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# This file contains the table of known operating system names.
# Architecture names are formed as a combination of the system name
# (from this table) and CPU name (from cputable) after mapping from
# the Debian triplet (from triplettable). A list of architecture
# names in the Debian ‘sid’ distribution can be found in the archtable
# file.
# Column 1 is the Debian name for the system, used to form the system part
# in the Debian triplet.
# Column 2 is the GNU name for the system, used to output build and host
# targets in ‘dpkg-architecture’.
# Column 3 is an extended regular expression used to match against the
# system part of the output of the GNU config.guess script.
# <Debian name> <GNU name> <config.guess regex>
uclibceabi-linux linux-uclibceabi linux[^-]*-uclibceabi
uclibc-linux linux-uclibc linux[^-]*-uclibc
gnueabihf-linux linux-gnueabihf linux[^-]*-gnueabihf
gnueabi-linux linux-gnueabi linux[^-]*-gnueabi
gnuspe-linux linux-gnuspe linux[^-]*-gnuspe
gnulp-linux linux-gnulp linux[^-]*-gnulp
gnu-linux linux-gnu linux[^-]*(-gnu.*)?
gnu-kfreebsd kfreebsd-gnu kfreebsd[^-]*(-gnu.*)?
gnu-knetbsd knetbsd-gnu knetbsd[^-]*(-gnu.*)?
gnu-kopensolaris kopensolaris-gnu kopensolaris[^-]*(-gnu.*)?
gnu-hurd gnu gnu[^-]*
bsd-darwin darwin darwin[^-]*
bsd-freebsd freebsd freebsd[^-]*
bsd-netbsd netbsd netbsd[^-]*
bsd-openbsd openbsd openbsd[^-]*
sysv-solaris solaris solaris[^-]*
uclibceabi-uclinux uclinux-uclibceabi uclinux[^-]*-uclibceabi
uclibc-uclinux uclinux-uclibc uclinux[^-]*(-uclibc.*)?