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ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
2013-01-12 - v2.0
* removed Qt3-based wpa_gui (obsoleted by wpa_qui-qt4)
* removed unmaintained driver wrappers broadcom, iphone, osx, ralink,
hostap, madwifi (hostap and madwifi remain available for hostapd;
their wpa_supplicant functionality is obsoleted by wext)
* improved debug logging (human readable event names, interface name
included in more entries)
* changed AP mode behavior to enable WPS only for open and
WPA/WPA2-Personal configuration
* improved P2P concurrency operations
- better coordination of concurrent scan and P2P search operations
- avoid concurrent remain-on-channel operation requests by canceling
previous operations prior to starting a new one
- reject operations that would require multi-channel concurrency if
the driver does not support it
- add parameter to select whether STA or P2P connection is preferred
if the driver cannot support both at the same time
- allow driver to indicate channel changes
- added optional delay=<search delay in milliseconds> parameter for
p2p_find to avoid taking all radio resources
- use 500 ms p2p_find search delay by default during concurrent
- allow all channels in GO Negotiation if the driver supports
multi-channel concurrency
* added number of small changes to make it easier for static analyzers
to understand the implementation
* fixed number of small bugs (see git logs for more details)
* nl80211: number of updates to use new cfg80211/nl80211 functionality
- replace monitor interface with nl80211 commands for AP mode
- additional information for driver-based AP SME
- STA entry authorization in RSN IBSS
* EAP-pwd:
- fixed KDF for group 21 and zero-padding
- added support for fragmentation
- increased maximum number of hunting-and-pecking iterations
* avoid excessive Probe Response retries for broadcast Probe Request
frames (only with drivers using wpa_supplicant AP mode SME/MLME)
* added "GET country" ctrl_iface command
* do not save an invalid network block in wpa_supplicant.conf to avoid
problems reading the file on next start
* send STA connected/disconnected ctrl_iface events to both the P2P
group and parent interfaces
* added preliminary support for using TLS v1.2 (CONFIG_TLSV12=y)
* added "SET pno <1/0>" ctrl_iface command to start/stop preferred
network offload with sched_scan driver command
* merged in number of changes from Android repository for P2P, nl80211,
and build parameters
* changed P2P GO mode configuration to use driver capabilities to
automatically enable HT operations when supported
* added "wpa_cli status wps" command to fetch WPA2-Personal passhrase
for WPS use cases in AP mode
* EAP-AKA: keep pseudonym identity across EAP exchanges to match EAP-SIM
* improved reassociation behavior in cases where association is rejected
or when an AP disconnects us to handle common load balancing
- try to avoid extra scans when the needed information is available
* added optional "join" argument for p2p_prov_disc ctrl_iface command
* added group ifname to P2P-PROV-DISC-* events
* added P2P Device Address to AP-STA-DISCONNECTED event and use
p2p_dev_addr parameter name with AP-STA-CONNECTED
* added workarounds for WPS PBC overlap detection for some P2P use cases
where deployed stations work incorrectly
* optimize WPS connection speed by disconnecting prior to WPS scan and
by using single channel scans when AP channel is known
* PCSC and SIM/USIM improvements:
- accept 0x67 (Wrong length) as a response to READ RECORD to fix
issues with some USIM cards
- try to read MNC length from SIM/USIM
- build realm according to 3GPP TS 23.003 with identity from the SIM
- allow T1 protocol to be enabled
* added more WPS and P2P information available through D-Bus
* improve P2P negotiation robustness
- extra waits to get ACK frames through
- longer timeouts for cases where deployed devices have been
identified have issues meeting the specification requirements
- more retries for some P2P frames
- handle race conditions in GO Negotiation start by both devices
- ignore unexpected GO Negotiation Response frame
* added support for libnl 3.2 and newer
* added P2P persistent group info to P2P_PEER data
* maintain a list of P2P Clients for persistent group on GO
* AP: increased initial group key handshake retransmit timeout to 500 ms
* added optional dev_id parameter for p2p_find
* added P2P-FIND-STOPPED ctrl_iface event
* fixed issues in WPA/RSN element validation when roaming with ap_scan=1
and driver-based BSS selection
* do not expire P2P peer entries while connected with the peer in a
* fixed WSC element inclusion in cases where P2P is disabled
* AP: added a WPS workaround for mixed mode AP Settings with Windows 7
* EAP-SIM/AKA: append realm to pseudonym identity
* EAP-SIM/AKA: store pseudonym identity in network configuration to
allow it to persist over multiple EAP sessions and wpa_supplicant
* EAP-AKA': updated to RFC 5448 (username prefixes changed); note: this
breaks interoperability with older versions
* added support for WFA Hotspot 2.0
- GAS/ANQP to fetch network information
- credential configuration and automatic network selections based on
credential match with ANQP information
* limited PMKSA cache entries to be used only with the network context
that was used to create them
* improved PMKSA cache expiration to avoid unnecessary disconnections
* adjusted bgscan_simple fast-scan backoff to avoid too frequent
background scans
* removed ctrl_iface event on P2P PD Response in join-group case
* added option to fetch BSS table entry based on P2P Device Address
("BSS p2p_dev_addr=<P2P Device Address>")
* added BSS entry age to ctrl_iface BSS command output
* added optional MASK=0xH option for ctrl_iface BSS command to select
which fields are included in the response
* added optional RANGE=ALL|N1-N2 option for ctrl_iface BSS command to
fetch information about several BSSes in one call
* simplified licensing terms by selecting the BSD license as the only
* added "P2P_SET disallow_freq <freq list>" ctrl_iface command to
disable channels from P2P use
* added p2p_pref_chan configuration parameter to allow preferred P2P
channels to be specified
* added support for advertising immediate availability of a WPS
credential for P2P use cases
* optimized scan operations for P2P use cases (use single channel scan
for a specific SSID when possible)
* EAP-TTLS: fixed peer challenge generation for MSCHAPv2
* SME: do not use reassociation after explicit disconnection request
(local or a notification from an AP)
* added support for sending debug info to Linux tracing (-T on command
* added support for using Deauthentication reason code 3 as an
indication of P2P group termination
* added wps_vendor_ext_m1 configuration parameter to allow vendor
specific attributes to be added to WPS M1
* started using separate TLS library context for tunneled TLS
(EAP-PEAP/TLS, EAP-TTLS/TLS, EAP-FAST/TLS) to support different CA
certificate configuration between Phase 1 and Phase 2
* added optional "auto" parameter for p2p_connect to request automatic
GO Negotiation vs. join-a-group selection
* added disabled_scan_offload parameter to disable automatic scan
offloading (sched_scan)
* added optional persistent=<network id> parameter for p2p_connect to
allow forcing of a specific SSID/passphrase for GO Negotiation
* added support for OBSS scan requests and 20/40 BSS coexistence reports
* reject PD Request for unknown group
* removed scripts and notes related to Windows binary releases (which
have not been used starting from 1.x)
* added initial support for WNM operations
- Keep-alive based on BSS max idle period
- WNM-Sleep Mode
- minimal BSS Transition Management processing
* added autoscan module to control scanning behavior while not connected
- autoscan_periodic and autoscan_exponential modules
* added new WPS NFC ctrl_iface mechanism
- added initial support NFC connection handover
- removed obsoleted WPS_OOB command (including support for deprecated
UFD config_method)
* added optional framework for external password storage ("ext:<name>")
* wpa_cli: added optional support for controlling wpa_supplicant
remotely over UDP (CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE=udp-remote) for testing purposes
* wpa_cli: extended tab completion to more commands
* changed SSID output to use printf-escaped strings instead of masking
of non-ASCII characters
- SSID can now be configured in the same format: ssid=P"abc\x00test"
* removed default ACM=1 from AC_VO and AC_VI
* added optional "ht40" argument for P2P ctrl_iface commands to allow
40 MHz channels to be requested on the 5 GHz band
* added optional parameters for p2p_invite command to specify channel
when reinvoking a persistent group as the GO
* improved FIPS mode builds with OpenSSL
- "make fips" with CONFIG_FIPS=y to build wpa_supplicant with the
OpenSSL FIPS object module
- replace low level OpenSSL AES API calls to use EVP
- use OpenSSL keying material exporter when possible
- do not export TLS keys in FIPS mode
- remove MD5 from CONFIG_FIPS=y builds
- use OpenSSL function for PKBDF2 passphrase-to-PSK
- use OpenSSL HMAC implementation
- mix RAND_bytes() output into random_get_bytes() to force OpenSSL
DRBG to be used in FIPS mode
- use OpenSSL CMAC implementation
* added mechanism to disable TLS Session Ticket extension
- a workaround for servers that do not support TLS extensions that
was enabled by default in recent OpenSSL versions
- tls_disable_session_ticket=1
- automatically disable TLS Session Ticket extension by default when
using EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS (i.e., only use it with EAP-FAST)
* changed VENDOR-TEST EAP method to use proper private enterprise number
(this will not interoperate with older versions)
* disable network block temporarily on authentication failures
* improved WPS AP selection during WPS PIN iteration
* added support for configuring GCMP cipher for IEEE 802.11ad
* added support for Wi-Fi Display extensions
- WFD_SUBELEMENT_SET ctrl_iface command to configure WFD subelements
- SET wifi_display <0/1> to disable/enable WFD support
- WFD service discovery
- an external program is needed to manage the audio/video streaming
and codecs
* optimized scan result use for network selection
- use the internal BSS table instead of raw scan results
- allow unnecessary scans to be skipped if fresh information is
available (e.g., after GAS/ANQP round for Interworking)
* added support for 256-bit AES with internal TLS implementation
* allow peer to propose channel in P2P invitation process for a
persistent group
* added disallow_aps parameter to allow BSSIDs/SSIDs to be disallowed
from network selection
* re-enable the networks disabled during WPS operations
* allow P2P functionality to be disabled per interface (p2p_disabled=1)
* added secondary device types into P2P_PEER output
* added an option to disable use of a separate P2P group interface
* fixed P2P Bonjour SD to match entries with both compressed and not
compressed domain name format and support multiple Bonjour PTR matches
for the same key
* use deauthentication instead of disassociation for all disconnection
operations; this removes the now unused disassociate() wpa_driver_ops
* optimized PSK generation on P2P GO by caching results to avoid
multiple PBKDF2 operations
* added okc=1 global configuration parameter to allow OKC to be enabled
by default for all network blocks
* added a workaround for WPS PBC session overlap detection to avoid
interop issues with deployed station implementations that do not
remove active PBC indication from Probe Request frames properly
* added basic support for 60 GHz band
* extend EAPOL frames processing workaround for roaming cases
(postpone processing of unexpected EAPOL frame until association
event to handle reordered events)
2012-05-10 - v1.0
* bsd: Add support for setting HT values in IFM_MMASK.
* Delay STA entry removal until Deauth/Disassoc TX status in AP mode.
This allows the driver to use PS buffering of Deauthentication and
Disassociation frames when the STA is in power save sleep. Only
available with drivers that provide TX status events for Deauth/
Disassoc frames (nl80211).
* Drop oldest unknown BSS table entries first. This makes it less
likely to hit connection issues in environments with huge number
of visible APs.
* Add systemd support.
* Add support for setting the syslog facility from the config file
at build time.
* atheros: Add support for IEEE 802.11w configuration.
* AP mode: Allow enable HT20 if driver supports it, by setting the
config parameter ieee80211n.
* Allow AP mode to disconnect STAs based on low ACK condition (when
the data connection is not working properly, e.g., due to the STA
going outside the range of the AP). Disabled by default, enable by
config option disassoc_low_ack.
* nl80211:
- Support GTK rekey offload.
- Support PMKSA candidate events. This adds support for RSN
pre-authentication with nl80211 interface and drivers that handle
roaming internally.
* dbus:
- Add a DBus signal for EAP SM requests, emitted on the Interface
- Export max scan ssids supported by the driver as MaxScanSSID.
- Add signal Certification for information about server certification.
- Add BSSExpireAge and BSSExpireCount interface properties and
support set/get, which allows for setting BSS cache expiration age
and expiration scan count.
- Add ConfigFile to AddInterface properties.
- Add Interface.Country property and support to get/set the value.
- Add DBus property CurrentAuthMode.
- P2P DBus API added.
- Emit property changed events (for property BSSs) when adding/
removing BSSs.
- Treat '' in SSIDs of Interface.Scan as a request for broadcast
scan, instead of ignoring it.
- Add DBus getter/setter for FastReauth.
- Raise PropertiesChanged on org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.
* wpa_cli:
- Send AP-STA-DISCONNECTED event when an AP disconnects a station
due to inactivity.
- Make second argument to set command optional. This can be used to
indicate a zero length value.
- Add signal_poll command.
- Add bss_expire_age and bss_expire_count commands to set/get BSS
cache expiration age and expiration scan count.
- Add ability to set scan interval (the time in seconds wpa_s waits
before requesting a new scan after failing to find a suitable
network in scan results) using scan_interval command.
- Add event CTRL-EVENT-ASSOC-REJECT for association rejected.
- Add command get version, that returns wpa_supplicant version string.
- Add command sta_autoconnect for disabling automatic reconnection
on receiving disconnection event.
- Setting bssid parameter to an empty string "" or any can now be
used to clear the bssid_set flag in a network block, i.e., to remove
bssid filtering.
- Add tdls_testing command to add a special testing feature for
changing TDLS behavior. Build param CONFIG_TDLS_TESTING must be
enabled as well.
- For interworking, add wpa_cli commands interworking_select,
interworking_connect, anqp_get, fetch_anqp, and stop_fetch_anqp.
- Many P2P commands were added. See README-P2P.
- Many WPS/WPS ER commands - see WPS/WPS ER sections for details.
- Allow set command to change global config parameters.
- Add log_level command, which can be used to display the current
debugging level and to change the log level during run time.
- Add note command, which can be used to insert notes to the debug
- Add internal line edit implementation. CONFIG_WPA_CLI_EDIT=y
can now be used to build wpa_cli with internal implementation of
line editing and history support. This can be used as a replacement
* AP mode: Add max_num_sta config option, which can be used to limit
the number of stations allowed to connect to the AP.
* Add WPA_IGNORE_CONFIG_ERRORS build option to continue in case of bad
config file.
* wext: Increase scan timeout from 5 to 10 seconds.
* Add blacklist command, allowing an external program to
manage the BSS blacklist and display its current contents.
* WPS:
- Add wpa_cli wps_pin get command for generating random PINs. This can
be used in a UI to generate a PIN without starting WPS (or P2P)
- Set RF bands based on driver capabilities, instead of hardcoding
- Add mechanism for indicating non-standard WPS errors.
- Add CONFIG_WPS_REG_DISABLE_OPEN=y option to disable open networks
by default.
- Add wps_ap_pin cli command for wpa_supplicant AP mode.
- Add wps_check_pin cli command for processing PIN from user input.
UIs can use this command to process a PIN entered by a user and to
validate the checksum digit (if present).
- Cancel WPS operation on PBC session overlap detection.
- New wps_cancel command in wpa_cli will cancel a pending WPS
- wpa_cli action: Add WPS_EVENT_SUCCESS and WPS_EVENT_FAIL handlers.
- Trigger WPS config update on Manufacturer, Model Name, Model
Number, and Serial Number changes.
- Fragment size is now configurable for EAP-WSC peer. Use
wpa_cli set wps_fragment_size <val>.
- Disable AP PIN after 10 consecutive failures. Slow down attacks on
failures up to 10.
- Allow AP to start in Enrollee mode without AP PIN for probing, to
be compatible with Windows 7.
- Add Config Error into WPS-FAIL events to provide more info to the
user on how to resolve the issue.
- Label and Display config methods are not allowed to be enabled
at the same time, since it is unclear which PIN to use if both
methods are advertised.
- When controlling multiple interfaces:
- apply WPS commands to all interfaces configured to use WPS
- apply WPS config changes to all interfaces that use WPS
- when an attack is detected on any interface, disable AP PIN on
all interfaces
- Add special AP Setup Locked mode to allow read only ER.
ap_setup_locked=2 can now be used to enable a special mode where
WPS ER can learn the current AP settings, but cannot change them.
- Show SetSelectedRegistrar events as ctrl_iface events
- Add wps_er_set_config to enroll a network based on a local
network configuration block instead of having to (re-)learn the
current AP settings with wps_er_learn.
- Allow AP filtering based on IP address, add ctrl_iface event for
learned AP settings, add wps_er_config command to configure an AP.
* WPS 2.0: Add support for WPS 2.0 (CONFIG_WPS2)
- Add build option CONFIG_WPS_EXTENSIBILITY_TESTING to enable tool
for testing protocol extensibility.
- Add build option CONFIG_WPS_STRICT to allow disabling of WPS
- Add support for AuthorizedMACs attribute.
- Propogate TDLS related nl80211 capability flags from kernel and
add them as driver capability flags. If the driver doesn't support
capabilities, assume TDLS is supported internally. When TDLS is
explicitly not supported, disable all user facing TDLS operations.
- Allow TDLS to be disabled at runtime (mostly for testing).
Use set tdls_disabled.
- Honor AP TDLS settings that prohibit/allow TDLS.
- Add a special testing feature for changing TDLS behavior. Use
CONFIG_TDLS_TESTING build param to enable. Configure at runtime
with tdls_testing cli command.
- Add support for TDLS 802.11z.
* wlantest: Add a tool wlantest for IEEE802.11 protocol testing.
wlantest can be used to capture frames from a monitor interface
for realtime capturing or from pcap files for offline analysis.
* Interworking: Support added for 802.11u. Enable in .config with
CONFIG_INTERWORKING. See wpa_supplicant.conf for config parameters
for interworking. wpa_cli commands added to support this are
interworking_select, interworking_connect, anqp_get, fetch_anqp,
and stop_fetch_anqp.
* Android: Add build and runtime support for Android wpa_supplicant.
* bgscan learn: Add new bgscan that learns BSS information based on
previous scans, and uses that information to dynamically generate
the list of channels for background scans.
* Add a new debug message level for excessive information. Use
-ddd to enable.
* TLS: Add support for tls_disable_time_checks=1 in client mode.
* Internal TLS:
- Add support for TLS v1.1 (RFC 4346). Enable with build parameter
- Add domainComponent parser for X.509 names.
* Linux: Add RFKill support by adding an interface state "disabled".
* Reorder some IEs to get closer to IEEE 802.11 standard. Move
WMM into end of Beacon, Probe Resp and (Re)Assoc Resp frames.
Move HT IEs to be later in (Re)Assoc Resp.
* Solaris: Add support for wired 802.1X client.
* Wi-Fi Direct support. See README-P2P for more information.
* Many bugfixes.
2010-04-18 - v0.7.2
* nl80211: fixed number of issues with roaming
* avoid unnecessary roaming if multiple APs with similar signal
strength are present in scan results
* add TLS client events and server probing to ease design of
automatic detection of EAP parameters
* add option for server certificate matching (SHA256 hash of the
certificate) instead of trusted CA certificate configuration
* bsd: Cleaned up driver wrapper and added various low-level
configuration options
* wpa_gui-qt4: do not show too frequent WPS AP available events as
tray messages
* TNC: fixed issues with fragmentation
* EAP-TNC: add Flags field into fragment acknowledgement (needed to
interoperate with other implementations; may potentially breaks
compatibility with older wpa_supplicant/hostapd versions)
* wpa_cli: added option for using a separate process to receive event
messages to reduce latency in showing these
(CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_WPA_CLI_FORK=y in .config to enable this)
* maximum BSS table size can now be configured (bss_max_count)
* BSSes to be included in the BSS table can be filtered based on
configured SSIDs to save memory (filter_ssids)
* fix number of issues with IEEE 802.11r/FT; this version is not
backwards compatible with old versions
* nl80211: add support for IEEE 802.11r/FT protocol (both over-the-air
and over-the-DS)
* add freq_list network configuration parameter to allow the AP
selection to filter out entries based on the operating channel
* add signal strength change events for bgscan; this allows more
dynamic changes to background scanning interval based on changes in
the signal strength with the current AP; this improves roaming within
ESS quite a bit, e.g., with bgscan="simple:30:-45:300" in the network
configuration block to request background scans less frequently when
signal strength remains good and to automatically trigger background
scans whenever signal strength drops noticeably
(this is currently only available with nl80211)
* add BSSID and reason code (if available) to disconnect event messages
* wpa_gui-qt4: more complete support for translating the GUI with
linguist and add German translation
* fix DH padding with internal crypto code (mainly, for WPS)
* do not trigger initial scan automatically anymore if there are no
enabled networks
2010-01-16 - v0.7.1
* cleaned up driver wrapper API (struct wpa_driver_ops); the new API
is not fully backwards compatible, so out-of-tree driver wrappers
will need modifications
* cleaned up various module interfaces
* merge hostapd and wpa_supplicant developers' documentation into a
single document
* nl80211: use explicit deauthentication to clear cfg80211 state to
avoid issues when roaming between APs
* dbus: major design changes in the new D-Bus API
* nl80211: added support for IBSS networks
* added internal debugging mechanism with backtrace support and memory
allocation/freeing validation, etc. tests (CONFIG_WPA_TRACE=y)
* added WPS ER unsubscription command to more cleanly unregister from
receiving UPnP events when ER is terminated
* cleaned up AP mode operations to avoid need for virtual driver_ops
* added BSS table to maintain more complete scan result information
over multiple scans (that may include only partial results)
* wpa_gui-qt4: update Peers dialog information more dynamically while
the dialog is kept open
* fixed PKCS#12 use with OpenSSL 1.0.0
* driver_wext: Added cfg80211-specific optimization to avoid some
unnecessary scans and to speed up association
2009-11-21 - v0.7.0
* increased wpa_cli ping interval to 5 seconds and made this
configurable with a new command line options (-G<seconds>)
* fixed scan buffer processing with WEXT to handle up to 65535
byte result buffer (previously, limited to 32768 bytes)
* allow multiple driver wrappers to be specified on command line
(e.g., -Dnl80211,wext); the first one that is able to initialize the
interface will be used
* added support for multiple SSIDs per scan request to optimize
scan_ssid=1 operations in ap_scan=1 mode (i.e., search for hidden
SSIDs); this requires driver support and can currently be used only
with nl80211
* added support for WPS USBA out-of-band mechanism with USB Flash
* driver_ndis: add PAE group address to the multicast address list to
fix wired IEEE 802.1X authentication
* fixed IEEE 802.11r key derivation function to match with the standard
(note: this breaks interoperability with previous version) [Bug 303]
* added better support for drivers that allow separate authentication
and association commands (e.g., mac80211-based Linux drivers with
nl80211; SME in wpa_supplicant); this allows over-the-air FT protocol
to be used (IEEE 802.11r)
* fixed SHA-256 based key derivation function to match with the
standard when using CCMP (for IEEE 802.11r and IEEE 802.11w)
(note: this breaks interoperability with previous version) [Bug 307]
* use shared driver wrapper files with hostapd
* added AP mode functionality (CONFIG_AP=y) with mode=2 in the network
block; this can be used for open and WPA2-Personal networks
(optionally, with WPS); this links in parts of hostapd functionality
into wpa_supplicant
* wpa_gui-qt4: added new Peers dialog to show information about peers
(other devices, including APs and stations, etc. in the neighborhood)
* added support for WPS External Registrar functionality (configure APs
and enroll new devices); can be used with wpa_gui-qt4 Peers dialog
and wpa_cli commands wps_er_start, wps_er_stop, wps_er_pin,
wps_er_pbc, wps_er_learn
(this can also be used with a new 'none' driver wrapper if no
wireless device or IEEE 802.1X on wired is needed)
* driver_nl80211: multiple updates to provide support for new Linux
nl80211/mac80211 functionality
* updated management frame protection to use IEEE Std 802.11w-2009
* fixed number of small WPS issues and added workarounds to
interoperate with common deployed broken implementations
* added support for NFC out-of-band mechanism with WPS
* driver_ndis: fixed wired IEEE 802.1X authentication with PAE group
address frames
* added preliminary support for IEEE 802.11r RIC processing
* added support for specifying subset of enabled frequencies to scan
(scan_freq option in the network configuration block); this can speed
up scanning process considerably if it is known that only a small
subset of channels is actually used in the network (this is currently
supported only with -Dnl80211)
* added a workaround for race condition between receiving the
association event and the following EAPOL-Key
* added background scan and roaming infrastructure to allow
network-specific optimizations to be used to improve roaming within
an ESS (same SSID)
* added new DBus interface (fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1)
2009-01-06 - v0.6.7
* added support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
(wpa_supplicant can now be configured to act as a WPS Enrollee to
enroll credentials for a network using PIN and PBC methods; in
addition, wpa_supplicant can act as a wireless WPS Registrar to
configure an AP); WPS support can be enabled by adding CONFIG_WPS=y
into .config and setting the runtime configuration variables in
wpa_supplicant.conf (see WPS section in the example configuration
file); new wpa_cli commands wps_pin, wps_pbc, and wps_reg are used to
manage WPS negotiation; see README-WPS for more details
* added support for EAP-AKA' (draft-arkko-eap-aka-kdf)
* added support for using driver_test over UDP socket
* fixed PEAPv0 Cryptobinding interoperability issue with Windows Server
2008 NPS; optional cryptobinding is now enabled (again) by default
* fixed PSK editing in wpa_gui
* changed EAP-GPSK to use the IANA assigned EAP method type 51
* added a Windows installer that includes WinPcap and all the needed
DLLs; in addition, it set up the registry automatically so that user
will only need start wpa_gui to get prompted to start the wpasvc
servide and add a new interface if needed through wpa_gui dialog
* updated management frame protection to use IEEE 802.11w/D7.0
2008-11-23 - v0.6.6
* added Milenage SIM/USIM emulator for EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA
(can be used to simulate test SIM/USIM card with a known private key;
and password="Ki:OPc"/password="Ki:OPc:SQN" in network configuration)
* added a new network configuration option, wpa_ptk_rekey, that can be
used to enforce frequent PTK rekeying, e.g., to mitigate some attacks
against TKIP deficiencies
* added an optional mitigation mechanism for certain attacks against
TKIP by delaying Michael MIC error reports by a random amount of time
between 0 and 60 seconds; this can be enabled with a build option
* fixed EAP-AKA to use RES Length field in AT_RES as length in bits,
not bytes
* updated OpenSSL code for EAP-FAST to use an updated version of the
session ticket overriding API that was included into the upstream
OpenSSL 0.9.9 tree on 2008-11-15 (no additional OpenSSL patch is
needed with that version anymore)
* updated userspace MLME instructions to match with the current Linux
mac80211 implementation; please also note that this can only be used
with driver_nl80211.c (the old code from driver_wext.c was removed)
* added support (Linux only) for RoboSwitch chipsets (often found in
consumer grade routers); driver interface 'roboswitch'
* fixed canceling of PMKSA caching when using drivers that generate
RSN IE and refuse to drop PMKIDs that wpa_supplicant does not know
2008-11-01 - v0.6.5
* added support for SHA-256 as X.509 certificate digest when using the
internal X.509/TLSv1 implementation
* updated management frame protection to use IEEE 802.11w/D6.0
* added support for using SHA256-based stronger key derivation for WPA2
(IEEE 802.11w)
* fixed FT (IEEE 802.11r) authentication after a failed association to
use correct FTIE
* added support for configuring Phase 2 (inner/tunneled) authentication
method with wpa_gui-qt4
2008-08-10 - v0.6.4
* added support for EAP Sequences in EAP-FAST Phase 2
* added support for using TNC with EAP-FAST
* added driver_ps3 for the PS3 Linux wireless driver
* added support for optional cryptobinding with PEAPv0
* fixed the OpenSSL patches (0.9.8g and 0.9.9) for EAP-FAST to
allow fallback to full handshake if server rejects PAC-Opaque
* added fragmentation support for EAP-TNC
* added support for parsing PKCS #8 formatted private keys into the
internal TLS implementation (both PKCS #1 RSA key and PKCS #8
encapsulated RSA key can now be used)
* added option of using faster, but larger, routines in the internal
LibTomMath (for internal TLS implementation) to speed up DH and RSA
* fixed race condition between disassociation event and group key
handshake to avoid getting stuck in incorrect state [Bug 261]
* fixed opportunistic key caching (proactive_key_caching)
2008-02-22 - v0.6.3
* removed 'nai' and 'eappsk' network configuration variables that were
previously used for configuring user identity and key for EAP-PSK,
EAP-PAX, EAP-SAKE, and EAP-GPSK. 'identity' field is now used as the
replacement for 'nai' (if old configuration used a separate
'identity' value, that would now be configured as
'anonymous_identity'). 'password' field is now used as the
replacement for 'eappsk' (it can also be set using hexstring to
present random binary data)
* removed '-w' command line parameter (wait for interface to be added,
if needed); cleaner way of handling this functionality is to use an
external mechanism (e.g., hotplug scripts) that start wpa_supplicant
when an interface is added
* updated FT support to use the latest draft, IEEE 802.11r/D9.0
* added ctrl_iface monitor event (CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS) for
indicating when new scan results become available
* added new ctrl_iface command, BSS, to allow scan results to be
fetched without hitting the message size limits (this command
can be used to iterate through the scan results one BSS at the time)
* fixed EAP-SIM not to include AT_NONCE_MT and AT_SELECTED_VERSION
attributes in EAP-SIM Start/Response when using fast reauthentication
* fixed EAPOL not to end up in infinite loop when processing dynamic
WEP keys with IEEE 802.1X
* fixed problems in getting NDIS events from WMI on Windows 2000
2008-01-01 - v0.6.2
* added support for Makefile builds to include debug-log-to-a-file
functionality (CONFIG_DEBUG_FILE=y and -f<path> on command line)
* fixed EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA message parser to validate attribute
lengths properly to avoid potential crash caused by invalid messages
* added data structure for storing allocated buffers (struct wpabuf);
this does not affect wpa_supplicant usage, but many of the APIs
changed and various interfaces (e.g., EAP) is not compatible with old
* added support for protecting EAP-AKA/Identity messages with
AT_CHECKCODE (optional feature in RFC 4187)
* added support for protected result indication with AT_RESULT_IND for
EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA (phase1="result_ind=1")
* added driver_wext workaround for race condition between scanning and
association with drivers that take very long time to scan all
channels (e.g., madwifi with dual-band cards); wpa_supplicant is now
using a longer hardcoded timeout for the scan if the driver supports
notifications for scan completion (SIOCGIWSCAN event); this helps,
e.g., in cases where wpa_supplicant and madwifi driver ended up in
loop where the driver did not even try to associate
* stop EAPOL timer tick when no timers are in use in order to reduce
power consumption (no need to wake up the process once per second)
[Bug 237]
* added support for privilege separation (run only minimal part of
wpa_supplicant functionality as root and rest as unprivileged,
non-root process); see 'Privilege separation' in README for details;
this is disabled by default and can be enabled with CONFIG_PRIVSEP=y
in .config
* changed scan results data structure to include all information
elements to make it easier to support new IEs; old get_scan_result()
driver_ops is still supported for backwards compatibility (results
are converted internally to the new format), but all drivers should
start using the new get_scan_results2() to make them more likely to
work with new features
* Qt4 version of wpa_gui (wpa_gui-qt4 subdirectory) is now native Qt4
application, i.e., it does not require Qt3Support anymore; Windows
binary of wpa_gui.exe is now from this directory and only requires
QtCore4.dll and QtGui4.dll libraries
* updated Windows binary build to use Qt 4.3.3 and made Qt DLLs
available as a separate package to make wpa_gui installation easier:
* added support for EAP-IKEv2 (draft-tschofenig-eap-ikev2-15.txt);
only shared key/password authentication is supported in this version
2007-11-24 - v0.6.1
* added support for configuring password as NtPasswordHash
(16-byte MD4 hash of password) in hash:<32 hex digits> format
* added support for fallback from abbreviated TLS handshake to
full handshake when using EAP-FAST (e.g., due to an expired
* updated EAP Generalized Pre-Shared Key (EAP-GPSK) to use the latest
draft (draft-ietf-emu-eap-gpsk-07.txt)
* added support for drivers that take care of RSN 4-way handshake
internally (WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_4WAY_HANDSHAKE in get_capa flags and
WPA_ALG_PMK in set_key)
* added an experimental port for Mac OS X (CONFIG_DRIVER_OSX=y in
.config); this version supports only ap_scan=2 mode and allow the
driver to take care of the 4-way handshake
* fixed a buffer overflow in parsing TSF from scan results when using
driver_wext.c with a driver that includes the TSF (e.g., iwl4965)
[Bug 232]
* updated FT support to use the latest draft, IEEE 802.11r/D8.0
* fixed an integer overflow issue in the ASN.1 parser used by the
(experimental) internal TLS implementation to avoid a potential
buffer read overflow
* fixed a race condition with -W option (wait for a control interface
monitor before starting) that could have caused the first messages to
be lost
* added support for processing TNCC-TNCS-Messages to report
recommendation (allow/none/isolate) when using TNC [Bug 243]
2007-05-28 - v0.6.0
* added network configuration parameter 'frequency' for setting
initial channel for IBSS (adhoc) networks
* added experimental IEEE 802.11r/D6.0 support
* updated EAP-SAKE to RFC 4763 and the IANA-allocated EAP type 48
* updated EAP-PSK to use the IANA-allocated EAP type 47
* fixed EAP-PAX key derivation
* fixed EAP-PSK bit ordering of the Flags field
* fixed EAP-PEAP/TTLS/FAST to use the correct EAP identifier in
tunnelled identity request (previously, the identifier from the outer
method was used, not the tunnelled identifier which could be
* added support for fragmentation of outer TLS packets during Phase 2
* fixed EAP-TTLS AVP parser processing for too short AVP lengths
* added support for EAP-FAST authentication with inner methods that
generate MSK (e.g., EAP-MSCHAPv2 that was previously only supported
for PAC provisioning)
* added support for authenticated EAP-FAST provisioning
* added support for configuring maximum number of EAP-FAST PACs to
store in a PAC list (fast_max_pac_list_len=<max> in phase1 string)
* added support for storing EAP-FAST PACs in binary format
(fast_pac_format=binary in phase1 string)
* fixed dbus ctrl_iface to validate message interface before
dispatching to avoid a possible segfault [Bug 190]
* fixed PeerKey key derivation to use the correct PRF label
* updated Windows binary build to link against OpenSSL 0.9.8d and
added support for EAP-FAST
* updated EAP Generalized Pre-Shared Key (EAP-GPSK) to use the latest
draft (draft-ietf-emu-eap-gpsk-04.txt)
* fixed EAP-AKA Notification processing to allow Notification to be
processed after AKA Challenge response has been sent
* updated to use IEEE 802.11w/D2.0 for management frame protection
(still experimental)
* fixed EAP-TTLS implementation not to crash on use of freed memory
if TLS library initialization fails
* added support for EAP-TNC (Trusted Network Connect)
(this version implements the EAP-TNC method and EAP-TTLS changes
needed to run two methods in sequence (IF-T) and the IF-IMC and
IF-TNCCS interfaces from TNCC)
2006-11-24 - v0.5.6
* added experimental, integrated TLSv1 client implementation with the
needed X.509/ASN.1/RSA/bignum processing (this can be enabled by
.config); this can be useful, e.g., if the target system does not
have a suitable TLS library and a minimal code size is required
(total size of this internal TLS/crypto code is bit under 50 kB on
x86 and the crypto code is shared by rest of the supplicant so some
of it was already required; TLSv1/X.509/ASN.1/RSA added about 25 kB)
* removed STAKey handshake since PeerKey handshake has replaced it in
IEEE 802.11ma and there are no known deployments of STAKey
* updated EAP Generalized Pre-Shared Key (EAP-GPSK) to use the latest
draft (draft-ietf-emu-eap-gpsk-01.txt)
* added preliminary implementation of IEEE 802.11w/D1.0 (management
frame protection)
(Note: this requires driver support to work properly.)
(Note2: IEEE 802.11w is an unapproved draft and subject to change.)
* fixed Windows named pipes ctrl_iface to not stop listening for
commands if client program opens a named pipe and closes it
immediately without sending a command
* fixed USIM PIN status determination for the case that PIN is not
needed (this allows EAP-AKA to be used with USIM cards that do not
use PIN)
* added support for reading 3G USIM AID from EF_DIR to allow EAP-AKA to
be used with cards that do not support file selection based on
partial AID
* added support for matching the subjectAltName of the authentication
server certificate against multiple name components (e.g.,
* fixed EAP-SIM/AKA key derivation for re-authentication case (only
affects IEEE 802.1X with dynamic WEP keys)
* changed ctrl_iface network configuration 'get' operations to not
return password/key material; if these fields are requested, "*"
will be returned if the password/key is set, but the value of the
parameter is not exposed
2006-08-27 - v0.5.5
* added support for building Windows version with UNICODE defined
(wide-char functions)
* driver_ndis: fixed static WEP configuration to avoid race condition
issues with some NDIS drivers between association and setting WEP
* driver_ndis: added validation for IELength value in scan results to
avoid crashes when using buggy NDIS drivers [Bug 165]
* fixed Release|Win32 target in the Visual Studio project files
(previously, only Debug|Win32 target was set properly)
* changed control interface API call wpa_ctrl_pending() to allow it to
return -1 on error (e.g., connection lost); control interface clients
will need to make sure that they verify that the value is indeed >0
when determining whether there are pending messages
* added an alternative control interface backend for Windows targets:
Named Pipe (CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE=named_pipe); this is now the default
control interface mechanism for Windows builds (previously, UDP to
localhost was used)
* changed ctrl_interface configuration for UNIX domain sockets:
- deprecated ctrl_interface_group variable (it may be removed in
future versions)
- allow both directory and group be configured with ctrl_interface
in following format: DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=wheel
- ctrl_interface=/var/run/wpa_supplicant is still supported for the
case when group is not changed
* added support for controlling more than one interface per process in
Windows version
* added a workaround for a case where the AP is using unknown address
(e.g., MAC address of the wired interface) as the source address for
EAPOL-Key frames; previously, that source address was used as the
destination for EAPOL-Key frames and in key derivation; now, BSSID is
used even if the source address does not match with it
(this resolves an interoperability issue with Thomson SpeedTouch 580)
* added a workaround for UDP-based control interface (which was used in
Windows builds before this release) to prevent packets with forged
addresses from being accepted as local control requests
* removed ndis_events.cpp and possibility of using external
ndis_events.exe; C version (ndis_events.c) is fully functional and
there is no desire to maintain two separate versions of this
* ndis_events: Changed NDIS event notification design to use WMI to
learn the adapter description through Win32_PnPEntity class; this
should fix some cases where the adapter name was not recognized
correctly (e.g., with some USB WLAN adapters, e.g., Ralink RT2500
USB) [Bug 113]
* fixed selection of the first network in ap_scan=2 mode; previously,
wpa_supplicant could get stuck in SCANNING state when only the first
network for enabled (e.g., after 'wpa_cli select_network 0')
* winsvc: added support for configuring ctrl_interface parameters in
registry (ctrl_interface string value in
HKLM\SOFTWARE\wpa_supplicant\interfaces\0000 key); this new value is
required to enable control interface (previously, this was hardcoded
to be enabled)
* allow wpa_gui subdirectory to be built with both Qt3 and Qt4
* converted wpa_gui-qt4 subdirectory to use Qt4 specific project format
2006-06-20 - v0.5.4
* fixed build with CONFIG_STAKEY=y [Bug 143]
* added support for doing MLME (IEEE 802.11 management frame
processing) in wpa_supplicant when using Devicescape IEEE 802.11
stack (wireless-dev.git tree)
* added a new network block configuration option, fragment_size, to
configure the maximum EAP fragment size
* driver_ndis: Disable WZC automatically for the selected interface to
avoid conflicts with two programs trying to control the radio; WZC
will be re-enabled (if it was enabled originally) when wpa_supplicant
is terminated
* added an experimental TLSv1 client implementation
(CONFIG_TLS=internal) that can be used instead of an external TLS
library, e.g., to reduce total size requirement on systems that do
not include any TLS library by default (this is not yet complete;
basic functionality is there, but certificate validation is not yet
* added PeerKey handshake implementation for IEEE 802.11e
direct link setup (DLS) to replace STAKey handshake
* fixed WPA PSK update through ctrl_iface for the case where the old
PSK was derived from an ASCII passphrase and the new PSK is set as
a raw PSK (hex string)
* added new configuration option for identifying which network block
was used (id_str in wpa_supplicant.conf; included on
WPA_EVENT_CONNECT monitor event and as WPA_ID_STR environmental
variable in wpa_cli action scripts; in addition WPA_ID variable is
set to the current unique identifier that wpa_supplicant assigned
automatically for the network and that can be used with
GET_NETWORK/SET_NETWORK ctrl_iface commands)
* wpa_cli action script is now called only when the connect/disconnect
status changes or when associating with a different network
* fixed configuration parser not to remove CCMP from group cipher list
if WPA-None (adhoc) is used (pairwise=NONE in that case)
* fixed integrated NDIS events processing not to hang the process due
to a missed change in eloop_win.c API in v0.5.3 [Bug 155]
* added support for EAP Generalized Pre-Shared Key (EAP-GPSK,
* added Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 solution and project files for
build wpa_supplicant for Windows (see vs2005 subdirectory)
* eloop_win: fixed unregistration of Windows events
* l2_packet_winpcap: fixed a deadlock in deinitializing l2_packet
at the end of RSN pre-authentication and added unregistration of
a Windows event to avoid getting eloop_win stuck with an invalid
* driver_ndis: added support for selecting AP based on BSSID
* added new environmental variable for wpa_cli action scripts:
WPA_CTRL_DIR is the current control interface directory
* driver_ndis: added support for using NDISUIO instead of WinPcap for
OID set/query operations (CONFIG_USE_NDISUIO=y in .config); with new
l2_packet_ndis (CONFIG_L2_PACKET=ndis), this can be used to build
wpa_supplicant without requiring WinPcap; note that using NDISUIO
requires that WZC is disabled (net stop wzcsvc) since NDISUIO allows
only one application to open the device
* changed NDIS driver naming to only include device GUID, e.g.,
{7EE3EFE5-C165-472F-986D-F6FBEDFE8C8D}, instead of including WinPcap
specific \Device\NPF_ prefix before the GUID; the prefix is still
allowed for backwards compatibility, but it is not required anymore
when specifying the interface
* driver_ndis: re-initialize driver interface is the adapter is removed
and re-inserted [Bug 159]
* driver_madwifi: fixed TKIP and CCMP sequence number configuration on
big endian hosts [Bug 146]
2006-04-27 - v0.5.3
* fixed EAP-GTC response to include correct user identity when run as
phase 2 method of EAP-FAST (i.e., EAP-FAST did not work in v0.5.2)
* driver_ndis: Fixed encryption mode configuration for unencrypted
networks (some NDIS drivers ignored this, but others, e.g., Broadcom,
refused to associate with open networks) [Bug 106]
* driver_ndis: use BSSID OID polling to detect when IBSS network is
formed even when ndis_events code is included since some NDIS drivers
do not generate media connect events in IBSS mode
* config_winreg: allow global ctrl_interface parameter to be configured
in Windows registry
* config_winreg: added support for saving configuration data into
Windows registry
* added support for controlling network device operational state
(dormant/up) for Linux 2.6.17 to improve DHCP processing (see for a DHCP client
that can use this information)
* driver_wext: added support for WE-21 change to SSID configuration
* driver_wext: fixed privacy configuration for static WEP keys mode
[Bug 140]
* added an optional driver_ops callback for MLME-SETPROTECTION.request
* added support for EAP-SAKE (no EAP method number allocated yet, so
this is using the same experimental type 255 as EAP-PSK)
* added support for dynamically loading EAP methods (.so files) instead
of requiring them to be statically linked in; this is disabled by
default (see CONFIG_DYNAMIC_EAP_METHODS in defconfig for information
on how to use this)
2006-03-19 - v0.5.2
* do not try to use USIM APDUs when initializing PC/SC for SIM card
access for a network that has not enabled EAP-AKA
* fixed EAP phase 2 Nak for EAP-{PEAP,TTLS,FAST} (this was broken in
v0.5.1 due to the new support for expanded EAP types)
* added support for generating EAP Expanded Nak
* try to fetch scan results once before requesting new scan when
starting up in ap_scan=1 mode (this can speed up initial association
a lot with, e.g., madwifi-ng driver)
* added support for receiving EAPOL frames from a Linux bridge
interface (-bbr0 on command line)
* fixed EAPOL re-authentication for sessions that used PMKSA caching
* changed EAP method registration to use a dynamic list of methods
instead of a static list generated at build time
* fixed PMKSA cache deinitialization not to use freed memory when
removing PMKSA entries
* fixed a memory leak in EAP-TTLS re-authentication
* reject WPA/WPA2 message 3/4 if it does not include any valid
* driver_wext: added fallback to use SIOCSIWENCODE for setting auth_alg
if the driver does not support SIOCSIWAUTH
2006-01-29 - v0.5.1
* driver_test: added better support for multiple APs and STAs by using
a directory with sockets that include MAC address for each device in
the name (driver_param=test_dir=/tmp/test)
* added support for EAP expanded type (vendor specific EAP methods)
* added AP_SCAN command into ctrl_iface so that ap_scan configuration
option can be changed if needed
* wpa_cli/wpa_gui: skip non-socket files in control directory when
using UNIX domain sockets; this avoids selecting an incorrect
interface (e.g., a PID file could be in this directory, even though
use of this directory for something else than socket files is not
* fixed TLS library deinitialization after RSN pre-authentication not
to disable TLS library for normal authentication
* driver_wext: Remove null-termination from SSID length if the driver
used it; some Linux drivers do this and they were causing problems in
wpa_supplicant not finding matching configuration block. This change
would break a case where the SSID actually ends in '\0', but that is
not likely to happen in real use.
* fixed PMKSA cache processing not to trigger deauthentication if the
current PMKSA cache entry is replaced with a valid new entry
* fixed PC/SC initialization for ap_scan != 1 modes (this fixes
EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA with real SIM/USIM card when using ap_scan=0 or
2005-12-18 - v0.5.0 (beginning of 0.5.x development releases)
* added experimental STAKey handshake implementation for IEEE 802.11e
direct link setup (DLS); note: this is disabled by default in both
build and runtime configuration (can be enabled with CONFIG_STAKEY=y
and stakey=1)
* fixed EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA pseudonym and fast re-authentication to
decrypt AT_ENCR_DATA attributes correctly
* fixed EAP-AKA to allow resynchronization within the same session
* made code closer to ANSI C89 standard to make it easier to port to
other C libraries and compilers
* started moving operating system or C library specific functions into
wrapper functions defined in os.h and implemented in os_*.c to make
code more portable
* wpa_supplicant can now be built with Microsoft Visual C++
(e.g., with the freely available Toolkit 2003 version or Visual
C++ 2005 Express Edition and Platform SDK); see nmake.mak for an
example makefile for nmake
* added support for using Windows registry for command line parameters
(CONFIG_MAIN=main_winsvc) and configuration data
(CONFIG_BACKEND=winreg); see win_example.reg for an example registry
contents; this version can be run both as a Windows service and as a
normal application; 'wpasvc.exe app' to start as applicant,
'wpasvc.exe reg <full path to wpasvc.exe>' to register a service,
'net start wpasvc' to start the service, 'wpasvc.exe unreg' to
unregister a service
* made it possible to link ndis_events.exe functionality into
wpa_supplicant.exe by defining CONFIG_NDIS_EVENTS_INTEGRATED
* added better support for multiple control interface backends
(CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE option); currently, 'unix' and 'udp' are supported
* fixed PC/SC code to use correct length for GSM AUTH command buffer
and to not use pioRecvPci with SCardTransmit() calls; these were not
causing visible problems with pcsc-lite, but Windows Winscard.dll
refused the previously used parameters; this fixes EAP-SIM and
EAP-AKA authentication using SIM/USIM card under Windows
* added new event loop implementation for Windows using
WaitForMultipleObject() instead of select() in order to allow waiting
for non-socket objects; this can be selected with
CONFIG_ELOOP=eloop_win in .config
* added support for selecting l2_packet implementation in .config
(CONFIG_L2_PACKET; following options are available now: linux, pcap,
winpcap, freebsd, none)
* added new l2_packet implementation for WinPcap
(CONFIG_L2_PACKET=winpcap) that uses a separate receive thread to
reduce latency in EAPOL receive processing from about 100 ms to about
3 ms
* added support for EAP-FAST key derivation using other ciphers than
RC4-128-SHA for authentication and AES128-SHA for provisioning
* added support for configuring CA certificate as DER file and as a
configuration blob
* fixed private key configuration as configuration blob and added
support for using PKCS#12 as a blob
* tls_gnutls: added support for using PKCS#12 files; added support for
session resumption
* added support for loading trusted CA certificates from Windows
certificate store: ca_cert="cert_store://<name>", where <name> is
likely CA (Intermediate CA certificates) or ROOT (root certificates)
* added C version of ndis_events.cpp and made it possible to build this
with MinGW so that CONFIG_NDIS_EVENTS_INTEGRATED can be used more
easily on cross-compilation builds
* added wpasvc.exe into Windows binary release; this is an alternative
version of wpa_supplicant.exe with configuration backend using
Windows registry and with the entry point designed to run as a
Windows service
* integrated ndis_events.exe functionality into wpa_supplicant.exe and
wpasvc.exe and removed this additional tool from the Windows binary
release since it is not needed anymore
* load winscard.dll functions dynamically when building with MinGW
since MinGW does not yet include winscard library
2005-11-20 - v0.4.7 (beginning of 0.4.x stable releases)
* l2_packet_pcap: fixed wired IEEE 802.1X authentication with libpcap
and WinPcap to receive frames sent to PAE group address
* disable EAP state machine when IEEE 802.1X authentication is not used
in order to get rid of bogus "EAP failed" messages
* fixed OpenSSL error reporting to go through all pending errors to
avoid confusing reports of old errors being reported at later point
during handshake
* fixed configuration file updating to not write empty variables
(e.g., proto or key_mgmt) that the file parser would not accept
* fixed ADD_NETWORK ctrl_iface command to use the same default values
for variables as empty network definitions read from config file
would get
* fixed EAP state machine to not discard EAP-Failure messages in many
cases (e.g., during TLS handshake)
* fixed a infinite loop in private key reading if the configured file
cannot be parsed successfully
* driver_madwifi: added support for madwifi-ng
* wpa_gui: do not display password/PSK field contents
* wpa_gui: added CA certificate configuration
* driver_ndis: fixed scan request in ap_scan=2 mode not to change SSID
* driver_ndis: include Beacon IEs in AssocInfo in order to notice if
the new AP is using different WPA/RSN IE
* use longer timeout for IEEE 802.11 association to avoid problems with
drivers that may take more than five second to associate
2005-10-27 - v0.4.6
* allow fallback to WPA, if mixed WPA+WPA2 networks have mismatch in
RSN IE, but WPA IE would match with wpa_supplicant configuration
* added support for named configuration blobs in order to avoid having
to use file system for external files (e.g., certificates);
variables can be set to "blob://<blob name>" instead of file path to
use a named blob; supported fields: pac_file, client_cert,
* fixed RSN pre-authentication (it was broken in the clean up of WPA
state machine interface in v0.4.5)
* driver_madwifi: set IEEE80211_KEY_GROUP flag for group keys to make
sure the driver configures broadcast decryption correctly
* added ca_path (and ca_path2) configuration variables that can be used
to configure OpenSSL CA path, e.g., /etc/ssl/certs, for using the
system-wide trusted CA list
* added support for starting wpa_supplicant without a configuration
file (-C argument must be used to set ctrl_interface parameter for
this case; in addition, -p argument can be used to provide
driver_param; these new arguments can also be used with a
configuration to override the values from the configuration)
* added global control interface that can be optionally used for adding
and removing network interfaces dynamically (-g command line argument
for both wpa_supplicant and wpa_cli) without having to restart
wpa_supplicant process
* wpa_gui:
- try to save configuration whenever something is modified
- added WEP key configuration
- added possibility to edit the current network configuration
* driver_ndis: fixed driver polling not to increase frequency on each
received EAPOL frame due to incorrectly cancelled timeout
* added simple configuration file examples (in examples subdirectory)
* fixed driver_wext.c to filter wireless events based on ifindex to
avoid interfaces receiving events from other interfaces
* delay sending initial EAPOL-Start couple of seconds to speed up
authentication for the most common case of Authenticator starting
EAP authentication immediately after association
2005-09-25 - v0.4.5
* added a workaround for clearing keys with ndiswrapper to allow
roaming from WPA enabled AP to plaintext one
* added docbook documentation (doc/docbook) that can be used to
generate, e.g., man pages
* l2_packet_linux: use socket type SOCK_DGRAM instead of SOCK_RAW for
PF_PACKET in order to prepare for network devices that do not use
Ethernet headers (e.g., network stack with native IEEE 802.11 frames)
* use receipt of EAPOL-Key frame as a lower layer success indication
for EAP state machine to allow recovery from dropped EAP-Success
* cleaned up internal EAPOL frame processing by not including link
layer (Ethernet) header during WPA and EAPOL/EAP processing; this
header is added only when transmitted the frame; this makes it easier
to use wpa_supplicant on link layers that use different header than
* updated EAP-PSK to use draft 9 by default since this can now be
tested with hostapd; removed support for draft 3, including
server_nai configuration option from network blocks
* driver_wired: add PAE address to the multicast address list in order
to be able to receive EAPOL frames with drivers that do not include
these multicast addresses by default
* driver_wext: add support for WE-19
* added support for multiple configuration backends (CONFIG_BACKEND
option); currently, only 'file' is supported (i.e., the format used
in wpa_supplicant.conf)
* added support for updating configuration ('wpa_cli save_config');
this is disabled by default and can be enabled with global
update_config=1 variable in wpa_supplicant.conf; this allows wpa_cli
and wpa_gui to store the configuration changes in a permanent store
* added GET_NETWORK ctrl_iface command
(e.g., 'wpa_cli get_network 0 ssid')
2005-08-21 - v0.4.4
* replaced OpenSSL patch for EAP-FAST support
(openssl-tls-extensions.patch) with a more generic and correct
patch (the new patch is not compatible with the previous one, so the
OpenSSL library will need to be patched with the new patch in order
to be able to build wpa_supplicant with EAP-FAST support)
* added support for using Windows certificate store (through CryptoAPI)
for client certificate and private key operations (EAP-TLS)
(see wpa_supplicant.conf for more information on how to configure
this with private_key)
* ported wpa_gui to Windows
* added Qt4 version of wpa_gui (wpa_gui-qt4 directory); this can be
built with the open source version of the Qt4 for Windows
* allow non-WPA modes (e.g., IEEE 802.1X with dynamic WEP) to be used
with drivers that do not support WPA
* ndis_events: fixed Windows 2000 support
* added support for enabling/disabling networks from the list of all
configured networks ('wpa_cli enable_network <network id>' and
'wpa_cli disable_network <network id>')
* added support for adding and removing network from the current
configuration ('wpa_cli add_network' and 'wpa_cli remove_network
<network id>'); added networks are disabled by default and they can
be enabled with enable_network command once the configuration is done
for the new network; note: configuration file is not yet updated, so
these new networks are lost when wpa_supplicant is restarted
* added support for setting network configuration parameters through
the control interface, for example:
wpa_cli set_network 0 ssid "\"my network\""
* fixed parsing of strings that include both " and # within double
quoted area (e.g., "start"#end")
* added EAP workaround for PEAP session resumption: allow outer,
i.e., not tunneled, EAP-Success to terminate session since; this can
be disabled with eap_workaround=0
(this was allowed for PEAPv1 before, but now it is also allowed for
PEAPv0 since at least one RADIUS authentication server seems to be
doing this for PEAPv0, too)
* wpa_gui: added preliminary support for adding new networks to the
wpa_supplicant configuration (double click on the scan results to
open network configuration)
2005-06-26 - v0.4.3
* removed interface for external EAPOL/EAP supplicant (e.g.,
Xsupplicant), (CONFIG_XSUPPLICANT_IFACE) since it is not required
anymore and is unlikely to be used by anyone
* driver_ndis: fixed WinPcap 3.0 support
* fixed build with CONFIG_DNET_PCAP=y on Linux
* l2_packet: moved different implementations into separate files
2005-06-12 - v0.4.2
* driver_ipw: updated driver structures to match with ipw2200-1.0.4
(note: ipw2100-1.1.0 is likely to require an update to work with
* added support for using ap_scan=2 mode with multiple network blocks;
wpa_supplicant will go through the networks one by one until the
driver reports a successful association; this uses the same order for
networks as scan_ssid=1 scans, i.e., the priority field is ignored
and the network block order in the file is used instead
* fixed a potential issue in RSN pre-authentication ending up using
freed memory if pre-authentication times out
* added support for matching alternative subject name extensions of the
authentication server certificate; new configuration variables
altsubject_match and altsubject_match2
* driver_ndis: added support for IEEE 802.1X authentication with wired
NDIS drivers
* added support for querying private key password (EAP-TLS) through the
control interface (wpa_cli/wpa_gui) if one is not included in the
configuration file
* driver_broadcom: fixed couple of memory leaks in scan result
* EAP-PAX is now registered as EAP type 46
* fixed EAP-PAX MAC calculation
* fixed EAP-PAX CK and ICK key derivation
* added support for using password with EAP-PAX (as an alternative to
entering key with eappsk); SHA-1 hash of the password will be used as
the key in this case
* added support for arbitrary driver interface parameters through the
configuration file with a new driver_param field; this adds a new
driver_ops function set_param()
* added possibility to override l2_packet module with driver interface
API (new send_eapol handler); this can be used to implement driver
specific TX/RX functions for EAPOL frames
* fixed ctrl_interface_group processing for the case where gid is
entered as a number, not group name
* driver_test: added support for testing hostapd with wpa_supplicant
by using test driver interface without any kernel drivers or network
2005-05-22 - v0.4.1
* driver_madwifi: fixed WPA/WPA2 mode configuration to allow EAPOL
packets to be encrypted; this was apparently broken by the changed
ioctl order in v0.4.0
* driver_madwifi: added preliminary support for compiling against 'BSD'
branch of madwifi CVS tree
* added support for EAP-MSCHAPv2 password retries within the same EAP
authentication session
* added support for password changes with EAP-MSCHAPv2 (used when the
password has expired)
* added support for reading additional certificates from PKCS#12 files
and adding them to the certificate chain
* fixed association with IEEE 802.1X (no WPA) when dynamic WEP keys
were used
* fixed a possible double free in EAP-TTLS fast-reauthentication when
identity or password is entered through control interface
* display EAP Notification messages to user through control interface
* added GUI version of wpa_cli, wpa_gui; this is not build
automatically with 'make'; use 'make wpa_gui' to build (this requires
Qt development tools)
* added 'disconnect' command to control interface for setting
wpa_supplicant in state where it will not associate before
'reassociate' command has been used
* added support for selecting a network from the list of all configured
networks ('wpa_cli select_network <network id>'; this disabled all
other networks; to re-enable, 'wpa_cli select_network any')
* added support for getting scan results through control interface
* added EAP workaround for PEAPv1 session resumption: allow outer,
i.e., not tunneled, EAP-Success to terminate session since; this can
be disabled with eap_workaround=0
2005-04-25 - v0.4.0 (beginning of 0.4.x development releases)
* added a new build time option, CONFIG_NO_STDOUT_DEBUG, that can be
used to reduce the size of the wpa_supplicant considerably if
debugging code is not needed
* fixed EAPOL-Key validation to drop packets with invalid Key Data
Length; such frames could have crashed wpa_supplicant due to buffer
* added support for wired authentication (IEEE 802.1X on wired
Ethernet); driver interface 'wired'
* obsoleted set_wpa() handler in the driver interface API (it can be
replaced by moving enable/disable functionality into init()/deinit())
(calls to set_wpa() are still present for backwards compatibility,
but they may be removed in the future)
* driver_madwifi: fixed association in plaintext mode
* modified the EAP workaround that accepts EAP-Success with incorrect
Identifier to be even less strict about verification in order to
interoperate with some authentication servers
* added support for sending TLS alerts
* added support for 'any' SSID wildcard; if ssid is not configured or
is set to an empty string, any SSID will be accepted for non-WPA AP
* added support for asking PIN (for SIM) from frontends (e.g.,
wpa_cli); if a PIN is needed, but not included in the configuration
file, a control interface request is sent and EAP processing is
delayed until the PIN is available
* added support for using external devices (e.g., a smartcard) for
private key operations in EAP-TLS (CONFIG_SMARTCARD=y in .config);
new wpa_supplicant.conf variables:
- global: opensc_engine_path, pkcs11_engine_path, pkcs11_module_path
- network: engine, engine_id, key_id
* added experimental support for EAP-PAX
* added monitor mode for wpa_cli (-a<path to a program to run>) that
allows external commands (e.g., shell scripts) to be run based on
wpa_supplicant events, e.g., when authentication has been completed
and data connection is ready; other related wpa_cli arguments:
-B (run in background), -P (write PID file); wpa_supplicant has a new
command line argument (-W) that can be used to make it wait until a
control interface command is received in order to avoid missing
* added support for opportunistic WPA2 PMKSA key caching (disabled by
default, can be enabled with proactive_key_caching=1)
* fixed RSN IE in 4-Way Handshake message 2/4 for the case where
Authenticator rejects PMKSA caching attempt and the driver is not
using assoc_info events
* added -P<pid file> argument for wpa_supplicant to write the current
process id into a file
2005-02-12 - v0.3.7 (beginning of 0.3.x stable releases)
* added new phase1 option parameter, include_tls_length=1, to force
wpa_supplicant to add TLS Message Length field to all TLS messages
even if the packet is not fragmented; this may be needed with some
authentication servers
* fixed WPA/RSN IE verification in message 3 of 4-Way Handshake when
using drivers that take care of AP selection (e.g., when using
* fixed reprocessing of pending request after ctrl_iface requests for
* fixed ctrl_iface requests for identity/password/otp in Phase 2 of
* all drivers using driver_wext: set interface up and select Managed
mode when starting wpa_supplicant; set interface down when exiting
* renamed driver_ipw2100.c to driver_ipw.c since it now supports both
ipw2100 and ipw2200; please note that this also changed the
configuration variable in .config to CONFIG_DRIVER_IPW
2005-01-24 - v0.3.6
* fixed a busy loop introduced in v0.3.5 for scan result processing
when no matching AP is found
2005-01-23 - v0.3.5
* added a workaround for an interoperability issue with a Cisco AP
when using WPA2-PSK
* fixed non-WPA IEEE 802.1X to use the same authentication timeout as
WPA with IEEE 802.1X (i.e., timeout 10 -> 70 sec to allow
retransmission of dropped frames)
* fixed issues with 64-bit CPUs and SHA1 cleanup in previous version
(e.g., segfault when processing EAPOL-Key frames)
* fixed EAP workaround and fast reauthentication configuration for
RSN pre-authentication; previously these were disabled and
pre-authentication would fail if the used authentication server
requires EAP workarounds
* added support for blacklisting APs that fail or timeout
authentication in ap_scan=1 mode so that all APs are tried in cases
where the ones with strongest signal level are failing authentication
* fixed CA certificate loading after a failed EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS
authentication attempt
* allow EAP-PEAP/TTLS fast reauthentication only if Phase 2 succeeded
in the previous authentication (previously, only Phase 1 success was
2005-01-09 - v0.3.4
* added preliminary support for IBSS (ad-hoc) mode configuration
(mode=1 in network block); this included a new key_mgmt mode
WPA-NONE, i.e., TKIP or CCMP with a fixed key (based on psk) and no
key management; see wpa_supplicant.conf for more details and an
example on how to configure this (note: this is currently implemented
only for driver_hostapd.c, but the changes should be trivial to add
in associate() handler for other drivers, too (assuming the driver
supports WPA-None)
* added preliminary port for native Windows (i.e., no cygwin) using
2005-01-02 - v0.3.3
* added optional support for GNU Readline and History Libraries for
* cleaned up EAP state machine <-> method interface and number of
small problems with error case processing not terminating on
EAP-Failure but waiting for timeout
* added couple of workarounds for interoperability issues with a
Cisco AP when using WPA2
* added support for EAP-FAST (draft-cam-winget-eap-fast-00.txt);
Note: This requires a patch for openssl to add support for TLS
extensions and number of workarounds for operations without
certificates. Proof of concept type of experimental patch is
included in openssl-tls-extensions.patch.
2004-12-19 - v0.3.2
* fixed private key loading for cases where passphrase is not set
* fixed Windows/cygwin L2 packet handler freeing; previous version
could cause a segfault when RSN pre-authentication was completed
* added support for PMKSA caching with drivers that generate RSN IEs
(e.g., NDIS); currently, this is only implemented in driver_ndis.c,
but similar code can be easily added to driver_ndiswrapper.c once
ndiswrapper gets full support for RSN PMKSA caching
* improved recovery from PMKID mismatches by requesting full EAP
authentication in case of failed PMKSA caching attempt
* driver_ndis: added support for NDIS NdisMIncidateStatus() events
(this requires that ndis_events is ran while wpa_supplicant is
* driver_ndis: use ADD_WEP/REMOVE_WEP when configuring WEP keys
* added support for driver interfaces to replace the interface name
based on driver/OS specific mapping, e.g., in case of driver_ndis,
this allows the beginning of the adapter description to be used as
the interface name
* added support for CR+LF (Windows-style) line ends in configuration
* driver_ndis: enable radio before starting scanning, disable radio
when exiting
* modified association event handler to set portEnabled = FALSE before
clearing port Valid in order to reset EAP state machine and avoid
problems with new authentication getting ignored because of state
machines ending up in AUTHENTICATED/SUCCESS state based on old
* added support for driver events to add PMKID candidates in order to
allow drivers to give priority to most likely roaming candidates
* driver_hostap: moved PrivacyInvoked configuration to associate()
function so that this will not be set for plaintext connections
* added KEY_MGMT_802_1X_NO_WPA as a new key_mgmt type so that driver
interface can distinguish plaintext and IEEE 802.1X (no WPA)
* fixed static WEP key configuration to use broadcast/default type for
all keys (previously, the default TX key was configured as pairwise/
unicast key)
* driver_ndis: added legacy WPA capability detection for non-WPA2
* added support for setting static WEP keys for IEEE 802.1X without
dynamic WEP keying (eapol_flags=0)
2004-12-12 - v0.3.1
* added support for reading PKCS#12 (PFX) files (as a replacement for
PEM/DER) to get certificate and private key (CONFIG_PKCS12)
* fixed compilation with CONFIG_PCSC=y
* added new ap_scan mode, ap_scan=2, for drivers that take care of
association, but need to be configured with security policy and SSID,
e.g., ndiswrapper and NDIS driver; this mode should allow such
drivers to work with hidden SSIDs and optimized roaming; when
ap_scan=2 is used, only the first network block in the configuration
file is used and this configuration should have explicit security
policy (i.e., only one option in the lists) for key_mgmt, pairwise,
group, proto variables
* added experimental port of wpa_supplicant for Windows
- driver_ndis.c driver interface (NDIS OIDs)
- currently, this requires cygwin and WinPcap
- small utility, win_if_list, can be used to get interface name
* control interface can now be removed at build time; add
CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE=y to .config to maintain old functionality
* optional Xsupplicant interface can now be removed at build time;
(CONFIG_XSUPPLICANT_IFACE=y in .config to bring it back)
* added auth_alg to driver interface associate() parameters to make it
easier for drivers to configure authentication algorithm as part of
the association
2004-12-05 - v0.3.0 (beginning of 0.3.x development releases)
* driver_broadcom: added new driver interface for Broadcom wl.o driver
(a generic driver for Broadcom IEEE 802.11a/g cards)
* wpa_cli: fixed parsing of -p <path> command line argument
* PEAPv1: fixed tunneled EAP-Success reply handling to reply with TLS
ACK, not tunneled EAP-Success (of which only the first byte was
actually send due to a bug in previous code); this seems to
interoperate with most RADIUS servers that implements PEAPv1
* PEAPv1: added support for terminating PEAP authentication on tunneled
EAP-Success message; this can be configured by adding
peap_outer_success=0 on phase1 parameters in wpa_supplicant.conf
(some RADIUS servers require this whereas others require a tunneled
* PEAPv1: changed phase1 option peaplabel to use default to 0, i.e., to
the old label for key derivation; previously, the default was 1,
but it looks like most existing PEAPv1 implementations use the old
label which is thus more suitable default option
* added support for EAP-PSK (draft-bersani-eap-psk-03.txt)
* fixed parsing of wep_tx_keyidx
* added support for configuring list of allowed Phase 2 EAP types
(for both EAP-PEAP and EAP-TTLS) instead of only one type
* added support for configuring IEEE 802.11 authentication algorithm
(auth_alg; mainly for using Shared Key authentication with static
WEP keys)
* added support for EAP-AKA (with UMTS SIM)
* fixed couple of errors in PCSC handling that could have caused
random-looking errors for EAP-SIM
* added support for EAP-SIM pseudonyms and fast re-authentication
* added support for EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS fast re-authentication (TLS
session resumption)
* added support for EAP-SIM with two challanges
(phase1="sim_min_num_chal=3" can be used to require three challenges)
* added support for configuring DH/DSA parameters for an ephemeral DH
key exchange (EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS) using new configuration parameters
dh_file and dh_file2 (phase 2); this adds support for using DSA keys
and optional DH key exchange to achieve forward secracy with RSA keys
* added support for matching subject of the authentication server
certificate with a substring when using EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS; new
configuration variables subject_match and subject_match2
* changed SSID configuration in driver_wext.c (used by many driver
interfaces) to use ssid_len+1 as the length for SSID since some Linux
drivers expect this
* fixed couple of unaligned reads in scan result parsing to fix WPA
connection on some platforms (e.g., ARM)
* added driver interface for Intel ipw2100 driver
* added support for LEAP with WPA
* added support for larger scan results report (old limit was 4 kB of
data, i.e., about 35 or so APs) when using Linux wireless extensions
v17 or newer
* fixed a bug in PMKSA cache processing: skip sending of EAPOL-Start
only if there is a PMKSA cache entry for the current AP
* fixed error handling for case where reading of scan results fails:
must schedule a new scan or wpa_supplicant will remain waiting
* changed debug output to remove shared password/key material by
default; all key information can be included with -K command line
argument to match the previous behavior
* added support for timestamping debug log messages (disabled by
default, can be enabled with -t command line argument)
* set pairwise/group cipher suite for non-WPA IEEE 802.1X to WEP-104
if keys are not configured to be used; this fixes IEEE 802.1X mode
with drivers that use this information to configure whether Privacy
bit can be in Beacon frames (e.g., ndiswrapper)
* avoid clearing driver keys if no keys have been configured since last
key clear request; this seems to improve reliability of group key
handshake for ndiswrapper & NDIS driver which seems to be suffering
of some kind of timing issue when the keys are cleared again after
* changed driver interface API:
- WPA_SUPPLICANT_DRIVER_VERSION define can be used to determine which
version is being used (now, this is set to 2; previously, it was
not defined)
- pass pointer to private data structure to all calls
- the new API is not backwards compatible; all in-tree driver
interfaces has been converted to the new API
* added support for controlling multiple interfaces (radios) per
wpa_supplicant process; each interface needs to be listed on the
command line (-c, -i, -D arguments) with -N as a separator
(-cwpa1.conf -iwlan0 -Dhostap -N -cwpa2.conf -iath0 -Dmadwifi)
* added a workaround for EAP servers that incorrectly use same Id for
sequential EAP packets
* changed libpcap/libdnet configuration to use .config variable,
CONFIG_DNET_PCAP, instead of requiring Makefile modification
* improved downgrade attack detection in IE verification of msg 3/4:
verify both WPA and RSN IEs, if present, not only the selected one;
reject the AP if an RSN IE is found in msg 3/4, but not in Beacon or
Probe Response frame, and RSN is enabled in wpa_supplicant
* fixed WPA msg 3/4 processing to allow Key Data field contain other
IEs than just one WPA IE
* added support for FreeBSD and driver interface for the BSD net80211
layer (CONFIG_DRIVER_BSD=y in .config); please note that some of the
required kernel mods have not yet been committed
* made EAP workarounds configurable; enabled by default, can be
disabled with network block option eap_workaround=0
2004-07-17 - v0.2.4 (beginning of 0.2.x stable releases)
* resolved couple of interoperability issues with EAP-PEAPv1 and
Phase 2 (inner EAP) fragment reassembly
* driver_madwifi: fixed WEP key configuration for IEEE 802.1X when the
AP is using non-zero key index for the unicast key and key index zero
for the broadcast key
* driver_hostap: fixed IEEE 802.1X WEP key updates and
re-authentication by allowing unencrypted EAPOL frames when not using
* added a new driver interface, 'wext', which uses only standard,
driver independent functionality in Linux wireless extensions;
currently, this can be used only for non-WPA IEEE 802.1X mode, but
eventually, this is to be extended to support full WPA/WPA2 once
Linux wireless extensions get support for this
* added support for mode in which the driver is responsible for AP
scanning and selection; this is disabled by default and can be
enabled with global ap_scan=0 variable in wpa_supplicant.conf;
this mode can be used, e.g., with generic 'wext' driver interface to
use wpa_supplicant as IEEE 802.1X Supplicant with any Linux driver
supporting wireless extensions.
* driver_madwifi: fixed WPA2 configuration and scan_ssid=1 (e.g.,
operation with an AP that does not include SSID in the Beacon frames)
* added support for new EAP authentication methods:
* added support for asking one-time-passwords from frontends (e.g.,
wpa_cli); this 'otp' command works otherwise like 'password' command,
but the password is used only once and the frontend will be asked for
a new password whenever a request from authenticator requires a
password; this can be used with both EAP-OTP and EAP-GTC
* changed wpa_cli to automatically re-establish connection so that it
does not need to be re-started when wpa_supplicant is terminated and
started again
* improved user data (identity/password/otp) requests through
frontends: process pending EAPOL packets after getting new
information so that full authentication does not need to be
restarted; in addition, send pending requests again whenever a new
frontend is attached
* changed control frontends to use a new directory for socket files to
make it easier for wpa_cli to automatically select between interfaces
and to provide access control for the control interface;
wpa_supplicant.conf: ctrl_interface is now a path
(/var/run/wpa_supplicant is the recommended path) and
ctrl_interface_group can be used to select which group gets access to
the control interface;
wpa_cli: by default, try to connect to the first interface available
in /var/run/wpa_supplicant; this path can be overriden with -p option
and an interface can be selected with -i option (i.e., in most common
cases, wpa_cli does not need to get any arguments)
* added support for LEAP
* added driver interface for Linux ndiswrapper
* added priority option for network blocks in the configuration file;
this allows networks to be grouped based on priority (the scan
results are searched for matches with network blocks in this order)
2004-06-20 - v0.2.3
* sort scan results to improve AP selection
* fixed control interface socket removal for some error cases
* improved scan requesting and authentication timeout
* small improvements/bug fixes for EAP-MSCHAPv2, EAP-PEAP, and
TLS processing
* PEAP version can now be forced with phase1="peapver=<ver>"
(mostly for testing; by default, the highest version supported by
both the Supplicant and Authentication Server is selected
* added support for madwifi driver (Atheros ar521x)
* added a workaround for cases where AP sets Install Tx/Rx bit for
WPA Group Key messages when pairwise keys are used (without this,
the Group Key would be used for Tx and the AP would drop frames
from the station)
* added GSM SIM/USIM interface for GSM authentication algorithm for
EAP-SIM; this requires pcsc-lite
* added support for ATMEL AT76C5XXx driver
* fixed IEEE 802.1X WEP key derivation in the case where Authenticator
does not include key data in the EAPOL-Key frame (i.e., part of
EAP keying material is used as data encryption key)
* added support for using plaintext and static WEP networks
2004-05-31 - v0.2.2
* added support for new EAP authentication methods:
EAP-SIM (not yet complete; needs GSM/SIM authentication interface)
* added support for anonymous identity (to be used when identity is
sent in plaintext; real identity will be used within TLS protected
tunnel (e.g., with EAP-TTLS)
* added event messages from wpa_supplicant to frontends, e.g., wpa_cli
* added support for requesting identity and password information using
control interface; in other words, the password for EAP-PEAP or
EAP-TTLS does not need to be included in the configuration file since
a frontand (e.g., wpa_cli) can ask it from the user
* improved RSN pre-authentication to use a candidate list and process
all candidates from each scan; not only one per scan
* fixed RSN IE and WPA IE capabilities field parsing
* ignore Tx bit in GTK IE when Pairwise keys are used
* avoid making new scan requests during IEEE 802.1X negotiation
* use openssl/libcrypto for MD5 and SHA-1 when compiling wpa_supplicant
with TLS support (this replaces the included implementation with
library code to save about 8 kB since the library code is needed
anyway for TLS)
* fixed WPA-PSK only mode when compiled without IEEE 802.1X support
(i.e., without CONFIG_IEEE8021X_EAPOL=y in .config)
2004-05-06 - v0.2.1
* added support for internal IEEE 802.1X (actually, IEEE 802.1aa/D6.1)
- EAPOL state machines for Supplicant [IEEE 802.1aa/D6.1]
- EAP peer state machine [draft-ietf-eap-statemachine-02.pdf]
- EAP-MD5 (cannot be used with WPA-RADIUS)
- EAP-TLS [RFC 2716]
- EAP-MSCHAPv2 (currently used only with EAP-PEAP)
- EAP-PEAP/MSCHAPv2 [draft-josefsson-pppext-eap-tls-eap-07.txt]
(PEAP version 0, 1, and parts of 2; only 0 and 1 are enabled by
default; tested with FreeRADIUS, Microsoft IAS, and Funk Odyssey)
- new configuration file options: eap, identity, password, ca_cert,
client_cert, privatekey, private_key_passwd
- Xsupplicant is not required anymore, but it can be used by
disabling the internal IEEE 802.1X Supplicant with -e command line
- this code is not included in the default build; Makefile need to
be edited for this (uncomment lines for selected functionality)
- EAP-TLS and EAP-PEAP require openssl libraries
* use module prefix in debug messages (WPA, EAP, EAP-TLS, ..)
* added support for non-WPA IEEE 802.1X mode with dynamic WEP keys
(i.e., complete IEEE 802.1X/EAP authentication and use IEEE 802.1X
EAPOL-Key frames instead of WPA key handshakes)
* added support for IEEE 802.11i/RSN (WPA2)
- improved PTK Key Handshake
- PMKSA caching, pre-authentication
* fixed wpa_supplicant to ignore possible extra data after WPA
EAPOL-Key packets (this fixes 'Invalid EAPOL-Key MIC when using
TPTK' error from message 3 of 4-Way Handshake in case the AP
includes extra data after the EAPOL-Key)
* added interface for external programs (frontends) to control
- CLI example (wpa_cli) with interactive mode and command line
- replaced SIGUSR1 status/statistics with the new control interface
* made some feature compile time configurable
- .config file for make
- driver interfaces (hostap, hermes, ..)
- EAPOL/EAP functions
2004-02-15 - v0.2.0
* Initial version of wpa_supplicant