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* Samsung's Exynos4210 based SMDKV310 evaluation board
SMDKV310 evaluation board is based on Samsung's Exynos4210 SoC.
Required root node properties:
- compatible = should be one or more of the following.
(a) "samsung,smdkv310" - for Samsung's SMDKV310 eval board.
(b) "samsung,exynos4210" - for boards based on Exynos4210 SoC.
- firmware node, specifying presence and type of secure firmware:
- compatible: only "samsung,secure-firmware" is currently supported
- reg: address of non-secure SYSRAM used for communication with firmware
firmware@0203F000 {
compatible = "samsung,secure-firmware";
reg = <0x0203F000 0x1000>;