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D-Bus 1.4.10 (2011-06-01)
Notes for distributors:
This version of D-Bus no longer uses -fPIE by default. Distributions wishing
to harden the dbus-daemon and dbus-launch-helper can re-enable this if their
toolchain supports it reliably, via something like:
./configure CFLAGS=-fPIE LDFLAGS="-pie -Wl,-z,relro"
or by using distribution-specific wrappers such as Debian's hardening-wrapper.
• Don't force -fPIE: distributions and libtool know better than we do whether
it's desirable (fd.o #16621, fd.o #27215; Simon McVittie)
• Allow --disable-gc-sections, in case your toolchain offers the
-ffunction-sections, -fdata-sections and -Wl,--gc-sections options
but they're broken, as seen on Solaris (fd.o #33466, Simon McVittie)
• Install dbus-daemon and dbus-daemon-launch-helper in a more normal way
(fd.o #14512; Simon McVittie, loosely based on a patch from Luca Barbato)
• Ensure that maintainers upload documentation with the right permissions
(fd.o #36130, Simon McVittie)
• Log system-bus activation information to syslog (fd.o #35705,
Colin Walters)
• Log messages dropped due to quotas to syslog (fd.o #35358,
Simon McVittie)
• Make the nonce-tcp transport work on Unix (fd.o #34569, Simon McVittie)
• On Unix, if /var/lib/dbus/machine-id cannot be read, try /etc/machine-id
(fd.o #35228, Lennart Poettering)
• In the regression tests, don't report fds as "leaked" if they were open
on startup (fd.o #35173, Simon McVittie)
• Make dbus-monitor bail out if asked to monitor more than one bus,
rather than silently using the last one (fd.o #26548, Will Thompson)
• Clarify documentation (fd.o #35182, Simon McVittie)
• Clean up minor dead code and some incorrect error handling
(fd.o #33128, fd.o #29881; Simon McVittie)
• Check that compiler options are supported before using them (fd.o #19681,
Simon McVittie)
• Windows:
• Remove obsolete workaround for winioctl.h (fd.o #35083, Ralf Habacker)
D-Bus 1.4.8 (2011-04-08)
The "It's like the beginning of a lobster" release.
• Rename to, and update it to modern conventions
(fd.o #32245; Javier Jardón, Simon McVittie)
• Correctly give XDG_DATA_HOME priority over XDG_DATA_DIRS (fd.o #34496,
Anders Kaseorg)
• Prevent X11 autolaunching if $DISPLAY is unset or empty, and add
--disable-x11-autolaunch configure option to prevent it altogether
in embedded environments (fd.o #19997, NB#219964; Simon McVittie)
• Install the documentation, and an index for Devhelp (fd.o #13495,
Debian #454142; Simon McVittie, Matthias Clasen)
• If checks are not disabled, check validity of string-like types and
booleans when sending them (fd.o #16338, NB#223152; Simon McVittie)
• Add UnknownObject, UnknownInterface, UnknownProperty and PropertyReadOnly
errors to dbus-shared.h (fd.o #34527, Lennart Poettering)
• Break up a huge conditional in config-parser so gcov can produce coverage
data (fd.o #10887, Simon McVittie)
• List which parts of the Desktop Entry specification are applicable to
.service files (fd.o #19159, Sven Herzberg)
• Don't suppress service activation if two services have the same Exec=
(fd.o #35750, Colin Walters)
• Windows:
· Avoid the name ELEMENT_TYPE due to namespace-pollution from winioctl.h
(Andre Heinecke)
· Include _dbus_path_is_absolute in libdbus on Windows, fixing compilation
(fd.o #32805, Mark Brand)
D-Bus 1.4.6 (2010-02-17)
The "1, 2, miss a few, 99, 100" release.
• Remove unfinished changes intended to support GTest-based tests,
which were mistakenly included in 1.4.4
D-Bus 1.4.4 (2010-02-17)
• Switch back to using even micro versions for stable releases; 1.4.1
should have been called 1.4.2, so skip that version number
• Don't leave bad file descriptors being watched when spawning processes,
which could result in a busy-loop (fd.o #32992, NB#200248; possibly
also LP#656134, LP#680444, LP#713157)
• Check for MSG_NOSIGNAL correctly
• Fix failure to detect abstract socket support (fd.o #29895)
• Make _dbus_system_logv actually exit with DBUS_SYSTEM_LOG_FATAL
(fd.o #32262, NB#180486)
• Improve some error code paths (fd.o #29981, fd.o #32264, fd.o #32262,
fd.o #33128, fd.o #33277, fd.o #33126, NB#180486)
• Avoid possible symlink attacks in /tmp during compilation (fd.o #32854)
• Tidy up dead code (fd.o #25306, fd.o #33128, fd.o #34292, NB#180486)
• Improve gcc malloc annotations (fd.o #32710)
• If the system bus is launched via systemd, protect it from the OOM killer
• Documentation improvements (fd.o #11190)
• Avoid readdir_r, which is difficult to use correctly (fd.o #8284,
fd.o #15922, LP#241619)
• Cope with invalid files in session.d, system.d (fd.o #19186,
Debian #230231)
• Don't distribute generated files that embed our builddir (fd.o #30285,
fd.o #34292)
• Raise the system bus's fd limit to be sufficient for its configuration
(fd.o #33474, LP#381063)
• Fix syslog string processing
• Ignore -Waddress
• Remove broken gcov parsing code and --enable-gcov, and replace them
with lcov HTML reports and --enable-compiler-coverage (fd.o #10887)
• Windows:
· avoid live-lock in Windows CE due to unfair condition variables
• OpenBSD:
· support credentials-passing (fd.o #32542)
• Solaris:
· opt-in to thread safety (fd.o #33464)
D-Bus 1.4.1 (20 December 2010)
• Fix for CVE-2010-4352: sending messages with excessively-nested variants can
crash the bus. The existing restriction to 64-levels of nesting previously
only applied to the static type signature; now it also applies to dynamic
nesting using variants. Thanks to Rémi Denis-Courmont for discoving this
• OS X portability fixes, including launchd support.
• Windows autolaunch improvements.
• Various bug fixes.
D-Bus 1.4.0 (6 Sep 2010)
- systemd hookup
D-Bus 1.3.1 (23 June 2010)
- New standardized PropertiesChanged signal in the properties interface
- Various portability fixes, in particular to Windows platforms
- Support forking bus services, for compatibility
D-Bus 1.3.0 (29 July 2009)
- ability for dbus-send to send to any bus (--address)
- file descriptor passing on Unix socket transports
- use of GCC atomic intrinsics for better processor support
(requires -march=i486 or above for x86 compilation)
- thread-safe FD_CLOEXEC setting on recent Linux kernels (2.6.24-27 and up)
and glibc (2.9 for pipe2 and 2.10 for accept4)
- feature negotiation in the bus daemon