointers my way about code packaging, which
are appreciated.
Rick Franchuk (rickf at transpect dot net) came up with the idea of the -s and
-c stdin hooks. Since most people will be using beep to tell them when a new
line pops up in log, or mail, or what-have-you, this was quite clever of him
and though I really did mean to do it anyhow, he sent me the patch before I had
bothered to write it, so he gets the credit. :)
Serge Winitzki (winitzki at suggested having beep take
floats for frequency, instead of int's.
The guys at really deserve a big ol whack of credit too, for
running a very cool site in general, and for running one so successfully that
my little 4k program generated literally hundreds of emails in reply. It gives
one a great sense of community to see such an overwhelming response.
In particular, fryguy[at]freshmeat (Ryan Weaver) rocks supremely, for packaging
beep in RPM format, and maintaining said package until he decides not to. I
really did mean to make a spec for it myself, but hey, when freshmeat offers to
maintain your packages, you'd have to have a *real* good reason to say no.
Most of all - and I write this nearly 10 years later, so I have the benefit of
history on my side here - I would like to thank Gerfried Fuchs, who has tirelessly
maintained beep in debian, along with a stack of patches, years after I stopped
hacking on it in earnest. He is amazingly dedicated, and has a new son whom we
would all be fortunate to have follow in his father's footsteps.