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* nfs_clnt.h for HP-UX 10.30 and above
* This header file defines the mntinfo structure for lsof. Lsof uses it to
* obtain the device number of an NFS mount point.
* V. Abell
* February, 1998
#if !defined(LSOF_NFS_CLNT_H)
#include "kernbits.h"
#include "rnode.h"
#include <rpc/types.h>
#include <rpc/rpc.h>
#include <rpc/clnt.h>
#include <sys/xti.h>
typedef struct kcondvar {
uint32_t _dummy1[6];
} kcondvar_t;
typedef struct mntinfo {
kmutex_t mi_lock;
KA_T mi_knetconfig;
struct netbuf mi_addr;
struct netbuf mi_syncaddr;
KA_T mi_rootvp;
uint32_t mi_flags;
int32_t mi_tsize;
int32_t mi_stsize;
int32_t mi_timeo;
int32_t mi_retrans;
char mi_hostname[32];
KA_T mi_netname;
int mi_netnamelen;
int mi_authflavor;
int32_t mi_acregmin;
int32_t mi_acregmax;
int32_t mi_acdirmin;
int32_t mi_acdirmax;
struct rpc_timers mi_timers[4];
int32_t mi_curread;
int32_t mi_curwrite;
KA_T mi_async_reqs;
KA_T mi_async_tail;
kcondvar_t mi_async_reqs_cv;
uint16_t mi_threads;
uint16_t mi_max_threads;
kcondvar_t mi_async_cv;
uint32_t mi_async_count;
kmutex_t mi_async_lock;
KA_T mi_pathconf;
u_long mi_prog;
u_long mi_vers;
KA_T mi_rfsnames;
KA_T mi_reqs;
KA_T mi_call_type;
KA_T mi_timer_type;
clock_t mi_printftime;
KA_T mi_aclnames;
KA_T mi_aclreqs;
KA_T mi_acl_call_type;
KA_T mi_acl_timer_type;
char mi_fsmnt[512];
uint64_t mi_maxfilesize;
dev_t mi_mntno; /* mounted device number */
} mntinfo_t;
#endif /* !defined(LSOF_NFS_CLNT_H) */