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luajson v1.2.1 Release Notes
User Visible Changes
LPeg 0.10 now supported. The only problem was the mechanism for
version detection. I now use object detection which should better
work for future version updates.
Plans for next release
No change in the plans for the next release.
For the next feature release, I plan on better fleshing out the enhanced
error handling and possibly adding in the more customizable output
system. For previews of the features that might make it into the
next release, please see the "next" branch. Note that this branch
is volatile and features may vanish rather than be reverted for cleanliness.
Enhanced error handling introduced in LPeg 0.10 might help this task.
Updates since 1.2
Thomas Harning Jr (6):
compatibility fix for LPeg 0.10 - function-checking vs number parsing