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# This file is part of avahi.
# avahi is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as
# published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
# License, or (at your option) any later version.
# avahi is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
# License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License along with avahi; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307
# USA.
# Feel free to add more service types or translatons to this database.
# Please refrain from copying bulk service type data from any publicly
# available database unless its license is known and compatible with
# our project! The database available on
# is not a source that complies with the criterion!
### This list is NOT intended to be used as developer
### documentation. If you're looking for the correct service type to
### use for your application please refer to the URL mentioned above.
# Devices
# Web
_http._tcp:Web Site
_http._tcp[it]:Sito Web
_https._tcp:Secure Web Site
_https._tcp[de]:Sicheres Web-Angebot
_https._tcp[it]:Sito Web sicuro
_rss._tcp:Web Syndication RSS
# Network
_domain._udp:DNS Server
_domain._udp[de]: DNS-Dienst
_ntp._udp:NTP Time Server
_smb._tcp:Microsoft Windows Network
_smb._tcp[it]:Rete Microsoft Windows
_airport._tcp:Apple AirPort
# File and data access
_ftp._tcp:FTP File Transfer
_tftp._udp:TFTP Trivial File Transfer
_webdav._tcp:WebDAV File Share
_webdav._tcp[it]:WebDAV Condivisione File
_webdavs._tcp:Secure WebDAV File Share
_webdavs._tcp[it]:WebDAV Condivisione File Sicuro
_afpovertcp._tcp:Apple File Sharing
_nfs._tcp:Network File System
_sftp-ssh._tcp:SFTP File Transfer
_apt._tcp:APT Package Repository
_apt._tcp[it]:APT - Repository dei Pacchetti
_odisk._tcp:DVD or CD Sharing
_adisk._tcp:Apple TimeMachine
# Remote machine access
_ssh._tcp:SSH Remote Terminal
_ssh._tcp[it]:SSH Terminale remoto
_rfb._tcp:VNC Remote Access
_rfb._tcp[it]:Controllo remoto VNC
_telnet._tcp:Telnet Remote Terminal
_telnet._tcp[it]:Telnet Terminale Remoto
_timbuktu._tcp:Timbuktu Remote Desktop Control
_net-assistant._udp:Apple Net Assistant
_udisks-ssh._tcp:Remote Disk Management
# Mail
_imap._tcp:IMAP Mail Access
_imap._tcp[it]:Posta - IMAP
_pop3._tcp:POP3 Mail Access
_pop3._tcp:Posta - POP3
# Printing
_printer._tcp:UNIX Printer
_printer._tcp[it]:Stampante UNIX
_pdl-datastream._tcp:PDL Printer
_pdl-datastream._tcp[it]:Stampante PDL
_ipp._tcp:Internet Printer
# Multimedia
_daap._tcp:iTunes Audio Access
_daap._tcp[de]:iTunes Audio-Zugriff
_daap._tcp[it]:Accesso Audio iTunes
_dacp._tcp:iTunes Remote Control
_realplayfavs._tcp:RealPlayer Shared Favorites
_realplayfavs._tcp[it]:RealPlayer - Preferiti Condivisi
_raop._tcp:AirTunes Remote Audio
_rtsp._tcp:RTSP Realtime Streaming Server
_rtp._udp:RTP Realtime Streaming Server
_dpap._tcp:Digital Photo Sharing
_dpap._tcp[it]:Condivisione Foto
_pulse-server._tcp:PulseAudio Sound Server
_pulse-sink._tcp:PulseAudio Sound Sink
_pulse-source._tcp:PulseAudio Sound Source
_mpd._tcp:Music Player Daemon
_remote-jukebox._tcp:Remote Jukebox
# DAAP share provided by iTunes on behalf of an iPod Touch
_touch-able._tcp:iPod Touch Music Library
_vlc-http._tcp:VLC Streaming
# Communication, presence, working together
_presence._tcp:iChat Presence
_sip._udp:SIP Telephony
_h323._tcp:H.323 Telephony
_presence_olpc._tcp:OLPC Presence
_iax._udp:Asterisk Exchange
_skype._tcp:Skype VoIP
_see._tcp:SubEthaEdit Collaborative Text Editor
_lobby._tcp:Gobby Collaborative Editor Session
_mumble._tcp:Mumble Server
# Databases
_postgresql._tcp:PostgreSQL Server
# Development
_svn._tcp:Subversion Revision Control
_svn._tcp[it]:Subversion - Versionatore
_distcc._tcp:Distributed Compiler
_distcc._tcp[de]:Verteilter Compiler
_distcc._tcp[it]:Compilatore Distribuito
# Vendor specific
_MacOSXDupSuppress._tcp:MacOS X Duplicate Machine Suppression
_ksysguard._tcp:KDE System Guard
_omni-bookmark._tcp:OmniWeb Bookmark Sharing
_acrobatSRV._tcp:Adobe Acrobat
_adobe-vc._tcp:Adobe Version Cue
_home-sharing._tcp:Apple Home Sharing
# Other
_pgpkey-hkp._tcp:GnuPG/PGP HKP Key Server
_ldap._tcp:LDAP Directory Server
_tp._tcp:Thousand Parsec Server
_tps._tcp:Thousand Parsec Server (Secure)
_tp-http._tcp:Thousand Parsec Server (HTTP Tunnel)
_tp-https._tcp:Thousand Parsec Server (Secure HTTP Tunnel)
_shifter._tcp:Window Shifter
_libvirt._tcp:Virtual Machine Manager