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* Hannstar CABC device tree bindings
The Hannstar CABC function may turn a display plane's backlight
automatically according to the content shown on the plane. The
function is controlled(enabled/disabled) by a GPIO.
Required properties:
- compatible : Should be "hannstar,cabc".
Each standalone CABC gpio is represented as a sub-node of "hannstar_cabc":
Required subnode properties:
- gpios: OF device-tree gpio specification.
Optional subnode properties:
- cabc-enable: Provide this bool property if you want to enable the CABC feature.
hannstar_cabc {
compatible = "hannstar,cabc";
lvds0 {
gpios = <&gpio6 15 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
lvds1 {
gpios = <&gpio6 16 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;