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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG April 1999//EN"
<!--DOCTYPE svg SYSTEM "svg-19990412.dtd"-->
<svg width="4in" height="3in">
<title>Kona Lavadome mountain bike
<desc>This picture shows a mountain bike, a human-propelled,
multi-terrain vehicle. While it can be succesfully used on moorland,
forest, roads, and large hills it is not actually suitable for going
up mountains.
<g id="bike">
<symbol id="spoke"><desc>14/12 gauge double butted spoke</desc>
<!-- the path data goes here --></symbol>
<symbol id="hub"><desc>black anodised low torsion hub</desc>
<!--the path data goes here --></symbol>
<symbol id="rim"><desc>twin wall, eyeletted rim</desc>
<!-- the path data goes here--></symbol>
<symbol id="cogs"><desc>8 speed, wide ratio gearing</desc>
<!--the path data goes here --></symbol>
<symbol id="lacing"><desc>double cross lacing of 32 spokes</desc>
<!-- the overall bike drawing goes here -->
<g id="frontwheel">
<title>Front wheel</title>
<desc>The front wheel provides grip, steering and some shock absorption</desc>
<use href="id(lacing)" style="rotation: 20deg; fillcolor: black"/>
<g id="backwheel">
<g id="frame"><!-- and so on -->