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2010-07-08 Jon Dugan <>
* bumped default TCP send/recv buffer to 128K (this is not the kernel buffer
that controls the window, but rather the Iperf internal buffer)
2010-04-10 Jon Dugan <>
* update autoconf goo using Autoconf 2.65, this should help portability a bit
2010-04-02 Ralf LΓΌbben
* honor -i flag when for a server (-s) when using TCP
* tracker issue 2836973
2010-04-01 Deny IP Any Any <>
* Exit rather than warn on connection failure
2010-03-31 Gerrit Renker <>
* Gerrit Renker's version of Ingo's Molnar's patch to further reduce CPU usage
* tracker issue 2006708
2010-03-31 Gerrit Renker <>
* "neater" output for some units, eg Kbps, Mbps, Gbps
* addresses some typos
2008-05-09 Gerrit Renker <>
* replace costly gettimeofday() with nanonsleep() See:
2008-05-09 Jon Dugan <>
* change currLen to unsigned to squelch warning generated by Nathan's patch
2008-05-09 Nathan Jones <>
* prevent underflow when the amount of data to be transmitted (-n) is not a
multiple of the buffer size (-l) Patch:
2008-04-08 Jon Dugan <>
* print report headers only once
* use appropriate report header for UDP tests
2008-04-07 Jon Dugan <>
* Add man page to autoconf goo
* Bump the version in autoconf
* Add missing LICENSE file
2008-04-04 Jon Dugan <>
* Incorporate help string fixes from Claus Klein
* Incorporate patch to restore header line in stats output from Claus Klein
* Reworked help string code to remove redundancy
* Add initial man page
2008-03-19 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add new option to allow selecting the sender congestion control
algorithm. This is a Linux specific extension useful for testing
other congestion control algorithms.
2008-03-19 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Use sched_yield rather than usleep(0) as it behaves better on Linux
2008-03-12 Jon Dugan <>
* Rework Client::RunTCP so to update the stats for every packet if -i is set.
If -i is not set then the stats are only updated at the end of the run. This
was fallout of Andrew's patch.
* Added -Wall to CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS. This generated a lot of noise in the
autotools generated files.
* Added initial AUTHORS file. This is incomplete, but it's a start.
2008-03-12 Andrew Gallatin <>
* Rework threading. This is done by having a condition variable for the reporting
thread rather than using sched_yield and/or usleep.
* Address performance issues on non Linux systems by avoiding system calls
which are expensive on platforms other than Linux.
* Fixes from FreeBSD ports: max_size_t is now 64 bits and not Iperf does not
exit on ENOBUFS.
2007-10-01 JSE <>
* ChangeLog file added
2007-10-05 JSE <>
* Thread.c (thread_stop): "pthread_cancel (oldTID )" should be
"pthread_cancel (thread->mTID)"