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/* -*- c++ -*-
* dselect - Debian package maintenance user interface
* pkglist.h - external definitions for package list handling
* Copyright © 1994,1995 Ian Jackson <>
* Copyright © 2001 Wichert Akkerman <>
* This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef PKGLIST_H
#define PKGLIST_H
#include <regex.h>
enum showpriority {
dp_none, // has not been involved in any unsatisfied things
dp_may, // has been involved in an unsatisfied Suggests
dp_should, // has been involved in an unsatisfied Recommends
dp_must // has been involved in an unsatisfied Depends/Conflicts
enum selpriority {
// where did the currently suggested value come from, and how important
// is it to display this package ?
// low
sp_inherit, // inherited from our parent list
sp_selecting, // propagating a selection
sp_deselecting, // propagating a deselection
sp_fixed // it came from the `status' file and we're not a recursive list
// high
enum ssavailval { // Availability sorting order, first to last:
ssa_broken, // Brokenly-installed and nothing available
ssa_notinst_unseen, // Entirely new packages (available but not deselected yet)
ssa_installed_newer, // Installed, newer version available
ssa_installed_gone, // Installed but no longer available
ssa_installed_sameold, // Same or older version available as installed
ssa_notinst_seen, // Available but not installed
ssa_notinst_gone, // Not available, and only config files left
enum ssstateval { // State sorting order, first to last:
sss_broken, // In some way brokenly installed
sss_installed, // Installed
sss_configfiles, // Config files only
sss_notinstalled, // Not installed
struct perpackagestate {
struct pkginfo *pkg;
/* The `heading' entries in the list, for `all packages of type foo',
* point to a made-up pkginfo, which has pkg->name==0.
* pkg->priority and pkg->section are set to the values if appropriate, or to
* pri_unset resp. null if the heading refers to all priorities resp. sections.
* uprec is used when constructing the list initially and when tearing it
* down and should not otherwise be used; other fields are undefined.
pkginfo::pkgwant original; // set by caller
pkginfo::pkgwant direct; // set by caller
pkginfo::pkgwant suggested; // set by caller, modified by resolvesuggest
pkginfo::pkgwant selected; // not set by caller, will be set by packagelist
selpriority spriority; // monotonically increases (used by sublists)
showpriority dpriority; // monotonically increases (used by sublists)
struct perpackagestate *uprec; // 0 if this is not part of a recursive list
ssavailval ssavail;
ssstateval ssstate;
varbuf relations;
void free(int recursive);
class packagelist : public baselist {
int status_width, gap_width, section_width, priority_width;
int package_width, versioninstalled_width, versionavailable_width, description_width;
int section_column, priority_column, versioninstalled_column;
int versionavailable_column, package_column, description_column;
// Only used when `verbose' is set
int status_hold_width, status_status_width, status_want_width;
// Table of packages
struct perpackagestate *datatable;
struct perpackagestate **table;
// Misc.
int recursive, nallocated, verbose;
enum { so_unsorted, so_section, so_priority, so_alpha } sortorder;
enum { sso_unsorted, sso_avail, sso_state } statsortorder;
enum { vdo_none, vdo_available, vdo_both } versiondisplayopt;
int calcssadone, calcsssdone;
struct perpackagestate *headings;
// Package searching flags
int searchdescr;
regex_t searchfsm;
// Information displays
struct infotype {
int (packagelist::*relevant)(); // null means always relevant
void (packagelist::*display)(); // null means end of table
const infotype *currentinfo;
static const infotype infoinfos[];
static const infotype *const baseinfo;
int itr_recursive();
int itr_nonrecursive();
void severalinfoblurb();
void itd_mainwelcome();
void itd_explaindisplay();
void itd_recurwelcome();
void itd_relations();
void itd_description();
void itd_statuscontrol();
void itd_availablecontrol();
// Dependency and sublist processing
struct doneent { doneent *next; void *dep; } *depsdone, *unavdone;
bool alreadydone(doneent **, void *);
int resolvedepcon(dependency*);
int checkdependers(pkginfo*, int changemade); // returns new changemade
int deselect_one_of(pkginfo *er, pkginfo *ed, dependency *dep);
// Define these virtuals
bool checksearch(char *str);
bool matchsearch(int index);
void redraw1itemsel(int index, int selected);
void redrawcolheads();
void redrawthisstate();
void redrawinfo();
void redrawtitle();
void setwidths();
const char *itemname(int index);
const struct helpmenuentry *helpmenulist();
// Miscellaneous internal routines
void redraw1package(int index, int selected);
int compareentries(const struct perpackagestate *a, const struct perpackagestate *b);
friend int qsort_compareentries(const void *a, const void *b);
pkginfo::pkgwant reallywant(pkginfo::pkgwant, struct perpackagestate*);
int describemany(char buf[], const char *prioritystring, const char *section,
const struct perpackagestate *pps);
bool deppossatisfied(deppossi *possi, perpackagestate **fixbyupgrade);
void sortmakeheads();
void resortredisplay();
void movecursorafter(int ncursor);
void initialsetup();
void finalsetup();
void ensurestatsortinfo();
// To do with building the list, with heading lines in it
void discardheadings();
void addheading(enum ssavailval, enum ssstateval,
pkginfo::pkgpriority, const char*, const char *section);
void sortinplace();
bool affectedmatches(struct pkginfo *pkg, struct pkginfo *comparewith);
void affectedrange(int *startp, int *endp);
void setwant(pkginfo::pkgwant nw);
void sethold(int hold);
// Keybinding functions */
void kd_quit_noop();
void kd_revert_abort();
void kd_revertsuggest();
void kd_revertdirect();
void kd_revertinstalled();
void kd_morespecific();
void kd_lessspecific();
void kd_swaporder();
void kd_swapstatorder();
void kd_select();
void kd_deselect();
void kd_purge();
void kd_hold();
void kd_unhold();
void kd_info();
void kd_toggleinfo();
void kd_verbose();
void kd_versiondisplay();
packagelist(keybindings *kb); // nonrecursive
packagelist(keybindings *kb, pkginfo **pkgltab); // recursive
void add(pkginfo **arry) { while (*arry) add(*arry++); }
void add(pkginfo*);
void add(pkginfo*, pkginfo::pkgwant);
void add(pkginfo*, const char *extrainfo, showpriority displayimportance);
bool add(dependency *, showpriority displayimportance);
void addunavailable(deppossi*);
bool useavailable(pkginfo *);
pkgbin *find_pkgbin(pkginfo *);
int resolvesuggest();
int deletelessimp_anyleft(showpriority than);
pkginfo **display();
void repeatedlydisplay(packagelist *sub, showpriority, packagelist *unredisplay =0);
int would_like_to_install(pkginfo::pkgwant, pkginfo *pkg);
extern const char *const wantstrings[];
extern const char *const eflagstrings[];
extern const char *const statusstrings[];
extern const char *const prioritystrings[];
extern const char *const priorityabbrevs[];
extern const char *const relatestrings[];
extern const char *const ssastrings[], *const ssaabbrevs[];
extern const char *const sssstrings[], *const sssabbrevs[];
extern const char statuschars[];
extern const char eflagchars[];
extern const char wantchars[];
extern modstatdb_rw readwrite;
#endif /* PKGLIST_H */