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* http_server - HTTP server
* Copyright (c) 2009, Jouni Malinen <>
* This software may be distributed under the terms of the BSD license.
* See README for more details.
struct http_server;
struct http_request;
void http_request_deinit(struct http_request *req);
void http_request_send(struct http_request *req, struct wpabuf *resp);
void http_request_send_and_deinit(struct http_request *req,
struct wpabuf *resp);
enum httpread_hdr_type http_request_get_type(struct http_request *req);
char * http_request_get_uri(struct http_request *req);
char * http_request_get_hdr(struct http_request *req);
char * http_request_get_data(struct http_request *req);
char * http_request_get_hdr_line(struct http_request *req, const char *tag);
struct sockaddr_in * http_request_get_cli_addr(struct http_request *req);
struct http_server * http_server_init(struct in_addr *addr, int port,
void (*cb)(void *ctx,
struct http_request *req),
void *cb_ctx);
void http_server_deinit(struct http_server *srv);
int http_server_get_port(struct http_server *srv);
#endif /* HTTP_SERVER_H */