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<?php // php pages made with phpMyBuilder <> ?>
// (C) Copyright 2001
// Murray Jensen <>
// CSIRO Manufacturing Science and Technology, Preston Lab
// edit page (hymod_bddb / boards)
pg_head("$bddb_label - Edit Board Registration");
if ($serno == 0)
die("serial number not specified or invalid!");
$pserno = sprintf("%010d", $serno);
echo "<center><b><font size=+2>";
echo "Board Serial Number: $pserno";
echo "</font></b></center>\n";
<form action=doedit.php method=POST>
echo "<input type=hidden name=serno value=$serno>\n";
$r=mysql_query("select * from boards where serno=$serno");
if(!$row) die("no record of serial number '$serno' in database");
// ethaddr char(17)
print_field("ethaddr", $row, 17);
// date date
print_field("date", $row);
// batch char(32)
print_field("batch", $row, 32);
// type enum('IO','CLP','DSP','INPUT','ALT-INPUT','DISPLAY')
print_enum("type", $row, $type_vals);
// rev tinyint(3) unsigned zerofill
print_field("rev", $row, 3, 'rev_filter');
// location char(64)
print_field("location", $row, 64);
// comments text
print_field_multiline("comments", $row, 60, 10, 'text_filter');
// sdram[0-3] enum('32M','64M','128M','256M')
print_enum_multi("sdram", $row, $sdram_vals, 4, array());
// flash[0-3] enum('4M','8M','16M','32M','64M')
print_enum_multi("flash", $row, $flash_vals, 4, array());
// zbt[0-f] enum('512K','1M','2M','4M')
print_enum_multi("zbt", $row, $zbt_vals, 16, array());
// xlxtyp[0-3] enum('XCV300E','XCV400E','XCV600E')
print_enum_multi("xlxtyp", $row, $xlxtyp_vals, 4, array(), 1);
// xlxspd[0-3] enum('6','7','8')
print_enum_multi("xlxspd", $row, $xlxspd_vals, 4, array(), 1);
// xlxtmp[0-3] enum('COM','IND')
print_enum_multi("xlxtmp", $row, $xlxtmp_vals, 4, array(), 1);
// xlxgrd[0-3] enum('NORMAL','ENGSAMP')
print_enum_multi("xlxgrd", $row, $xlxgrd_vals, 4, array(), 1);
// cputyp enum('MPC8260(HIP3)','MPC8260A(HIP4)','MPC8280(HIP7)')
print_enum("cputyp", $row, $cputyp_vals);
// cpuspd enum('33MHZ','66MHZ','100MHZ','133MHZ','166MHZ','200MHZ','233MHZ','266MHZ')
print_enum_select("cpuspd", $row, $clk_vals);
// cpmspd enum('33MHZ','66MHZ','100MHZ','133MHZ','166MHZ','200MHZ','233MHZ','266MHZ')
print_enum_select("cpmspd", $row, $clk_vals);
// busspd enum('33MHZ','66MHZ','100MHZ','133MHZ','166MHZ','200MHZ','233MHZ','266MHZ')
print_enum_select("busspd", $row, $clk_vals);
// hstype enum('AMCC-S2064A')
print_enum("hstype", $row, $hstype_vals);
// hschin enum('0','1','2','3','4')
print_enum("hschin", $row, $hschin_vals);
// hschout enum('0','1','2','3','4')
print_enum("hschout", $row, $hschout_vals);
echo "<p>\n";
echo "<center><b>";
echo "<font color=#ff0000>WARNING: NO UNDO ON DELETE!</font>";
echo "<br></br>\n";
echo "<tt>[ <a href=\"dodelete.php?serno=$serno\">delete</a> ]</tt>";
echo "</b></center>\n";
echo "</p>\n";
<table align=center width="100%">
<td align=center>
<input type=submit value=Edit>
<td align=center>
<input type=reset value=Reset>
<td align=center>
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