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Avahi is a free, LGPL mDNS/DNS-SD implementation.
Copyright 2004-2009 by the Avahi developers.
Avahi has a mailing list:
You have a chance to meet the developers on
#avahi on
Please report bugs to the bugzilla:
Avahi's SVN repository is freely accessible:
svn checkout svn:// avahi
Avahi has the following requirements:
- glib2
- expat
- libdaemon (
- Linux 2.4 or 2.6
- DBUS 0.3x (optional, if you disable this, the daemon is not
accessible over IPC to other applications!)
- gtk2 + glade (optional, needed for avahi-discover-standalone)
- doxygen (optional, needed for he API documentaton)
- Python 2.4, pygtk2 (optional, needed by all client tools)
- python-twisted (optional, needed by avahi-bookmarks)
- xmltoman (if building from SVN rather than a tarball)
If you are not using debian or ubuntu, the upstream authors page has
disappeared, but you can get the source from debian here
Please make sure to read the currently available documentation for avahi before
asking for support on the mailing list:
- Man pages
- Homepage
- Mailing list archive