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To make management of bugs against the dpkg suite easier we add as many of
the following usertags as apply to the bug.
When filing bugs, please do the same to aid triage, by including in the
bug report pseudo-header:
Usertags: <usertag...>
Those are the currently used usertags (and the matchings against the old
pseudo-tags”, which were encoded in the bug title):
Generic tags
usertag pseudo-tag description
------- ---------- -----------
assert [ASSERT] Errors caused by assert().
segfault [SEGFAULT] Errors that cause segmentation faults.
conffile [CONFFILE] Issues with configuration file handling.
symlink Issues related to symlink handling.
depends [DEPENDS] Issues with dependency relationship handling.
maint-script Errors related to maintainer scripts.
db Issues handling the database.
file-metadata File metadata tracking (perm, acl, cap, hash).
trivial [TRIVIAL] Bug should be trivial to fix.
perf [PERF] Performance problems.
new-field Request for new control file fields.
new-option Request for new command line option.
deb-format Changes to the binary (.deb) format.
dsc-format Changes to the source (.dsc) format.
arch [ARCH] Updates to cputable’, ostable and porting
vendor Vendor support and needed modifications.
build Project build system issues.
i18n [UTF-8] Conversion to the UTF-8 encoding.
i18n [INTL] Internationalization problems.
l10n [INTL] New or updated translations and bugs affecting
translation. Include the language code in the
tag, e.g. [INTL:cy_GB].
doc [DOC] Documentation bugs, including --help, program
output and manpages.
Being considered tags
usertag description
------- -----------
diversion Issues related to diversions.
apt-feature ??
Program tags
usertag pseudo-tag description
------- ---------- -----------
dpkg [DPKG]
dpkg-architecture [DPKG-ARCHITECTURE]
dpkg-buildpackage [DPKG-BUILDPACKAGE]
dpkg-checkbuilddeps [DPKG-CHECKBUILDDEPS]
dpkg-deb [DPKG-DEB]
dpkg-distaddfile [DPKG-DISTADDFILE]
dpkg-divert [DPKG-DIVERT]
dpkg-genchanges [DPKG-GENCHANGES]
dpkg-gencontrol [DPKG-GENCONTROL]
dpkg-gensymbols [DPKG-GENCSYMBOLS]
dpkg-name [DPKG-NAME]
dpkg-parsechangelog [DPKG-PARSECHANGELOG]
dpkg-query [DPKG-QUERY]
dpkg-scanpackages [DPKG-SCANPACKAGES]
dpkg-scansources [DPKG-SCANSOURCES]
dpkg-shlibdeps [DPKG-SHLIBDEPS]
dpkg-source [DPKG-SOURCE]
dpkg-split [DPKG-SPLIT]
dpkg-statoverride [DPKG-STATOVERRIDE]
s-s-d [S-S-D] start-stop-daemon
u-a [U-A] update-alternatives
install-info [INSTALL-INFO]
Current categories
,--- Definition ---
usercategory dpkg-status [hidden]
* Status [pending=]
+ Outstanding with Patch Available [0:pending+tag=patch]
+ Outstanding and Confirmed [1:pending+tag=confirmed]
+ Outstanding and More Info Needed [pending+tag=moreinfo]
+ Outstanding but Will Not Fix [pending+tag=wontfix]
+ Outstanding and Unclassified [2:pending]
+ From other Branch [absent]
+ Pending Upload [pending-fixed]
+ Fixed in NMU [fixed]
+ Resolved [done]
+ Unknown Pending Status []
usercategory dpkg-program [hidden]
* Dpkg Program
+ dpkg program [tag=dpkg]
+ dpkg-deb [tag=dpkg-deb]
+ dpkg-divert [tag=dpkg-divert]
+ dpkg-query [tag=dpkg-query]
+ dpkg-split [tag=dpkg-split]
+ dpkg-statoverride [tag=dpkg-statoverride]
+ dpkg-maintscript-helper [tag=dpkg-maintscript-helper]
+ start-stop-daemon [tag=s-s-d]
+ update-alternatives [tag=u-a]
+ libdpkg [package=libdpkg-dev]
+ dpkg-architecture [tag=dpkg-architecture]
+ dpkg-buildflags [tag=dpkg-buildflags]
+ dpkg-buildpackage [tag=dpkg-buildpackage]
+ dpkg-checkbuilddeps [tag=dpkg-checkbuilddeps]
+ dpkg-distaddfile [tag=dpkg-distaddfile]
+ dpkg-genchanges [tag=dpkg-genchanges]
+ dpkg-gencontrol [tag=dpkg-gencontrol]
+ dpkg-gensymbols [tag=dpkg-gensymbols]
+ dpkg-mergechangelogs [tag=dpkg-mergechangelogs]
+ dpkg-name [tag=dpkg-name]
+ dpkg-parsechangelog [tag=dpkg-parsechangelog]
+ dpkg-scanpackages [tag=dpkg-scanpackages]
+ dpkg-scansources [tag=dpkg-scansources]
+ dpkg-shlibdeps [tag=dpkg-shlibdeps]
+ dpkg-source [tag=dpkg-source]
+ dpkg-vendor [tag=dpkg-vendor]
+ Dpkg perl modules [package=libdpkg-perl]
+ install-info [tag=install-info]
+ dselect [package=dselect]
+ Other [0:]
usercategory dpkg-program-view
* dpkg-status
* dpkg-program
* severity
usercategory dpkg-class [hidden]
* Dpkg Classification [tag=]
+ Segfault [segfault]
+ Assertion failure [assert]
+ Dependency relationship handling [depends]
+ Conffile handling [conffile]
+ Symlink handling [symlink]
+ Database handling [db]
+ File metadata tracking [file-metadata]
+ Maintainer script handling [maint-script]
+ Performance issue [perf]
+ Trivial fix [trivial]
+ New control field [new-field]
+ New command line option [new-option]
+ Binary package format [deb-format]
+ Source package format [dsc-format]
+ Architecture specific issue [arch]
+ Vendor specific issue [vendor]
+ Own build system [build]
+ Internationalization [i18n]
+ Localization [l10n]
+ Documentation [doc]
+ Other [0:]
usercategory dpkg-class-view
* dpkg-status
* dpkg-class
* severity
# Change default view
usercategory normal
* dpkg-status
* severity
* dpkg-program
* dpkg-class
usercategory old-normal
* status
* severity
* classification