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* Wi-Fi Protected Setup - internal definitions
* Copyright (c) 2008-2012, Jouni Malinen <>
* This software may be distributed under the terms of the BSD license.
* See README for more details.
#ifndef WPS_I_H
#define WPS_I_H
#include "wps.h"
#include "wps_attr_parse.h"
struct wps_nfc_pw_token;
* struct wps_data - WPS registration protocol data
* This data is stored at the EAP-WSC server/peer method and it is kept for a
* single registration protocol run.
struct wps_data {
* wps - Pointer to long term WPS context
struct wps_context *wps;
* registrar - Whether this end is a Registrar
int registrar;
* er - Whether the local end is an external registrar
int er;
enum {
/* Enrollee states */
/* Registrar states */
} state;
u8 uuid_e[WPS_UUID_LEN];
u8 uuid_r[WPS_UUID_LEN];
u8 mac_addr_e[ETH_ALEN];
u8 nonce_e[WPS_NONCE_LEN];
u8 nonce_r[WPS_NONCE_LEN];
u8 psk1[WPS_PSK_LEN];
u8 psk2[WPS_PSK_LEN];
u8 snonce[2 * WPS_SECRET_NONCE_LEN];
u8 peer_hash1[WPS_HASH_LEN];
u8 peer_hash2[WPS_HASH_LEN];
struct wpabuf *dh_privkey;
struct wpabuf *dh_pubkey_e;
struct wpabuf *dh_pubkey_r;
u8 authkey[WPS_AUTHKEY_LEN];
u8 keywrapkey[WPS_KEYWRAPKEY_LEN];
u8 emsk[WPS_EMSK_LEN];
struct wpabuf *last_msg;
u8 *dev_password;
size_t dev_password_len;
u16 dev_pw_id;
int pbc;
* request_type - Request Type attribute from (Re)AssocReq
u8 request_type;
* encr_type - Available encryption types
u16 encr_type;
* auth_type - Available authentication types
u16 auth_type;
u8 *new_psk;
size_t new_psk_len;
int wps_pin_revealed;
struct wps_credential cred;
struct wps_device_data peer_dev;
* config_error - Configuration Error value to be used in NACK
u16 config_error;
u16 error_indication;
int ext_reg;
int int_reg;
struct wps_credential *new_ap_settings;
void *dh_ctx;
void (*ap_settings_cb)(void *ctx, const struct wps_credential *cred);
void *ap_settings_cb_ctx;
struct wps_credential *use_cred;
int use_psk_key;
u8 p2p_dev_addr[ETH_ALEN]; /* P2P Device Address of the client or
* 00:00:00:00:00:00 if not a P2p client */
int pbc_in_m1;
struct wps_nfc_pw_token *nfc_pw_token;
/* wps_common.c */
void wps_kdf(const u8 *key, const u8 *label_prefix, size_t label_prefix_len,
const char *label, u8 *res, size_t res_len);
int wps_derive_keys(struct wps_data *wps);
void wps_derive_psk(struct wps_data *wps, const u8 *dev_passwd,
size_t dev_passwd_len);
struct wpabuf * wps_decrypt_encr_settings(struct wps_data *wps, const u8 *encr,
size_t encr_len);
void wps_fail_event(struct wps_context *wps, enum wps_msg_type msg,
u16 config_error, u16 error_indication);
void wps_success_event(struct wps_context *wps);
void wps_pwd_auth_fail_event(struct wps_context *wps, int enrollee, int part);
void wps_pbc_overlap_event(struct wps_context *wps);
void wps_pbc_timeout_event(struct wps_context *wps);
struct wpabuf * wps_build_wsc_ack(struct wps_data *wps);
struct wpabuf * wps_build_wsc_nack(struct wps_data *wps);
/* wps_attr_build.c */
int wps_build_public_key(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_req_type(struct wpabuf *msg, enum wps_request_type type);
int wps_build_resp_type(struct wpabuf *msg, enum wps_response_type type);
int wps_build_config_methods(struct wpabuf *msg, u16 methods);
int wps_build_uuid_e(struct wpabuf *msg, const u8 *uuid);
int wps_build_dev_password_id(struct wpabuf *msg, u16 id);
int wps_build_config_error(struct wpabuf *msg, u16 err);
int wps_build_authenticator(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_key_wrap_auth(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_encr_settings(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg,
struct wpabuf *plain);
int wps_build_version(struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_wfa_ext(struct wpabuf *msg, int req_to_enroll,
const u8 *auth_macs, size_t auth_macs_count);
int wps_build_msg_type(struct wpabuf *msg, enum wps_msg_type msg_type);
int wps_build_enrollee_nonce(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_registrar_nonce(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_auth_type_flags(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_encr_type_flags(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_conn_type_flags(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_assoc_state(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_oob_dev_pw(struct wpabuf *msg, u16 dev_pw_id,
const struct wpabuf *pubkey, const u8 *dev_pw,
size_t dev_pw_len);
struct wpabuf * wps_ie_encapsulate(struct wpabuf *data);
/* wps_attr_process.c */
int wps_process_authenticator(struct wps_data *wps, const u8 *authenticator,
const struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_process_key_wrap_auth(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg,
const u8 *key_wrap_auth);
int wps_process_cred(struct wps_parse_attr *attr,
struct wps_credential *cred);
int wps_process_ap_settings(struct wps_parse_attr *attr,
struct wps_credential *cred);
/* wps_enrollee.c */
struct wpabuf * wps_enrollee_get_msg(struct wps_data *wps,
enum wsc_op_code *op_code);
enum wps_process_res wps_enrollee_process_msg(struct wps_data *wps,
enum wsc_op_code op_code,
const struct wpabuf *msg);
/* wps_registrar.c */
struct wpabuf * wps_registrar_get_msg(struct wps_data *wps,
enum wsc_op_code *op_code);
enum wps_process_res wps_registrar_process_msg(struct wps_data *wps,
enum wsc_op_code op_code,
const struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_build_cred(struct wps_data *wps, struct wpabuf *msg);
int wps_device_store(struct wps_registrar *reg,
struct wps_device_data *dev, const u8 *uuid);
void wps_registrar_selected_registrar_changed(struct wps_registrar *reg);
const u8 * wps_authorized_macs(struct wps_registrar *reg, size_t *count);
int wps_registrar_pbc_overlap(struct wps_registrar *reg,
const u8 *addr, const u8 *uuid_e);
void wps_registrar_remove_nfc_pw_token(struct wps_registrar *reg,
struct wps_nfc_pw_token *token);
#endif /* WPS_I_H */