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The test driver `lzotest' has grown into a fairly powerful program
of it's own. Here is a short description of the various options.
[ to be written - this is only a very first draft ]
lzotest [option..] file...
Basic options:
-m# compression method
-b# set input block size (default 262144, max 1310720)
-n# number of compression/decompression runs
-c# number of compression runs
-d# number of decompression runs
-S use safe decompressor (if available)
-A use assembler decompressor (if available)
-F use fast assembler decompressor (if available)
-O optimize compressed data (if available)
-s DIR process Calgary Corpus test suite in directory `DIR'
-@ read list of files to compress from stdin
-q be quiet
-L display software license
More about `-m':
Use `-m' to list all available methods.
You can select methods by number:
You can select methods by name:
You can select some predefined method groups:
You can specify multiple methods/groups separated by ',':
And finally you can use multiple `-m' options:
-m962,972 -mm99,982,m1
Other options: