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<p class="level0"><a name="NAME"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">NAME</h2>
<p class="level0">curl_easy_unescape - URL decodes the given string <a name="SYNOPSIS"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">SYNOPSIS</h2>
<p class="level0"><span Class="bold">#include &lt;curl/curl.h&gt;</span>
<p class="level0"><span Class="bold">char *curl_easy_unescape( CURL * curl , char * url , int inlength</span> <span Class="bold">, int * outlength );</span>
<p class="level0"><a name="DESCRIPTION"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">DESCRIPTION</h2>
<p class="level0">This function converts the given URL encoded input string to a "plain string" and returns that in an allocated memory area. All input characters that are URL encoded (%XX where XX is a two-digit hexadecimal number) are converted to their binary versions.
<p class="level0">If the <span Class="bold">length</span> argument is set to 0 (zero), <a class="emphasis" href="./curl_easy_unescape.html">curl_easy_unescape(3)</a> will use strlen() on the input <span Class="emphasis">url</span> string to find out the size.
<p class="level0">If <span Class="bold">outlength</span> is non-NULL, the function will write the length of the returned string in the integer it points to. This allows an escaped string containing %00 to still get used properly after unescaping.
<p class="level0">You must <a class="emphasis" href="./curl_free.html">curl_free(3)</a> the returned string when you're done with it. <a name="AVAILABILITY"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">AVAILABILITY</h2>
<p class="level0">Added in 7.15.4 and replaces the old <a class="emphasis" href="./curl_unescape.html">curl_unescape(3)</a> function. <a name="RETURN"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">RETURN VALUE</h2>
<p class="level0">A pointer to a zero terminated string or NULL if it failed. <a name="SEE"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">SEE ALSO</h2>
<p class="level0"><span Class="emphasis">curl_easy_escape(3), curl_free(3), <a href="">RFC 2396</a></span> <p class="roffit">
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