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Author: Steinar H. Gunderson <>
Date: Wed Sep 13 22:23:23 CEST 2006
Fix -n option to mountd
The getopt_long() option string in mountd was having a spurious
colon after the 'n', leading to the short form of --no-tcp not
being usable (expecting a parameter, contrary to the long form
and the documentation). Fix.
Author: Steinar H. Gunderson <>
Date: Wed Sep 13 22:19:39 CEST 2006
Document sensitive gids
The exports(8) man page already mentions that some non-root users,
such as bin, might be just as sensitive as root, and that root_squash
thus might not be as effective as one could hope for. Update the
documentation to also mention that this could be the case for non-root
groups, such as staff.
Author: NeilBrown <>
Date: Mon Aug 7 16:35:03 AEST 2006
Set version to 1.0.10
Note: 1.0.10 should be used in preference to
1.0.9 especially with kernels 2.6.18 and later
otherwise 'rpc.nfsd N' won't work to change the
number of threads after nfsd has been started.
Author: NeilBrown <>
Date: Mon Aug 7 16:35:03 AEST 2006
support/nfs/nfssvc.c: if any ports are already open,
don't try to open any more.
This means that once nfsd is running
rpc.nfsd X
will just change the number of threads, not the
ports in use.
Author: NeilBrown <>
Date: Mon Aug 7 14:01:35 AEST 2006
Remove warning if neither 'sync' or 'async' present.
Add warning of neither 'subtree_check' or 'no_subtree_check' present.
commit 7194d7d6320736c14f40d31c3738d40f3119ead5
Author: Kevin Coffman <>
Date: Sat Jul 8 10:01:40 2006 +1000
Use uid/gid of -1 to indicate the export's anonuid/anongid should be used
Kernel routine nfsd_setuser() in fs/nfsd/auth.c checks for the
value -1 and defaults the credential's fsuid/fsgid to the
correct anonuid/anongid values for the given export. We should
be passing this value (-1) down when a name mapping cannot be found.
Thanks to J. Bruce Fields <> for the reference.
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Acked-by: J. Bruce Fields <>
commit b0604c623f7a98c6061dff19988722d3ae848bd7
Author: Kevin Coffman <>
Date: Sat Jul 8 09:58:03 2006 +1000
Change svcgssd_LDFLAGS to match gssd_LDFLAGS
commit 99414bd3eecf93f23c378d3bb3d45bc98f364abc
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Sat Jul 8 09:41:58 2006 +1000
Disable building/installing mount.nfs by default.
mount.nfs does not yet support 'user' option and some others.
To make it support this we need to make it setuid-root, and
some security isses need to be resolved before that can be done
commit b0c3cbfee702c019dab0a22557bbf38e24dfcee1
Author: Steve Dickson <>
Date: Sat Jul 8 09:35:02 2006 +1000
Call nfssvc_versbits before nfssvc_setfds
nfssvc_versbits() has to be called before nfssvc_setfds()
for the version processing to work correctly
commit 26fff911b21943f20e3937ae3f2d29a1572d2309
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Thu Jul 6 13:05:11 2006 +1000
Only use -rpath for Kerberos libs when actually needed.
Avoid usage of -rpath is generally safer, and is required by Debian policy.
commit 28a7603b719f8d35bf22fd3018b610b489fec78f
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Thu Jul 6 12:28:33 2006 +1000
Use 65534 instead of -2 in svcgssd_proc.c
as this is more consistant across achitectures.
commit 904de920ea4da3ad5604c417f0d784fcda83ed2a
Author: Shankar Anand <>
Date: Tue Jul 4 08:50:56 2006 -0600
This patch adds code to nfsstat to read /proc/net/rpc/nfsd for nfsv4 server statistics and print them.
Submitted by: Shankar Anand <>
commit 2179c112b9a386ca3d51d0e19390ddfadd745030
Author: Steinar H. Gunderson <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 15:55:45 2006 +1000
Fix typos in various man pages.
commit 3419e37500dfd19cb2c246260dbd2bc0ee4704d4
Author: Steinar H. Gunderson <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 15:51:30 2006 +1000
Use 65534 for anon uid/gid rather than -2
This is more consistant across platforms.
commit 65735eef8a9441901245f6047edafc50f2d97c97
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 13:37:21 2006 +1000
Update rpcdebug to know about new 2.6 debug flags. Added
a manpage and installed rpcdebug (in sbindir).
commit 23b3a9d0284d78cb6bf96b8cd44e9a4662ff60ae
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 12:22:45 2006 +1000
Ignore new generated files.
commit 89053f3f440b629911cb994a293d5be73bb79bf9
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 12:20:20 2006 +1000
Add rquota.h to BUILT_SOURCES so rquotad builds on the first try.
commit 66f9d8251c92124e46a209c47e5c0f7d3a0c4e6e
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 11:06:09 2006 +1000
Generate rquota_xdr.c and rquota.h from rquota.x
rquota_svc.c is still by-hand as it contains alot of extras.
These should really be moved to rquota_server.c
commit 9f5b40b7a68fe0a2648565ecbd4b08bf60287130
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 10:41:03 2006 +1000
Remove some files that old, unused, unneeded.
deleted: support/export/keys.c
deleted: support/include/rpcdispatch.h
deleted: support/include/rpcsec.h
deleted: support/include/version.h
deleted: support/include/ypupdate.h
deleted: support/nfs/clients.c
deleted: support/nfs/keytab.c
deleted: support/nfs/ypupdate_xdr.c
deleted: support/rpc/include/
deleted: tools/rpcdebug/neat_idea.c
deleted: utils/mountd/mount_xdr.c
deleted: utils/rquotad/pathnames.h
commit fbb1602bbd34cbe89dd55ca6eaaa19432237db1d
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 10:30:51 2006 +1000
Avoid error creating an existing symlink
Just remove the link first.
commit 0bc710a5a2b695039613a917e009dba3552ab1cc
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:33:54 2006 -0400
Don't depend on Kerberos headers when checking librpcsecgss in configure
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Older versions of MIT Kerberos are missing an OID definition, causing
the configure checks for librpcsecgss to fail. We shouldn't be depending
on their libraries during the configure.
commit 5bfa10c94c44f082dc211a5fb431e2202ea9bb35
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Tue Jul 4 18:33:56 2006 +1000
Eliminate warnings from code generated by rpcgen
- unused variable 'buf'
- emit a declaration for `buf' on demand.
- unused variable 'i'
- declare i immediately before use
- unused value from IXDR_PUT_
- cast to (void)
- type-punned pointer reference
- cast to (void*) first :-(
commit acae444246635ec2ca8990d53e685c9062d73091
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:34:43 2006 -0400
Handle mapping failure from get_ids.
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Temporary patch to do default mapping if we get an error while trying to
map a gss principal to the appropriate uid/gid. This currently returns
hardcoded values. This may be correct, or we may need to try and figure
out the correct values to match the anonuid/anongid for the export.
commit 1f1b05a65ef3dc6597c7bc1e2a38f38ae95bf230
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:34:38 2006 -0400
Properly report errors in readline() function
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Change message priorities for errors and debug messages.
commit ee664fd246d77010af13fb557407c612752a5ea8
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:34:33 2006 -0400
Change default buffer size increment for readline()
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
The readline routine expects much smaller messages than we are passing.
Change the default initial allocation and increment value from 128
to 2048. This saves many calls to realloc().
commit 3da69ce5c4fac5677e91aa20e60750ab8de2ab97
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:34:27 2006 -0400
Clean up the printerr() logging function.
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Update the printerr() function to:
1) Determine whether we'll print the message before going to all the
work of formatting it.
2) Don't just toss away messages that are too long for the buffer.
Print what we can and give an indication of the truncation with
"..." at the end.
3) Use a single buffer rather than two.
4) Messages either go to syslog (with level ERR) or stderr. Don't
send some messages to syslog level DEBUG.
commit 0b2a5b574c7ffd99aa3226d36e1d261826405625
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:34:21 2006 -0400
Use setfsuid() rather than seteuid() while creating contexts
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
As suggested by Olaf Kirch <>, use setfsuid() rather than
seteuid() when creating a gss context. This prevents users from using
credentials that do not belong to them, while also preventing them from
doing things like killing, renicing, or changing the priority of the
gssd process while it is processing the context creation.
commit 0f899e6d862994ffb437ae73e087c4a21ab59723
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:34:16 2006 -0400
Limit acquire_cred call to to Kerberos only
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Specify that the acquire_cred call should only be concerned with returning
Kerberos credentials since this is Kerberos-only functionality.
commit 3829bb90e764cd72c0009cb32a8b39d0fab89d81
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:34:10 2006 -0400
Check that the gssapi library is usable early on.
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Do a call to determine mechanisms supported by the gssapi library early.
This allows us to discover early in case the gssapi library is somehow
misconfigured. We can bail out early and give a meaningful message
rather than getting errors on each attempt at a context negotiation.
commit 119c3e9aafe84c0f7c2846c46ad5e6f5eeece0da
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:34:05 2006 -0400
Fix problems with 64-bit big-endian machines
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Correct the definition of mech_used in the gss context to use gss_OID_desc.
This fixes problems on 64-bit machines when referencing the OID.
Also updates write_buffer function to use u_int rather than size_t when
doing calculations.
commit c3f05548d7b3d586e7eebbdde9339617e88530f3
Author: <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 18:33:59 2006 -0400
Define CFLAGS for gss_clnt_send_err compile
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Add CFLAGS to make sure we find and use the correct gssapi.h when
building gss_clnt_send_err
commit 4e9ed06f8f8a0cd9f34a6830c0ff14344a528042
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 15:59:54 2006 +1000
Use socklen_t some more to avoid warnings.
commit 6c40236820fda8960af891f41aa9d53f8bbe50a2
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 15:39:41 2006 +1000
Fix warning about pointer signedness differing.
commit 3bf702b1a914b3867117b74d519c55fa68f4dc28
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 15:17:34 2006 +1000
Include the right header to get xmalloc() declaration.
commit 940c7c304d4a43c00c27529cdddc7c87db6eef87
Merge: b90d201... a503848...
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 14:21:48 2006 +1000
Merge branch 'master' of git://
commit b90d201551aaa712c011c3d5de900fad714a26a6
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 21:30:18 2006 +1000
Comment out unused variable.
commit 33beb42d3d2cd13a82ddbbdc4275d2a048030ae3
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 21:22:59 2006 +1000
Comment out the decades-old SCCS id strings from the original Sun
distribution. They cause compile warnings, there is no longer any
reason to try to build them into the binaries, and gcc seems to be
eliding some of them anyway.
commit 3172063ead6b99611d049a59938808a6358f48a4
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 20:55:07 2006 +1000
Detect if glibc provides socklen_t and use that instead
of int in those cases which generate compile warnings,
e.g. the last argument of recvfrom().
commit a09eeb36c2c45151b9bb89f5015da0c584799716
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 20:28:02 2006 +1000
Replace the deprecated sigblock() with more modern
signal functions to avoid compile warnings.
commit 93608a52655abf5ac23404c4b5cc05fe575a9c04
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 18:01:10 2006 +1000
Fix a number of the easier compile warnings: unused variables,
unused labels, constness, signedness.
commit a07343ee0da4f0974a23b673ae1b0d482c7426a1
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 17:31:24 2006 +1000
Detect presence of nfs4_set_debug() in libnfsidmap and
don't bother calling it if it's missing.
commit dcfcb677b39443b6392db3234fd50498bc158507
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 17:19:17 2006 +1000
Remove useless m4 quoting around args to PKG_CHECK_MODULES().
commit 24d303ffae686192bda0a5996e8590219dcc82e7
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 17:16:19 2006 +1000
Do m4 quoting of AC_MSG_ERROR() and AC_MSG_WARN() as
the autoconf people intended. This avoids errors in
autoconf on SLES10.
commit 66a699d953727d3a992cc09ed5304b83d661a737
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 16:51:44 2006 +1000
Add a .gitignore file to suppress the files generated
during autogen, configure and build.
commit 49b164d978ee6266df7ba0bd335cb34337e7c381
Author: Steve Dickson <>
Date: Mon Jul 3 09:52:00 2006 +1000
Allow rpc.nfsd to suppress tcp or udp, and listen on a specific address.
-T - will suppressing listening for TCP connection.
-U - will suppress UDP
-H host - will only listen on that local address
-p port - will listen on that port.
This requires kernel patches which will hopefully be in 2.6.19 and possibly some
earlier test and vendor kernels.
commit fde2ae7794047a698feeaf17963d690a1e660a80
Author: Steve Dickson <>
Date: Mon Jun 26 15:23:19 2006 +1000
Add support for suppressing different NFS versions.
e.g. -N 2
means that NFSv2 won't be supported, just v3 and v4 (if the kernel
supports them).
commit 0523fd513c6baa8dbf45d1a7afea2044262aeb3d
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Fri Jun 23 17:10:56 2006 +1000
Further coverity related cleanups.
Greg Banks suggested some variations, particularly improved
use of xmalloc/xstrdup functions. Thanks.
commit 2e075a16da4963f54cd556403ca9e15a68de27fd
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Fri Jun 23 14:38:33 2006 +1000
Fix various issues discovered by Coverity
Thanks to Michael Halcrow for finding them.
commit ff42180930a444cea7f19e55e2cd2bfe6d3f108b
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Fri Jun 23 14:06:00 2006 +1000
Fix comment parsing (again)
Bruce Fields noticed that I broke comment parsing...
as xskip() is always called before xgettok(), that is the
best place to put xskipcomment and still maintain proper
semantics of xskip and xgettok.
commit bec968578d97eabc63ae4a12bdeb2b33f40baec4
Author: Amit Gud <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 12:51:04 2006 -0400
Change mount configure option to --enable-mount
Change the configure option from --with-mount to --enable-mount.
Signed-off-by: Amit Gud <>
Signed-off-by: Steve Dickson <>
commit ceeffc1f76485b4084b2c61f4ff3c40e4f51c3b8
Author: Amit Gud <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 12:49:24 2006 -0400
Merge nfsmount.x and mount.x into mount.x
Merge utils/mount/nfsmount.x and support/export/mount.x into support/export/mount.x.
Signed-off-by: Amit Gud <>
Signed-off-by: Steve Dickson <>
commit c2db41e8abb6ddc9d03a0c91c6db043fa0f85a8f
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Fri Jun 23 13:37:08 2006 +1000
Try to make sure that clientid used for NFSv4 is reliable.
We need to give an IP address to identify this client to the
The current code does a gethostbyname of the hostname. One
some systems this returns or similar, which is not useful.
Instead, use getsockname of the sock used to connect to the server
to confirm that the server is working. This gives the address on the
interface that was chosen to talk to that server, which is the
best address we can find (if there is a NAT in the way, it might
still not work, but in that case there is nothing we can do).
commit 11d34d11153df198103a57291937ea9ff8b7356e
Author: Greg Banks <>
Date: Wed Jun 14 22:48:10 2006 +1000
multiple threads for mountd
How about the attached patch against nfs-utils tot? It
adds a -t option to set the number of forked workers.
Default is 1 thread, i.e. the old behaviour.
I've verified that showmount -e, the Ogata mount client,
and a real mount from Linux and IRIX boxes work with and
without the new option.
I've verified that you can manually kill any of the workers
without the portmap registration going away, that killing
all the workers causes the manager process to wake up and
unregister, and killing the manager process causes the
workers to be killed and portmap unregistered.
I've verified that all the workers have file descriptors
for the udp socket and the tcp rendezvous socket, that
connections are balanced across all the workers if service
times are sufficiently long, and that performance is
improved by that parallelism, at least for small numbers
of threads. For example, with 60 parallel MOUNT calls
and a testing patch to make DNS lookups take 100 milliseconds
time to perform all mounts (averaged over 5 runs) is:
num elapsed
threads time (sec)
------ ----------
1 13.125
2 6.859
3 4.836
4 3.841
5 3.303
6 3.100
7 3.078
8 3.018
Greg Banks, R&D Software Engineer, SGI Australian Software Group.
I don't speak for SGI.
commit db96d056578338dd1bb0371dc84638973c187ec6
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Fri Jun 16 13:16:09 2006 +1000
Remove some temporary files that shouldn't be in 'git'.
deleted: compile
deleted: config.guess
deleted: config.sub
deleted: depcomp
deleted: install-sh
deleted: missing
commit 82b53188aaffad0e237461f8f1274794166feb3a
Author: Neil Brown <>
Date: Fri Jun 16 13:09:26 2006 +1000
Add support to auto-generate nfsmount* files for new nfs.mount program
commit 4e2bae795e5eaf9922f0b966ab5df64994c836a2
Author: Amit Gud <>
Date: Mon Jun 12 19:08:27 2006 -0400
Move NFS mount code from util-linux to nfs-utils - part 2
Adds the support functions needed for mount and umount. This
functionality will someday be available in the form of shared mount
Signed-off-by: Amit Gud <>
Signed-off-by: Steve Dickson <>
commit a0520fa1a41bd33815b331b660b4545f2723495c
Author: Amit Gud <>
Date: Mon Jun 12 19:06:36 2006 -0400
Move NFS mount code from util-linux to nfs-utils - part 1
Adds the mount directory and the code to mount and umount the NFS file system.
Signed-off-by: Amit Gud <>
Signed-off-by: Steve Dickson <>
2006-06-05 NeilBrown <>
- Remove debian/ at request of Debian maintainer "Steinar H. Gunderson" <>
- fix_exportfs_with_multiple_matches.diff: Fixes a problem with exportfs -o
and multiple entries of the same type for the same patch that matches
a given client. The entire rationale and problem description can be found
at (fumihiko kakuma <>)
- escape hashes in exports
Makes sure any # signs in the printed-out exports file are
escaped (as with quotes, spaces, etc.), so they won't be treated
as a comment when they're read back in again.
"Steinar H. Gunderson" <>
- Only treat '#' as starting a comment when at the start of a
token, otherwise '#' in filenames cannot be read.
- document sync option:
Document the 'sync' option in the exports(5) man page -- ATM
only the 'async' option is documented, which is not very
symmetric. :-) "Steinar H. Gunderson" <>
- mountd state directory:
Let the user select (via a new parameter) the path to the NFS
state directory for mountd, to match the statd functionality.
"Steinar H. Gunderson" <>
- fix nhfsrun signal:
nhfsrun is supposed to be able to be signalled with SIGUSR1, but
the signal trapped is number 30, which is something else
entirely (SIGPWR). This patch simply changes it to say "USR1",
which gets it right no matter what the value is.
"Steinar H. Gunderson" <>
- Minor man page tidy up
2006-04-12 NeilBrown <>
Remove **/, aclocal.m4, configure, and
support/include/ from source control
These are auto autogenerated by
aclocal -I aclocal ; autoheader ; automake ; autoconf
2006-04-12 NeilBrown <>
utils/statd/rmtcall.c: use HAVE_IFADDRS_H to control compilation
of code using ifaddrs.h test for present of ifaddrs.h
Old glibc's don't have ifaddrs.h
2006-06-12 Amit Gud <>
Added the mount functionality from util-linux.
Added --without-mount configure option.
2006-04-12 NeilBrown <>
Set version to 1.0.8,
aclocal -I aclocal ; autoheader ; automake ; autoconf
2006-04-10 NeilBrown <>
Various paranoia checks:
gssd_proc.c: pass max_field sizes to sscanf to avoid buffer
svcgssd_proc.c: range_check name.length, to ensure name.length+1
doesn't wrap
idmapd.c(nfsdcb): make sure at least one byte is read before
zeroing the last byte that was read, otherwise memory corruption
is possible.
Found by SuSE security audit.
2006-04-10 "Kevin Coffman" <>
Check for sufficient version of librpcsecgss and libgssapi
2006-04-10 "Kevin Coffman" <>
Update aclocal/tcp-wrappers.m4 to define HAVE_LIBWRAP and
HAVE_TCP_WRAPPERS as appropriate.
2006-04-10 NeilBrown <>
Add checking for innetgr back to
Update calls to gss_export_lucid_sec_context()
Change the calls to gss_export_lucid_sec_context() to match the corrected
interface definition in libgssapi-0.9.
Plug memory leaks in svcgssd
Various memory leaks in the svcgssd context processing are eliminated.
Fix memory leak of the AUTH structure on context negotiations
Free AUTH structure after completing context negotiation and sending
context information to the kernel.
Fix support/include/ such as would be done be running autoheader.
2006-03-28 NeilBrown <>
1.0.8-pre3, aclocal/autoconf/automake
Use PKGCONFIG to locate gssapi and rpcsecgss header files
Instead of having separate copies of the gssapi and rpcsecgss
header files, or depending on the Kerberos gssapi header,
locate the headers now installed with the libgssapi and librpcsecgss
Remove local copies of the gssapi and rpcsecgss header files.
This depends on the configure_use_autotools patch.
Add debugging to better detect negotiation of enctype not supported by kernel
Print debugging message indicating the type of encryption keys being sent
down to the kernel. This should make it easier to detect cases where
unsupported encryption types are being negotiated.
(really this time)
Don't close and reopen all pipes on every DNOTIFY signal.
From: Vince Busam <>
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Don't unnecessarily close and re-open all pipes after every DNOTIFY
signal. These unnecessary closes were triggering a kernel Oops.
Original patch modified to correct segfault when unmounting last
NFSv4 mount.
Add option to specify directory to search for credentials cache files
From: Vince Busam <>
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Add command line option to specify which directory should be searched
to find credentials caches.
(really this time)
Must still use knowledge of the glue context for pre-1.4 versions of MIT krb5
We need to get access to the internal krb5 context pointer for
older (pre-1.4) versions of MIT Kerberos. We get a pointer to
the gss glue's context. Get the right pointer before accessing
the context information.
(really this time)
Remove unused groups variable from get_ids() which was causing a compiler warning.
(really this time)
Update krb5 code to use glue routine lucid context functions
The gssd code should not know about the glue layer's context structure.
A previous patch added gss_export_lucid_sec_context() and
gss_free_lucid_sec_context() functions to the gssapi glue layer.
Use these functions rather than calling directly to the Kerberos
gssapi code (which requires the Kerberos context handle rather
than the glue's context handle).
(really this time)
Separate out context handling code for MIT Kerberos and SPKM3
into their own file.
(Really this time)
2006-03-28 Kevin Coffman <>
User-selectable idmapping cache lifetime
Read and process new configuration option, Cache-Expiration, and use
the value to determine how long idmapping entries are cached.
(Really this time)
2006-03-27 NeilBrown <>
Add debugging to better detect negotiation of enctype not supported by kernel
Print debugging message indicating the type of encryption keys being sent
down to the kernel. This should make it easier to detect cases where
unsupported encryption types are being negotiated.
Don't close and reopen all pipes on every DNOTIFY signal.
Don't unnecessarily close and re-open all pipes after every DNOTIFY
signal. These unnecessary closes were triggering a kernel Oops.
Original patch modified to correct segfault when unmounting last
NFSv4 mount.
Add option to specify directory to search for credentials cache files
Add command line option to specify which directory should be searched
to find credentials caches.
Must still use knowledge of the glue context for pre-1.4 versions of MIT krb5
We need to get access to the internal krb5 context pointer for
older (pre-1.4) versions of MIT Kerberos. We get a pointer to
the gss glue's context. Get the right pointer before accessing
the context information.
2006-03-27 Kevin Coffman <>
Remove unused variable causing compile warning
Remove unused groups variable from get_ids() which was causing a compiler warning.
Update krb5 code to use glue routine lucid context functions
The gssd code should not know about the glue layer's context structure.
A previous patch added gss_export_lucid_sec_context() and
gss_free_lucid_sec_context() functions to the gssapi glue layer.
Use these functions rather than calling directly to the Kerberos
gssapi code (which requires the Kerberos context handle rather
than the glue's context handle).
2006-03-27 Kevin Coffman <>
Separate out context handling code for MIT Kerberos and SPKM3
into their own file.
2006-03-27 Kevin Coffman <>
Consolidate gssd and svcgssd since they share much code
Remove directory svcgssd which was only created because the old
build system could not handle building two daemons in the same
directory. This eliminates build complications since gssd and
svcgssd also share many source files.
This patch effectively removes the utils/svcgssd directory, moving
all its files to the utils/gssd directory. File utils/gssd/
is modified with directions to build both gssd and svcgssd.
2006-03-27 Kevin Coffman <>
Use PKGCONFIG to locate gssapi and rpcsecgss header files
Instead of having separate copies of the gssapi and rpcsecgss
header files, or depending on the Kerberos gssapi header,
locate the headers now installed with the libgssapi and librpcsecgss
Remove local copies of the gssapi and rpcsecgss header files.
This depends on the configure_use_autotools patch.
2006-03-27 Kevin Coffman <>
User-selectable idmapping cache lifetime
Read and process new configuration option, Cache-Expiration, and use
the value to determine how long idmapping entries are cached.
2006-03-27 Steve Dickson <>
Set libnfsidmap library debugging level and logging function.
This patch adds a call to the new libnfsidmap library function
nfs4_set_debug(), which defines the verbosity level libnfsidmap
should use as well as the logging function.
2006-03-27 Kevin Coffman <>
Don't close file descriptor until after calling event_del().
Delete event processing for a file descriptor before closing it.
This was causing hangs when used in combination with libevent-1.0b.
Find krb5-config on SuSE 10
SuSE 10.0 puts krb5-config in yet another obscure location.
Look for it there and use it if found.
2006-03-27 Kevin Coffman <>
Update debian package information.
2006-03-27 Kevin Coffman <>
Install /var/lib/nfs files using DESTDIR and add rpcsec headers to distribution
Add "$(DESTDIR)" to the paths for the "$(statedir)" files so they are
put in the right place when DESTDIR is defined.
Add the rpcsec header files to EXTRA_DIST list.
2005-12-21 NeilBrown <>
*utils/rquotad/rquota_server.c: Detect and handle both old-style
(2.4) and new-style(2.6) quotactl.
*utils/gssd/gss_destroy_cred: remove dependence on "head -1" which
might need to be "head -n 1"
*utils/nhfsstone/nhfsrun: convert "tail -1" to "tail -n 1"
2005-12-20 Kevin Coffman <> NeilBrown <>
Substantial Makefile/configure rewrite.
Run '' to create "" etc.
Also add -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to CPP_FLAGS so that mountd can
stat and export files larger than 2Gig.
1.0.8-rc2 released
2005-12-20 NeilBrown <>
support/nfs/exports.c(getexportent): is a null host name is given,
replace it with '*' so we have a non-empty host name for messages
utils/exportfs/ Correct documentation about default
export options.
2005-12-20 Kevin Coffman <>
utils/gssd/gssd_proc.c(create_auth_rpc_client): Use service
portion of clp->servicename rather than hard-coding "nfs".
2005-12-16 NeilBrown <>
1.0.8-rc1 released
2005-12-16 Kevin Coffman <>
svcgssd needs -lnfs when using new function closeall().
Remove unused argument from nfsdopen()
After previous changes, the arguement to nfsdopen() has become unused.
Remove it.
Fix idmapd error reporting after call to mydaemon()
After call to mydaemon(), calls to err[x] and warn[x] result
in the message going nowhere. Change to using idmapd_*
versions of these routines which write to syslog.
Original problem reported by Vincent Roqueta <>
with a different patch.
Don't add @domain to names that cannot be mapped.
Per rfc3530 section 5.8: when unable to map a uid to a name, don't
add the @domain to the "nobody" name.
Fix idmapd for systems where sizeof(uid_t)!=4 and sizeof(gid_t)!=4
Fix conversion cases where uid_t and gid_t are not 32 bits.
Don't segfault because mech wasn't filled in because of an error
From Kevin Coffman <>
Initialize mech to null to avoid segfault if an error occurs
and mech is never returned from gss_accept_sec_context.
Remove use of static buffer in do_downcall
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Dynamically allocate buffer of the correct length rather
than using fixed-length buffer.
Print better error message if rpc routine clnt_create() fails.
Print appropriate error messages after gss calls.
Print gss error messages after calls to gss functions, even if they
are for Kerberos only.
Update gssd and svcgssd to use the new gss mech glue lucid context calls.
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Update gssd and svcgssd to use a lucid context from SPKM3 to send down
to the kernel.
Update gssd and svcgssd to use the new gss mech glue lucid context calls.
Add configure check to see if spkm3 support is available.
Add support for CONTINUE_NEEDED return from gss_accept_sec_context.
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Add CONTINUE_INIT handling to svcgssd. Store the partially complete spkm
context handle in the out_handle of CONTINUE_INIT messages so that it is
returned in the in_handle of subsequent messages.
Signed-off-by: Kevin Coffman <>
Specify GSS_C_MUTUAL_FLAG rather than GSS_C_ANON_FLAG for
NOTE: we need a way to pass the appropriate value rather than
hard-coding this flag.
Increase size of rpc send/receive buffers
Change the clnt_create() to use routines which allow us to set the
send and receive buffer size. This is needed for larger spkm3
exchanges including certificate chains.
This has the side-effect of skipping the portmap call since
we specify the port (by specifying the service) when getting
the server's address information.
The rquotad code is written against the "old" kernel quota interface.
Fedora Core 4 is the only platform known to check for different
versions, so this should not have any affect on other platforms
and fixes the build for FC4.
2005-12-12 Usha Ketineni <>, NeilBrown <>
*support/nfs/rpcmisc.c(rpc_init): is stdin is a socket, but
is already connected (as e.g. from ssh), don't assume we
were started by inetd.
2005-11-03 Steve Dickson <> NeilBrown <>
I've recently updated the nfs-utils in rawhide with the
latest patches from the SourceForge CVS tree and the
latest CITI patches (1.0.7-4).
In testing these patches, I notice that when the server was started
and a SIGHUP was sent to rpc.idmapd to open the nfs4.nametoid/channel
and nfs4.idtoname/channel files, the second open (the nfs4.idtoname one)
failed because the path (i.e. ic->ic_path) was NULL.
Now the reason the ic_path was NULL was because it was never set
during the call to nfsdopen(). nfsdopen() looks like:
nfsdopen(char *path)
return ((nfsdopenone(&nfsd_ic[IC_NAMEID], IC_NAMEID, path) == 0 &&
nfsdopenone(&nfsd_ic[IC_IDNAME], IC_IDNAME, path) == 0) ? 0
: -1);
Note: the call to nfsdopenone() is how the path is set in each nfsd_ic[]
entry and nfsdopen() is only called once.
So when rpc.idmap comes up and the first call to nfsdopenone() fails
(because the server is not running) the path in nfsd_ic[IC_IDNAME] is
never filled in because the second nfsdopenone() never happen...
Now there was a CITI patche (idmapd_revert_fix_reopen_on_sighup.dif)
that tried to address this problem but did seem to fix it.. The
attached patch fix the problem by initializing both nfsd_ic[IC_IDNAME]
and nfsd_ic[IC_NAMEID] structures with the needed info...
I figured since there is no way of changing these paths or filenames
by command line args, why not just set them during compile time...
so that's what this patch does.
This patch also changes how nfsdreopen_one() handles the
case where the event has already been set. Unlike the CITI
patch (idmapd_revert_fix_reopen_on_sighup.dif) which just
just does not register the second event, my patch deletes
the old event and the registers the new one. It just seems like
the right thing to do since a SIGHUP means a new server just
started so we probably should create a new event as well...
2005-10-14 NeilBrown <>
*utils/mountd/cache.c(nfsd_fh): Understand type 2 and type 3
filesystem identifiers, which are used with device numbers
That don't fit into 16 bits.
2005-10-07 Olaf Kirch <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(get_exportlist): Without this patch,
showmount -e would sometimes display host names that should really
have been subsumed under a wildcard entry.
The problem was that the code in get_exportlist would always
skip the next group entry after removing one FQDN.
2005-10-06 Steve Dickson <> NeilBrown <>
* support/nfs/export.c: don't warn about sync/async for readonly
* support/nfs/closeall.c: new file with function to close all
file descriptors from a give minimum upwards.
* nfsd/mountd/statd/idmapd/gsssvcd: use closeall.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c: Eliminate 3 syslog message that are
logged for successful events.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c: make sure the correct hostname is used in
the SM_NOTIFY message that is sent from a rebooted server which
has multiple network interfaces. (bz 139101)
Details can be found in:
*utils/idmapd/idmapd.c:Fixed subscripting problem in idmapd (bz
158188) This fixes the following problem:
rpc.idmapd: nfsdreopen: Opening '' failed: errno 2 (No such file or directory)
Details can be found in:
*utils/statd/statd.c(drop_privs): clear st_gid as well as st_uid
of stat fails.
*utils/statd/svc_run.c(my_svc_run): remove usage of undocumented
%m format specifier.
*utils/statd/montor.c(sm_mon_1_svc): as above
*support/nfs/xlog.c(xlog): Changed xlog to use LOG_INFO instead of
LOG_DEBUG so debug messages will appear w/out any config changes
to syslog.conf.
2005-09-02 Mike Frysinger <>
* utils/rquotad/rquota_server.c(getquotainfo): use explicit
struture-member copying rather than memcpy, as the element
sizes are the same on all architectures.
2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <>
Add option to set rpcsec_gss debugging level (if available)
Changes to allow gssd/svcgssd to build when using Hiemdal Kerberos
libraries. Note that there are still run-time issues preventing
this from working when shared libraries for libgssapi and librpcsecgss
are used.
2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <>
Remove the rpcsec_gss code and rely on an external library instead.
2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <>
mountd currently always returns AUTH_NULL and AUTH_SYS as the
allowable flavors in mount replies. We want it to also return gss
flavors when appropriate. For now as a hack we just have it always
return the KRB5 flavors as well.
When attempting to mount an NFSv4 pseudofilesystem (fsid=0) and the
actual exported directory does not exist on the server, rpc.mountd
doesn't check the directory exists (when fsidtype=1, i.e. using fsid,
but does check for fsidtype=0, i.e. using dev/ino). The non-existent
exported directory path with fsid=0 is written to the kernel via
/proc/net/rpc/nfsd.export/channel, which leads to path_lookup() to
return ENOENT (seems appropriate). Unfortunately, the new_cache
approach ignores errors returned when writing via the channel file so
that particular error is lost and the mount request is silently ignored.
Assuming it doesn't make sense to revamp the new_cache/up-call method to
not ignore returned errors, it seems appropriate to fix the case where
rpc.mountd doesn't check for the existence of an exported directory with
fsid= semantics. The following patch does this by moving the stat() up
so it is done for both fsidtype's. I'm not certain whether the other
tests need to be executed for fsidtype=1, but it doesn't appear to hurt
[Not exactly true: the comparison of inode numbers caused problems so
now it's kept for fsidtype=0 only].
Would it be also desirable to log a warning for every error, if any,
returned by a write to any of the /proc/net/rpc/*/channel files which
would otherwise be ignored (maybe under a debug flag)?
* gssd/mountd/svcgssd: Changes gssd, svcgssd, and mountd to ignore a
SIGHUP rather than dying.
* many: Remove the gssapi code and rely on an external library instead.
2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <>
* utils/exportfs/ Document the "crossmnt" export export option
* utils/gssd/krb5_util.c:
Add better debugging and partially revert the function
check for gss_krb5_ccache_name.
For MIT Kerberos releases up to and including 1.3.1, we *must*
use the routine gss_krb5_ccache_name to get the K5 gssapi code
to use a different credentials cache.
For releases 1.3.2 and on, we want to use the KRB5CCNAME
environment variable to tell it what to use.
(A problem was reported where 1.3.5 was being used, our
code was using gss_krb5_ccache_name, but the underlying
code continued to use the first (or default?) credentials
cache. Switching to using the env variable fixed the problem.
I cannot recreate this problem.
Andrew Mahone <> reported that reiser4
always has DT_UNKNOWN. He supplied patch to move the check
for regular files after the stat() call to correctly find
ccache files in reiser4 filesystem.
Also change the name comparison so that the wrong file is
not selected when the substring comparison is done.
Limit the set of encryption types that can be negotiated by
the Kerberos library to those that the kernel code currently
This should eventually query the kernel for the list of
supported enctypes.
*utils/gssd/gss_util.c, utils/svcgssd/svcgssd_main_loop.c:
Print more information in error messages to help debugging failures.
*utils/svcgssd/svcgssd_proc.c: Increase token buffer size and
update error handling so that a response is always sent.
*utils/svcgssd/svcgssd_proc.c: Add support to retrieve
supplementary groups.
2005-08-26 Kevin Coffman <>
* etc
Consolidate some of the Kerberos checking instead of repeating
the same things for MIT and Heimdal.
Also adds more checks to distinguish 32-bit from 64-bit
(mainly for gssapi.h)
Fix svcgssd Makefile so make TOP=../../ works correctly there.
Enable running a modern autoheader.
* utils/gssd/gss_oids.c: Use correct OID value for SPKM-3
* utils/gssd/gss_util.c: Fix build with older MIT releases that do not define GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE
* utils/gssd/write_bytes.h, support/include/gssapi/gssapi.h:
Length of gss_buffer_desc is a size_t which is 64-bits on a
64-bit machine. Kernel code expects 32-bit integer for length.
Coerce length value into a 32-bit value when reading from or
writing to the kernel.
Change gssapi.h to use datatype size values obtained from
configure rather than hard-coded values.
* utils/idmapd/idmapd.c: The EV_INIT check here was wrong, and was
causing idmapd to become unresponsive to server requests after
receiving a sighup.
* utils/idmapd/idmapd.c: Idmapd should flush the server id<->name
caches when its started.
2005-04-12 G. Allen Morris III <>
* All Makefile: added TOP as needed for easier compile.
* utils/nfsstat/nfsstat.c: added NFS V4 support; added the -m
option; Added -2, -3, and -4 options; changed -a option to -v
option; added long options; changed default output to not
show V2 NFS statistics unless used.
* utils/nfsstat/ Documented above changes; changed
authors email address; added BUGS section.
2005-04-07 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.7-2.
2005-04-06 Chip Salzenberg <>
* config.guess, config.sub: Update.
* support/rpc/svc_auth_gss.c (_svcauth_gss): Avoid using a cast as
an lvalue, as it is non-portable.
* support/nfs/exports.c (parseopts): Accept "acl" option to mean
~NFSEXP_NOACL, and "no_acl" to mean NFSEXP_NOACL.
(putexportent): Report NFSEXP_NOACL as "no_acl", and ~NFSEXP_NOACL
as "acl".
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c (dump): Report NFSEXP_NOACL as
* utils/exportfs/ Document "no_acl".
2005-03-14 NeilBrown <>
Denis Vlasenko <>
* support/export/client.c(client_init and client_gettype):
treat N.N.N.N as a special case of MCL_SUBNETWORK instead of
2005-03-06 G. Allen Morris III <>
* support/nfs/cacheio.c(readline): Could not read lines greater
than 128 bytes. [1157791]
* utils/exportfs/ Added a SEE ALSO section and
fixed 2 typos. [1018450]
2005-02-28 Trond Myklebust <>
* utils/statd/rmtcall.c(statd_get_socket): If a port number is
explicitly given, make sure to try to bind to that.
2005-01-11 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.7-1.
* debian/nfs-common.default (NEED_IDMAPD, NEED_GSSD):
Disable by default, on advice of upstream.
* debian/nfs-kernel-server.default (NEED_SVCGSSD):
* utils/svcgssd/Makefile (predep): Symbolically link duplicated
source files.
(distclean): Remove symlinks to duplicated files.
2004-12-17 NeilBrown <>
Release 1.0.7
*, update version number, run autoconf
* require nfsidmap.h if gss is enabled.
2004-12-10 NeilBrown <>
Release 1.0.7-pre2
*, update version number, run autoconf
2004-12-10 Neil Brown <>
* README : note dependancy on kerberos, libevent, and nfsidmap
* : fail if --enable-nfsv4 and libevent or
libnfsidmap are missing.
* improve message if krb5 support is missing
2004-12-06 Paul Clements <>
* support/include/ha-callout.h: get return status from waitpid
* support/include/ha-callout.h: don't ignore SIGCHLD while waiting
for a callout to complete.
* utils/statd/statd.c(sigusr): print current start when re-reading
notify list due to SIGUSR1
* utils/statd/svc_run.c(my_svc_run): call change_state when
re-notifying clients.
2004-12-06 Marc Eshel <>
* utils/statd/svc_run.c(my_svc_run): allow loop to exit when in
*utils/statd/rmtcall.c(statd_get_socket): if a hostname is given
to statd with -n, prefer it's IP address to the default for
listening on.
2004-12-06 Bruce Allan <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c(auth_reload) Clear the "my_client" cache on
an auth_reload to avoid old data getting used.
2004-12-03 NeilBrown <>
Release 1.0.7-pre1 for testing
*, update version number, run autoconf
2004-12-03 Trond Myklebust <>
* utils/statd/statd.c(main): ignore SIGPIPE
2004-11-22 "J. Bruce Fields" <>
* tools/rpcdebug/rpcdebug.c: support aliases "nfsdebug" and
"nfsddebug" and update flag names.
*, nodist/* redhat/* nfs-utils.spec*: remove redhat
specific files (as no-one actually uses them, especially not
redhat), and the nodist /etc files (as they drift out-of-date, and
the debian directory provides a suitable example.
* utils/svcgssd_proc.c(get_ids): fix memory leak
* utils/svcgssd/svcgssd_proc.c: Rely on count of the number of
groups instead of using a special guard value to identify the end
of the list.
* utils/idmapd/idmapd.c: don't allow Default domain and anon-uid
or -gid to be specified on command line.
* utils/idmapd/idmapd.c: improve error messages
* utils/idmapd/idmapd.c: Reopen nfsd files on sighup. Allows us
to start up client side only (even when nfsd module not loaded),
and then sighup later after insmodding nfsd module.
* utils/idmapd/idmapd.c: Make sure we catch all errors on
daemonizing by waiting for child to report succesfull startup
using a pipe.
* utils/idmapd/idmapd.c: Let libnfsidmapd parse the idmapd.conf
file for the default domain, instead of doing that ourselves.
* utils/gssd/gssd_proc.c: Make sure we get an error when a gssd
downcall fails.
* utils/gssd/gssd_proc.c: We were forgetting to restore the euid
on certain failures, which meant gssd could get stuck in a state
where it didn't have permissions to read the files in rpc_pipefs
that it needed to.
* utils/gssd/gssd_proc.c: Use libnfsidmapd to map gss principals
to uids.
* debian/nfs-kernel-server.default: Document the NEED_SVCGSSD
variable in /etc/default/nfs-kernel-server.
2004-11-22 NeilBrown <>
* utils/exportfs/ corrected typo in .BR macro usage -
reported by Eric Raymond
2004-10-19 "J. Bruce Fields" <>
* support/gssapi/* support/rpc/* utils/gssd/* utils/svcgssd/* etc
initial support for GSSAPI authentication
2004-09-15 Neil Brown <>
* utils/statd/monitor.c(sm_unmon_1_svc): is RESTRICTED_STATD, then
check IP address and force my_name to to match
what happens in sm_mon_1_svc. This avoid spurious "erroneous
SM_UNMON" messages.
* utils/statd.monitor.c(sm_unmon_all_1_svc): likewise
2004-09-15 "J. Bruce Fields" <>
* Assorted changes to support "gss/*" style authentication
* utils/idmapd: new idmapd daemon for nfsv4 username lookup
2004-09-06 Trond Myklebust <>
Neil Brown <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c(auth_authenticate_internal): fix
uninitialsed variable problem (causes bad error messages).
2004-09-06 Paul Clements <>
Neil Brown <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(main): support --ha-callout (-H) for
specifying a callout program
* utils/mountd/rmtab.c: Call ha_callout on mount/unmount
* utils/statd/monitor.c: Call ha_callout on add/del client
* utils/statd/rmtcall.c: as above
* utils/statd/statd.c: handle --ha-callout (-H)
* utils/statd/svc_run.c: call notify_hosts is we have received a
* support/include/ha-callout.h: define ha_callout function
2004-08-31 NeilBrown <>
* utils/mountd/cache.c(cache_process_req): clear fd after
processing so as not to confused libc/sunrpc into thinking
it need to do something with that fd.
2004-08-31 NeilBrown <>
* debian/nfs-kernel-server.init(start,stop) mount the nfsd
filesystem, if available, before starting nfs services, and
unmount it afterwards.
* etc/nodist/nfs-server: ditto
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: likewise
* etc/redhat/nfs: add "MOUNT_NFSD" flag to control above.
2004-06-08 NeilBrown <>
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c: Don't rmtab_read if new_cache, it
isn't necessary.
* support/nfs/cacheio.c(cache_flush): Change order in which caches
are flushed so that dependancies don't keep things in the cache
too long.
2004-03-18 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.6-2.
2004-02-24 NeilBrown <>
from "J. Bruce Fields" <>
* utils/mountd/cache.c: call auth_reload to make sure auth data is
current before responding to kernel upcall.
2004-02-24 NeilBrown <>
Based on patch from Greg Banks <>
* utils/exportfs/ Document fsid= option.
2003-09-15 NeilBrown <>
Release 1.0.6
* Add dep: rule when no OBJS, so "make dep" works in
support/include, and depend in "predep"
* support/export/Makefile, tools/rpcgen/Makefile,
utils/statd/Makefile: add "predep" rule so that "make dep" works.
* Makefile: allow a simple "make" to run ./configure and "make dep"
if needed.
*, nfs-utils.spec: Update version to 1.0.6
* run autoconf
2003-09-12 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.6-1.
2003-09-12 NeilBrown <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(main): Impose FD_SETSIZE as an upper limit
* utils/statd/statd.c(main): Ditto.
michael <> discovered that svc_setreqsize
in glibc can segfault if RLIMIT_NOFILE is bigger than
FD_SETSIZE, so a simple solution is to impose a hard limit.
2003-09-09 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.5-3.
* support/export/hostname.c (get_reliable_hostbyaddr): Fix crash
on invalid reverse DNS.
* utils/showmount/showmount.c (main): Fix inet_ntoa() parameter.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_cout.c (print_header): Remove unused vars.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_parse.c (def_union): Likewise.
2003-08-22 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/statd/{log.h,log.c}: Rename log() to note() and L_* to
N_*, to avoid conflict with ISO C built-in log() function.
* utils/statd/*.c: Use note().
2003-08-20 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.5-2.
2003-08-11 NeilBrown <>
* utils/mountd/cache.c(cache_get_filehandle): close the filehandle
before returning.
2003-08-04 NeilBrown <>
* support/include/nfs/export.h, support/nfs/exports.c,
utils/exportfs/exports.c, utils/mountd/mountd.c: change
NFSEXP_CROSSMNT to NFSEXP_CROSSMOUNT to avoid confusion with older
meaning. Also remove meaningless
2003-08-04 NeilBrown <>
* support/export/xtab.c, support/include/nfslib.h,
support/nfs/cacheio.c, support/nfs/nfssvc.c,
utils/exportfs/exportfs.c, utils/exportfs/,
utils/exportfs/, utils/mountd/cache.c: support
/proc/fs/nfsd/* as a perferred alternate to /proc/fs/nfs/*
2003-08-04 NeilBrown <>
* support/nfs/nfsexport.c: open channel file O_WRONLY when
only writing.
* utils/mountd/cache.c: maintain mountlist when new_cache is
active. Also use O_WRONLY for channel files.
* utils/mountd/mountd.h: mountlist_{del,add} now take a host name
rather than an nfs_export.
* utils/mountd/rmtab.c: ditto.
2003-07-24 Chip Salzenberg <>
* support/nfs/xlog.c (xlog): Revise buffer-overflow fix to
use Debian security team's cleaner approach.
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.5-1.
* debian/nfs-kernel-server.init: Cosmetic changes.
2003-07-18 NeilBrown <>
Release 1.0.5:
1.0.4 was a bit of a brown-paper-bag-release because of the extra
'free' in auth.c. So I'm releasing this just a few days later.
* support/nfs/cacheio.c(cache_flush): Correct test for 'open
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c(main): If "-f" given as lone option,
check if new_cache is enabled, error if not, flush and exit if it
* utils/exportfs/ Explain -f option and explain the
two different modes that exportfs can work in.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c: Do not change RLIMIT_NOFILE if the -o
option wasn't given.
* utils/mountd/ Record the change if default behaviour
*, nfs-utils.spec: update version to 1.0.5 and
run autoconf
2003-07-15 NeilBrown <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(main): getopt string fix for 'o'
* utils/mountd/auth.c(auth_authenticate): remove extra 'free'
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c(main): make 'exportfs -f' just flush
the caches.
* support/include/nfs/export.h: Reserve a bit for possible ACL
related use.
2003-07-03 NeilBrown <>
* utils/exportfs/ new man page for nfsd filesystem. Also
assorted changed to cope with section 7 of the manual.
*, nfs-utils.spec: Update version to 1.0.4
* run autoconf
This is a 'pre-release' for 1.1.0 Hopefully 1.1.0 will be the
baseline for 2.6 and 2.8. I.e. it should continue to work right
through the 2.8 (or 3.0) kernel series. Previous releases wont.
2003-07-04 NeilBrown <>
Steve Dickson <>
statd cleanup:
* utils/statd/statd.c: create a pidfile with pid of statd, and
truncate it when statd exists.
* utils/statd/statd.c: drop privs by setuid to owner of SM_DIR,
and warn if this is root.
* utils/statd/statd.c: when statd forks, connect child to parent
with a pipe, and send a byte down the pipe once the child is
working properly.
* Makefile: create and chown sm, sm.bak, state when "make install"
* add --with-statduser= option which defaults to
"rpcuser" or "nobody"
* pass "statduser" through to Makefile
2003-07-03 NeilBrown <>
* support/include/nfs/nfs.h: Make sure correct __kernel_dev_t is
used as the size was changed somewhere in 2.5.60-2.5.70. Without
this nfs-utils compiles against 2.6 headers will not work on a
2.4 kernel.
2003-07-03 NeilBrown <>
* support/nfs/nfssvc.c(nfssvc): If /proc/fs/nfs/threads exists,
set number of threads by writing to there. This means it will
still work when the syscall interface goes away in 2.7.
2003-07-03 NeilBrown <>
fumihiko kakuma <>
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c(unexportfs): improve host comparison
so as to only export the wildcard exports that were asked for.
* support/export/export.c(export_allowed): changed to return the
nfs_export rather than a "struct exportent", as m_changed is
needed by called
* support/export/rmtab.c(rmtab_read): modified to deal with
interface change for export_allowed(), and enhanced to preserve
m_changed flag when a wild-card export causes the creation of
a non-wildcard export.
2003-07-02 NeilBrown <>
Steve Dickson <>
* utils/mountd/ Add valid kinds of debugging.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(main): ignore SIGPIPE
* utils/nfsstat/nfsstat.c: fine-tune printing of warning so
we don't get warnings about unavailable stats that weren't asked
2003-06-24 NeilBrown <>
* support/nfs/nfsexport.c(exp_unexp): When unexporting filesystems
via /rpc/net/rpc/nfsd*/channel, set the expiry date to 1, not
'forever', so things disappear out of the cache rather than just
be ignored.
2003-06-16 "J. Bruce Fields" <>
* utils/mountd/cache.c(nfsd_fh): don't export the export_ent
if it wasn't found.
2003-06-16 NeilBrown <>
* debian/nfs-kernel-server.init,etc/nodist/nfs-server,
etc/redhat/nfs.init: when checking if V3 is supported, make sure
nfs server 'knows' about first.
2003-06-10 Chip Salzenberg <>
* support/nfs/xlog.c (xlog): Fix off-by-one buffer overflow bug.
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.3-2.
2003-05-30 Michael Griffith <>
NeilBrown <>
utils/nfsstat/nfsstat.c(print_callstats): use unsigned
long long to avoid overflow when printing stats.
2003-05-30 NeilBrown <>
* support/export/export.c, support/include/nfslib.h,
support/nfs/export.c, utils/exportfs/exportfs.c,
utils/mountd/mountd.c: new export option "mountpoint"
If no path is given, then the export point must be a
mount point, or it won't be exported. If a path is
given (e.g. mountpoint=/path) then that path must be
a mountpoint or the exportpoint won't be exported.
* utils/exportfs/ document mountpoint option.
* support/misc/mountpoint.c: New file with is_mountpoint()
to determine if something is a mountpoint.
2003-05-23 NeilBrown <>
* utils/mountd/cache.c(cache_get_filehandle): take a separate path
argument as we might not be getting the filehandle for the
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(get_rootfh): pass real path when calling
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(get_rootfh): check export point and
requested directory are on the same filesystem, and complain if
2003-05-22 NeilBrown <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c(auth_authenticate_internal): make sure
portnumber is still checked when using new cache lookup.
2003-05-21 NeilBrown <>
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c: Use check_new_cache and cache_flush
Don't actually talk to kernel when new cache is in effect, except
to flush
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c: add -f option to fully flush cache.
* support/export/xtab.c: Only rename new xtab into place if it has
changed, thus preserving modify date for exportfs to use when
* support/nfs/cacheio.c: Add cache_flush
* support/export/xtab.c: Only rename new xtab into place if it has
changed, thus preserving modify date for exportfs to use when
2003-05-21 NeilBrown <>
* support/export/client.c: Add client_compose, client_member to
handle new composite client names
* support/include/exportfs.h: Declare above functions.
* utils/mountd/auth.c: use client_compose to determine calling
client if new cache is being used.
* utils/mountd/auth.c: call cache_export to export a filesystem if
new_cache, check if new cache is used, and call my_svc_run instead
of svc_run
* utils/mountd/svc_run.c: new file defining my_svc_run
* utils/mountd/cache.c: new file for handling cache upcalls.
* support/nfs/cacheio.c(check_new_cache): new function to check if
new cache should be used.
2003-05-21 NeilBrown <>
* support/include/nfs/export.h: New CROSSMNT distinct from NOHIDE
* support/nfs/exports.c: Make CROSSMNT distinct from NOHIDE
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c(dump): ditto
2003-05-21 NeilBrown <>
* support/export/hostname.c(get_reliable_hostbyaddr): new function
to get host name from address with full checking of authenticity.
* support/include/misc.h: declare above function
* utils/mountd/auth.c(auth_authenticate_internal): remove all
logic for authenticating address.
* utils/mountd/auth.c(auth_authenticate): call new
get_reliable_hostbyaddr to to hostname lookup before calling _internal.
2003-03-30 NeilBrown <>
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_main.c(find_cpp): removed
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_main.c(open_input): use execvp to find "cpp",
then try hard-coded paths.
2003-03-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.3-1.
2003-03-26 NeilBrown <>
* utils/mountd/rmtab.c (slink_safe_rename): real_newpath should be
"const char*", not "char*".
2003-03-26 NeilBrown <>
* (VERSION): Set to "1.0.3".
* nfs-utils.spec: Likewise.
* configure: Regenerated.
2003-03-26 NeilBrown <>
* support/nfs/cacheio.c: New File - support for read/writing
to export cache in /proc/rpc/*/channel
* support/nfs/Makefile: compile cacheio.c
* support/include/nfslib.h: declare cacheio.c functions
* support/nfs/nfsexport.c: export and unexport through
/proc/rpc/*/channel if possible, as old syscall interface
may not survive into 2.6 on all architectures.
2003-02-19 NeilBrown <>
Ben Leslie <>
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c(rpc_init): change test for ignoring
"defport" from (__rpcfdtype == 0) to (__rpcpmstart==0). The
former would incorectly ignore defport if the application
explicitly set __rpcfdtype. The later is sufficient to avoid the
special handling in the case where stdin is an internet socket.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(main): Add 'n' to option list in
getopt_long as this is a short form of --no-tcp which want being
2003-02-12 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.2-2.
2002-11-27 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/mountd/rmtab.c (slink_safe_rename): Fix off-by-one buffer
overflow bug. Reformat per rest of source file.
2002-11-19 NeilBrown <>
* utils/exportfs/ Correct notes about whether the wild
card characters match a period. They do.
2002-10-15 Juan Gomez <>
* utils/mountd/rmtab.c (slink_safe_rename): New. Support
(mountlist_add): Call slink_safe_rename instead of rename.
2002-10-11 H.J. Lu <>
* support/include/exportfs.h (export_errno): New.
* support/nfs/exports.c: Include <errno.h>.
(export_errno): New.
(getexportent): Set export_errno to EINVAL for bad option.
(parseopts): Likewise.
Report the location of the default sync/async option.
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c (main): Initialize export_errno to
0. Return export_errno.
2002-10-11 Juan Gomez <>
NeilBrown <>
utils/statd/statd.c(killer): don't pmap_unset if in notify_only mode
utils/statd/statd.c(main): don't pmap_unset if in notify_only mode
2002-09-16 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c (main): Use int for value of getopt.
2002-09-15 Chip Salzenberg <>
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c (rpc_init): Allow stdin to be a non-INET
socket, as occurs when run from sshd.
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.2-1.
2002-09-12 H.J. Lu <>
* support/nfs/svc_socket.c: Remove HAVE_SVCTCP_SOCKET and
2002-09-12 H.J. Lu <>
* Remove checking svctcp_socket and svcudp_socket.
* configure: Regenerated.
* support/include/ (HAVE_SVCTCP_SOCKET): Removed.
* support/include/nfslib.h: Undo the last change.
2002-09-12 H.J. Lu <>
* support/include/nfslib.h (svctcp_socket): Protect it with
(svcudp_socket): Protect it with HAVE_SVCUDP_SOCKET.
2002-09-12 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "1.0.2".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Likewise.
2002-09-12 H.J. Lu <>
* Check svctcp_socket and svcudp_socket.
* configure: Regenerated.
* support/include/ (HAVE_SVCTCP_SOCKET): New.
* support/include/nfslib.h (svctcp_socket): New.
(svcudp_socket): New.
* support/nfs/Makefile (OBJS): Add svc_socket.o.
* support/nfs/svc_socket.c: New.
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c (rpc_init): Call svctcp_socket and
svcudp_socket if port is unspecified.
* utils/nfsd/nfsd.c (main): Call getservbyname for port.
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c: Include <nfslib.h>.
(killer): New. Signal handler to unregister.
(main): Use killer. Call svcudp_socket to get the default
2002-09-02 Juan Gomez <>
NeilBrown <>
Add -N option to statd to run in notify-only mode.
* utils/statd/statd.h: uncomment MODE_NOTIFY_ONLY
* utils/statd/ document -N
* utils/statd/statd.c: enabled -N, largely exists but needed to be
uncommented and completed
2002-09-02 Juan Gomez <>
NeilBrown <>
statd to have " -P directory" arg to use that directory instead
of /var/lib/nfs. This is useful for fail-over clusters.
* utils/statd/statd.h: define SM_DIR etc as var, not const.
* utils/statd/statd.c: define "-P" option to set SM_*
* utils/statd/monitor.c: sprintf to cope with SM_DIR not being
a constant any more.
* utils/statd/notify.c: ditto.
* utils/statd/ document -P option.
2002-08-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/nfsd/ Fix typo.
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0.1-1.
2002-05-29 NeilBrown <>
* let parseopts know if /etc/exports was being read or not,
and have it only print "no sync or async" warning in that case.
2002-05-06 Tom McNeal <>
NeilBrown <>
* utils/nfsstat/nfsstat.c: Handle differing format for
/proc/net/rpc/nfsd between pre and post 2.4.0
2002-04-09 NeilBrown <>
James Pearson <>
* support/nfs/rmtab.c(fendrmtabent): sync changes to
storage before returning, as this is critical state
2002-04-08 Sean O'Connell <>
H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs: New.
2002-04-08 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Updated.
* Updated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Regenerated.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (longopts): Fix a typo.
* utils/mountd/ Updated.
2002-04-07 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfslock.init (restart): Just do stop and start.
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Fix a typo.
2002-04-07 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "1.0.1".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Likewise.
* README: Updated for 1.0.1.
2002-04-07 Sean O'Connell <>
H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Read /etc/sysconfig/nfsd for NFS tuning.
2002-02-28 Steven Whitehouse <>
NeilBrown <>
Add support for fsid=nn export option so that device
numbers don't go in filehandles.
* support/export/nfsctl.c(expsetup): if exporting and NFSEXP_FSID
is set, pass the fsid in-place of the device number
* support/nfs/exports.c: parse and print fsid= option.
Also check if efname has been set, and use "command line"
instead in error messages.
Also, use strtol instead of atoi for anon[ug]id= so that
bad numbers cause errors.
2002-01-17 Adrian Drzewiecki <>
NeilBrown <>
* support/nfs/exports.c: remove NFSEXP_ASYNC as a default
flag so that "sync" becomes the default.
Check that either "sync" or "async" is given as an option
and warn if neither are present
* utils/exportfs/ change documentation for "sync"
to be documentation for "async".
* utils/exportfs/ note that "sync" is the default
rather than "async"
2002-01-02 Chip Salzenberg <>
* support/export/nfsctl.c (expsetup): Don't export entries that
specify id mappings not supported by the kernel. No extant kernel
supports any significant mapping, only 'identity' (i.e. none).
When other mappings are supported, this code will need changing.
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0-2.
2001-12-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
* nfs-utils.spec (Version): Set to "1.0".
* (VERSION): Likewise.
* configure: Regenerated.
* README: Rewritten.
* debian/changelog: Version 1.0-1.
* utils/exportfs/ Emphasize the need for options to
immediately follow client names. Explain that wildcards don't
usually work on addresses, but may work when reverse DNS fails.
Comment out a leftover TP that was TPing our indentation.
* utils/mountd/, utils/rquotad/,
utils/statd/ Remove refs to non-existent "hosts_allow(5)".
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3.3-6.
2001-12-20 NeilBrown <>
* support/export/client.c(client_lookup): If a host has multiple
IP addresses, then we must always use the result of a
gethostbyname, not that of gethostbyaddr for exporting
2001-12-20 NeilBrown <>
* support/export/client.c (client_lookup): use strcasecmp when
comparing host names
* support/nfs/export.c (getexportent): add fromkernel arg and use
different defaults as kernels prior to 2.4.11 assume different
defaults in /proc/fs/nfs/exports
* support/include/nfslib.h, support/export/export.c,
support/export/xtab.c: support extra "fromkernel" arg for
2001-12-13 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3.3-5.
2001-11-26 TAKAI Kousuke <>
* support/nfs/xio.c (xskip): Call `xungetc' instead of
`ungetc' to keep x_line more properly.
2001-11-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/showmount/showmount.c (main): Don't assume that strings
starting with digits are IP addresses.
* utils/nfsd/nfsd.c (main): Close all fds and reopen 0,1,2 on
/dev/null before nfssvc(). Use syslog to report nfssvc errors.
* support/misc/tcpwrapper.c, utils/mountd/,
utils/rquotad/, utils/statd/ Fix comments and
man pages: We check host names *and* addresses with tcpwrappers.
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3.3-4.
2001-11-21 Chip Salzenberg <>
* support/nfs/clients.c (cfname): Added: current clients file name.
(setnfsclntent): Set it.
({get,end}nfsclntent, syntaxerr): Use it.
* support/nfs/exports.c (efname): Added: current exports file name.
(setnfsexportent): Set it.
(endnfsexportent, parseopts, getexport, syntaxerr): Use it.
(parseopts): Accept old-style "crossmnt" option, for old xtabs.
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3.3-3.
2001-10-11 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (main): Close fds > 2 _before_ RPC init.
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3.3-2.
2001-10-08 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (main): When daemonizing, close all fds > 2.
* utils/ Remove old Makefile in target 'distclean'.
* utils/mountd/ Update paths to /var/lib.
* debian/*: Version 0.3.3-1, with Debian-specific fixes.
2001-10-06 Preston Brown <>
* utils/nfsstat/ Updated.
2001-09-24 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.3.3".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Likewise.
* README: Updated for 0.3.3.
2001-09-20 NeilBrown <>
Arrange that "exportfs -au" never does DNS lookup:
* support/export/client.c (client_lookup) : add "canonical"
flag which says that the hostname is known to be canonical, so
don't do a lookup
* support/export/export.c (export_create) : add "canonical"
flag to be passed down to client_lookup
* support/export/export.c (export_lookup) : Likewise
* support/export/xtab.c (xtab_read) : pass appropriate
"canonical" flag to export_lookup and export_create:
set if reading list of filesystems currently exports
(is_export != 1).
* support/export/export.c (export_read) : pass 0 as
"canonical" flag to export_lookup and export_create
* support/export/rmtab.s (rmtab_read) : Likewise
* support/include/exportfs.h : redeclare various routines
to have "canonical" flag
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c (main) : redo logic for
"-au" to read in what is currently exported, but never even
look at what "should" be exported.
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c (unexportall) : remove this
routine. Functionality is completely included in
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c (exportfs) : set "canonical"
flag to zero in calls to export_lookup and export_create.
2001-09-20 NeilBrown <>
Anne Milicia <>
* support/export/client.c (client_lookup) call gethostbyadd
to make sure that we have a canonical hostname, even for
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c (exportfs) Likewise
2001-09-12 NeilBrown <>
* support/nfs/exports.c (putexportent): \octal quote any spaces
etc in a path name
* support/nfs/xio.c (xgettok): recognise double-quote and
\octal quoting in path names
* utils/exportfs/ document quoting conventions
for path names
2001-09-12 NeilBrown <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c (auth_authenticate_internal): Reverse
change from 2000-08-02: It causes problems if someone exports
to both a hostname and IP addresses. nfs-utils must be
consistant about the canonical name that it chooses.
2001-08-17 Ragnar Kjørstad <>
H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfslock.init (STATDARG): New. Pass it to rpc.statd.
* utils/statd/statd.c (longopts): Add "name".
(usage): Add "-n/--name".
(main): Set MY_NAME with "-n/--name".
* utils/statd/state.c (change_state): Set MY_NAME only if it
is NULL.
* utils/statd/ Updated for "-n/--name".
2001-07-26 H.J. Lu <>
* nfs-utils.spec (Release): Set to 8.
2001-07-25 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Check if rpc.rquotad exists before doing
anything about it.
2001-06-27 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Run rpc.rquotad only if it exists.
2001-06-27 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/rquotad/rquota_server.c: Don't call statfs () for
the block size. Use BLOCK_SIZE instead.
2001-06-27 H.J. Lu <>
* (CC_FOR_BUILD): Renamed from BUILD_CC.
(CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD): New. Don't use @CFLAGS@.
* (enable_nfsv3): Set to yes by default.
(--enable-rquotad): Added
(AC_PROG_CXX): Removed.
(AC_OUTPUT): Add utils/Makefile.
(CC_FOR_BUILD): Renamed from BUILD_CC.
* configure: Regenerated.
* utils/Makefile: Removed.
* utils/ New.
* (rquotad): New. Set to 0 to disable
(CC_FOR_BUILD): Renamed from BUILD_CC.
* nfs-utils.spec: Regenerated.
2001-06-15 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3.2-2.
* debian/*.init: Minor fixes.
2001-06-07 Lon H. Hohberger <>
* etc/nodist/nfs-server: Fixed a bug where the script would
disable mounts from NFSv3 clients if NFSv3 is present.
2001-06-05 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (longopts): Add "descriptors/o".
(main): Support --descriptors/-o to set the limit of the number
of open file descriptors.
(usage): Updated.
* utils/mountd/ Updated for --descriptors/-o.
2001-06-04 H.J. Lu <>
* nfs-utils.spec (Release): Set to 6.
2001-05-28 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/lockd/lockd.c (main): chdir to NFS_STATEDIR.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (main): Likewise.
* utils/nfsd/nfsd.c (main): Likewise.
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c (main): Likewise.
2001-05-06 Anne Milicia <>
* support/export/client.c (client_check): Check IP address
againet netgroup.
2001-05-06 Neil Brown <>
* support/export/client.c (client_gettype): Treat `*' as
2001-04-22 H.J. Lu <>
* Fix a typo.
* nfs-utils.spec: Regenerated.
2001-04-21 H.J. Lu <>
* Fix cross build.
* nfs-utils.spec: Regenerated.
(Release): Set to 5.
2001-04-18 H.J. Lu <>
* Support cross build.
* nfs-utils.spec: Regenerated.
(Release): Set to 4.
* config.sub: New.
* config.guess: New.
* (BUILD_CC): New.
(CC): Set to $(BUILD_CC) if BUILD is defined.
(AR): Set to @AR@.
(LD): Set to @LD@.
(RANLIB): Set to @RANLIB@.
* Check BUILD_CC, RANLIB, AR and LD.
* configure: Regenerated.
* tools/rpcgen/Makefile (BUILD): Set to true.
2001-04-01 Chip Salzenberg <>
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_svcout.c (write_timeout_func): Remove
redundant, and sometimes broken, declaration of svc_fdset;
it may be a macro.
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c (closedown): Likewise.
2001-03-21 H.J. Lu <>
* nfs-utils.spec: Regenerated.
(Release): Set to 3.
2001-03-21 Ion Badulescu <>
* utils/statd/statd.c (main): make sure file descriptors 0-2
are open to /dev/null.
2001-03-21 H.J. Lu <>
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c: Restore the change made on 2001-03-10.
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c: Likewise.
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c: Likewise.
* utils/rquotad/ Likewise.
* utils/statd/Makefile: Likewise.
* utils/statd/rmtcall.c: Likewise.
* utils/statd/simulate.c: Likewise.
* utils/statd/statd.c: Likewise.
* utils/statd/ Likewise.
2001-03-11 H.J. Lu <>
* (RELEASE): New. Default to 1, set by
--with-release=XXX. Substitute nfs-utils.spec.
* (Release): Set to @RELEASE@.
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Likewise.
2001-03-11 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/rquotad/ Fix a typo.
2001-03-11 H.J. Lu <>
* support/include/rpcmisc.h: Undo the change made on 2001-03-10.
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c: Likewise.
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c: Likewise.
* utils/rquotad/ Likewise.
* utils/statd/Makefile: Likewise.
* utils/statd/rmtcall.c: Likewise.
* utils/statd/simulate.c: Likewise.
* utils/statd/statd.c: Likewise.
* utils/statd/ Likewise.
2001-03-10 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.3.2".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Likewise.
* README: Updated for 0.3.2.
2001-03-10 Tavis Barr <>
* utils/rquotad/ Updated for -p.
* utils/statd/ Likewise.
2001-03-10 Ion Badulescu <>
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c: export makesock()
* support/include/rpcmisc.h (makesock): Declared.
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c: added longopts, added support for
specifying the port to bind to on the command line.
* utils/statd/statd.c: ditto, also specify port used for
outgoing connections.
(do_regist): Removed.
* utils/statd/rmtcall.c (statd_get_socket): Renamed from
get_socket. Make it extern.
* utils/statd/simulate.c (daemon_simulator): Call rpc_init
instead of do_regist.
* utils/statd/Makefile (LIBS): link with our own libnfs
2001-03-09 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfslock.init: Changed chkconfig line to 60 86.
* etc/nodist/nfs-client: Likewise.
2001-02-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3.1-1.
* Mention upstream source and license in copyright file.
* Add build-Depends for debhelper and libwrap0-dev.
2001-02-20 Lon Hohberger <>
* etc/nodist/nfs-server: Changed chkconfig line to 60 20
* etc/nodist/nfs-client: Likewise.
2001-02-18 Lon Hohberger <>
* utils/statd/ Changed /usr/sbin/rpc.statd to
2001-02-17 Patrick J. LoPresti <>
* utils/statd/log.c (log_init): Use LOG_DAEMON instead of
2001-02-14 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/statd/rmtcall.c: Include <time.h>.
* utils/statd/svc_run.c: Likewise.
2001-02-14 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.3.1".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Likewise.
* README: Updated for 0.3.1.
2001-02-14 H.J. Lu <>
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c: Include <time.h>.
2001-02-14 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/control: Change priority of nhfsstone package to 'extra'.
2001-02-12 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3-2.
2001-02-02 H.J. Lu <>
* support/include/rpcmisc.h (rpc_init): Remove bufsize.
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c (makesock): Remove socksz and comment
(rpc_init): Remove bufsize and remove socksz in calls to
makesock ().
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (main): Remove bufsize in calls to
rpc_init ().
2001-01-28 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/changelog: Version 0.3-1.
2001-01-25 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.3".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Likewise.
* README: Updated for 0.3.
2001-01-25 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/lockd/lockd.c (main): Ignore errno == EINVAL.
2001-01-20 Chip Salzenberg <>
* support/include/xio.h (xgetc): Declare to return int.
* support/nfs/xio.c (xgetc): Return int.
(xgettok, xskip, xskipcomment): Use int for value of xgetc.
* utils/statd/statd.c (main): Use int for value of getopt.
* debian/changelog: Version 0.2.1-5.
2000-12-10 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/statd/monitor.c (sm_mon_1_svc): Fix buggy check for
program and procedure numbers of kernel lockd's callback. Also,
besides the old (and broken) procedure #24, allow #16 per Trond.
2000-12-03 Chip Salzenberg <>
* support/nfs/xio.c (xfopen): Initialize x_line to one, not zero.
* debian/control: Let nhfsstone replace files in nfs-kernel-server.
* debian/changelog: Version 0.2.1-4.
2000-11-27 Tobias Ringstrom <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c (auth_authenticate): Log the bad path
2000-11-24 Neil Brown <>
* support/nfs/exports.c (getexportent): Check for host name
without option, or options without hostname, and print a warning,
as this is most likely a typo.
2000-11-19 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/control: Add dependency on portmap.
* debian/changelog: Version 0.2.1-3.
2000-11-10 H.J. Lu <>
* Don't use libtool.
Add ChangeLog and COPYING to doc.
* nfs-utils.spec: Rebuild.
2000-11-09 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init (start): Back out the last change.
2000-11-09 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init (start): Pass --no-tcp to mountd if
TCP is not supported by kernel.
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c (rpc_init): Don't set _rpcfdtype to 0.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (longopts): Add "-n/--no-tcp".
(main): Set to _rpcfdtype to SOCK_DGRAM for "-n/--no-tcp".
* utils/mountd/ Updated for "-n/--no-tcp".
2000-10-24 Lon Hohberger <>
* utils/statd/callback.c: Fix bug preventing callbacks to local lockd.
* utils/statd/rmtcall.c: Add some IP address paranoia when doing
callbacks to local lockd.
2000-10-18 Scott McDermott <>
* utils/exportfs/ Updated for CIDR netmask.
2000-10-17 Scott McDermott <>
* support/export/client.c (client_init): Support CIDR netmask
in /etc/exports.
2000-10-11 H.J. Lu <>
* aclocal.m4 (AC_TCP_WRAPPER): Fix a typo.
* configure: Rebuilt.
2000-10-06 Lon Hohberger <>
* utils/statd/ Change "/var/lib/nfs/sm/state" to
2000-10-05 Lon Hohberger <>
* utils/statd/statd.h (run_mode): New global bitmask of runtime
behaviors: fg/bg, logging, etc.
* utils/statd/statd.c: New command line options: -V -h -? -d .
* utils/statd/ Update for changes to statd.
* utils/statd/log.h (log_init): Remove parameter of function; use
global variable "name_p" instead.
* utils/statd/log.c: Add support for logging to stderr.
* utils/statd/notlist.c: Partially rewrite notify list handling
functions. Eliminate run-off-end-of-list bug when calling
nlist_insert_timer. Add lots of comments.
2000-09-27 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Updated for RedHat 7.0.
2000-09-27 H.J. Lu <>
* nfs-utils.spec: Rebuild.
2000-09-27 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Updated for 0.2.1.
2000-09-27 H.J. Lu <>
* Updated to use rpm macros and support
RedHat 7.0.
2000-09-25 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.2.1".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
2000-09-25 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c (auth_authenticate_internal): Make sure a
non-NULL hostent is always returned.
2000-09-11 Ion Badulescu <>
* etc/redhat/nfslock.init: don't kill lockd processes that do not
have an executable (i.e. kernel threads)
2000-09-01 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Updated for 0.2.
2000-09-01 Jay Weber <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Added ability for rpc.mountd to default to
supporting version 3 of nfs if available, else it will fall back to
version 2 support only.
2000-08-30 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.2".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
2000-08-25 H.J. Lu <>
* support/misc/tcpwrapper.c (logit): Modify the log output.
2000-08-25 Ion Badulescu <>
* utils/rquotad/, utils/statd/,
utils/mountd/ updated
* utils/mountd/Makefile (LIBS): added -lmisc $(LIBWRAP) $(LIBNSL)
* utils/rquotad/Makefile: fix comment
* support/misc/tcpwrapper.c (logit): added comment about waiting
for the children after fork()
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (main): ignore SIGCHLD to prevent leaving
zombies behind (from logit()'s fork)
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c (main): ditto
* utils/statd/statd.c (main): ditto
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c (rquotaprog_1): pass RQUOTAPROG
to check_default instead of 0, for prognum
* utils/statd/statd.c (sm_prog_1_wrapper): pass SM_PROG
to check_default instead of 0, for prognum
* utils/mountd/mount_dispatch.c: Include "tcpwrapper.h" if
HAVE_TCP_WRAPPER is defined.
(mount_dispatch): Call check_default () if HAVE_TCP_WRAPPER is
defined. Reject an RPC call if check_default () fails.
2000-08-25 H.J. Lu <>
* support/include/tcpwrapper.h: New for the tcp wrapper
* support/misc/Makefile: Likewise.
* support/misc/from_local.c: Likewise.
* support/misc/tcpwrapper.c: Likewise.
* aclocal.m4 (AC_TCP_WRAPPER): New.
* Use it. Substitute LIBWRAP.
* configure: Rebuilt.
* (LIBNSL): New.
(LIBWRAP): Likewise.
* support/Makefile (SUBDIRS): Add misc.
* support/lib/Makefile (LIBS): Add libmisc.a.
* utils/rquotad/Makefile (LIBS): Add
-lmisc $(LIBWRAP) $(LIBNSL)
* utils/statd/Makefile (LIBS): Likewise.
* utils/rquotad/rquota_svc.c: Include "tcpwrapper.h" if
HAVE_TCP_WRAPPER is defined.
(rquotaprog_1): Call check_default () if HAVE_TCP_WRAPPER is
defined. Reject an RPC call if check_default () fails.
* utils/statd/statd.c: Include "tcpwrapper.h" if
HAVE_TCP_WRAPPER is defined.
(sm_prog_1_wrapper): New. A wrapper for sm_prog_1. Call
check_default () before calling sm_prog_1 (). Define it as
sm_prog_1_wrapper if HAVE_TCP_WRAPPER is defined.
2000-08-25 Chip Salzenberg <>
* debian/*: Complete Debian build support.
* etc/debian/*: Remove.
2000-08-24 Neil Brown <>
* support/export/client.c(client_check): removed the "dot+1" as a
ypdomain argument to innetgr as this is entirely bogus.
It should always be NULL.
2000-08-23 Neil Brown <>
* support/export/xtab.c(xtab_read): introduce new mode for
reading xtab. i.e. a list of exports that might be known to the
kernel, or might not. These are flagged as m_exported == -1
* support/export/xtab.c(xtab_mount_read): call xtab_read with new
value "2" for xtab, meaning don't trust this too much.
* support/include/exportfs.h(struct mexport): changed m_exported
from one bit to an int so that it can hold new value
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c(exportfs_ipdate): add an export to the
kernel if it is uncertain whether the kernel knows (m_exported == -1)
* utils/mountd/mountd.c(get_rootfh): similarly export to kernel if
status is uncertain
* support/nfs/xio.c(xflock): added O_CREAT when getting
a write lock so that missing files aren't fatal.
* etc/debian/nfs-common: new file from "potato"
* etc/debian/nfs-kernel-server: new file from "potato" plus fixes.
2000-08-09 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Run /usr/sbin/exportfs first during
startup to ensure all existing clients work fine.
* support/export/xtab.c (xtab_mount_read): Pass 1 instead of 0
to xtab_read () for reading _PATH_XTAB.
2000-08-02 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c (auth_authenticate_internal): Try to
avoid the reverse name lookup.
2000-07-04 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/statd/log.c: Include <stdlib.h> for exit ().
* utils/statd/misc.c (xunlink): Add `{' and `}' to quiet the
gcc warning.
2000-07-04 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
* README: Updated.
2000-07-04 Neil Brown <>
* support/export/hostname.c (hostent_dup): Handle the NULL
h_aliases field.
2000-07-03 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Update the util-linux requirement.
2000-07-03 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.1.9".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
* README: Updated.
2000-07-03 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Run /usr/sbin/exportfs last during
stop to ensure all clients can still access the server
before it is shutdown.
2000-06-30 Jeff Uphoff <>
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_svcout.c (write_msg_out): Generate syslog()
calls with format string.
2000-06-28 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/statd/log.c (log): Call syslog with format string.
2000-06-27 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/statd/statd.c (main): Use sysconf (_SC_OPEN_MAX)
instead of OPEN_MAX.
2000-06-27 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Updated.
2000-06-27 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Run /usr/sbin/exportfs last during
startup to ensure all existing clients are exported.
* (VERSION): Set to "".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
2000-06-06 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
2000-06-06 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (mount_dump_1_svc): Cast svc_getcaller
to "struct sockaddr_in *" for glibc 2.2.
(mount_umnt_1_svc): Likewise.
(mount_umntall_1_svc): Likewise.
(mount_export_1_svc): Likewise.
(mount_exportall_1_svc): Likewise.
(mount_pathconf_2_svc): Likewise.
(get_rootfh): Likewise.
2000-06-04 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init: Fix a typo in comment.
2000-05-31 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.1.8".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
* README: Updated.
2000-05-31 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
* support/include/nfslib.h (exportent): Add a new field,
r_count, to count the number of mounts from a client.
(getrmtabent): Take a new argument for position in file.
(putrmtabent): Likewise.
(fgetrmtabent): Likewise.
(fputrmtabent): Likewise.
* support/nfs/rmtab.c (getrmtabent): Handle the new argument
for position in file.
(fgetrmtabent): Likewise.
(putrmtabent): Likewise.
(fputrmtabent): Likewise.
* support/nfs/rmtab.c (fgetrmtabent): Get value for the new
field, r_count.
* support/export/rmtab.c (rmtab_read): Pass NULL as the new
argument to getrmtabent (), fgetrmtabent (), putrmtabent ()
and fputrmtabent ().
* utils/mountd/rmtab.c (mountlist_add): Likewise.
(mountlist_del): Likewise.
(mountlist_del_all): Likewise.
(mountlist_list): Likewise.
* utils/mountd/rmtab.c (mountlist_add): Increment "r_count"
for the existing entry and initialize "r_count" to 1.
(mountlist_del): Decrement "r_count".
2000-05-18 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
2000-05-18 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfs.init (restart): Just do stop and start.
2000-05-09 Jay Weber <>
* utils/rquotad/hasquota.c: added support for ext3 recognition
in rquotad.
* utils/rquotad/mntent.h: Likewise.
2000-05-01 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
2000-05-01 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/rquotad/rquota_server.c (getquotainfo): Skip bad
mounting poins in /etc/fstab.
2000-05-01 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
2000-05-01 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/rquotad/rquota_server.c (getquotainfo): Call stat ()
to check for the mounting point.
2000-04-29 Chip Salzenberg <>
Neil Brown <>
* Really re-use RPC ports.
(Fixes earlier patch. Sorry, Neil.)
2000-04-26 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
2000-04-26 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfslock.init: Check if lockd exits before killing
2000-04-25 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Require util-linux-2.10f-mount-rpc.patch for mount.
2000-03-21 Michael Weiser <>
* support/nfs/exports.c (parsesquash): Correctly set the
return pointer.
Tue Mar 21 11:38:48 EST 2000 NeilBrown <>
* support/include/nfs/nfs.h: Removed knowledge of internals of
kernel filehandles (which can change) and defined nfs_fh_size
which has variable size
* support/nfs/getfh.c: defined getfh_size to use new syscall to
get variable sized file handles, and change getfh{,old} to
use nfs_fh_size
* utils/mountd/mountd.c: use nfd_fh_size and call getfh_size for
NFSv3 file handles
* tools/Makefile, tools/nlmtest/nlmtest.c
nlmtest.c depended on internel format of file handles, so now
doesn't work.
2000-03-12 Chip Salzenberg <>
Neil Brown <>
* support/nfs/rpcmisc.c (rpc_init): Share transports.
2000-03-13 H.J. Lu <>
* etc/redhat/nfsd.init: Updated.
* etc/redhat/nfslock.init: Updated.
* Updated.
* (VERSION): Set to "0.1.7".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
* README: Updated.
Wed Mar 8 09:42:43 2000 Neil Brown <>
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c (dump): Included printing of
nohide, no_subtree_check, and insecure_locks
2000-02-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
* (INSTALLSUID): Strip ("-s").
* utils/nhfsstone/Makefile: Use it.
2000-02-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/lockd/ Create.
* utils/lockd/Makefile: Install it.
* utils/nhfsstone/nhfs{run,nums,graph}.man: Create.
* utils/nhfsstone/ Change suffix from ".1".
* utils/nhfsstone/Makefile: Install the helper scripts and
all four man pages.
* utils/exportfs/ Fix typo.
2000-02-26 Chip Salzenberg <>
* support/nfs/xio.c (xungetc): Decrement line number when
character to unget is newline. Make first parameter int, so
it can distinguish EOF from \377.
* support/include/xio.h (xungetc): Adjust prototype.
Fri Feb 4 23:42:23 2000 Neil Brown <>
* support/include/nfs/export.h: added NFSEXP_NOAUTHNLM
* support/nfs/exports.c: added handling for NFSEXP_NOAUTHNLM
* utils/exportfs/ added documentation for no_auth_nlm.
This is for supporting a new option introduced in 2.3.42
Thu Feb 3 14:55:48 2000 H.J. Lu <>
* COPYING: Added. GPL.
Thu Feb 03 14:40:40 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
* utils/rquotad/rquota_server.c (getquotainfo): Call statfs ()
to get the block size.
Tue Jan 25 11:04:17 2000 H.J. Lu <>
* Update ftp site.
Mon Jan 17 11:48:18 2000 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Update hostnames.
Tue Jan 11 10:06:22 2000 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.1.6".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
* README: Updated.
Mon Jan 10 14:26:33 2000 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c (auth_authenticate_internal): Call
xstrdup for hostname before passing it to gethostbyname.
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (get_exportlist): Use xstrdup instead
of strdup.
Sun Dec 19 09:35:01 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Update the mailing list address.
Sun Dec 19 09:22:28 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.1.5".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
* README: Updated.
Mon Dec 13 13:40:20 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/rquotad/hasquota.c (hasquota): Malloc one more char
for '/'.
Mon Dec 6 09:42:45 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* (VERSION): Set to "0.1.4".
* configure: Regenerated.
* nfs-utils.spec: Updated.
* README: Updated.
Mon Dec 6 09:28:07 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* New file.
* (VERSION): Changed to "nfs-utils @VERSION@".
* (nfs-utils.spec): Added to AC_OUTPUT.
1999-12-04 Chip Salzenberg <>
* Use $(CC) as set by configure.
1999-12-04 Chip Salzenberg <>
* Call $(MAKE) with $(MFLAGS).
Mon Nov 29 11:17:35 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_main.c (h_output): Generate IXDR_GET_INT32,
Mon Nov 29 11:17:35 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* nfs-utils.spec (Version): Set to 0.1.3.
* (VERSION): Set to "nfs-utils 0.1.3".
* configure: Regenerated.
* README: Updated.
Mon Nov 29 11:15:47 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/rquotad/rquota_server.c (nfsmount_to_devname): Removed.
(_PATH_DEV_DSK): Likewise.
(getquotainfo): Match the mounting point from /etc/mtab
instead of calling nfsmount_to_devname ().
1999-11-24 Chip Salzenberg <>
* utils/statd/monitor.c (sm_mon_1_svc): Accept lockd callbacks
to the new port 24 as well as the historical port 100021.
Tue Nov 23 10:21:34 1999 Neil Brown <>
* etc/redhat/nfsd.init (stop): moved exportfs -ua after
stopping nfsd to stop spurious ESTALE on server shutdown.
Tue Nov 23 10:13:39 1999 Neil Brown <>
* support/nfs/exports.c (parseopts): make copy of opt string
before 'nul'ing out commas so that
# exportfs -o option1,option2 hosta:/fs hostb:/fs
applies both options to both exports.
Thu Oct 28 12:55:42 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Fix a few typos.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_cout.c (print_header): Use int32_t instead
of long.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_hout.c (pdefine): Likewise.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_main.c (c_initialize): Likewise.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_parse.c (get_type): Likewise.
(unsigned_dec): Likewise.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_scan.c (symbols): Likewise.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_util.c (tokstrings): Likewise.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_cout.c (emit_single_in_line): Use INT32
instead of LONG.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_parse.c (get_type): Likewise.
(unsigned_dec): Likewise.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_scan.c (symbols): Likewise.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_scan.h (tok_kind): Likewise.
* tools/rpcgen/rpc_util.c (tokstrings): Likewise.
Thu Oct 28 11:27:51 1999 Neil Brown <>
* support/include/nfs/export.h addedd NFSEXP_NOSUBTREECHECK
* support/nfs/exports.c: added {no_,}subtree_check and changed
crossmnt to nohide
* utils/exportfs/ added no_subtree_check and nohide
and removed irrelevant stuff from unfsd.
* support/export/rmtab.c: rmtab_read didn't quite do the right
thing if a pathname from rmtab was a subdirectory of an export-point
Tue Oct 26 17:22:40 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* README: Updated ftp site.
Mon Oct 25 18:12:45 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* nfs-utils.spec (Version): Set to 0.1.2.
* (VERSION): Set to "nfs-utils 0.1.2".
* configure: Regenerated.
* README: Updated.
Mon Oct 25 18:11:21 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/mountd/auth.c (auth_error): Add "no_forward_dns".
(auth_authenticate_internal): Check for NULL return on forward
DNS lookup.
(auth_authenticate): Handle "no_forward_dns".
Thu Oct 21 16:22:06 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* Version 0.1.1 released.
* nfs-utils.spec (Version): Set to 0.1.1.
* (VERSION): Set to "nfs-utils 0.1.1".
* configure: Regenerated.
* README: Updated.
Mon Oct 18 17:43:29 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* nfs-utils.spec (Obsoletes): Fixed a typo, change knfsd-client
to knfsd-clients.
(Provides): Likewise.
Mon Oct 18 14:56:22 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* Initial version 0.1 released.
* (VERSION): Set to "nfs-utils 0.1".
* configure: Regenerated.
Mon Oct 18 14:54:57 1999 H.J. Lu <>
* utils/mountd/mountd.c (get_exportlist): Cleanup.
* utils/exportfs/exportfs.c (unexport_all): Unexport from
kernel only if the entry is exported to kernel.
(unexportfs): Likewise.
Wed Sep 08 16:49:32 1999 Neil Brown <>
1/ utils/mountd/rmtab.c::mountlist_list
This routine stats the rmtab file to see if it has changed. It
if has, it cleans up it's old copy of the data. But it still
always re-read the file, thus returning multiple copies of the
data on consecutive calls without intervening changes.
"Showmount -a" didn't show this as it appears to sort/unique the
data, but 'strace showmount -a' showed that the size of the
datagram that it received grew.
I moved the getrmtabent loop inside the mtime test.
2/ utils/exportfs/exportfs.c
Many routines used the m_path field of m_export instead of
According to the comment in nfslib.h, m_path should only
be used when processing a mount request (i.e. in mountd)
where the mountpoint may be a subdirectory of the export point.
I changed all occurances of m_path to e_path
3/ utils/exportfs/exportfs.c:main
extra arguments are not meaningful with -a or -r, but
exportfs accepted them and then ignored the -a/-r, expect that
-r would still unexport everything first.
I generate an error if there are extra args and f_all
4/ utils/exportfs/exportfs.c:main
extract dump out as a special case.
5/ utils/exportfs/exportfs.c
made f_reexport a local variable.
6/ utils/exportfs/exportfs.c:main,exportall
only mayexport on newly created entries, don't set xtabent at all
7/ support/include/nfslib.h
add #define _PATH_PROC_EXPORTS to be /proc/fs/nds/exports
8/ support/export/xtab.c
xtab_mount_read loads data from _PATH_PROC_EXPORTS if it exists,
else from xtab
9/ support/export/xtab.c
xtab_mount_read now sets m_exported, and NOT
xtabent and mayexport
removed the append arguement from xtab_write as it was
never used.
added is_export flag to xtab_write similar to xtab_read
if is_export, only write entries with m_xtabent or m_addxtab
if !is_export, only write entries with m_exported
10/ support/export/export.c::export_allowed_internal
added test for exp->m_mayexport, as the export tree
may have entries that are no longer allowed to be exported,
and so shouldn't caused deduced exported by rmtab_read
11/ utils/exportfs/exportfs.c::main
error checking of flags.
12/ utils/exportfs/exportfs.c
total rewrite of export and unexport logic.
We now:
- build an exportslist of valid exports, based on
current etab file and arguments,
- read rmtab to instantiate relevant wild card entries
- read etab to find out what is currently exported
- synchronise intention with reality
- write out etab and xtab
13/ various
discard the m_addxtab flag
add m_changed flag so we know what to report in exportfs
14/ utils/mountd/auth.c:auth_authenticate
the value returned by gethostbyaddr was trusted.
It now follows this with a call to gethostbyname
and checks that the address is in the list.
15/ support/export/nfsctl.c::cltsetup,expsetup
force client names to lowercase as kernel is
sensitive to case
16/ quietened a few compiler warnings
17/ support/export/client:client_lookup
look for pre-existing client with same name before creating
a new one.
18/ support/include/exportfs.h
The ordering of the MCL_* enum was:
I moved ANONYMOUS to the end.
The ordering is significant when an export entry is being searched for to
match a given address. There are two problems with ANONYMOUS being first.
1/ if a directory is exported rw to a couple of hosts and ro to everyone else,
then the ro case will always be found first and the privileged hosts won't get
their privilege
2/ When mountd gets a request to mount an ANONYMOUSly exported tree, it creates a FQDN
export entry for the specific host, and writes it to xtab.
When another request comes from the same host, the ANONYMOUS entry is found again,
before the new FQDN entry, so it creates another FQDN entry and writes it to xtab
again. If causes bloat in xtab.
Putting ANONYMOUS at the end reflects it's nature as a catch-all
19/ utils/exportfs/
many updates to the man page to reflect changes to the code
- allow exportfs to modify rmtab file
- make sure kernel never gets two clients with same IP address
- possible kernel should reject
- needs to be some way to lookup client in kernel by IP address
- maybe get kernel to do case-insensitive comparisons on client names
- remove unused clients from kernel
- change etab to xtab and xtab to
- timestamp and/or statd-stamp in rmtab for removing old entries.
Mon Oct 18 11:48:07 1999 H.J. Lu <>
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