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* dpkg-split - splitting and joining of multipart *.deb archives
* info.c - information about split archives
* Copyright © 1995 Ian Jackson <>
* This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#include <config.h>
#include <compat.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <ar.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <dpkg/i18n.h>
#include <dpkg/dpkg.h>
#include <dpkg/dpkg-db.h>
#include <dpkg/ar.h>
#include <dpkg/options.h>
#include "dpkg-split.h"
static intmax_t
parse_intmax(const char *value, const char *fn, const char *what)
intmax_t r;
char *endp;
r = strtoimax(value, &endp, 10);
if (value == endp || *endp)
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - bad digit (code %d) in %s"),fn,*endp,what);
return r;
static char *nextline(char **ripp, const char *fn, const char *what) {
char *newline, *rip;
rip= *ripp;
if (!rip) ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - %.250s missing"),fn,what);
newline= strchr(rip,'\n');
if (!newline)
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - missing newline after %.250s"),fn,what);
*ripp= newline+1;
while (newline > rip && isspace(newline[-1])) newline--;
*newline = '\0';
return rip;
* Read a deb-split part archive.
* @return Part info (nfmalloc'd) if was an archive part and we read it,
* NULL if it wasn't.
struct partinfo *read_info(FILE *partfile, const char *fn, struct partinfo *ir) {
static char *readinfobuf= NULL;
static size_t readinfobuflen= 0;
size_t thisilen;
intmax_t templong;
char magicbuf[sizeof(DPKG_AR_MAGIC) - 1], *rip, *partnums, *slash;
struct ar_hdr arh;
int c;
struct stat stab;
if (fread(magicbuf, 1, sizeof(magicbuf), partfile) != sizeof(magicbuf)) {
if (ferror(partfile))
ohshite(_("error reading %.250s"), fn);
return NULL;
if (memcmp(magicbuf, DPKG_AR_MAGIC, sizeof(magicbuf)))
return NULL;
if (fread(&arh,1,sizeof(arh),partfile) != sizeof(arh)) rerreof(partfile,fn);
if (strncmp(arh.ar_name, PARTMAGIC, sizeof(arh.ar_name)) != 0)
return NULL;
if (memcmp(arh.ar_fmag,ARFMAG,sizeof(arh.ar_fmag)))
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - bad magic at end of first header"),fn);
thisilen = dpkg_ar_member_get_size(fn, &arh);
if (thisilen >= readinfobuflen) {
readinfobuflen= thisilen+1;
readinfobuf= m_realloc(readinfobuf,readinfobuflen);
if (fread(readinfobuf,1,thisilen,partfile) != thisilen) rerreof(partfile,fn);
if (thisilen & 1) {
c= getc(partfile); if (c==EOF) rerreof(partfile,fn);
if (c != '\n')
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - bad padding character (code %d)"),fn,c);
readinfobuf[thisilen] = '\0';
if (memchr(readinfobuf,0,thisilen))
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - nulls in info section"),fn);
ir->filename= fn;
rip= readinfobuf;
ir->fmtversion = nfstrsave(nextline(&rip, fn, _("format version number")));
if (strcmp(ir->fmtversion,SPLITVERSION))
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is format version `%.250s' - you need a newer dpkg-split"),
ir->package = nfstrsave(nextline(&rip, fn, _("package name")));
ir->version = nfstrsave(nextline(&rip, fn, _("package version number")));
ir->md5sum = nfstrsave(nextline(&rip, fn, _("package file MD5 checksum")));
if (strlen(ir->md5sum) != MD5HASHLEN ||
strspn(ir->md5sum, "0123456789abcdef") != MD5HASHLEN)
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - bad MD5 checksum `%.250s'"),fn,ir->md5sum);
ir->orglength = parse_intmax(nextline(&rip, fn, _("archive total size")),
fn, _("archive total size"));
ir->maxpartlen = parse_intmax(nextline(&rip, fn, _("archive part offset")),
fn, _("archive part offset"));
partnums = nextline(&rip, fn, _("archive part numbers"));
slash= strchr(partnums,'/');
if (!slash)
ohshit(_("file '%.250s' is corrupt - no slash between archive part numbers"), fn);
*slash++ = '\0';
templong = parse_intmax(slash, fn, _("number of archive parts"));
if (templong <= 0 || templong > INT_MAX)
ohshit(_("file '%.250s' is corrupt - bad number of archive parts"), fn);
ir->maxpartn= templong;
templong = parse_intmax(partnums, fn, _("archive parts number"));
if (templong <= 0 || templong > ir->maxpartn)
ohshit(_("file '%.250s' is corrupt - bad archive part number"),fn);
ir->thispartn= templong;
/* If the package was created with dpkg 1.16.1 or later it will include
* the architecture. */
if (*rip != '\0')
ir->arch = nfstrsave(nextline(&rip, fn, _("package architecture")));
ir->arch = NULL;
if (fread(&arh,1,sizeof(arh),partfile) != sizeof(arh)) rerreof(partfile,fn);
if (memcmp(arh.ar_fmag,ARFMAG,sizeof(arh.ar_fmag)))
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - bad magic at end of second header"),fn);
if (strncmp(arh.ar_name,"data",4))
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - second member is not data member"),fn);
ir->thispartlen = dpkg_ar_member_get_size(fn, &arh);
ir->thispartoffset= (ir->thispartn-1)*ir->maxpartlen;
if (ir->maxpartn != (ir->orglength+ir->maxpartlen-1)/ir->maxpartlen)
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - wrong number of parts for quoted sizes"),fn);
if (ir->thispartlen !=
(ir->thispartn == ir->maxpartn
? ir->orglength - ir->thispartoffset : ir->maxpartlen))
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - size is wrong for quoted part number"),fn);
ir->filesize = (strlen(DPKG_AR_MAGIC) +
sizeof(arh) + thisilen + (thisilen & 1) +
sizeof(arh) + ir->thispartlen + (ir->thispartlen & 1));
if (fstat(fileno(partfile),&stab)) ohshite(_("unable to fstat part file `%.250s'"),fn);
if (S_ISREG(stab.st_mode)) {
/* Don't do this check if it's coming from a pipe or something. It's
* only an extra sanity check anyway. */
if (stab.st_size < ir->filesize)
ohshit(_("file `%.250s' is corrupt - too short"),fn);
ir->headerlen = strlen(DPKG_AR_MAGIC) +
sizeof(arh) + thisilen + (thisilen & 1) + sizeof(arh);
return ir;
void mustgetpartinfo(const char *filename, struct partinfo *ri) {
FILE *part;
part= fopen(filename,"r");
if (!part) ohshite(_("cannot open archive part file `%.250s'"),filename);
if (!read_info(part,filename,ri))
ohshite(_("file `%.250s' is not an archive part"),filename);
void print_info(const struct partinfo *pi) {
" Part format version: %s\n"
" Part of package: %s\n"
" ... version: %s\n"
" ... architecture: %s\n"
" ... MD5 checksum: %s\n"
" ... length: %jd bytes\n"
" ... split every: %jd bytes\n"
" Part number: %d/%d\n"
" Part length: %jd bytes\n"
" Part offset: %jd bytes\n"
" Part file size (used portion): %jd bytes\n\n"),
pi->arch ? pi->arch : C_("architecture", "<unknown>"),
do_info(const char *const *argv)
const char *thisarg;
struct partinfo *pi, ps;
FILE *part;
if (!*argv)
badusage(_("--%s requires one or more part file arguments"),
while ((thisarg= *argv++)) {
part= fopen(thisarg,"r");
if (!part) ohshite(_("cannot open archive part file `%.250s'"),thisarg);
pi= read_info(part,thisarg,&ps);
if (pi) {
} else {
printf(_("file `%s' is not an archive part\n"),thisarg);
m_output(stdout, _("<standard output>"));
return 0;