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luajson v1.1 Release Notes
User Visible Changes
A new default configuration "simple" is available that does not use
`json.util.null` and `json.util.undefined` to represent their associated
JSON values.
There is also a change in the decoding of arrays with nulls to avoid
special casing it.
Plans for next release
No plans yet for what a future release might contain.
Updates since 1.0.1
Thomas Harning Jr (9):
Merge branch '1.0.x'
learns how to handle arbitrary sets of defaults (now + simple)
adds support for nil return values
fixes bug where function call returns nothing => error
adds support for 'simple' decoding to map null and undefined => nil
removes special casing of null values in an array
adds support for caching new arbitrary configs
tests added for simple/default decoders stand-alone, in arrays, in objects