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* (C) Copyright 2004, Psyent Corporation <>
* Scott McNutt <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* Altera Nios-II EPCS Controller Core interfaces
#ifndef __NIOS2_EPCS_H__
#define __NIOS2_EPCS_H__
typedef struct epcs_devinfo_t {
const char *name; /* Device name */
unsigned char id; /* Device silicon id */
unsigned char size; /* Total size log2(bytes)*/
unsigned char num_sects; /* Number of sectors */
unsigned char sz_sect; /* Sector size log2(bytes) */
unsigned char sz_page; /* Page size log2(bytes) */
unsigned char prot_mask; /* Protection mask */
/* Resets the epcs controller -- to prevent (potential) soft-reset
* problems when booting from the epcs controller
extern int epcs_reset (void);
/* Returns the devinfo struct if EPCS device is found;
* NULL otherwise.
extern epcs_devinfo_t *epcs_dev_find (void);
/* Returns the number of bytes used by config data.
* Negative on error.
extern int epcs_cfgsz (void);
/* Erase sectors 'start' to 'end' - return zero on success
extern int epcs_erase (unsigned start, unsigned end);
/* Read 'cnt' bytes from device offset 'off' into buf at 'addr'
* Zero return on success
extern int epcs_read (ulong addr, ulong off, ulong cnt);
/* Write 'cnt' bytes to device offset 'off' from buf at 'addr'.
* Zero return on success
extern int epcs_write (ulong addr, ulong off, ulong cnt);
/* Verify 'cnt' bytes at device offset 'off' comparing with buf
* at 'addr'. On failure, write first invalid offset to *err.
* Zero return on success
extern int epcs_verify (ulong addr, ulong off, ulong cnt, ulong *err);
#endif /* __NIOS2_EPCS_H__ */