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Readme for Monit with Solaris
Written by Christian Hopp <> 2002/07/15
Updated by Christian Hopp <> 2003/06/11
Installation of the package: (e.g. for Solaris 7/Sparc)
You need "gzip" for solaris in order to unpack it. You can find it at for your platform.
Then do...
gzip -d monit-4.0-sol7-sparc-local.pkg.gz
pkgadd -d monit-4.0-sol7-sparc-local.pkg
All the stuff went to /usr/local. The documentation is located in
/usr/local/doc/monit. For the installation and configuration of monit
please look in the documents located in /usr/local/doc/monit. An
example of an init script is there, too.
In the case that you are using the 64 bit binary, the path to the ssl
libraries has to be set. For example adding the path to the Solaris
bundled ssl libraries:
crle -64 -l /lib/64:/usr/lib/64:/usr/sfw/lib/64
Deinstallation of the package:
Simply type...
pkgrm GNUmonit
...and the content of the package should be gone then.
Generation of a Solaris package:
First of all you need:
and all other stuff you need for compilation.
All that you can find at .
Start the "" script. Beware you have to be in the
contrib/package/solaris directory to make it work. The pkginfo and
the prototype files are generated. If you wish to use different
settings like the base directory (aka prefix) or temporary directory
just change it in the script.
Example for creating the 64-bit monit package with Sun Studio compiler
and SSL support enabled:
./ \
--with-ssl-incl-dir=/usr/sfw/include \
--with-ssl-lib-dir=/usr/sfw/lib/64 \
CFLAGS='-xarch=v9' \
./ \
--with-ssl-incl-dir=/usr/sfw/include \
--with-ssl-lib-dir=/usr/sfw/lib/64 \
CFLAGS='-xarch=amd64' \
Make sure that the path to the GNU/make in the script is right. The
generated file is named for Solaris 7/Sparc: