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This directory contains scripts to decode the data exposed by the eeprom
Linux kernel driver.
* decode-dimms (perl script)
Decode the information found in memory module SPD EEPROMs. The SPD
data is read either from the running system or from dump files.
* decode-vaio (perl script)
Decode the information found in Sony Vaio laptop identification EEPROMs.
* ddcmon (perl script)
decode-edid (perl script)
Decode the information found in monitor EEPROMs. Both scripts require
an access to the DDC channel of the monitor. This is typically provided
by framebuffer drivers. decode-edid additionally requires parse-edid,
which is part of the read-edid package. ddcmon prints general
information, while decode-edid prints timing information for
inclusion into your X11 configuration file.
* decode-xeon (perl script)
ID ROM data decoding for Xeon processors. Support for sysfs is still
missing, so this script doesn't work with 2.6 kernels yet.