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luajson v0.9 Release Notes
User Visible Changes
There are more tests added in using the lunit framework. These are particularly useful for
testing and debugging small components in the luajson decoder/encoder sections.
Decoders are now customizable in a modular manner. For example: You can construct a decoder
that allows for NaN and Inf values, but be strict on everything else. The support framework
should permit for more enhancements and custom elements.
Plans for next release
* Make the encoder customizable in a manner similar to the decoder
* Try to create an integration point for unicode handling
* Add in custom 'function' handling for decoder (ex: b64(stringvalue))
* Create luarocks
Updates since 0.6
Thomas Harning Jr (15):
Added changelog (with details for 0.6)
Noted lunit 0.4 requirement
Make distcheck properly run the check inside the dist
Added support for primitive Array metatable marker to mark arrays as such
Added hex decode capability
Cleaned up unused values in the base decoder
Refactored decoding mechanism to permit building even more customized decoders
Fixed decoder generation to return cached versions
fixed decoder to remove misnamed parameters (causing failed tests)
Allow negative inf
Reconfigured the tests to behave more correctly and allow for a simpler addition mechanism.
Enhanced the regression tests to handle roundtripping in a sane manner
Updated regression tests for roundtripping to have a better output format and handle outer whitespace and moved tests
Added lunit-based tests for fine-grained tests
Made lunit tests use 'setup' to simplify decoder hooking