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* Copyright (C) 1998 - 2011, Daniel Stenberg, <>, et al.
* This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which
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* This software is distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY
* KIND, either express or implied.
#include "setup.h"
* Prototypes for library-wide functions provided by url.c
CURLcode Curl_open(struct SessionHandle **curl);
CURLcode Curl_init_userdefined(struct UserDefined *set);
CURLcode Curl_setopt(struct SessionHandle *data, CURLoption option,
va_list arg);
CURLcode Curl_dupset(struct SessionHandle * dst, struct SessionHandle * src);
void Curl_freeset(struct SessionHandle * data);
CURLcode Curl_close(struct SessionHandle *data); /* opposite of curl_open() */
CURLcode Curl_connect(struct SessionHandle *, struct connectdata **,
bool *async, bool *protocol_connect);
CURLcode Curl_do(struct connectdata **, bool *done);
CURLcode Curl_do_more(struct connectdata *, bool *completed);
CURLcode Curl_done(struct connectdata **, CURLcode, bool premature);
CURLcode Curl_disconnect(struct connectdata *, bool dead_connection);
CURLcode Curl_protocol_connect(struct connectdata *conn, bool *done);
CURLcode Curl_protocol_connecting(struct connectdata *conn, bool *done);
CURLcode Curl_protocol_doing(struct connectdata *conn, bool *done);
CURLcode Curl_setup_conn(struct connectdata *conn,
bool *protocol_done);
/* create a connection cache */
struct conncache *Curl_mk_connc(int type, long amount);
/* free a connection cache */
void Curl_rm_connc(struct conncache *c);
/* Change number of entries of a connection cache */
CURLcode Curl_ch_connc(struct SessionHandle *data,
struct conncache *c,
long newamount);
int Curl_protocol_getsock(struct connectdata *conn,
curl_socket_t *socks,
int numsocks);
int Curl_doing_getsock(struct connectdata *conn,
curl_socket_t *socks,
int numsocks);
bool Curl_isPipeliningEnabled(const struct SessionHandle *handle);
CURLcode Curl_addHandleToPipeline(struct SessionHandle *handle,
struct curl_llist *pipeline);
int Curl_removeHandleFromPipeline(struct SessionHandle *handle,
struct curl_llist *pipeline);
/* remove the specified connection from all (possible) pipelines and related
queues */
void Curl_getoff_all_pipelines(struct SessionHandle *data,
struct connectdata *conn);
void Curl_close_connections(struct SessionHandle *data);
/* Called on connect, and if there's already a protocol-specific struct
allocated for a different connection, this frees it that it can be setup
properly later on. */
void Curl_reset_reqproto(struct connectdata *conn);
#define CURL_DEFAULT_PROXY_PORT 1080 /* default proxy port unless specified */
#define CURL_DEFAULT_SOCKS5_GSSAPI_SERVICE "rcmd" /* default socks5 gssapi
service */
CURLcode Curl_connected_proxy(struct connectdata *conn);
#define Curl_verboseconnect(x) Curl_nop_stmt
void Curl_verboseconnect(struct connectdata *conn);
#endif /* HEADER_CURL_URL_H */