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In no particular order:
* Jonathan duSaint <> for binary unit support and more.
* Kamil Ignacak <> for help with the migration of the API documentation.
* Conectiva,, for sponsoring Parted's development (in the
past). Eliphas, beber (aka Pato), baretta, fuganti, claudio, olive (anyone
* Stefan Kanthak <> for lots of info on boot-loaders,
and some corrections to the documentation
* Fabian Emmes <> for RPM spec file, help with hidden
partitions and autoconfusion :-) - and lots of other misc. help.
* Falk Hueffner <> for bug fixes.
* Kevin Lindsay <> for lots of bug reports, etc.
* John Weismiller <> for lots of bug reports, etc.
* Andries Brouwer <> for advice on BIOS geometry
* Simon Kirby <> for advice on BIOS geometry
* Glenn McGrath <>
* Timshel Knoll <> for Debian stuff
* Tim Waugh <> for bug reports and fixes
* My friends for helping with testing: Tristan Zwalf, Menaka Lashitha Bandara,
Thomas Hambleton
* Ryan Weaver <> for patches
* Benjamin Herrenschmidt <> for answering all of our questions
on Mac's
* Ethan Benson <> for lots of advice / testing on ppc
* Charles Stevenson <> - ppc stuff
* heaps of people we left out!