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<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<svg width="4in" height="3in"
xmlns = ''>
<desc>This example uses the switch element to provide a
fallback graphical representation of an equation, if
MathML is not supported.
<!-- The <switch> element will process the first child element
whose testing attributes evaluate to true.-->
<!-- Process the MathML if the system-required attribute
evaluates to true (i.e., the user agent supports MathML
embedded within SVG). -->
width="100" height="50">
<!-- MathML content goes here -->
<!-- Else, process the following alternate SVG.
Note that there are no testing attributes on the <g> element.
If no testing attributes are provided, it is as if there
were testing attributes and they evaluated to true.-->
<!-- Draw a red rectangle with a text string on top. -->
<rect style="fill: red"/>
<text>Formula goes here</text>