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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# @(#) - generates a perl script that converts lexemes to K&R-style
# How to use this script:
# - In the busybox directory type 'examples/ files-to-convert'
# - Review the '' script generated and remove / edit any of the
# substitutions in there (please especially check for false positives)
# - Type './ same-files-as-before'
# - Compile and see if it works
# BUGS: This script does not ignore strings inside comments or strings inside
# quotes (it probably should).
# set this to something else if you want
$convertme = '';
# internal-use variables (don't touch)
$convert = 0;
%converted = ();
# if no files were specified, print usage
die "usage: $0 file.c | file.h\n" if scalar(@ARGV) == 0;
# prepare the "convert me" file
open(CM, ">$convertme") or die " $!";
print CM "#!/usr/bin/perl -p -i\n\n";
# process each file passed on the cmd line
while (<>) {
# if the line says "getopt" in it anywhere, we don't want to muck with it
# because option lists tend to include strings like "cxtzvOf:" which get
# matched by the "check for mixed case" regexps below
next if /getopt/;
# tokenize the string into just the variables
while (/([a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*)/g) {
$var = $1;
# ignore the word "BusyBox"
next if ($var =~ /BusyBox/);
# this checks for javaStyle or szHungarianNotation
$convert++ if ($var =~ /^[a-z]+[A-Z][a-z]+/);
# this checks for PascalStyle
$convert++ if ($var =~ /^[A-Z][a-z]+[A-Z][a-z]+/);
# if we want to add more checks, we can add 'em here, but the above
# checks catch "just enough" and not too much, so prolly not.
if ($convert) {
$convert = 0;
# skip ahead if we've already dealt with this one
next if ($converted{$var});
# record that we've dealt with this var
$converted{$var} = 1;
print CM "s/\\b$var\\b/"; # more to come in just a minute
# change the first letter to lower-case
$var = lcfirst($var);
# put underscores before all remaining upper-case letters
$var =~ s/([A-Z])/_$1/g;
# now change the remaining characters to lower-case
$var = lc($var);
print CM "$var/g;\n";
# tidy up and make the $convertme script executable
chmod 0755, $convertme;
# print a helpful help message
print "Done. Scheduled name changes are in $convertme.\n";
print "Please review/modify it and then type ./$convertme to do the search & replace.\n";