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* Freescale i.MX SNVS powerkey device tree bindings
The snvs-pwrkey is designed to enable POWER key function which controlled
by SNVS ONOFF, the driver can report the status of POWER key and wakeup
system if pressed after system suspend.
Required SoC Specific Properties:
- compatible: Should be "fsl,imx6sx-snvs-pwrkey".
- reg: Physical base address of the SNVS and length of memory mapped
- interrupts: The SNVS interrupt number to the CPU(s).
- fsl,keycode: Keycode to emit, KEY_POWER by default.
- fsl,wakeup: Button can wake-up the system
snvs-pwrkey@0x020cc000 {
compatible = "fsl,imx6sx-snvs-pwrkey";
reg = <0x020cc000 0x4000>;
interrupts = <0 4 0x4>;
fsl,keycode = <116>; /* KEY_POWER */