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:Author: Thomas Harning
:Date: 2009/04/29
luajson - JSON encoder/decoder for Lua
json.decode("json-string" [, parameters])
json.encode(lua_value [, parameters])
json.decode("json-string" [, parameters])::
Obtains a JSON decoder using `getDecoder` with the parameters specified,
then performs the decoding operation.
json.encode(lua_value [, parameters])::
Obtains a JSON encoder using `getEncoder` with the parameters specified,
then performs the encoding operation.
Obtains a JSON decoder configured with the given parameters or defaults.
Obtains a JSON encoder configured with the given parameters or defaults.
A default parameter specification containing 'strict' rules for encoding
A default parameter specification containing 'strict' rules for decoding
initialObject : boolean::
Specifies if the outermost element be an array or object
allowUndefined : boolean::
Specifies if 'undefined' is an allowed value
null : any::
Placeholder object for null values
undefined : any::
Placeholder for undefined values
number.nan : boolean::
Specifies if NaN is an allowed value
number.inf : boolean::
Specifies if +/-Infinity is an allowed value
preProcess : `function(object)`::
Called for every value to be encoded, optionally altering.
If returns `nil` then no value change occurs.
output : function::
Function that returns an encoder specification (TBD), if null
default used that returns a string.
array.isArray : `function(object)`::
If `true`/`false` returned, then the value is authoritatively
an array or not
strings.xEncode : boolean::
Specifies if binary values are to be encoded with \xNN rather than \uNNNN
strings.encodeSet : string::[gmatch-style] set of
characters that need to be escaped (to be contained in `[]`)
strings.encodeSetAppend : string::
Set of characters that need to be escaped (to be contained in `[]`).
Appended to the current encodeSet.
==== Default Configuration
array.isArray == json-util's isArray implementation
allowUndefined = true
number.nan = true
number.inf = true
strings.xEncode = false
strings.encodeSet = '\\"/%z\1-\031'
==== Strict Configuration
initialObject = true
allowUndefined = false
number.nan = false
number.inf = false
unicodeWhitespace : boolean::
Specifies if unicode whitespace characters are counted
array.trailingComma / object.trailingComma : boolean::
Specifies if extraneous trailing commas are ignored in declaration
calls.defs : map<string | LPEG, function | boolean>::
Defines set of specifically permitted function definitions.
If boolean value, determines if allowed or not, decoded as a call object.
Function return-value is the decoded result.
Function definition: `function(name, [arguments])` : output-value
calls.allowUndefined : boolean::
Specifies if undefined call definitions are decoded as call objects.
number.frac : boolean::
Specifies if numbers can have a decimal component (ex: `.01`)
number.exp : boolean::
Specifies if exponents are allowed (ex: `1e2`)
number.hex : boolean::
Specifies if hexadecimal numbers are allowed (ex: `0xDEADBEEF`)
object.number : boolean::
Specifies if numbers can be object keys
object.identifier : boolean::
Specifies if unquoted 'identifiers' can be object keys (matching `[A-Za-z_][A-Za-z0-9_]*`)
strings.badChars : string::
Set of characters that should not be present in a string
strings.additionalEscapes : LPeg expression::
LPeg expression to handle output (ex: `lpeg.C(1)` would take `\k` and spit out `k`)
strings.escapeCheck : non-consuming LPeg expression::
LPeg expression to check if a given character is allowed to be an escape value
`function (XX, YY)` handling \uXXYY situation to output decoded unicode sequence
strings.strict_quotes : boolean::
Specifies if the `'` character is considered a quoting specifier
==== Default configuration
unicodeWhitespace = true
initialObject = false
allowUndefined = true
array.trailingComma = true
number.frac = true
number.exp = true
number.hex = false
object.number = true
object.identifier = true
object.trailingComma = true
strings.badChars = '' -- No characters considered bad in a string
strings.additionalEscapes = false, -- disallow untranslated escapes
strings.escapeCheck = #lpeg.S('bfnrtv/\\"xu\'z'),
strings.decodeUnicode = utf8DecodeUnicode,
strings.strict_quotes = false
==== Strict configuration
initialObject = true
allowUndefined = false
array.trailingComma = false
object.identifier = false
object.trailingComma = false
strings.badChars = '\b\f\n\r\t\v'
strings.additionalEscapes = false -- no additional escapes
strings.escapeCheck = #lpeg.S('bfnrtv/\\"u') --only these are allowed to be escaped
strings.strict_quotes = true
Written by Thomas Harning Jr., <>
Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Thomas Harning Jr. Free use of this software is granted
under the terms of the MIT license.