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TODO for the libxml2 Python wrappers
Things to do:
- SAX interfaces
- push is done but no generic interface
- elementDecl need some work
- need more testing and check full callbacks for xmllib/sgmlop replacement
- enums ->
- access to XPath variables
- xmlBuffer exposure
- xpathContext, being able to set/get info and clean it up
- more work needed on context handling for function lookup
and use of an hash table.
- add regression tests
- SAX flow
- DTD element and attributes content accesses
- attribute handled in SAX
- element needed in both
- class hierarchy:
+ make specific node type inherit from xmlNode
done, had to sort the classes in the output
+ get the generator to output a classes.txt description
done libxml2class.txt
- add regression tests
- tests/ export the Python class path
- xpath queries
- xpath extension
- check memory
- build tree
- saving
- extensions based on a python.xml description of the new specific
file libxml2-python-api.xml , first entry is xmlRegisterXPathFunction
- spec file: automatically generate for pythonX.Y if found
Done, a bit ugly by running new makes in %install for each level
- error redirections and preformat
- handling of node.content
- access to xmlParserCtxt and push mode
- needed for SAX too
- entry points
- wrappers
- decent interface for setting/getting behaviour
- memory debug interfaces
- SAX interfaces
- basic stuff with push is available
- basic xmllib replacement
Daniel Veillard