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This repository contains the plain text version of the regulatory
database file I maintain for use with Central Regulatory Database
Agent daemon. Also included is the compiled binary version of this
file signed with my RSA key. This represents a good faith attempt
to capture regulatory information that is correct at the time of its last
modification. This information is provided to you with no warranty
either expressed or implied.
Also included are the tools used to compile and sign the regulatory.bin
file as well as a MoinMoin macro used for viewing the database.
The regulatory information in `db.txt' is stored in a human-readable
format which can be read using the `' python module. This
python module is used by the web viewer ( which is
implemented as a MoinMoin macro (and used on
to allow viewing the database for verification.
The dbparse module is also used by, the `compiler', which
compiles and signs the binary database.
For more information, please see the CRDA git repository:
John W. Linville
17 November 2008