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* NXP TFA9890
The TFA9890 is a high efficiency class-D audio amplifier with a sophisticated
SpeakerBoost protection algorithm
Required properties:
- compatible:
the string of "nxp,tfa9890"
- reg:
the i2c slave address of the IC
- gpios:
an array specifiying the two required GPIOs for operation.
- tfa_vd-supply:
specify the regulator it uses.
- tfa_max-vol-steps:
specify the max vol steps used on the platform
tfa9890@34 {
compatible = "nxp,tfa9890";
reg = <0x34>;
gpios = <&pm8921_gpio 18 0>; /* RESET */
tfa_vdd-supply = <&rpm_8921_s4>;
nxp,tfa_max-vol-steps = <15>;