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Simple make drivers for DOS, Windows, OS/2 and other systems
This directory contains a bunch of simple build scripts - I've tried
to make them as foolproof as possible.
To build LZO for your system type `b\OS\COMPILER' in the base directory,
e.g. `b\win32\vc.bat' will build the Win32 Visual C/C++ version.
After building do a basic test by running `lzotest.exe -mlzo COPYING'.
util\ is an example of a more thorough test driver.
Please send me your additional/improved versions.
b\dos32\bc_pp.bat Borland C/C++ (1)
b\dos32\dj2.bat djgpp v2 + gcc (1)
b\dos32\dm.bat Digital Mars C/C++ (1)
b\dos32\emx.bat emx + gcc (1)
b\dos32\sc.bat Symantec C/C++ (1)
b\dos32\wc.bat Watcom C/C++ (1)
b\os2\emx.bat emx + gcc (1)
b\os2\wc.bat Watcom C/C++ (1)
b\win32\bc.bat Borland C/C++ (1)
b\win32\cygwin.bat Cygwin + gcc (1)
b\win32\dm.bat Digital Mars C/C++ (1)
b\win32\ic.bat Intel C/C++ (1)
b\win32\mingw.bat MinGW + gcc (1)
b\win32\mwerks.bat Metrowerks CodeWarrior C/C++ (1)
b\win32\pellesc.bat Pelles C (1)
b\win32\pgi.bat Portland Group PGI C/C++ (1)
b\win32\rsxnt.bat rsxnt + gcc (1)
b\win32\sc.bat Symantec C/C++ (1)
b\win32\vc.bat Visual C/C++ (1)
b\win32\vc_dll.bat Visual C/C++ (DLL version) (1)
b\win32\wc.bat Watcom C/C++ (1)
b\win64\ic.bat Intel C/C++ (Itanium)
b\win64\ic_dll.bat Intel C/C++ (Itanium) (DLL version)
b\win64\vc.bat Visual C/C++ (AMD64 or Itanium)
b\win64\vc_dll.bat Visual C/C++ (AMD64 or Itanium) (DLL version)
Finally, there are also a number of build scripts for obsolete systems
like dos16 and win16.
(1) includes support for i386 assembler versions