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Power Architecture CPU Binding
Copyright 2013 Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
Power Architecture CPUs in Freescale SOCs are represented in device trees as
per the definition in ePAPR.
In addition to the ePAPR definitions, the properties defined below may be
present on CPU nodes.
- fsl,eref-*
Usage: optional
Value type: <empty>
Definition: The EREF (EREF: A Programmer.s Reference Manual for
Freescale Power Architecture) defines the architecture for Freescale
Power CPUs. The EREF defines some architecture categories not defined
by the Power ISA. For these EREF-specific categories, the existence of
a property named fsl,eref-[CAT], where [CAT] is the abbreviated category
name with all uppercase letters converted to lowercase, indicates that
the category is supported by the implementation.