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2009-07-08 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Clean up spacing to fix warnings reported by git diff --check.
* ChangeLog: Fix spaces before tab in indent.
* bjm.c: Likewise.
* debian/changelog: Likewise.
* strace-graph: Likewise.
* syscall.c: Likewise.
* INSTALL: Fix trailing blank lines.
* README-linux: Likewise.
* README-svr4: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/ Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscall1.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscall1.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/ Likewise.
* sunos4/syscall.h: Likewise.
* test/Makefile: Likewise.
* debian/rules: Fix trailing whitespaces.
* desc.c: Likewise.
* svr4/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* test/childthread.c: Likewise.
* test/leaderkill.c: Likewise.
2009-07-07 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* .cvsignore: Remove.
* README-CVS: Rename to README-hacking.
2009-06-01 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* bjm.c (sys_query_module): Fix format warning reported by
gcc -Wformat-security.
* file.c (tprint_open_modes): Likewise.
* process.c (printargv): Likewise.
* signal.c (printsignal): Likewise.
Clean up header checks.
* Reformat AC_CHECK_HEADERS to keep it sorted and
easily updated, and reduce merging errors in the future.
* system.c: Convert all non-standard #ifdef checks for specific
headers to regular #ifdef HAVE_*_H checks.
Signed-off-by: Mike Frysinger <>
2009-04-20 Denys Vlasenko <>
* file.c (printstatsol, printstat_sparc64):
Remove NULL/error check for addr parameter.
(printoldstat, printstat, printoldstat64):
Move NULL/error check for addr parameter
so that it happens before printstatsol/printstat_sparc64 calls.
2009-04-16 Denys Vlasenko <>
* file.c (print_dirfd): Use int for file descriptor, not a long.
* process.c (printwaitn): Use int for PID, not a long.
2009-04-15 Denys Vlasenko <>
* signal (sys_rt_sigtimedwait): Fix sigtimedwait syscall decoding.
2009-04-15 Denys Vlasenko <>
* signal (sys_rt_sigaction): Print struct sigaction correctly
in 32/64 environment.
* desc.c (printflock): Add #ifdefs around earlier flock 32/64 fix
so that we don't waste time on arches with one personality.
2009-04-14 Denys Vlasenko <>
* signal.c: Whitespace, comment, and style fixes, no code changes.
* file.c: Ditto.
* time.c: Ditto.
* process.c: Ditto.
* resource.c: Ditto.
2009-03-23 Denys Vlasenko <>
* system.c (sram_alloc_flag): Add L2_SRAM constant.
by Mike Frysinger (vapier AT
(sys_sram_alloc): Fix improperly used %zu:
tcp->u_arg is not a size_t, it is a long.
* net.c (printcmsghdr): Fix improperly used %zu:
struct cmsghdr::cmsg_len is not a size_t.
2009-03-10 Denys Vlasenko <>
By Mike Frysinger (vapier AT
F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC to fcntlcmds[]. Create notifyflags[] array.
(sys_fcntl): Handle new flags.
Optimize printing of open modes.
* defs.h: Declare sprint_open_modes(),
remove unused parameter in tprint_open_modes().
* desc.c (sprint_open_modes): Move fuction definition from here...
* file.c (sprint_open_modes): To here.
(tprint_open_modes): Use sprint_open_modes(), it already
generates needed string.
* ipc.c: Remove unused parameter from calls
to tprint_open_modes().
2009-02-27 Denys Vlasenko <>
AVR32 support by Hans-Christian Egtvedt
(hans-christian.egtvedt AT
* Make it recognize avr32.
* defs.h: Define LINUX_AVR32.
* linux/avr32/syscallent.h: New file.
* Reference linux/avr32/syscallent.h.
* proc.c (change_syscall, setarg): Add support for avr32.
(struct xlat struct_user_offsets[]): Ditto.
* syscall.c (get_scno): Ditto.
(get_error, force_result, syscall_enter): Ditto.
* util.c (getpc, printcall): Ditto.
2009-02-25 Denys Vlasenko <>
CRIS support by Hinko Kocevar (hinko.kocevar AT
* Make it recognize cris.
* process.c: Define ARG_xxx constants for cris.
(change_syscall): Add support for cris.
(struct_user_offsets): Add cris-specific data.
* signal.c (sys_sigreturn): Add support for cris.
* syscall.c (get_scno): Add support for cris.
(syscall_fixup): Add support for cris.
(get_error): Add support for cris.
(syscall_enter): Add support for cris.
(force_result): While at it, fix cpp directives indentation.
* util.c (printcall): Add support for cris.
2009-02-24 Denys Vlasenko <>
* process.c: Indent preprocessor directives so that nesting
can be figured out. Add PTRACE_SET_SYSCALL to ptrace_cmds[].
* Improved by Mike Frysinger.
* HACKING-scripts: New file by Mike Frysinger.
2009-02-20 Denys Vlasenko <>
Further signalent.h cleanup.
* linux/ia64/signalent.h: Remove, it is identical to common signalent.h
sans "SIGRTnn" definitions which are redundant.
* linux/powerpc/signalent.h: Remove, it is identical to common signalent.h
sans outdated "SIGUNUSED" which should be "SIGSYS".
* linux/s390/signalent.h: Ditto.
* linux/s390x/signalent.h: Ditto.
* Remove references to the above files.
2009-02-20 Denys Vlasenko <>
Patch by Mike Frysinger (vapier AT
* linux/ Update sed machinery to parse _IOC() macros
with two constants.
2009-02-20 Denys Vlasenko <>
Patch by Mike Frysinger (vapier AT
* Remove reference to linux/sh/signalent.h.
* linux/sh/signalent.h: Remove, it is identical to common signalent.h.
2009-02-20 Denys Vlasenko <>
Patch by Mike Frysinger (vapier AT
* linux/errnoent.h: Make ERRNO_58 show EDEADLOCK for POWERPC.
* Remove reference to linux/powerpc/errnoent.h.
* linux/powerpc/errnoent.h: Remove, we can use common errnoent.h now.
2009-02-20 Denys Vlasenko <>
Patch by Mike Frysinger (vapier AT
Removing redundant errnoent.h files.
* Remove reference to linux/ia64/errnoent.h,
linux/s390/errnoent.h, linux/s390x/errnoent.h and linux/sh/errnoent.h.
* linux/ia64/errnoent.h: Remove, this arch uses common errnoent.h.
* linux/s390/errnoent.h: Ditto.
* linux/s390x/errnoent.h: Ditto.
* linux/sh/errnoent.h: Ditto.
2009-02-10 Roland McGrath <>
* Check for struct sigcontext.
* signal.c [LINUX] [M68K] (struct sigcontext): Don't define it if
From Muttley Meen <>.
2009-02-09 Denys Vlasenko <>
* defs.h: Correct the comment about TCB_SUSPENDED.
* strace.c: Fix misplaced #endif.
* util.c: Indent preprocessor directives, mark code parts
which can never be reached by compilation because of
the combination of #if directives. These are likely dead code,
I want to remove them later.
2009-01-29 Denys Vlasenko <>
* strace.c (newoutf): Prevent -o FILENAME overflowing the stack.
(startup_attach): Fix wrong pid in "Process <PID> attached".
(handle_group_exit): Do not consider exit to be spurious if
tcb has TCB_STARTUP bit set - we can attach to the task
right before its death, it can legitimately happen.
(handle_stopped_tcbs): Ditto.
2009-01-26 Denys Vlasenko <>
* process.c (printwaitn): Add comment about wait4() pid expansion.
Use #ifdef ALPHA instead of LINUX_64BIT, it was misleading
(by implying "any 64-bit platform").
* defs.h: Remove now-unused LINUX_64BIT define.
* resource.c (sys_osf_getrusage): Fix indentation.
2009-01-26 Denys Vlasenko <>
* process.c (internal_clone): Fix fallout from tcb table expansion
simplification. Due to overlooked else, I forgot to group
fork_tcb(tcp) and alloctcb(pid) in a block.
2009-01-23 Michal Nowak <>
* syscall.c (get_scno): Fix warnings about unused variable 'pid'.
2009-01-23 Michal Nowak <>
* mem.c (print_ldt_entry): Fix warning:
Format '%#08lx' expects type 'long unsigned int', but
argument 2 was type 'unsigned int'.
2009-01-17 Denys Vlasenko <>
Two cleanups: tcb table expansion failure is not really a survivable
event, we do not have any viable way to continue. No wonder most
places where that is detected have FIXMEs.
It's way simpler to treat as fatal failure, and handle it inside
tcb table expansion finctions.
Second cleanup: tidy up haphazard locations of a few externs.
* defs.h: Change return type of expand_tcbtab() to void.
Declare change_syscall().
* process.c: Change all callsites of alloctcb(), alloc_tcb() and
fork_tcb(), removing now-redundant error checks.
(fork_tcb): Change return type to void - it can't fail now.
* strace.c: Move extern declarations out of function bodies.
Change all callsites of alloctcb(), alloc_tcb() and
fork_tcb(), removing now-redundant error checks.
(expand_tcbtab): Change return type to void - it can't fail now.
On failure to expand, print a message, clean up, and exit.
(alloc_tcb): On failure to expand, print a message, clean up, and exit.
* util.c (setbpt): Remove extern declaration from function body.
2009-01-14 Denys Vlasenko <>
* linux/bfin/syscallent.h: sys_futex has 6 parameters, not 5.
2009-01-13 Denys Vlasenko <>
Fixes for ptrace() argument parsing.
* defs.h: Declare several "extern const struct xlat" arrays here.
* desc.c: Remove open_mode_flags[] and open_access_modes[]
extern declarations.
* net.c: Remove open_mode_flags[] extern declaration.
* sock.c: Remove addrfams[] extern declaration.
* util.c: Remove struct_user_offsets[] extern declaration.
* signal.c: Remove open_mode_flags[] extern declaration.
2009-01-06 Denys Vlasenko <>
Output format fixes, improving the situation after recent
change which added beeter handling of processes suddenly
disappearing. Now we often do not finish last line
before exiting in those cases.
The only change affecting something other than output
is change in umovestr where we were calling
abort() on ptrace error.
* strace.c (trace): If trace_syscall() failed with ESRCH,
finish current output line with " <unfinished ...>".
(mp_ioctl): While we are at it, fix gross style mismatch
in this function definition. No code chages.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): If decode fails on syscall exit,
finish current output line with "= ? <unavailable>".
* util.c (umoven): Do not complain if error is ESRCH.
(umovestr): Do not complain and do not abort() if error is ESRCH.
* defs.h: Remove unused tcp parameter from printtrailer().
* process.c: Adjust printtrailer() calls accordingly.
* strace.c: Adjust printtrailer() calls accordingly.
* syscall.c: Adjust printtrailer() calls accordingly.
2009-01-06 Denys Vlasenko <>
* desc.c (printflock): Fix display of fcntl(F_SETLK) on
non-native 32-bit architecture.
Fixes RH#471169 "format fcntl64() system calls for
32 bit application incorrect".
* desc.c: const'ify two static struct xlat vector[]'s,
convert all remaining old style C parameter declarations
in this file.
2008-11-13 Kirill A. Shutemov <>
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Update syscalls.
Based on patch by Enrico Scholz.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Fix build on ARM EABI which does not
provide syscalls socketcall and ipc.
2009-01-01 Andreas Schwab <>
* net.c (sys_accept): Properly decode third argument as pointer to
2008-12-30 Denys Vlasenko <>
Experimental support for -D option.
Unlike normal case, with -D *grandparent* process exec's,
becoming a traced process. Child exits (this prevents traced process
from having children it doesn't expect to have), and grandchild
attaches to grandparent similarly to strace -p PID.
This allows for more transparent interaction in cases
when process and its parent are communicating via signals,
wait() etc. Without -D, strace process gets lodged in between,
disrupting parent<->child link.
* strace.c: Add global flag variable daemonized_tracer for -D option.
(startup_attach): If -D, fork and block parent in pause().
In this case we are already a child, we in fact created a grandchild.
After attaching to grandparent, grandchild SIGKILLs parent.
(startup_child): If -D, parent blocks in wait(), then
execs the program to strace. Normally (w/o -D), it is child
who execs the program.
(main): Detect -D option, call startup_attach() if it is given.
2008-12-30 Kirill A. Shutemov <>
Fix some warnings on ARM build.
* defs.h: include <sys/ptrace.h> on arm too.
* syscall.c: EABI arm does not need decode_subcall(),
ifdef it out.
2008-12-29 Nick Black <>
* linux/syscallent.h: Mark sendfile(2) as network syscall.
* linux/*/syscallent.h: Same, for all architectures.
2008-12-17 Denys Vlasenko <>
Make strace detect when traced process suddenly disappeared
(prime example is randomly arriving SIGKILL).
* defs.h (do_ptrace, ptrace_restart): Declare new functions
* process.c: Use ptrace_restart instead of bare ptrace.
This catches and records ESRCH errors.
Print "<unavailable>" if syscall decode or result can't be
determined because of an earlier error in ptrace()
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Stop indiscriminately bailing out
on errors, print "syscall(????" or even "????(????" but continue.
* util.c (do_ptrace, ptrace_restart): Define new functions.
(upeek): use do_ptrace in order to catch and record ESRCH.
Do not print error message in this case.
Fixes RH#472053.
2008-12-17 Denys Vlasenko <>
* signal.c (sys_sigaction, sys_rt_sigaction): Fix typo
in (sa_handler == SIG_IGN) comparison, it was using SIG_DFL
2008-12-16 Denys Vlasenko <>
* defs.h: Modify declaration of upeek to take struct tcb *
parameter instead of pid_t.
* process.c: Change all upeek calls accordingly.
* signal.c: Likewise.
* strace.c: Likewise.
* syscall.c: Likewise.
* util.c: Likewise.
2008-11-11 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* sock.c [LINUX] (sock_ioctl): Parse more SIOCS* ioctls.
2008-12-09 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.1 (DIAGNOSTICS): New section, describe exit behavior.
2008-11-09 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* process.c (prctl_options): Update constants from linux 2.6.27.
* system.c (capabilities): Add more capability values.
* util.c (string_quote): Fix support for NUL-terminated string.
Add comments.
(printpathn): Fix the case when "..." was appended to the output
but no truncation was actually made. Add comments.
(printstr): Fix memory allocation. Fix two cases when "..." was
appended to the output but no truncation was actually made.
Add comments.
Fixes RH#470529.
2008-10-23 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Implement parsers for new linux syscalls.
* desc.c (do_dup2, [LINUX] sys_dup3): New functions.
(sys_dup2): Use do_dup2.
[LINUX] (sys_epoll_create1): New function.
[LINUX] (do_eventfd, sys_eventfd2): New functions.
[LINUX] (sys_eventfd): Use do_eventfd.
* net.c (do_pipe, [LINUX] sys_pipe2): New functions.
(sys_pipe): Use do_pipe.
* signal.c [LINUX] (do_signalfd, sys_signalfd4): New functions.
[LINUX] (sys_signalfd): Use do_signalfd.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare new sys_* functions.
* linux/syscallent.h: Hook up signalfd4, eventfd2, epoll_create1,
dup3, pipe2, inotify_init1.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Hook up paccept, signalfd4, eventfd2,
epoll_create1, dup3, pipe2, inotify_init1.
2008-10-23 Mike Frysinger <>
Port strace to the Blackfin architecture.
* Add bfin to supported architectures.
* process.c: Skip u_fpvalid/u_fpstate for Blackfin architecture.
(change_syscall): Support Blackfin architecture.
* syscall.c: Declare r0 for Blackfin architecture.
(get_scno): Decode Blackfin syscall number.
(syscall_fixup): Extract Blackfin return value.
(get_error): Decode Blackfin return value.
(force_result): Poke Blackfin return value.
(syscall_enter): Extract Blackfin syscall arguments.
* defs.h: Define TCB_WAITEXECVE for Blackfin architecture.
* linux/syscall.h (sys_sram_alloc): Declare for Blackfin
* system.c (sys_sram_alloc): Decode Blackfin sram_alloc() syscall.
* util.c (getpc): Handle PC on Blackfin architecture.
(printcall): Likewise.
* linux/bfin/ioctlent.h, linux/bfin/syscallent.h: New Blackfin
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add linux/bfin/ioctlent.h and
2008-09-18 Mike Frysinger <>
* Accept uclinux hosts as linux.
2008-10-22 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Handle socket type flags introduced in linux 2.6.27.
* net.c (socktypes): Add SOCK_DCCP.
(sock_type_flags): New xlat structure.
(tprint_sock_type): New function.
(sys_socket, sys_socketpair): Use it to parse socket type and
socket type flags.
2008-09-29 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (startup_child): Save child pid for future use.
(main): Exit/kill ourself with straced child's exitcode/signal.
(trace): If signalled process pid matches the saved child pid,
save the signal number. If terminated process pid matches the
saved child pid, save its exit status.
Patch from Denys Vlasenko <>
Fixes RH#105371.
2008-09-12 Tomas Pospisek <>
Jan Kratochvil <>
* strace.1 (DESCRIPTION): New description of unfinished system calls
and system calls restarting.
2008-09-03 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* desc.c (sys_fcntl): Do not initialize auxstr for failed syscall.
* process.c (sys_fork, sys_rfork) [USE_PROCFS]: Likewise.
* signal.c (sys_signal): Likewise.
* stream.c (internal_stream_ioctl): Likewise.
* time.c (sys_adjtimex): Likewise.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): If RVAL_STR is set, then
print auxstr for failed syscall as well.
* syscall.c (is_restart_error): New function.
* defs.h (is_restart_error): Declare it.
* linux/dummy.h (sys_nanosleep): Uncouple from sys_adjtime().
* time.c (sys_nanosleep): New function, based on is_restart_error().
* process.c (sys_prctl): Decode PR_SET_PDEATHSIG, PR_GET_PDEATHSIG,
Fix PR_GET_UNALIGN decoder.
(prctl_options): Add more constants.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use sys_prctl() decoder for "prctl" syscall.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/m68k/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2008-09-02 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Fix syscall numbers for "tee" and
From Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao <>
2008-08-28 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.1 (BUGS): New section, mention SIGTRAP interference.
* strace.spec (%ifarch %{strace64_arches}): Use cp -p instead of ln
for %{rhel} < 6.
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.18.
* strace.spec: 4.5.18-1.
2008-08-24 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall et al, SYS_ipc_subcall et al):
Don't define these if [__ARM_EABI__].
Reported by Johannes Stezenbach <>.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Conditionalize on [SYS_socket_subcall]
and [SYS_ipc_subcall] individually.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Handle subpage_prot.
* mem.c [LINUX && POWERPC] (sys_subpage_prot): New function.
* linux/syscall.h [POWERPC]: Declare it.
From Simon Murray <>.
* mem.c (mmap_prot): Handle PROT_SAO.
From Simon Murray <>.
* mem.c (madvise_flags): Typo fixes. Rename to madvise_cmds.
(sys_madvise): Use printxval, not printflags.
Reported by Rajeev V. Pillai <>.
2008-08-19 Roland McGrath <>
* signal.c (sys_sigaction, sys_rt_sigaction): Don't omit the rest of
the struct after sa_handler is a known constant. Some sa_flags bits
have meaning even for SIG_IGN/SIG_DFL.
2008-08-06 Jan Kratochvil <>
* util.c (CLONE_VM): Define if not defined already.
(setbpt): Clear CLONE_VM in the case we already clear CLONE_VFORK for
SYS_clone and SYS_clone2.
Reported by Michal Nowak.
Fixes RH#455078.
2008-08-06 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix compiler warnings.
* signal.c (sys_signal): Cast to SIG_* to the matching type LONG.
* strace.c (trace): Variables PSR and PC are now signed.
* syscall.c (syscall_enter): Variable RBS_END is now signed long.
Remove/add the RBS_END casts appropriately.
* util.c [IA64] (arg_setup): Variable BSP is now signed long.
Remove/add the BSP casts appropriately.
<ia32>: Initialize *STATE.
2008-07-31 Roland McGrath <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add new linux/arm/ files.
* file.c [LINUX] (struct kernel_dirent): Define it locally,
do not use <linux/dirent.h>.
Fixes RH#457291.
* defs.h [HAVE_STDBOOL_H]: #include <stdbool.h>.
Fixes Debian#492774.
2008-07-24 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (main): Fix -F option backwards compatibility.
2008-07-22 Roland McGrath <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add new debian/ files.
2008-07-21 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 4.5.17.
* strace.spec: 4.5.17-1.
* defs.h [LINUXSPARC]: Don't #include <linux/a.out.h>.
2008-07-19 Frederik Schüler <>
* debian/control: Add strace64 package.
* debian/rules: Use debhelper flag --same-arch instead of --arch in
order to build strace64 only on the specified architectures.
* debian/strace64.install: New file, list for dh_install.
* debian/strace64.manpages: New file, list for dh_install.
* debian/changelog: Add prereleases entries.
Fixes Debian#491167, Debian#491188.
2008-07-18 Andreas Schwab <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Decode mincore syscall.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Fix argument count for request_key.
* term.c (term_ioctl): Decode indirect parameter as int, not long.
2008-07-17 Roland McGrath <>
* NEWS, strace.spec: Updates in preparation for release.
* process.c (printwaitn): When current personality's wordsize is
smaller than native, sign-extend the PID argument from 32 bits.
* process.c (futexops): Update table.
(sys_futex): Handle FUTEX_WAIT_BITSET correctly.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#448628.
* linux/syscallent.h: Fix "futex" argument count.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/m68k/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#448629.
* signal.c (sigact_flags): Prefer SA_NODEFER to SA_NOMASK,
Fixes RH#455821.
2008-07-09 Frederik Schüler <>
* debian/rules: Remove the broken udeb creation routines, and redo the
complete install procedure using debhelper.
* debian/ New file, list for dh_installdocs.
* debian/strace.examples: New file, list for dh_installexamples.
* debian/strace.install: New file, list for dh_install.
* debian/strace-udeb.install: New file, list for dh_install.
* debian/strace.manpages : New file, list for dh_installmanpages.
* debian/copyright: Update.
* debian/control: Fix libc6 build dependency for alpha and ia64.
(strace-udeb: XC-Package-Type): Add header.
* debian/changelog: Cosmetic changes.
2008-07-03 Jan Kratochvil <>
Trace vfork under -f on all the platforms.
* strace.1 <-f>: Describe Linux catches new children immediately.
<-F>: Make the option obsolete. Move the SunOS VFORK comment to the
`-f' option description.
* defs.h (followvfork): Declaration removed.
* strace.c (followvfork): Variable removed.
(main) <-F>: Merge with the `-f' option.
(trace): Make !FOLLOWVFORK unconditional.
* process.c (internal_fork): Make !FOLLOWVFORK unconditional.
2008-07-01 Frederik Schüler <>
* debian/changelog: List all bugs closed since the last release.
* debian/control: Remove Wichert Akkerman from uploaders list.
* debian/control: Bump standards version to 3.8.0.
* debian/control: Add Homepage field.
* debian/rules: Fix dpkg-gencontrol call.
* debian/compat: New file, set to compatibility level 5.
* debian/rules: Call dh_clean on clean target.
* debian/rules: Add dh_md5sums call.
Fixes Debian#439428.
2008-06-30 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix ia64 `-f' on clone2 formerly crashing the child.
* util.c [IA64] (restore_arg0, restore_arg1): Define as empty.
Fixes RH#453438.
2008-06-27 Jan Kratochvil <>
* util.c (CLONE_VFORK): Define if not defined already.
(setbpt): Clear CLONE_VFORK for SYS_clone and SYS_clone2.
Reported by Vitaly Mayatskikh.
Fixes RH#455078.
2008-06-29 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Remove duplicate syscall entries
for #283 and #284.
2008-06-27 Jan Kratochvil <>
* linux/syscallent.h: Remove a duplicite syscall stub #326.
2008-05-27 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c [LINUX] (is_negated_errno): New function.
(get_error) [LINUX]: Use it for all such cases.
Fixes RH#447587.
2008-05-19 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Update entries for timerfd_* and fallocate.
* file.c (sys_fallocate): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare it.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update entry.
From Kyle McMartin <>.
* time.c (sys_timerfd_create): New function.
(sys_timerfd_settime, sys_timerfd_gettime): New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update entries for those syscalls.
From Kyle McMartin <>.
* debian/rules (binary-arch): Fix chmod/chown typo.
Fixes Debian#459255.
* debian/rules (binary-arch): Install strace-graph in examples/
directory under package doc.
Fixes Debian#469068.
* signal.c (sys_kill): When current personality's wordsize is smaller
than native, sign-extend the PID argument from 32 bits.
Fixes RH#430585.
* Add check for struct sigcontext_struct in <signal.h>.
* signal.c [! HAVE_ASM_SIGCONTEXT_H] [I386] (struct sigcontext_struct):
Conditionalize definition on !HAVE_STRUCT_SIGCONTEXT_STRUCT.
Fixes Debian#456879.
* util.c [LINUX] (setbpt): Use correct SYS_clone number for current
Fixes RH#447475.
2008-05-08 David S. Miller <>
* syscall.c (socket_map, sparc_socket_decode): Delete.
(trace_syscall): Use common socketcall and ipc subcall
support on sparc.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h (sys_semtimedop): Declare.
(SYS_socket_subcall, SYS_sub_socket, SYS_sub_bind,
SYS_sub_connect, SYS_sub_listen, SYS_sub_accept,
SYS_sub_getsockname, SYS_sub_getpeername,
SYS_sub_socketpair, SYS_sub_send, SYS_sub_recv,
SYS_sub_sendto, SYS_sub_recvfrom, SYS_sub_shutdown,
SYS_sub_setsockopt, SYS_sub_getsockopt, SYS_sub_sendmsg,
SYS_sub_recvmsg, SYS_socket_nsubcalls, SYS_ipc_subcall,
SYS_sub_semop, SYS_sub_semget, SYS_sub_semctl,
SYS_sub_semtimedop, SYS_sub_msgsnd, SYS_sub_msgrcv,
SYS_sub_msgget, SYS_sub_msgctl, SYS_sub_shmat,
SYS_sub_shmdt, SYS_sub_shmget, SYS_sub_shmctl,
SYS_ipc_nsubcalls): Define
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Add socketcall and ipc entries.
2008-01-25 Bruna Moreira <>
* defs.h [ARM]: Define SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES to 2.
* syscall.c (get_scno) [ARM]: Add support for architecture specific
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Update network syscalls list.
* linux/arm/syscallent1.h: New file. Add new architecture specific
* linux/arm/errnoent1.h: New file.
* linux/arm/ioctlent1.h: New file.
* linux/arm/signalent1.h: New file.
Fixes Debian#441000.
2008-01-07 Paul Mundt <>
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Update numerous calls, fix others.
2007-08-26 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* defs.h [MIPS]: Include <sgidefs.h>.
(MAX_QUALS): Update for MIPS.
(struct tcb): Add ext_arg for MIPS N32.
* file.c (sys_lseek): Use ext_arg for MIPS N32.
(sys_readahead, sys_fadvise64_64): Likewise.
* io.c (sys_pread64, sys_pwrite64): Likewise.
* mem.c (print_mmap): Take OFFSET argument.
(sys_old_mmap): Update call to print_mmap.
(sys_mmap): Use ext_arg for MIPS N32.
* process.c (struct_user_offsets): Add MIPS registers.
* signal.c (sys_sigreturn): Handle MIPS N32 and MIPS N64. Correct
MIPS O32 call to sprintsigmask.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Handle MIPS N32. Check for
(force_result): Add a comment about MIPS N32.
(syscall_enter): Handle MIPS N32 and MIPS N64.
* linux/syscall.h (sys_pread64, sys_pwrite64): Declare.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Include "dummy.h". Handle alternate
2008-04-19 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* file.c [_LFS64_LARGEFILE] (sys_getdents64): Do the same
d_reclen check as in sys_getdents: warn if d_reclen is 0 rather
than looping forever.
[FREEBSD] (sys_getdirentries): Likewise.
Signed-off-by: Mike Frysinger <>
* file.c [LINUXSPARC] (printstatsol): Fix sprinttime()
invocation. The sprinttime() function takes a time_t argument,
but timestruct_t argument was given.
Signed-off-by: Mike Frysinger <>
* file.c (sprinttime): Check localtime() return value, to avoid
potential NULL dereference due to invalid time structures.
Signed-off-by: Harald van Dijk <>
Signed-off-by: Mike Frysinger <>
* linux/errnoent.h: Update errno list based on latest
linux/errno.h and asm-generic/errno*.h files.
Signed-off-by: Mike Frysinger <>
* Fix sort(1) old-style options.
* Likewise.
Signed-off-by: Mike Frysinger <>
* count.c (call_summary_pers): Check calloc() return value.
Signed-off-by: "Yang Zhiguo" <>
2008-03-26 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.spec (strace64_arches): Add sparc64.
2007-11-20 Roland McGrath <>
* CREDITS, ChangeLog: Converted contents to UTF8.
2007-11-19 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.spec: Add BuildRequires on libaio-devel, libacl-devel.
2007-11-19 Andreas Schwab <>
* process.c (sys_ptrace) [IA64]: For PTRACE_PEEKDATA,
PTRACE_PEEKTEXT and PTRACE_PEEKUSER the data is returned directly.
* linux/syscallent.h: Fix argument count for getdents64.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/m68k/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Use sys_getdents64.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2007-11-06 Jan Kratochvil <>
* strace.c [LINUX] (droptcb): Recurse on TCP->parent if it is a
TCB_EXITING zombie group leader.
* test/childthread.c: New file.
* test/.cvsignore, test/Makefile: Add it.
Code advisory: Roland McGrath
Fixes RH#354261.
2007-11-03 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (prctl_options): Add numerous constants.
From Sami Farin <>.
Fixes RH#364401.
2007-11-03 Jan Kratochvil <>
* strace.c (main): Move the STARTUP_CHILD call before setting up the
signal handlers. New comment about the valid internal states.
2007-11-02 Thiemo Seufer <>
* signal.c (m_siginfo_t): Add for MIPS.
(sys_sigreturn): struct sigcontext on MIPS has no sigset_t member,
acquire the signal mask with the same trick as on Sparc.
Fixes Debian#448802.
2007-11-01 Roland McGrath <>
* util.c (string_quote): Return nonzero if the string was unterminated.
(printstr): Use that value instead of just our own test.
(printpathn): Likewise.
Fixes RH#358241.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Fix argument count for fadvise64_64.
From Paul Mundt <>.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Fix argument count for lookup_dcookie.
From Paul Mundt <>.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Fix SYS_socket_subcall check.
From Paul Mundt <>.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Update numerous calls.
From Paul Mundt <>.
2007-09-22 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* desc.c (sys_pselect6): Decode signal mask when entering syscall.
Relax signal mask size check.
* time.c (print_timespec, sprint_timespec): New functions.
* defs.h (print_timespec, sprint_timespec): Declare them.
* desc.c (sys_io_getevents): Use print_timespec.
* stream.c (sys_ppoll): Likewise.
(decode_poll): Use sprint_timespec.
2007-09-22 Alan Curry <>
Dmitry V. Levin <>
* stream.c (decode_poll): Rearrange so that arguments are decoded
and printed on syscall entry, except for revents and the output
timespec which are now printed in the auxstr.
(sys_poll): Print the input timeout argument on syscall entry.
[LINUX] (sys_ppoll): Likewise.
Fixes Debian#369651.
2007-09-22 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* desc.c (sprintflags): Remove static qualifier, add "prefix"
argument, move function to ...
* util.c (sprintflags): ... here.
* defs.h (sprintflags): Declare it.
2007-11-01 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (get_scno) [ARM]: Check TCB_WAITEXECVE.
Reported by Bernhard Fischer <>.
* net.c (sockpacketoptions): Make PACKET_ADD_MEMBERSHIP and
From Bernhard Fischer <>.
* Match sh64* for SH64, sh* for SH.
Reported by Bernhard Fischer <>.
2007-10-01 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* net.c (printsock): Output AF_UNIX socket address using
printpathn() to avoid unprintable characters in output.
Suggested by Neil Campbell.
2007-10-01 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* util.c (string_quote): Move quoting code from ...
(printstr) ... here. Use string_quote.
(printpathn): Update for new string_quote interface.
(printpath): Use printpathn.
2007-09-25 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (main): Use calloc for tcbtab allocation.
Check calloc return value.
Reported by Bai Weidong.
2007-09-11 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Add missing decls.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Correct entries for setgroups32,
getgroups32, sys_getdents64.
From Jakub Bogusz <>.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Correct entries for madvise, setresgid,
getresgid, pivot_root, mincore, pciconfig_iobase, getdents64.
From Jakub Bogusz <>.
* linux/syscallent.h: Fix getegid32 entry.
From Jakub Bogusz <>.
* defs.h [LINUXSPARC]: Use asm/psrcompat.h for [SPARC64], not asm/psr.h.
From Jakub Bogusz <>.
* mem.c (sys_getpagesize): Define for [SPARC || SPARC64] too.
From Jakub Bogusz <>.
2007-08-20 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* syscall.c (qual_syscall, qualify): Fix nsyscalls and MAX_QUALS misuse.
Reported by Xiaoning Ding.
2007-08-06 Jan Kratochvil <>
Roland McGrath <>
* file.c [!HAVE_STAT64 && LINUX && X86_64] (struct stat64): Define it.
[!HAVE_STAT64 && LINUX && X86_64] (HAVE_STAT64, STAT64_SIZE): Define.
[HAVE_STAT64] (printstat64) [STAT64_SIZE]: Add compile-time assertion.
Fixes RH#222275.
* file.c (printstat64): Test [HAVE_LONG_LONG] for st_size printing
and cast to widest type available.
2007-08-03 Ulrich Drepper <>
* file.c (open_mode_flags): Add O_CLOEXEC.
* net.c (msg_flags): Add MSG_CMSG_CLOEXEC.
Fixes RH#365781.
2007-08-03 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.16.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.16-1.
* debian/control (Build-Depends): Replace libc6-dev-s390x and
libc6-dev-sparc64 with gcc-multilib.
* debian/rules: Replace sparc-linux, s390-linux conditionals with
general "arch64_map" hair, handle x86_64 and powerpc64 too.
From Matthias Klose <>.
Fixes Debian#435303.
2007-08-02 Jan Kratochvil <>
* strace.c (detach): Moved the resume notification code to ...
(resume_from_tcp): ... a new function here.
(handle_group_exit): No longer detach also the thread group leader.
(trace): Fixed panic on exit of the TCB_GROUP_EXITING leader itself.
Fixes RH#247907.
* test/leaderkill.c (start): Renamed to ...
(start0): ... here.
(start1): New function.
(main): Created a new spare thread.
2007-08-01 Roland McGrath <>
* util.c (umoven): Don't perror for EIO.
(umovestr): Likewise.
* process.c (printargv): Handle boundary cases correctly.
Handle biarch fetching correctly.
* util.c (printstr): Don't print ... if the string matches the length
limit exactly.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Just #include the sparc file.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent1.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h: Likewise.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Add entry for getcpu.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Add entry for eventfd.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Add entry for timerfd.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Add entry for signalfd.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Add entry for epoll_pwait.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2007-07-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* process.c (sys_getcpu): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_getcpu.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add entry for getcpu.
* desc.c (sys_eventfd): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_eventfd.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add entry for eventfd.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* time.c (printitv_bitness): Add missing braces to enclose
conditional code.
(TDF_TIMER_ABSTIME): Define if not already.
(timerfdflags): New variable.
(sys_timerfd): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_timerfd.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add timerfd entry.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_signalfd.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add entry for signalfd.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* signal.c (sys_signalfd): New function.
* desc.c (sys_epoll_wait): Move body of function to ...
(epoll_wait_common): New function.
(sys_epoll_pwait): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_epoll_pwait.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add entry for epoll_pwait.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2007-07-23 Roland McGrath <>
* time.c (printtv_bitness): SPECIAL only counts when tv_sec == 0.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Add move_pages.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/m68k/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscallent.h: move_pages takes 6 args, not 5.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2007-07-23 Ulrich Drepper <>
* defs.h: Add new parameter to printtv_bitness prototype.
(printttv): Pass zero for the new parameter.
(printtv_special): New macro.
* desc.c (decode_select): Pass zero for the new parameter of
* file.c (utimensatflags): New macro.
(sys_osf_utimes): Pass zero for the new parameter of
(sys_utimes): Likewise.
(sys_futimesat): Likewise.
(decode_utimes): Add new parameter. Pass it to the
printtv_bitness calls. Fix printing of time values.
(sys_utimensat): New function.
* time.c (UTIME_NOW, UTIME_OMIT): Define if not already
(printtv_bitness): Add new parameter. Print special UTIME_*
values as strings if set.
(sys_osf_gettimeofday): Pass zero for the new parameter of
(sys_osf_settimeofday): Likewise.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_utimensat.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add utimensat entry.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* mem.c (move_pages_flags): New variable.
(sys_move_pages): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_move_pages.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add entry for sys_move_pages.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* mem.c (MPOL_MF_MOVE, MPOL_MF_MOVE_ALL): Define.
(mbindflags): Add MPOL_MF_MOVE and MPOL_MF_MOVE_ALL entries.
2007-07-23 Roland McGrath <>
* util.c (tv_add): Fix rounding comparison.
Reported by Bai Weidong <>.
2007-07-11 Roland McGrath <>
* count.c (call_summary_pers): Use tv_float conversion for output of
cumulative time, in case it is negative from bogus -O value.
From Lai JiangShan <>.
* strace.c (handle_group_exit): Detach TCP before LEADER.
* util.c (printstr): Fix size calculation for outstr allocation.
* (struct sigcontext.sc_hi2): Use #ifdef around
<asm/sigcontext.h> to match signal.c include conditions.
2007-07-05 Roland McGrath <>
* debian/rules: Use debian/$(package) instead of debian/tmp as temp dir.
* Use <stddef.h> before <linux/socket.h>.
* debian/changelog: Harmonize with debian version.
* debian/control (Uploaders): Fix surname spelling.
(Build-Depends): Make debhelper requirement (>= 5.0.0).
(Standards-Version): Update to 3.7.2.
* .cvsignore: Add some automake-created files.
* file.c (sys_utime): Use personality_wordsize to handle biarch.
Fixes RH#247185.
* signal.c (sys_sigreturn) [MIPS]: Pass 3rd arg to sprintsigmask.
From Zhang Le <>.
* strace.c (strace_fopen): [_LFS64_LARGEFILE]: Use fopen64.
Fixes Debian#385310.
* strace.c (main): Fix error message for unfound -u user.
From Srinivasa Ds <>.
Fixes RH#247170.
* debian/control (Architecture): Add armel.
* linux/syscallent.h: Fix sys_delete_module arg count.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/m68k/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/dummy.h (sys_delete_module): Use sys_open.
From Johannes Stezenbach <>.
* Check for struct sigcontext.sc_hi2.
* signal.c (sys_sigreturn) [MIPS]: Use sc_hi2 vs sc_sigset if found.
* process.c [LINUX] (futexops): Add many new values.
[LINUX] (futexwakeops, futexwakecmps): New tables.
[LINUX] (sys_futex): Use them.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#241467.
2007-07-05 Jan Kratochvil <>
* strace.c (detach): New prototype. Extended the function comment.
[LINUX] (detach): Call droptcb() instead of the wrongly parametrized
detach() call.
(handle_group_exit): Call droptcb() instead of the wrongly parametrized
detach() call. Always call detach() only once from the group leader.
Comment the leader killing known bug tested by `test/leaderkill.c'.
Code advisory: Roland McGrath
Fixes RH#240961.
* test/leaderkill.c: New file.
* test/.cvsignore, test/Makefile: Add it.
2007-03-21 Andreas Schwab <>
* file.c (sys_newfstatat): Don't use printstat64 on ppc64.
2007-03-29 Vladimir Nadvornik <>
Dmitry V. Levin <>
Trace linux SG_IO ioctl arguments and results.
* scsi.c: New file.
* (strace_SOURCES): Add it.
* defs.h (scsi_ioctl): New function.
* ioctl.c (ioctl_decode): Use scsi_ioctl().
2007-06-28 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* util.c (tv_mul): Multiply tv_usec properly.
Patch from Cai Fei <>.
2007-06-11 Jan Kratochvil <>
Never interrupt when the attached traced process would be left stopped.
* strace.c (main): `-p' attaching moved to ...
(startup_attach): ... a new function, renamed a variable C to TCBI.
Block interrupting signals since the first tracee has been attached.
New comment about INTERRUPTED in the nonthreaded case.
[LINUX] (startup_attach): Check INTERRUPTED after each attached thread.
(main): Command spawning moved to ...
(startup_child): ... a new function, replaced RETURN with EXIT.
[LINUX] (detach): New variable CATCH_SIGSTOP, do not signal
new SIGSTOP for processes still in TCB_STARTUP.
(main): Move signals and BLOCKED_SET init before the tracees attaching,
[SUNOS4] (trace): Removed fixvfork () call as a dead code, SIGSTOP must
have been already caught before clearing TCB_STARTUP.
(trace): Removed the `!WIFSTOPPED(status)' dead code.
Clear TCB_STARTUP only in the case the received signal was SIGSTOP.
New comment when `TCB_BPTSET && TCB_STARTUP' combination can be set.
Code advisory: Roland McGrath
Fixes RH#240986.
2007-05-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
* strace.c [LINUX] (my_tgkill): New macro.
[LINUX] (detach): Use my_tgkill () instead of kill(2).
Fixes RH#240962.
2007-03-30 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* mem.c (mmap_flags): Add MAP_32BIT.
Reported by Kirill A. Shutemov.
2007-01-12 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* sock.c (sock_ioctl): Check umove() return code.
2007-03-16 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Use sys_restart_syscall for 7.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2007-02-18 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.spec (Summary): Remove trailing period.
(%files): Add %doc files.
(%changelog): Double %s in text.
(BuildRoot): Change to Fedora canonical.
(%install): Don't use %makeinstall macro.
(%build): Use %{?_smp_mflags}.
2007-01-16 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.15.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.15-1.
2007-01-16 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Update mount parser to match kernel behaviour.
* system.c [LINUX] (MS_VERBOSE): Rename to MS_SILENT.
New macros.
[LINUX] (mount_flags): Add them.
[LINUX] (MS_MGC_MSK): New macro.
[LINUX] (sys_mount): Update parser to match kernel behaviour:
discard MS_MGC_VAL magic, do not decode type and/or data
strings when specified flags do not imply valid strings.
2007-01-12 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* time.c [LINUX] (tprint_timex32, tprint_timex): Decode adjtimex
modes as flags.
2007-01-11 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Update umount parser.
* system.c [LINUX] (MNT_FORCE, MNT_DETACH, MNT_EXPIRE): New macros.
[LINUX] (umount_flags): New xlat structure with MNT_* entries.
[LINUX] (sys_umount2): Use umount_flags.
Fix open(2) flags parser.
* defs.h (tprint_open_modes): New function.
* desc.c (sprint_open_modes): New function.
(sys_fcntl): Use tprint_open_modes() and sprint_open_modes().
* file.c (openmodes): Split xlat into open_access_modes and
(tprint_open_modes): New function.
(decode_open): Use it.
* ipc.c (sys_mq_open, printmqattr): Likewise.
Fixes RH#222385.
2007-01-11 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.15.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.15-1.
* debian/control (Uploaders): Add Frederik Schueler <>.
* strace.spec (Release): Use %{?dist}.
* system.c [LINUX] (CTL_CPU): Define in case header is missing it.
2006-12-27 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Add const qualifier to xlookup() return value.
* defs.h (xlookup): Add const qualifier to return value.
* desc.c (sprintflags): Likewise.
* process.c (printpriv): Update xlookup() use.
* signal.c (sprintsigmask): Add const qualifier to first argument and
return value.
* util.c (xlookup): Add const qualifier to return value.
(printxval): Update xlookup() use.
2006-12-21 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Move counts code to separate file.
* count.c: New file.
* (strace_SOURCES): Add count.c.
* syscall.c (call_counts, countv, counts, shortest, time_cmp,
syscall_cmp, count_cmp, sortfun, overhead, set_sortby,
set_overhead, call_summary_pers, call_summary): Move to count.c
* count.c (count_syscall): New function.
* defs.h (count_syscall): Declare it.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Use it.
2006-12-20 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Change conditions for internal_exit,
internal_fork, internal_clone, internal_exec and internal_wait
calls from switching on known scno values to switching on known
sysent[tcp->scno].sys_func values.
Fixes RH#179740.
Show system call summary for each personality.
* syscall.c (countv): New call_counts pointers array.
(counts): Convert to macro wrapper around countv.
(call_summary_pers): New function.
(call_summary): Use it for each personality.
Fixes RH#192193.
2006-12-12 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Fix -ff -o behaviour. Fix piping trace output.
* defs.h (newoutf): Remove.
(alloctcb): Rename to alloc_tcb. Add alloctcb() macro wrapper
around alloc_tcb().
* process.c [!USE_PROCFS] (internal_clone, internal_fork):
Remove newoutf() call.
* strace.c (set_cloexec_flag, strace_fopen, strace_popen,
swap_uid): New functions.
(popen_pid): New variable.
(newoutf): Make static, use strace_fopen().
(main): Use strace_fopen() and strace_popen(), remove uids
swapping. Do not open outfname when followfork > 1.
Reinitialize tcp->outf properly.
(alloctcb): Rename to alloc_tcb. Use newoutf().
(trace): Check popen_pid. Remove newoutf() call.
[USE_PROCFS] (proc_open, proc_poll_open): Use set_cloexec_flag().
Fixes RH#204950, RH#218435, Debian#353935.
2006-12-10 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Add biarch support for "struct sigevent".
* time.c [LINUX && SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES > 1] (printsigevent32):
New function.
[LINUX] (printsigevent): [SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES > 1]
Handle 32-bit personality.
Add biarch support for "struct timex".
* time.c [LINUX && SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES > 1] (tprint_timex32):
New function.
[LINUX] (tprint_timex): New function.
[LINUX] (sys_adjtimex): Use it.
Enhance adjtimex parser.
* time.c [LINUX] (adjtimex_modes, adjtimex_status,
adjtimex_state): New xlat structures.
[LINUX] (sys_adjtimex): Print the whole struct timex.
Decode modes, status and return code.
Add biarch support for "struct itimerval".
* time.c (printitv): Rename to printitv_bitness().
Add printitv() macro wrapper around printitv_bitness().
(printitv_bitness): Handle 32-bit personality.
[ALPHA] (sys_osf_getitimer, sys_osf_setitimer):
Use printitv_bitness().
(tprint_timeval, tprint_timeval32): New functions.
(printtv_bitness, printitv_bitness, sys_adjtimex): Use them.
(printitv32): Remove.
Add biarch support for "struct timeval".
* defs.h (bitness_t): New enum type.
(printtv_bitness, sprinttv): New function prototypes.
(printtv): Convert to macro wrapper around printtv_bitness().
(printtv32): Remove.
* desc.c (decode_select): Use printtv_bitness() and sprinttv().
(sys_oldselect, sys_osf_select, sys_select, sys_pselect6):
Update decode_select() use.
* file.c [ALPHA] (sys_osf_utimes): Use printtv_bitness().
* time.c (printtv_bitness, sprinttv): New functions.
(printtv, printtv32): Remove.
[ALPHA] (sys_osf_settimeofday, sys_osf_settimeofday):
Use printtv_bitness().
Fixes RH#171626, RH#173050.
Add biarch support for "struct iovec".
* defs.h (personality_wordsize): Add.
* io.c [HAVE_SYS_UIO_H] (tprint_iov): [LINUX &&
SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES > 1] Handle 32-bit personality.
* util.c [HAVE_SYS_UIO_H] (dumpiov): [LINUX &&
Patch from Jakub Jelinek.
Fixes RH#218433.
* time.c (sys_timer_create): Check umove() return code.
Make several global variables static.
#ifdef definitions of rarely unused functions.
* defs.h (rflag, tflag, outfname): Remove.
* strace.c (iflag, interactive, pflag_seen, rflag, tflag,
outfname, username): Make static.
* desc.c (sys_getdtablesize): Define only for
* file.c (sys_fchroot): Define only for SUNOS4 || SVR4.
(sys_mkfifo): Define only for FREEBSD.
* mem.c (sys_sbrk): Define only for FREEBSD || SUNOS4.
(sys_getpagesize): Define only for
* net.c (sys_so_socket): Define only for SVR4.
* process.c (sys_gethostid): Define only for
(sys_gethostname): Define only for
(sys_setpgrp): Define only for ALPHA || SUNOS4 || SVR4.
(sys_execv): Define only for SPARC || SPARC64 || SUNOS4.
* signal.c (sys_sigblock): Define only for FREEBSD || SUNOS4.
(sys_sighold, sys_sigwait): Define only for SVR4.
(sys_killpg): Define only for FREEBSD || SUNOS4.
* stream.c (sys_getmsg): Define only for
* syscall.c (sys_indir): Define only for SUNOS4.
2006-11-27 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* system.c [LINUX]: Define CTL_PROC, since Linux 2.6.18+ headers
removed CTL_PROC enum. Patch from Jakub Jelinek.
[LINUX] (sysctl_root): Add CTL_BUS, CTL_ABI and CTL_CPU.
2006-11-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Add #if check to make sure that
SYS_socket_subcall adjustment isn't forgotten again.
2006-10-16 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Implement comprehensive quotactl(2) parser for Linux.
* (strace_SOURCES): Add quota.c.
* quota.c: New file.
* resource.c: Remove old quotactl(2) parser.
Fixes RH#118696.
2006-10-14 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add inttypes.h.
* file.c [_LFS64_LARGEFILE && (LINUX || SVR4)]:
Include <inttypes.h>.
(sys_getdents64): Use PRIu64/PRId64 to avoid gcc warnings on
64-bit platforms.
* strace.c (main): Check getcwd() return code.
2006-10-13 Ulrich Drepper <>
Bernhard Kaindl <>
Dmitry V. Levin <>
Michael Holzheu <>
Add hooks for new syscalls. Add decoders for *at, inotify*,
pselect6, ppoll and unshare syscalls.
* defs.h: Declare print_sigset.
* desc.c (sys_pselect6): New function.
* file.c (decode_open, decode_access, decode_mkdir,
decode_readlink, decode_chmod, decode_utimes, decode_mknod):
New functions.
(sys_open, sys_access, sys_mkdir, sys_readlink, sys_chmod,
sys_utimes, sys_mknod): Use them.
[LINUX] (fstatatflags, unlinkatflags, inotify_modes): New
[LINUX] (print_dirfd, sys_openat, sys_faccessat,
sys_newfstatat, sys_mkdirat, sys_linkat, sys_unlinkat,
sys_symlinkat, sys_readlinkat, sys_renameat, sys_fchownat,
sys_fchmodat, sys_futimesat, sys_mknodat, sys_inotify_add_watch,
sys_inotify_rm_watch): New functions.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_unshare): New function.
* signal.c (print_sigset): New function.
(sys_sigprocmask): Use it.
* stream.c (decode_poll): New function.
(sys_poll): Use it.
[LINUX] (sys_ppoll): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Delcare new syscall handlers.
* linux/syscallent.h: Hook up new syscalls.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
Fixes RH#178633.
2006-10-06 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c [!USE_PROCFS] (trace): Presence of PT_GETSIGINFO
macro does not mean that PT_CR_IPSR and PT_CR_IIP macros are
also defined, so check them along with PT_GETSIGINFO.
Fixes RH#209856.
2006-09-01 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* file.c (print_xattr_val): Fix memory corruption bug reported
by James Antill.
Fixes RH#200621.
2006-04-21 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* defs.h [LINUX && X86_64 && !__NR_exit_group]: Define
2006-03-29 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Fix race conditions in tcb allocation.
* process.c (fork_tcb): Return error code as documented. Do not
print "tcb table full" error message.
[USE_PROCFS] (internal_fork): Do not print "tcb table full"
error message.
[SYS_clone || SYS_clone2] (internal_clone, internal_fork): Call
fork_tcb() before alloctcb(). Do not print "tcb table full"
error message.
* strace.c (main): Do not print "tcb table full" error message.
(expand_tcbtab): Print error message in case of memory allocation
(alloctcb): Print error message when tcb table is full.
(trace): Expand tcb table if necessary prior to allocating
entry there. Do not print "tcb table full" error message.
Fixes RH#180293.
2006-08-22 Roland McGrath <>
* ipc.c (sys_msgget, sys_semget, sys_shmget): Show key values in hex.
Fixes RH#198179.
2006-08-21 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Bump to 400.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update table.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/m68k/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
Fixes RH#201462.
2006-04-25 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Fail when -c is given with -ff.
* strace.1: Note their incompatibility.
Fixes RH#187847.
* strace.c (main): Fail when nonoption args follow -p switches.
Fixes Debian#361302.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add xlate.el.
* linux/mips/ File removed, unused cruft.
* linux/sparc/ Likewise.
* strace.spec (Source0): Use URL.
* ipc.c (sys_semtimedop): Fixed inverted indirect_ipccall test.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Fixed semtimedop entry.
From Mike Stroyan <>.
Fixes Debian#340239.
2006-03-30 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Correct the name of exit. Remove
M68K conditionals and sys_security. Correct syscalls 243-282.
Fixes Debian#360154.
* process.c (change_syscall): Add ARM support.
* syscall.c (get_scno): Handle ARM EABI.
Fixes Debian#360152.
2006-01-16 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.14.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.14-1.
2006-01-13 Roland McGrath <>
* debian/control (Build-Depends): Add debhelper.
2006-01-12 Roland McGrath <>
* signal.c [LINUX] (sys_restart_syscall): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_restart_syscall.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscallent.h: Call 0 is restart_syscall.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/m68k/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Use sys_restart_syscall.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
Fixes RH#165469, Debian#350641.
2005-08-08 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* system.c [LINUX] (MS_MGC_VAL): New macro.
[LINUX] (mount_flags): Add it.
[LINUX] (sys_mount): If neither MS_BIND nor MS_MOVE bits are
set in the flags argument, try to fetch data string.
Fixes RH#165377.
2006-01-12 Roland McGrath <>
* system.c (sys_sysctl): Don't read off end of NAME when max_strlen
exceeds INFO.nlen.
From Timo Lindfors <>.
Fixes Debian#339117.
* debian/rules (binary-arch): Don't pass -s to install. Use dh_strip.
Fixes Debian#325132.
* debian/control (Standards-Version): Update to 3.6.2.
New macros.
* syscall.c (PERSONALITY0_WORDSIZE): New macro if undefined.
(personality_wordsize): New variable.
(decode_subcall): Use it for size of argument words.
Fixes RH#174354.
2005-11-17 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Implement qual_flags support for each personality.
* strace.c (main): Move qualify calls after set_personality call.
* syscall.c (qual_flags0): New variable..
[SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES >= 2] (qual_flags1): New variable.
[SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES >= 3] (qual_flags2): New variable.
(qual_flags): Change variable definition from array to pointer.
(set_personality): Initialize qual_flags variable.
(qualify_one): Add "pers" argument to specify personality.
[SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES >= 2]: Set qual_flags1 if requested.
[SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES >= 3]: Set qual_flags2 if requested.
(qual_syscall): Pass personality to qualify_one.
[SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES >= 2]: Look for syscall also in sysent1
[SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES >= 3]: Look for syscall also in sysent2
(qual_signal): Pass personality to qualify_one.
(qual_desc): Likewise.
(qualify): Use qualify_one instead of manual qual_flags
[SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES >= 2]: Look for syscall also in sysent1
[SUPPORTED_PERSONALITIES >= 3]: Look for syscall also in sysent2
* defs.h: Update qual_flags declaration.
Fixes RH#173986.
2005-11-14 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* syscall.c (qual_syscall): Handle numeric syscall specification.
Fixes RH#174798.
* syscall.c (qual_signal, qual_options): Remove redundant argument
2005-12-01 Roland McGrath <>
* ipc.c (indirect_ipccall) [MIPS || HPPA]: Return false.
Fixes Debian#340239.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add linux/arm/syscallent.h
and linux/m68k/syscallent.h.
Fixes Debian#336197.
* debian/control (Architecture): Add armeb.
Fixes Debian#335681.
2005-11-02 Michal Marek <>
* strace-graph (handle_trace): follow clone() and vfork() calls.
2005-10-25 Heiko Carstens <>
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Added ioprio_set, ioprio_get,
inotify_init, inotify_add_watch, inotify_rm_watch.
Corrected number of arguments for request_key.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2005-12-01 Roland McGrath <>
* ipc.c (indirect_ipccall) [IA64]: Return false unless the syscall
number is in the low range of IA32 syscalls.
2005-10-07 Andreas Schwab <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Syscall 1105 is gettid, not ioperm.
2005-12-01 Roland McGrath <>
* resource.c (resources): Add RLIMIT_NICE, RLIMIT_RTPRIO.
Reported by Scott Tsai <>.
* ipc.c (indirect_ipccall): New function.
(sys_msgctl, sys_msgsnd, sys_msgrcv, sys_semop): Use that predicate
instead of #ifdef LINUX test.
[LINUX] (sys_semtimedop): Likewise.
(sys_shmctl, sys_shmat, sys_shmdt): Likewise.
Fixes RH#164755.
2005-07-31 Ulrich Drepper <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Fix syscall parameter count for msgrcv and
* ipc.c (sys_msgrcv): Add entering handling and print first parameter
Fixes RH#164757.
2005-08-08 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.1: Update "SEE ALSO" links to reference to valid
Patch from Michail Litvak <>.
Fixes RH#165375.
2005-10-21 Roland McGrath <>
* util.c (printpathn): Cap N at sizeof path - 1.
2005-08-03 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.13.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.13-1.
* Check for struct dqblk.dqb_curblocks field.
* resource.c [LINUX] (OLD_CMD): New macro.
(quotacmds): Use it to hard-wire old O_* values, don't use macros.
(sys_quotactl): If dqb_curblocks is not there, it's called
dqb_curspace instead. Print dqb_* fields as unsigned long long.
2005-07-19 Michael Schmitz <>
Long overdue m68k cleanup.
* linux/syscallent.h: remove m68k declarations.
* linux/m68k/syscallent.h: new file, fixed up declarations
to match kernel version 2.6.11. Newer syscalls are sufficiently
different from i386 to merit a separate file.
2005-08-03 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Update init_module argument count.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2005-07-22 James Lentini <>
* bjm.c (sys_init_module): Display all three arguments.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update argument count.
2005-08-03 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (internal_wait): Don't suspend when known child is known
to be exiting already.
* strace.c (detach): If detaching the last live thread in a group with
a zombie leader, then detach the leader too.
(handle_group_exit): Use detach, not droptcb, for predeceased thread.
Mark process about to take a signal with TCB_GROUP_EXITING flag.
Fixes RH#161919.
2005-07-19 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h [LINUX] [M68K] (__NR_exit_group): Define it if missing.
Fixes Debian#315500.
2005-07-14 Heiko Carstens <>
* linux/s390/syscallent.h (sys_tgkill, vserver, fadvise64_64)
(statfs64, fstatfs64, remap_file_pages, mbind, get_mempolicy)
(set_mempolicy, mq_open, mq_unlink, mq_timedsend, mq_timedreceive)
(mq_notify, mq_getsetattr, sys_kexec_load, add_key, request_key)
(keyctl, waitid): Added.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise and added missing _llseek.
* linux/s390/errnoent.h (ECANCELED, ENOKEY, EKEYEXPIRED)
* linux/s390x/errnoent.h: Likewise.
2005-07-05 Roland McGrath <>
* mem.c [LINUX] (sys_old_mmap) [X86_64]: Extract 32-bit values if
child is 32-bit.
Fixes RH#162467.
2005-06-08 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Introduce "-e trace=desc".
* defs.h (TRACE_DESC): New flag.
* syscall.c: Define TD macro before include of syscallent files
and undefine it afterwards.
(lookup_class): Recognize "desc" keyword.
* strace.1: Document "-e trace=desc".
* freebsd/i386/syscallent.h: Mark those syscalls which take a
file descriptor as an argument or return a file descriptor with
TD flag.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* sunos4/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* svr4/syscallent.h: Likewise.
Fixes RH#159400.
Remove TF flag from those syscalls which have no filename argument.
* freebsd/i386/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from fstat, pread,
pwrite, fstat, sendfile.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from read, write,
pread, pwrite, sendfile.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from read, write,
pread, pwrite, fstat64, sendfile, ftruncate64.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from read, write,
sendfile, fstat, fadvise64.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from read, write,
fstatfs, fstat, pread, pwrite, sendfile, ftruncate64, fstat64,
sendfile64, fadvise64, fstatfs64.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from read, write,
fstat, pread, pwrite, sendfile, ftruncate64, fstat64, sendfile64,
fadvise64, fstatfs64, fadvise64_64.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from pread, pwrite,
sendfile, ftruncate64, fstat64, sendfile64.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from pread, pwrite,
sendfile, sendfile64.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from pread, pwrite,
sendfile, fstat64.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from pread, pwrite,
sendfile, ftruncate64, fstat64.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from sendfile, fstat64,
pread, pwrite, sendfile64.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from pread, pwrite, sendfile,
ftruncate64, fstat64, sendfile64, fadvise64, fadvise64, fstatfs64,
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from pread, pwrite,
sendfile, fadvise64_64.
* svr4/syscallent.h: Remove TF flag from pread, pwrite, ftruncate,
fstatvfs64, ftruncate64.
Fixes RH#159340.
2005-07-04 Roland McGrath <>
* net.c (sockipv6options): Add IPV6_ADD_MEMBERSHIP,
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#162450.
* net.c (sockipoptions): Fix typos.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#161578.
* util.c (printnum_int): New function, printnum with s/long/int/.
* defs.h: Declare it.
* net.c (printsockopt): Use it for int-sized option.
Fixes RH#162449.
Reported by Ulrich Drepper <>.
2005-06-09 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.12.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.12-1.
2005-06-08 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Minor namespace cleanup.
* defs.h (string_quote): Remove declaration.
* file.c (openmodessol) [LINUXSPARC]: Make static.
(fileflags): Likewise.
(aclcmds, aclipc) [HAVE_SYS_ACL_H]: Likewise.
(direnttypes) [FREEBSD || LINUX]: Likewise.
(xattrflags): Likewise.
* process.c (unalignctl_string): Make static.
(setarg): Disable.
* syscall.c (subcalls_table): Make static.
(socket_map) [!(LINUX && (ALPHA || MIPS))]: Likewise.
(sparc_socket_decode): Make static, define for [SPARC || SPARC64] only.
(decode_subcall): Make static.
(syscall_fixup): Likewise.
(get_error): Likewise.
(syscall_enter): Likewise.
* util.c (tv_tv): Disable.
(getpc): Likewise.
(string_quote): Make static.
Fixes RH#159688.
2005-05-12 Philippe De Muyter <>
* util.c (getpc, printcall): Check #if defined(M68K), not M68k.
Enables `-i' on m68k machines.
2005-06-06 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [X86_64]: Reorder elements so
matching works right.
Fixes RH#159787.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket, SYS_bind, SYS_connect, SYS_listen)
(SYS_accept, SYS_getsockname, SYS_getpeername, SYS_socketpair)
(SYS_send, SYS_recv, SYS_sendto, SYS_recvfrom, SYS_shutdown)
(SYS_setsockopt, SYS_getsockopt, SYS_sendmsg, SYS_recvmsg)
(SYS_getsockname, SYS_semop, SYS_semgsub_et, SYS_semget, SYS_semctl)
(SYS_semtimedop, SYS_msgsnd, SYS_msgrcv, SYS_msgget)
(SYS_msgctl, SYS_shmat, SYS_shmdt, SYS_shmget)
(SYS_shmctl): Macros renamed to SYS_sub_*.
* syscall.c (dumpio): Match SYS_sub_* if defined instead of SYS_*.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_waitid): Define if not defined.
* linux/syscallent.h: Fix pread/pwrite names to pread64/pwrite64.
* defs.h (struct sysent): New member `native_scno'.
(known_scno): Declare new function.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add new final field to interesting syscalls.
* syscall.c (known_scno): New function.
(dumpio, internal_syscall, syscall_fixup, trace_syscall): Use it.
* process.c (internal_fork, internal_exit): Likewise.
* strace.c (proc_open): Likewise.
* util.c [LINUX] (setbpt): Likewise.
* linux/syscall.h: Remove [!defined(X86_64)] from conditional
for defining SYS_socket_subcall et al.
* linux/syscallent.h: Likewise for #error check.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Likewise for SYS_{socketcall,ipc} cases.
Fixes RH#158934.
2005-06-02 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (printstatfs64): Cast values to unsigned long long and use
%llu formats.
Fixes RH#158243.
2005-05-31 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Deal with memory management issues.
* defs.h (tprint_iov): Update prototype.
* desc.c (sys_epoll_wait) [HAVE_SYS_EPOLL_H]: Do not allocate
epoll_event array of arbitrary size on the stack, to avoid
stack overflow.
* file.c (print_xattr_val): Check for integer overflow during
malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
* io.c (tprint_iov) [HAVE_SYS_UIO_H]: Check for integer overflow
during malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
Change iovec array handling to avoid heap memory allocation.
* mem.c (get_nodes) [LINUX]: Check for integer overflow during
size calculation and do not allocate array of arbitrary size on
the stack, to avoid stack overflow.
* net.c (printcmsghdr) [HAVE_SENDMSG]: Do not allocate array of
arbitrary size on the stack, to avoid stack overflow. Do not
trust cmsg.cmsg_len to avoid read beyond the end of allocated
(printmsghdr) [HAVE_SENDMSG]: Update tprint_iov() usage.
* process.c (sys_setgroups): Check for integer overflow during
malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption. Change gid_t
array handling to avoid heap memory allocation.
(sys_getgroups): Likewise.
(sys_setgroups32) [LINUX]: Likewise.
(sys_getgroups32) [LINUX]: Likewise.
* stream.c (sys_poll) [HAVE_SYS_POLL_H]: Check for integer
overflow during malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
Change pollfd array handling to avoid heap memory allocation.
* system.c (sys_sysctl) [LINUX]: Check for integer overflow
during malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
* util.c (dumpiov) [HAVE_SYS_UIO_H]: Check for integer overflow
during malloc size calculation, to avoid heap corruption.
Fixes RH#159196.
* util.c (printxval): Change third argument from "char *" to
"const char *".
(printflags): Add third argument, "const char *", with similar
meaning to the third argument of printxval().
* defs.h (printxval): Change third argument from "char *" to
"const char *".
(printflags): Add third argument.
* bjm.c (sys_query_module) [LINUX]: Pass third argument to
* desc.c (sys_fcntl): Likewise.
(sys_flock) [LOCK_SH]: Likewise.
(print_epoll_event) [HAVE_SYS_EPOLL_H]: Likewise.
* file.c (sys_open): Likewise.
(solaris_open) [LINUXSPARC]: Likewise.
(sys_access): Likewise.
(sys_chflags, sys_fchflags) [FREEBSD]: Likewise.
(realprintstat) [HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T &&
(printstat64) [HAVE_STAT64 &&
(sys_setxattr, sys_fsetxattr): Likewise.
* ipc.c (sys_msgget, sys_msgsnd, sys_msgrcv, sys_semget,
sys_shmget, sys_shmat) [LINUX || SUNOS4 || FREEBSD]: Likewise.
(sys_mq_open) [LINUX]: Likewise.
(printmqattr) [HAVE_MQUEUE_H]: Likewise.
* mem.c (print_mmap) [!HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T]: Likewise.
(sys_mmap64) [_LFS64_LARGEFILE || HAVE_LONG_LONG_OFF_T]: Likewise.
(sys_mprotect): Likewise.
(sys_mremap, sys_madvise, sys_mlockall) [LINUX]: Likewise.
(sys_msync) [MS_ASYNC]: Likewise.
(sys_mctl) [MC_SYNC]: Likewise.
(sys_remap_file_pages, sys_mbind, sys_get_mempolicy) [LINUX]:
* net.c (printmsghdr) [HAVE_STRUCT_MSGHDR_MSG_CONTROL]: Likewise.
(sys_send, sys_sendto): Likewise.
(sys_sendmsg) [HAVE_SENDMSG]: Likewise.
(sys_recv, sys_recvfrom): Likewise.
(sys_recvmsg) [HAVE_SENDMSG]: Likewise.
(printicmpfilter) [ICMP_FILTER]: Likewise.
* proc.c (proc_ioctl) [SVR4 && !HAVE_MP_PROCFS || FREEBSD]: Likewise.
* process.c (sys_clone) [LINUX]: Likewise.
(printwaitn): Likewise.
(sys_waitid) [SVR4 || LINUX]: Likewise.
* signal.c (sys_sigvec) [SUNOS4 || FREEBSD]: Likewise.
(sys_sigaction): Likewise.
(printcontext) [SVR4]: Likewise.
(print_stack_t) [LINUX) || FREEBSD]: Likewise.
(sys_rt_sigaction) [LINUX]: Likewise.
* sock.c (sock_ioctl) [LINUX]: Likewise.
* stream.c (sys_putmsg, sys_getmsg): Likewise.
(sys_putpmsg) [SYS_putpmsg]: Likewise.
(sys_getpmsg) [SYS_getpmsg]: Likewise.
(sys_poll): Likewise.
(print_transport_message) [TI_BIND]: Likewise.
(stream_ioctl): Likewise.
* system.c (sys_mount, sys_reboot): Likewise.
(sys_cacheflush) [LINUX && M68K]: Likewise.
(sys_capget, sys_capset) [SYS_capget]: Likewise.
* term.c (term_ioctl) [TIOCMGET]: Likewise.
* time.c (sys_clock_nanosleep, sys_timer_settime) [LINUX]:
Fixes RH#159310.
* bjm.c (sys_query_module) [LINUX]: Unitize "out of memory"
errors reporting style.
* strace.c (rebuild_pollv) [USE_PROCFS]: Likewise.
* system.c (sys_capget, sys_capset) [SYS_capget]: Likewise.
* util.c (printstr): Likewise.
(dumpiov) [HAVE_SYS_UIO_H]: Likewise.
(fixvfork) [SUNOS4]: Likewise.
* desc.c (decode_select): Continue to decode syscall arguments
in case of OOM condition.
* file.c (sys_getdents): Likewise.
(sys_getdents64) [_LFS64_LARGEFILE]: Likewise.
(sys_getdirentries) [FREEBSD]: Likewise.
* mem.c (sys_mincore): Changed type of variables which deal with
malloc size from int to unsigned long.
Fixes RH#159308.
2005-05-22 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* bjm.c [LINUX]: Do not include <linux/linkage.h>. It is not
safe to include kernel headers, and this one is not used anyway.
Fixes RH#158488.
2005-05-26 Roland McGrath <>
* system.c (sys_sysctl): Check for errors accessing user pointers.
Use malloc instead of alloca in case size is insane.
2005-05-09 Roland McGrath <>
* Check for libaio.h.
* desc.c (sys_io_setup, sys_io_submit, sys_io_cancel,
sys_io_getevents, sys_io_destroy): New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use those for io_* syscalls.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Zach Brown <>.
Fixes RH#155065.
* debian/control (Architecture): Add ppc64.
Fixes Debian bug #301089.
2005-05-05 Anton Blanchard <>
* process.c (ptrace_cmds): Add PTRACE_GETVRREGS and PTRACE_SETVRREGS
if defined.
2005-05-09 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Refuse negative -s argument value.
Fixes Debian bug #303256.
2005-04-25 Anton Blanchard <>
* file.c (openmodes): Add O_NOATIME flag if defined.
2005-04-05 Anton Blanchard <>
* linux/powerpc/ioctlent.h: Regenerated.
* signal.c (signame): Don't try and dereference negative index.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Add debug_setcontext, vserver,
mbind, *_mempolicy, mq_*, sys_kexec_load, add_key, request_key,
keyctl, waitid, sys_semtimedop. Fix various other syscalls.
* ipc.c (shm_resource_flags): New variable, table has SHM_HUGETLB
but not IPC_NOWAIT, which have the same value.
(sys_shmget): Use that instead of resource_flags.
2005-03-22 Roland McGrath <>
* desc.c (decode_select): Increase local buffer size.
Fixes RH#151570.
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.11.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.11-1.
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: Fix 113 entry (syscall, not vm86old).
2005-03-14 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.10.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.10-1.
2005-02-26 GOTO Masanori <>
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Fix the reversed order of lstat64 and
fstat64. Clean up osf_nrecvmsg and osf_ngetsockname.
2005-02-28 Andreas Schwab <>
* syscall.c (getrval2): Move #ifdef IA64 inside #ifdef LINUX.
2005-03-14 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Update various calls.
From Thiemo Seufer <>.
Fixes Debian bug #256684.
* debian/control (Architecture): Add s390.
Fixes Debian bug #294172.
2005-03-06 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (trace) [PTRACE_GETSIGINFO]: Fetch siginfo_t for SIGSEGV
and SIGBUS signals, use si_addr in output.
2005-03-01 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (print_xattr_val): Add a cast.
2005-02-05 Roland McGrath <>
* desc.c (decode_select): Calculate size of passed fd_set vectors and
copy in the user's size rather than the standard sizeof(fd_set).
Fixes Debian bug #65654, #284290.
* util.c (printpath, printpathn): Print NULL and don't try any fetch
when ADDR is zero.
Fixes Debian bug #63093.
* debian/control (Build-Depends): Fix for s390 and sparc.
From Bastian Blank <>.
Fixes Debian bug #293564.
2004-12-19 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (main) [!USE_PROCFS]: In child process, raise SIGSTOP
right before execv() call. Remove fake_execve() call.
* defs.h (fake_execve): Remove unused declaration.
* process.c (fake_execve): Remove unused function.
Fixes RH#143365.
2005-02-04 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.9.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.9-2.
* file.c (O_LARGEFILE): Omit when #undef'd because it was zero.
2005-02-02 Roland McGrath <>
* debian/control: Add strace-udeb package for installer debugging.
* debian/rules (binary-arch): Build it.
From Joshua Kwan <>.
Fixes Debian bug #268294.
* file.c (openmodes) [O_LARGEFILE] [O_LARGEFILE == 0]: Redefine to
known values for Linux.
* util.c (printcall): Print 16 ?s when long is 8 bytes.
Fixes RH#146932.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Declare sys_epoll_create, sys_epoll_ctl,
* linux/sparc64/syscall.h: Just #include "../sparc/syscall.h" here.
* ioctl.c (nioctlents2): Add const to type.
Fixes Debian bug #278449.
* sock.c (iffflags): New variable, table of IFF_* values.
(print_addr): New function.
SIOCGIFINDEX, and fix their output.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#138223.
Fixes Debian bug #192164.
2004-12-20 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* Use AC_GNU_SOURCE macro instead of changing CFLAGS.
* defs.h [HAVE_CONFIG_H]: Include config.h first.
* strace.c: Include "defs.h" first.
Fixes RH#143370.
* syscall.c (call_summary): Fix potential NULL dereference.
Fixes RH#143369.
2004-12-19 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* syscall.c (qual_signal): Check bounds for numeric signal names.
Fix parser of symbolic signal names.
Fix return code, as required by qualify() function.
* syscall.c (qual_desc): Check bounds for descriptor number.
* syscall.c (qual_syscall): Correct return code, to be consistent
with qualify() and other qual_* functions.
Fixes RH#143362.
2005-02-01 Roland McGrath <>
New macros.
[LINUX] (mount_flags): Add them.
[LINUX] (sys_mount): If any of (MS_BIND|MS_MOVE|MS_REMOUNT) bits are
set in the flags argument, don't try to fetch the filesystem string.
Fixes RH#141932.
* config.guess: Update from canonical version, timestamp 2004-11-12.
* config.sub: Likewise, timestamp 2004-11-30.
* process.c [LINUX] [X86_64] (sys_arch_prctl): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare it.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Use it.
Part of RH#142667.
* process.c (sys_sched_setscheduler): Use %#lx format for bad pointer.
(sys_sched_getparam, sys_sched_setparam): Likewise.
Part of RH#142667.
* signal.c [HAVE_SIGACTION] [LINUX && X86_64] (SA_RESTORER): Define
here too.
Part of RH#142667.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use sys_mincore instead of printargs.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise. Also use sys_getrlimit,
sys_semtimedop, sys_umount2.
Part of RH#142667.
* syscall.c (qual_signal): Fix inverted return value and bogus
argument to qualify_one in the named case.
* file.c (print_xattr_val): Don't use auto array sized by syscall
argument. Use malloc instead, so it can fail for insane values.
Fixes Debian bug #283704.
* net.c (sys_getsockopt): Fix a format %ld -> %d.
* linux/syscall.h [IA64] (SYS_semtimedop): #undef it.
* syscall.c (syscall_enter) [X86_64]: Fix 32-bit argument register map
not to double the middle entry!
Fixes RH#146093.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Fix exit_group entry.
* util.c (getpc) [S390 || S390X]: Implement it.
Patch by David Wilder <>.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Add fadvise64, fstatfs64, statfs64, mbind,
[gs]et_mempolicy, mq_*, sys_kexec_load, vserver, and waitid.
Fixes RH#146245.
2005-01-22 Andreas Schwab <>
* net.c (sys_getsockopt): Change type of len to int.
2004-10-19 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.8.
* debian/changelog, strace.spec: 4.5.8-1.
* file.c (sys_fadvise64): Conditionalize just on [LINUX].
* Check for sys/epoll.h.
* desc.c: Protect #include <sys/epoll.h> with [HAVE_SYS_EPOLL_H].
(epollctls, epollevents): Protect each entry with #ifdef on its macro.
* strace.c (handle_group_exit): Don't detach leader that wasn't
Remove droptcb loop at end, no longer required since 2.6 reports each
thread death.
Fixes RH#135254.
* strace.c (trace): Use handle_group_exit for non-TCB_ATTACHED child
taking signal when it has nclone_threads > 0.
* strace.c (handle_group_exit, trace): Mark leader with
TCB_GROUP_EXITING and don't be surprised at child deaths when their
leader has it set.
Fixes RH#132150.
* process.c (WCOREFLAG): Define if not defined.
Reported by Marty Leisner <>.
* sock.c [! LINUX]: Include <sys/socket.h> before <sys/sockio.h>.
Reported by Marty Leisner <>.
* debian/rules: Make strace64.1.gz symlink to strace.1.gz instead of
strace64.1 to strace.1, which doesn't exist.
Fixes Debian bug #269220.
2004-09-05 Phil Blundell <>
* linux/arm/syscallent.h: New file.
2004-10-19 Roland McGrath <>
* debian/rules (DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE, CONFIG_OPTS): New variables.
[$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) == s390-linux] (build64, HOST64, CC64): Set them.
(build/Makefile): Use $(CONFIG_OPTS).
(build64/Makefile): Pass --host as well as --build.
From Bastian Blank <>.
Fixes Debian bug #271500.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Update for 2.6.9 syscalls.
From Randolph Chung <>
Fixes Debian bug #273887.
* file.c (sys_llseek): Revert last change.
2004-09-14 Richard Henderson <>
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Add tgkill, *stat64, vserver, mbind,
[gs]et_mempolicy, mq_*, waitid.
2004-10-07 Roland McGrath <>
* file.c (sys_llssek, sys_readahead, sys_fadvise64, sys_fadvise64_64):
Use LONG_LONG macro.
* io.c (sys_pread, sys_pwrite, sys_sendfile): Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Fix botched table entries.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* mem.c [LINUX] (sys_mbind, sys_set_mempolicy, sys_get_mempolicy):
New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* linux/syscallent.h: Handle mbind, set_mempolicy, get_mempolicy.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* file.c [LINUX && (I386 || X86_64)] (sys_fadvise64, sys_fadvise64_64):
New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Handle fadvise64 and fadvise64_64 using those.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2004-09-13 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* linux/ioctlsort.c (main): Omit duplicate lines
(with same name and code) from output.
* linux/ Build the list of ioctls defined in
scsi/sg.h (0x22..), scsi/scsi.h and scsi/scsi_ioctl.h (0x53..),
as suggested by Peter Jones <>
* linux/ioctlent.h: Regenerated.
Fixes RH#129808.
2004-09-13 Ulrich Drepper <>
Dmitry V. Levin <>
* time.c [LINUX] (print_rtc): New function, for printing rtc_time
[LINUX] (rtc_ioctl): New function, for parsing RTC_* ioctls.
* ioctl.c [LINUX] (ioctl_decode): Call rtc_ioctl.
* defs.h [LINUX]: Declare rtc_ioctl.
Fixes RH#58606.
2004-10-06 Roland McGrath <>
* desc.c [LINUX] (sys_epoll_create, sys_epoll_ctl, sys_epoll_wait):
New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use those for epoll_* syscalls.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#134463.
* resource.c (resources): Add RLIMIT_LOCKS, RLIMIT_SIGPENDING,
and RLIMIT_MSGQUEUE, if defined.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#133594.
* net.c [HAVE_SENDMSG] (printcmsghdr): New function.
(printmsghdr): Use it.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#131689.
* file.c (sprintmode): Add const to return type.
(sprintfstype): Likewise.
* signal.c (printsiginfo): Add a const.
2004-09-15 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Use sys_waitid.
* linux/syscallent.h: waitid takes 5 arguments, and is in TP category.
* process.c (sys_waitid): Handle fifth argument (struct rusage *).
2004-09-11 Roland McGrath <>
* time.c (sys_clock_nanosleep): Print zero flags arg correctly.
(sys_timer_settime): Likewise.
(printsigevent): Print signals by name for SIGEV_SIGNAL.
(sys_timer_create): Print clock ID symbolically.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#131420.
2004-09-07 Michal Ludvig <>
* defs.h (nioctlents1, nsignals2): Fix typos in decls.
2004-09-03 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (qual_options): Add const to defn.
Update all uses.
(call_count, error_count, tv_count): Variables removed.
(struct call_counts, counts): New type and variable.
Update all users of the old three to use the new array of structs.
(trace_syscall): Allocate counts on first use.
(sorted_count): Variable removed.
(call_summary): Allocate locally.
* syscall.c (sysent0, sysent1, sysent2, sysent): Add const to defn.
(nsyscalls0, nsyscalls1, nsyscalls2): Likewise.
(errnoent0, errnoent1, errnoent2, errnoent): Likewise.
(nerrnos0, nerrnos1, nerrnos2): Likewise.
* signal.c (signalent0, signalent1, signalent2): Likewise.
(nsignals0, nsignals1, nsignals2): Likewise.
(signame): LIkewise.
* ioctl.c (ioctlent0, ioctlent1, ioctlent2): Likewise.
(nioctlents0, nioctlents1, nioctlents2): Likewise.
(ioctl_lookup, ioctl_next_match): Likewise.
* defs.h: Update decls.
* io.c (sys_ioctl): Update users.
* util.c (xlookup, printxval, addflags, printflags): Use const for
struct xlat * argument.
* defs.h (xlookup, printxval, addflags, printflags): Update decls.
* bjm.c: Add const to all struct xlat defns.
* desc.c: Likewise.
* file.c: Likewise.
* ipc.c: Likewise.
* mem.c: Likewise.
* net.c: Likewise.
* proc.c: Likewise.
* process.c: Likewise.
* resource.c: Likewise.
* signal.c: Likewise.
* sock.c: Likewise.
* stream.c: Likewise.
* system.c: Likewise.
* term.c: Likewise.
* time.c: Likewise.
* util.c: Likewise.
2004-09-01 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Add new entries for timer_*, clock_*, and
mq_* syscalls, and names only for new calls up to 252.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add waitid.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare sys_waitid.
* process.c (internal_wait): Take second arg giving index of flags
* defs.h: Update prototype.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Update caller.
Also use internal_wait for SYS_waitid.
* process.c (sys_waitid): Define for [LINUX] as well.
Don't tweak TCB_SUSPENDED--internal_wait does that.
(waitid_types): Conditionalize use of nonstandard P_* macros.
2004-08-31 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.7.
* debian/changelog: 4.5.7-1.
* strace.spec: 4.5.7-2.
* debian/rules: Rewrite sparc64 change of 2004-07-12.
Always do each build in a separate build directory.
Fixes Debian bug #254728.
* time.c (clocknames): Use #ifdef around CLOCK_* uses.
* strace.1: Say that -c shows system CPU time, not real time.
Fixes Debian bug #254438.
* syscall.c (dumpio): Match pread and pwrite system calls too.
Fixes Debian bug #239947.
* net.c (sockoptions): Add all SO_* macros known in Linux 2.6.9.
Fixes Debian bug #171653.
2004-07-12 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* signal.c [LINUX] (parse_sigset_t): Fix hex strings parser.
Fixes RH#128091.
2004-08-30 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Don't call fake_execve under -c.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#129166.
* net.c (sockipoptions): Add some options.
[SOL_IPV6] (sockipv6options): New variable.
(sys_getsockopt, printsockopt): Use it for SOL_IPV6 level.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#128391.
* time.c (clocknames): New variable, symbolic names for clock_t.
(sys_clock_settime, sys_clock_gettime, sys_clock_nanosleep): Use it.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#129378.
* system.c (personality_options): Hard-code values here.
Don't #include <linux/personality.h> at all.
Fixes RH#130965 and Debian bug #40588.
* file.c (print_xattr_val): New function to show attribute values.
(sys_setxattr, sys_fsetxattr, sys_getxattr, sys_fgetxattr): Use it.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#131177.
2004-07-12 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.6.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.6-1.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add linux/sparc64 files.
* debian/rules: On sparc-linux, build strace64 as well.
From Ben Collins <>.
Fixes Debian bug #254728.
2004-07-07 David S. Miller <>
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Sync with reality.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h (sys_sendfile64, sys_futex, sys_gettid,
sys_sched_setaffinity, sys_sched_getaffinity, sys_setxattr,
sys_lsetxattr, sys_fsetxattr, sys_getxattr, sys_lgetxattr,
sys_fgetxattr, sys_listxattr, sys_llistxattr, sys_flistxattr,
sys_removexattr, sys_lremovexattr, sys_fremovexattr,
sys_remap_file_pages, sys_readahead, sys_tgkill, sys_statfs64,
sys_fstatfs64, sys_clock_settime, sys_clock_gettime,
sys_clock_getres, sys_clock_nanosleep, sys_timer_create,
sys_timer_settime, sys_timer_gettime): New declarations.
* linux/sparc64/dummy2.h, linux/sparc64/syscallent2.h,
linux/sparc64/syscall.h, linux/sparc64/errnoent.h,
linux/sparc64/errnoent1.h, linux/sparc64/errnoent2.h,
linux/sparc64/ioctlent.h, linux/sparc64/ioctlent1.h,
linux/sparc64/ioctlent2.h, linux/sparc64/signalent.h,
linux/sparc64/signalent.h, linux/sparc64/signalent.h,
linux/sparc64/signalent1.h, linux/sparc64/signalent2.h,
linux/sparc64/syscall1.h, linux/sparc64/syscallent.h,
linux/sparc64/syscallent1.h: New files.
* defs.h (LINUXSPARC): Define also when SPARC64.
Ignore SIGTRAP after execve by defining TCB_WAITEXECVE.
Define possibly missing __NR_exit_group. Declare getrval2.
* (sparc64): New architecture case.
* file.c (stat_sparc64): New structure.
(printstat_sparc64): New output routine for that.
(printstat): Call it, if personality is 2.
(printstat64): Likewise.
* util.c: Conditionalize ptrace defines on LINUXSPARC
(SPARC64 && LINUX): Define r_pc to r_tpc, and PTRACE_FOOREGS
to PTRACE_FOOREGS64 so that more sparc code can be shared
between 64-bit and 32-bit.
(_hack_syscall5): Correct trap number when SPARC64.
(PTRACE_WRITE{TEXT,DATA}): Add SPARC64 to ifdef guard.
(getpc): Handle SPARC64 && LINUX.
(printcall): Likewise.
(arg fetching/setting): Use same code for SPARC64 LINUX
as for SPARC.
(setbpt): Handle SPARC64 && LINUX.
(clearbpt): Likewise.
* signal.c: Conditionalize ptrace defines on SPARC and
(SPARC64 && LINUX): Define r_pc to r_tpc, and PTRACE_FOOREGS
to PTRACE_FOOREGS64 so that more sparc code can be shared
between 64-bit and 32-bit.
(m_siginfo): Use same definition on SPARC64 as SPARC.
(sys_sigreturn): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
* syscall.c: Conditionalize ptrace defines on SPARC and
(SPARC64 && LINUX): Define r_pc to r_tpc, and PTRACE_FOOREGS
to PTRACE_FOOREGS64 so that more sparc code can be shared
between 64-bit and 32-bit.
(getscno): Use same static state on SPARC64 as SPARC,
and add SPARC64 handling.
(get_error): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
(force_result): Likewise.
(syscall_enter): Likewise.
(trace_syscall): Handle sys_socketcall and sys_ipc on SPARC64
just like SPARC.
(getrval2): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
* process.c: Conditionalize ptrace defines on SPARC and
(SPARC64 && LINUX): Define r_pc to r_tpc, and PTRACE_FOOREGS
to PTRACE_FOOREGS64 so that more sparc code can be shared
between 64-bit and 32-bit.
(change_syscall): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
(struct_user_offsets): Ifdef out those which do not exist
on SPARC64.
* net.c (sys_pipe): Handle LINUX && SPARC64.
* ioctl.c: Fix initializer typo for nioctlents2, was
nioctlents1 by accident.
2004-06-28 Andreas Schwab <>
* process.c (internal_exec): Move TCB_WAITEXECVE handling here.
(sys_execve): Remove it here.
2004-07-12 Roland McGrath <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add linux/sh64/syscallent.h.
* debian/control (Section): Move to utils, matching Debian override.
* net.c (addrfams): Make variable global.
* sock.c (sock_ioctl): Decode the arguments for SIOCGIFNAME,
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#126917.
* linux/ioctlsort.c: Add some #includes.
[POWERPC]: Kludge out high bits.
* linux/ia64/ioctlent.h: Regenerated using RHEL3 headers.
* linux/powerpc/ioctlent.h: Likewise.
2004-07-11 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ Replace asm with $asm in all places.
* [LINUX]: Add maintainer-mode rules to regenerate
the ioctlent.h file.
2004-07-08 Roland McGrath <>
* resource.c (sys_quotactl): Truncate first argument to 32 bits, since
that's what the kernel will do.
2004-07-07 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ Take optional second argument to use as directory
name in place of `asm'.
2004-06-27 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.5.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.5-1.
2004-06-22 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (syscall_fixup) [LINUX && X86_64]: For 32-bit process,
sign extend the low 32 bits of RAX to 64 bits.
Fixes RH#126547.
* syscall.c (force_result): [LINUX && X86_64]: Fix RAX*4 -> RAX*8.
2004-06-03 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.4.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.4-1.
* net.c (domains): Add many PF_* values #ifdef PF_*.
(addrfams): Add many AF_* values #ifdef AF_*.
Fixes Debian bug #250506.
2004-05-02 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* linux/ioctlsort.c (compare): When ioctl codes equal, compare
(main): Print a note that program output is generated by
* linux/ Build the list of ioctls defined in
linux/fb.h (0x46..), linux/kd.h (0x4B..), linux/cdrom.h (0x53..),
asm/ioctls.h (0x54..), linux/vt.h (0x56..), linux/videotext.h
(0x71..), linux/videotext.h (0x72..), asm/sockios.h (0x89..),
linux/sockios.h (0x89..), linux/wireless.h (0x8B..).
* linux/ioctlent.h: Regenerated from linux-2.6.5.
Fixes RH#122257.
2004-06-03 Roland McGrath <>
* debian/control (Architecture): Add amd64.
Fixes Debian bug #246568.
* strace.c (main) [LINUX]: Expand TCBTAB as necessary for threads
attached. Attach threads only under -f. Set TCB_FOLLOWFORK in them.
(expand_tcbtab): New function, broken out of ...
* process.c (fork_tcb): ... here, call that.
* defs.h: Declare expand_tcbtab.
2004-04-19 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (printstatus): Add a space before | in output.
2004-04-16 Roland McGrath <>
* Version 4.5.3.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.3-1.
2004-03-18 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* resource.c (sys_quotactl) [LINUX]: Cast arithmetic shift operand
from long to unsigned long, to fix output of the quotactl command
Fixes RH#118694.
2004-04-16 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/s390/ioctlent.h, linux/s390x/ioctlent.h: Update DASD ioctls.
From Maxim Shchetynin <>.
* Check for <mqueue.h>.
* ipc.c (sys_mq_open, printmqattr) [! HAVE_MQUEUE_H]: Don't try to
decode struct mq_attr.
* NEWS: Mention mq support.
* linux/syscall.h: Support new mq_* syscalls on Linux.
* linux/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/dummy.h: Likewise.
* ipc.c: Likewise.
* time.c (printsigevent): Handle SIGEV_THREAD.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#120701.
2004-04-13 Roland McGrath <>
* net.c (msg_flags): Grok MSG_FIX, MSG_SYN, MSG_RST, MSG_NOSIGNAL,
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#120541.
* process.c (printstatus): Mask out bits presented symbolically, and
print "| 0xnnn" if the remaining bits are not all zero.
Fixes Debian bug #240062.
* process.c (print_affinitylist): Rewritten to handle indirect values.
(sys_sched_setaffinity, sys_sched_getaffinity): Update callers.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#118685.
* acinclude.m4: Quote first argument to AC_DEFUN in all cases.
2004-04-08 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main) [LINUX]: When attaching for -p, look in
/proc/PID/task for all threads and attach them as presumed
CLONE_THREAD children.
* NEWS: Mention the feature.
Fixes RH#120462.
2004-03-02 Roland McGrath <>
* util.c (setbpt): Fix one missed spot to use new arg0_index macro.
From Michael Holzheu <>.
* debian/control (Standards-Version): Update to 3.6.1.
2004-03-01 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.2.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.2-1.
* strace.c (main): Avoid potential buffer overruns from ludicrous
arguments or PATH values.
* syscall.c (qual_signal): Bail out for too-long string.
* mem.c [LINUX]: <asm/mman.h> -> <linux/mman.h>
Fixes Debian bug #223207.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Copy linux/syscall.h decls of sys_sched_*.
* Check for `struct user_desc' in <asm/ldt.h>.
* process.c [HAVE_STRUCT_USER_DESC]: Use struct user_desc in place of
struct modify_ldt_ldt_s.
* mem.c [HAVE_STRUCT_USER_DESC]: Likewise.
* system.c (sysctl_vm): Conditionalize VM_* macro uses, add some more.
From Tim Yamin <>.
* process.c (sys_execve): Clear instead of set TCB_WAITEXECVE on
erring syscall.
* Check for `struct pt_all_user_regs'
and `struct ia64_fpreg' in <sys/ptrace.h>.
* util.c, process.c, syscall.c, signal.c: Work around conflicts between
<sys/ptrace.h> and <linux/ptrace.h> for defining those types.
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [LINUX && IA64]: Conditionalize
PT_AR_CSD and PT_AR_SSD uses in case of older kernel headers.
* util.c [LINUX] (arg0_index, arg1_index): New macros.
[S390 || S390X]: Define them with inverted values.
(setbpt): Use them for u_arg indices.
2004-02-26 Andreas Schwab <>
* defs.h [LINUX && IA64]: Declare getrval2 also on IA64.
* net.c (sys_pipe) [LINUX && IA64]: For IA64 use the two return values.
* syscall.c (getrval2) [LINUX && IA64]: Implement for IA64.
2004-03-01 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/dummy.h (sys_sched_getscheduler, sys_sched_setparam,
sys_sched_getparam, sys_sched_setscheduler, sys_sched_getscheduler,
sys_sched_get_priority_max, sys_sched_get_priority_min): Remove macros.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_sched_getscheduler, sys_sched_setparam,
sys_sched_getparam, sys_sched_setscheduler, sys_sched_getscheduler,
sys_sched_get_priority_min): New functions.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
Fixes RH#116990.
2004-02-20 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Update some syscalls.
From Randolph Chung <>.
Fixes Debian bug #231632.
2003-12-31 David Mosberger <>
* process.c (internal_exit): For ia64, also recognize IA-32 252
as exit_group().
(change_syscall): For IA64, also support changing IA-32 syscalls.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): For IA64, also recognize IA-32
syscall 252 (exit_group) as an internal_exit() syscall.
* util.c (SYS_fork): For IA64, define them to the IA-32 syscall
(SYS_vfork): Likewise.
(arg_setup): For IA64 version, also support IA-32 syscalls.
(get_arg0): Likewise.
(get_arg1): Likewise.
(set_arg0): Likewise.
(set_arg1): Likewise.
2004-02-15 Anton Blanchard <>
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Add rtas call.
Shift multiplexed syscalls to start at 300, we are already about
to hit 256 real syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h: SYS_socket_subcall is now 300 for [POWERPC].
2004-02-19 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Use TCP->pid, not PID, in -p message.
Fixes Debian bug #229802.
2004-01-13 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (force_result) [LINUX] [S390 || S390X]: Remove bogus upeek
* stream.c (internal_stream_ioctl): Fix typo strict -> struct.
Reported by Petter Reinholdtsen <>.
2003-12-31 David Mosberger <>
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [IA64]: Fix up register name list.
2003-12-14 Anton Blanchard <>
* file.c (sys_getdents64): Don't cast d_ino and d_off to unsigned long.
Use %llu formats for them.
* file.c [LINUX] (fsmagic): Add SYSFS_MAGIC.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Update to include recently added
* syscall.c (get_error) [POWERPC]: Cast result to unsigned long for
ppc64, we were misreporting syscalls that really succeeded as having
2004-01-13 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.1: Remove comment about vfork on Linux.
Fixes Debian bug #223390.
* file.c (direnttypes): Define under [LINUX] as well. Add DT_UNKNOWN.
(sys_getdents64) [LINUX]: Print d_type field.
2003-12-15 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (trace) [WCOREDUMP]: Show coredump status of the
killed process if available. Fixes RH#112117.
2003-11-13 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.1.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5.1-1.
2003-09-06 Dmitry V. Levin <>
* defs.h (ioctl_lookup): Prototype change.
* ioctl.c (ioctl_next_match): New function.
* defs.h: Declare it.
* io.c (sys_ioctl): Use it, to display all possible ioctl names
when there's more than one match.
* ioctl.c (ioctl_lookup): Likewise.
* stream.c (internal_stream_ioctl): Likewise.
Patch from Solar Designer <>.
2003-11-13 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Use sys_setgroups32, sys_getgroups32.
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2003-09-06 Dmitry V. Levin <>
Fixes for RH#105359.
* util.c (printuid): New function.
* defs.h: Declare it.
* file.c (sys_chown): Use it.
* file.c (sys_fchown): Likewise.
* process.c (sys_setreuid, sys_setregid, sys_setresuid,
sys_setresgid): Likewise.
* linux/syscallent.h: Better handle getgid32, geteuid32, getegid32,
setreuid32, setregid32, getgroups32, setgroups32, fchown32,
setresuid32, getresuid32, setresgid32, getresgid32, chown32,
setuid32, setgid32, setfsuid32, setfsgid32.
* process.c [LINUX]: Define GETGROUPS32_T.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_setgroups32, sys_getgroups32):
New functions.
* linux/syscall.h (sys_setgroups32, sys_getgroups32):
Declare them.
2003-11-11 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Bail with usage error for missing command before we
open the -o file or fiddle uids.
2003-11-06 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Treat piped output more like file output.
Disallow -ff with piped output. Fixes RH#105366.
Reported by Dmitry V. Levin <>
* strace.c (tprintf): Check result of vfprintf and use perror when it
fails while not writing to stderr itself. Fixes Debian bug #218762.
* net.c (printsock): Fix typo in #ifdef AF_NETLINK.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-11-01 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (trace_syscall) [LINUX]: Calculate ONE_TICK once using
setitimer rather than hard-coding a value based on HZ.
Fixes RH#108012, reported by Florian La Roche <>.
2003-10-21 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.1: Fixed a few spelling errors.
Fixes Debian bug #217008.
* syscall.c: Revert last change, was broken.
2003-10-01 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (internal_clone): Don't suspend parent when call requested
a specific PID that is not a traced child.
* signal.c [LINUX] (parse_sigset_t): Rewrite to process hex strings
from right to left so we don't have to presume the size.
Reported by David Woodhouse <>.
2003-09-25 Roland McGrath <>
* mem.c (mmap_prot) [PROT_SEM, PROT_GROWSDOWN, PROT_GROWSUP]: Include
these in the table if they are defined.
2003-09-24 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.5.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.5-1.
* syscall.c (get_scno) [LINUX] [S390 || S390X]: Bail out of
instruction decoding branch if TCB_INSYSCALL is clear.
Reported by <>.
* linux/ioctlent.h: Swap order of overloaded TC* and SNDCTL_* values.
2003-09-23 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.spec: On ppc64 (maybe others later), create an strace64
package as well containing just /usr/bin/strace64.
* signal.c (sprintsigmask): Print RT_%u for __SIGRTMIN..__SIGRTMAX.
Fixes RH#104365.
2003-08-21 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/syscallent.h: Fix mlock argument count. Fixes RH#101499.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
2003-07-28 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* defs.h (ALIGN64): Define for MIPS.
* io.c (PREAD_OFFSET_ARG): Define.
(sys_pread, sys_pwrite): Use it.
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [SH]: Check whether REG_XDREG0
is defined.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h (pread, pwrite): Take six arguments.
(truncate64, ftruncate64): Pretty-print.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h (pread, pwrite): Take six arguments.
(truncate64, ftruncate64): Take four arguments.
2003-07-17 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.99.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.99-1.
2003-07-15 Anton Blanchard <>
* ipc.c: Add SHM_HUGETLB field.
Mask out permission bits in msgget, semget and shmget before
printing resource_flags.
Mask execute permission bits (even though we dont currently
use them).
2003-07-17 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h (tgkill): New at 250.
* linux/syscallent.h: truncate64/ftruncate64 need 3 args.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* linux/syscallent.h: Handle statfs64, fstatfs64, utimes.
* file.c (printstatfs): Print f_fsid and f_frsize.
[LINUX] (printstatfs64, sys_statfs64, sys_fstatfs64): New functions.
* linux/syscall.h: Add decls.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-07-09 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h (tgkill): New at 1235.
2003-07-05 Richard Henderson <>
* process.c (sys_clone): Order arguments for alpha the same as x86_64.
(trace_syscall): Print it.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h (osf_syscall): Name properly.
(osf_set_program_attributes): Fix typo.
(osf_nfssvc): Likewise.
(osf_sigsendset): Likewise.
(getdents64, gettid, readahead, tkill, setxattr, lsetxattr, fsetxattr,
getxattr, lgetxattr, fgetxattr, listxattr, llistxattr, flistxattr,
removexattr, lremovexattr, fremovexattr, futex, sched_setaffinity,
sched_getaffinity, tuxcall, io_setup, io_destroy, io_getevents,
io_submit, io_cancel, exit_group, lookup_dcookie, epoll_create,
epoll_ctl, epoll_wait, remap_file_pages, set_tid_address,
restart_syscall, fadvise, timer_create, timer_settime, timer_gettime,
timer_getoverrun, timer_delete, clock_settime, clock_gettime,
clock_getres, clock_nanosleep, semtimedop): New.
2003-07-08 Roland McGrath <>
* signal.c (sys_tgkill): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare it.
* linux/syscallent.h: Add tgkill.
2003-06-27 Roland McGrath <>
* Check for type `struct __old_kernel_stat'.
* file.c (convertoldstat, printoldstat): Define under
[LINUX && HAVE_STRUCT___OLD_KERNEL_STAT] rather than a list of archs.
(sys_oldstat, sys_oldfstat, sys_oldlstat): Likewise.
* linux/dummy.h [! HAVE_STRUCT___OLD_KERNEL_STAT]
(sys_oldstat, sys_oldfstat, sys_oldlstat): #define to printargs.
2003-06-26 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h: Likewise.
* mem.c: Likewise.
* process.c: Likewise.
* sock.c: Likewise.
* syscall.c: Likewise.
* util.c: Likewise.
* linux/shmedia/syscallent.h: Moved to ...
* linux/sh64/syscallent.h: ... here.
* config.guess: Update from canonical version, timestamp 2003-06-17.
* config.sub: Likewise.
* syscall.c (force_result) [LINUX] [ARM]: Fix variable usage.
From: Joshua Neal <>.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_futex): Grok FUTEX_REQUEUE and print 5th arg.
* linux/syscallent.h: sys_futex argument count is now 5, not 4.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
From Jakub Jelinek <>.
* syscall.c (get_scno) [S390 || S390X]: Fix old vs new mode detection.
From Michael Holzheu <>.
2003-06-23 Roland McGrath <>
* net.c (sys_socket): Decode protocol for PF_INET6 same as PF_INET.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-06-10 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.98.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.98-1.
2003-06-09 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Update many syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Update [S390X] value.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Update many syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Update [S390] value.
* linux/shmedia/syscallent.h: New file.
From Stephen Thomas <>.
* strace.c (trace): Print a message and newline for a WIFEXITED report
from the process we just printed an unterminated syscall line for.
2003-06-03 Roland McGrath <>
* util.c (printcall) [LINUX]: Fix typo [IA62] -> [IA64].
Linux/ARM improvements from Russell King <>:
* defs.h [LINUX] (TCB_WAITEXECVE): Define for [ARM] too.
* process.c (struct_user_offsets) [LINUX] [ARM]: Add ARM registers.
* signal.c [LINUX] (sys_sigreturn) [ARM]: New case.
* syscall.c (get_scno, syscall_fixup) [LINUX] [ARM]: Case rewritten.
(get_error) [LINUX] [ARM]: Update.
(syscall_enter) [LINUX] [ARM]: New case.
* util.c (printcall) [LINUX] [ARM]: New case.
* debian/control (Standards-Version): Update to 3.5.10.
* strace.c (main): In PATH search, accept only a regular file with
execute bits set. Fixes Debian bug #137103.
2003-06-02 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (main): Set -q when given -o and not -p, and not when not
given -o, to match what the man page always said.
Fixes Debian bug #47113, #153678.
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.97.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.97-1.
*, defs.h, mem.c, process.c, sock.c, syscall.c, util.c:
Merged in SHmedia port from Stephen Thomas <>.
* config.guess: Update from,
timestamp 2003-05-22.
* config.sub: Likewise, timestamp 2003-05-24.
2003-05-22 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h (struct tcb): New member `nzombies'.
* strace.c (alloctcb): Initialize it.
(droptcb): Increment our parent's zombie count.
* process.c (internal_wait): Don't go into TCB_SUSPENDED if the
process has zombies it can reap. On the way out, if we reaped
an untraced process, decrement the zombie count.
* process.c (sys_clone): Mask CSIGNAL out of flags and print that
separately using signame.
* process.c (internal_clone) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Use ARG_FLAGS instead
of literal 0 for index. Consult the right flags without clobbering
anything when we reparent the new child to the caller's parent thread.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Fix sys_clone argument count.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/alpha/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* process.c [LINUX] [S390 || S390X] (ARG_CTID, ARG_TLS): Fix swapped
indices. Reported by Jakub Jelinek <>.
* signal.c [LINUX] (SI_SIGIO, SI_TKILL): New macros.
[LINUX || SVR4] (siginfo_codes): Add strings for them.
* process.c (print_affinitylist): Fix loop condition.
Reported by Ian Wienand <>.
2003-04-10 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (qual_desc): Return zero after parsing number.
From Rob Leslie <>, fixes Debian bug #188379.
2003-04-07 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/syscallent.h: Handle semtimedop subcall of ipc syscall.
* linux/syscall.h: Likewise.
* ipc.c [LINUX] (sys_semtimedop): New function.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* ipc.c (sys_semget): Mask off permission bits for resource_flags.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-04-01 Philippe De Muyter <>
* sock.c, stream.c: Check #ifdef LINUX, not linux.
* file.c: Always provide sys_*attr, regardless of #ifdef XATTR_CREATE.
2003-03-30 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.96.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.96-1.
2003-02-26 Stuart Menefy <>
Various fixes for SuperH [SH]:
* mem.c (sys_old_mmap): mmap() parameters passed in registers
* net.c (sys_pipe), syscall.c (getrval2): pipe() results returned
in registers
* process.c (change_syscall): Fixed register which holds system
call number
* util.c (arg0_offset, arg1_offset): provide definition
* Added new files in linux/sh
* linux/sh/syscallent.h: New file.
* linux/sh/errnoent.h: New file.
* linux/sh/ioctlent.h: New file.
* linux/sh/signalent.h: New file.
* linux/ Take an arg for location of header files
* Replaced lost $
2003-03-30 Roland McGrath <>
* time.c [LINUX]: Handle new Linux 2.5 clock/timer syscalls.
* linux/syscall.h, linux/syscallent.h, linux/dummy.h: Likewise.
From Ulrich Drepper <>.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use sys_getrlimit for 191.
Use name "old_getrlimit" for 76.
Reported by Ulrich Drepper <>.
2003-03-18 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_clone): Don't dereference parent_tid argument.
2003-03-17 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: clone takes 5 args.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_clone) [X86_64]: Fix argument order.
2003-03-15 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Add exit_group syscall at 231.
2003-03-14 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Update and add many 2.5 syscalls.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: clone takes 5 arguments.
* process.c [LINUX && IA64] (ARG_*): Update for 2.5 clone calls.
2003-03-12 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Fix arg counts for clone and clone2.
Use sys_clone for clone2.
* linux/syscall.h: Don't declare sys_clone2.
* process.c (sys_clone): Rewritten to handle both flavors,
print all extra args depending on flag bits.
(sys_clone2): Function removed.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Add a bunch of 2.5 syscalls.
2003-03-04 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (get_scno) [IA64]: Do TCB_WAITEXECVE check only when
TCB_INSYSCALL is clear, like other platforms do.
2003-03-04 Ulrich Drepper <>
* mem.c [LINUX] (sys_remap_file_pages): New function.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare it.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use it.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_futex): Omit final if op is not FUTEX_WAIT.
2003-02-26 Roland McGrath <>
* Fix typo in netinet/in.h check.
Also include <sys/types.h> and <sys/socket.h> before <netinet/in.h>.
Reported by Alex Semenyaka <>.
2003-02-24 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.95.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.95-1.
* process.c (sys_getresgid): Fix typos in argument access.
2003-02-23 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (sys_getresuid): Fix typos in argument access.
Reported by Anton Blanchard <>.
2003-02-19 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.94.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.94-1.
* version.c: Removed.
* (strace_SOURCES): Remove it.
* strace.c: Use PACKAGE_NAME and VERSION macros instead of version var.
FreeBSD rfork support changes from Russ Cox <>:
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Handle SYS_rfork with internal_fork.
* process.c (internal_fork) [SYS_rfork]: Bail if RFPROC flag not set.
2003-01-23 Roland McGrath <>
* signal.c: Reorder #ifdefs so HAVE_ASM_SIGCONTEXT_H doesn't matter on
SPARC, which doesn't use the header regardless.
* util.c [LINUX && SPARC]: Do renaming kludges around <asm/reg.h>
like signal.c does.
* linux/sparc/syscall.h: Declare sys_getdents64, sys_llseek.
* linux/dummy.h [! SYS_getpmsg] (sys_getpmsg): #define to printargs.
[! SYS_putpmsg] (sys_putpmsg): Likewise.
* process.c: Reorder includes to put sys/reg.h before linux/ptrace.h,
since they can conflict.
2003-01-21 Roland McGrath <>
* strace.c (usage): Omit -z, since it has never worked properly.
* NEWS: Likewise.
* strace.c (main): Grok new option `-E var=val' or `-E var' to put
var=val in environ or to remove var, respectively.
(usage): Mention it.
* strace.1, NEWS: Document it.
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.93.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.93-1.
* strace.spec (Source0): Use strace-VERSION.tar.bz2 now.
2003-01-20 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h [LINUX] [S390 || S390X] (TCB_WAITEXECVE): Define it.
* syscall.c (get_scno, syscall_fixup) [LINUX] [S390 || S390X]: Handle
TCB_WAITEXECVE state with special kludges.
* process.c [LINUX] (sys_clone) [S390 || S390X]: Argument order is
reversed from other architectures.
* process.c (sys_execve) [LINUX]: Make setting TCB_WAITEXECVE flag
conditional on [TCB_WAITEXECVE] instead of list of processors.
* util.c (restore_arg0): Evaluate args in no-op defns.
* util.c [S390 || S390X] (arg0_offset, arg1_offset): Fix definitions
for clone call on S390. From Michael Holzheu <>.
2003-01-17 Anton Blanchard <>
* util.c [LINUX] (setbpt): Handle SYS_vfork like SYS_fork.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): 256 also for POWERPC.
2003-01-14 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/powerpc/errnoent.h: Add missing errnos.
* linux/powerpc/ioctlent.h: Update ioctl values.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* io.c [LINUX] (sys_pread, sys_pwrite): Fix last change.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Use sys_getdents64, sys_truncate64,
sys_ftruncate64, instead of printargs, for those syscalls.
* linux/mips/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Only 256 for S390, S390X.
All others at the moment use linux/syscallent.h, where it's 300.
* strace.1: Update bug reporting info.
* resource.c [LINUX] (quotacmds): Grok new command encodings.
From Nathan Scott <>.
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.92.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.92-1.
* Match powerpc* (includes powerpc64), and don't match
ppc (never comes out of config.sub).
* process.c (sys_ptrace): Use #lx format for address argument.
[POWERPC]: Use sizeof(unsigned long) in place of 4 for multipliers.
* process.c [POWERPC]: Likewise.
* signal.c (sys_sigreturn) [POWERPC]: Likewise.
* syscall.c (get_scno) [POWERPC]: Likewise.
* util.c [POWERPC]: Likewise.
(printnum): Use long for NUM.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* defs.h (ALIGN64): Fix defn for PPC, same as FreeBSD one.
* util.c [LINUX] (restore_arg0, restore_arg1): New macros, defined
appropriately via set_arg0 or no-ops for each architecture.
(clearbpt): Use those instead of set_arg0 and set_arg1.
* defs.h [_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE] (_LFS64_LARGEFILE): Define it.
* linux/syscallent.h: Use sys_getdents64, sys_truncate64,
sys_ftruncate64, instead of printargs, for those syscalls.
* process.c: Use <linux/ptrace.h> regardless of <sys/reg.h>.
(sys_ptrace): Use printxval.
(ptrace_cmds): Make PTRACE_GETREGS et al conditional on #ifdef PTRACE_*
instead of only #ifdef SUNOS4. Add PTRACE_[GS]ETFPXREGS.
* ipc.c (PRINTCTL): New macro. #ifdef IPC_64, factor out the flag and
print it before using printxval.
(sys_msgctl, sys_semctl, sys_shmctl): Use it.
2003-01-13 Roland McGrath <>
* config.guess: Update from,
timestamp 2003-01-10.
* config.sub: Likewise, timestamp 2003-01-03.
* install-sh: Update from Automake 1.7.2.
* linux/powerpc/signalent.h: Add SIGRTMIN.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Add missing system calls.
Decode more system calls, we were just printargs for many things.
Remove some x86-specific system calls.
Remove two syscalls between the socket and ipc syscalls,
it was resulting in all IPC syscalls being off by two.
* ioctl.c (ioctl_decode) [POWERPC]: Decode term ioctls like Alpha.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* defs.h [POWERPC] (UESP, EIP, EAX, ORIG_EAX): Remove this cruft.
[LINUX && POWERPC && !__powerpc64__] (ALIGN64): New macro.
* io.c (sys_pread, sys_pwrite): Use ALIGN64.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* term.c [LINUX]: Get kernel definition of struct termios.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* linux/ Look in sound/ directory too.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* desc.c (printflock64): Fix ADDR argument type.
From Anton Blanchard <>.
* strace.c [! HAVE_STRSIGNAL]: Clean up #ifdefs on decls for
sys_siglist and _sys_siglist.
Reported by John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>.
Reported by John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>.
* linux/syscall.h [ARM] (SYS_socket_subcall): Set to 300.
2003-01-10 Roland McGrath <>
*, NEWS: Version 4.4.91.
* strace.spec, debian/changelog: 4.4.91-1
* util.c [LINUX && X86_64] (arg0_offset, arg1_offset): Use correct
values for x86-64, conditional on current_personality.
* strace.c (droptcb): Clear flags word before calling rebuild_pollv.
* Check struct T_conn_res for QUEUE_ptr or ACCEPTOR_id.
* stream.c (print_transport_message): Use #ifdefs for those members.
* strace.c (rebuild_pollv): Fix typo: struct poll -> struct pollfd.
* Fix siginfo_t/sig_atomic_t checks.
Use prerequisite #include <netinet/in.h> for netinet/*.h checks.
* strace.c (pfd2tcb): Fix for new tcbtab type.
(rebuild_pollv): Likewise.
(detach): Put variables used under [LINUX] inside #ifdef.
* process.c (change_syscall) [POWERPC]: Add missing return.
* util.c [POWERPC] (arg0_offset): Set to 4*PT_R3, not 4*PT_ORIG_R3.
* strace.spec: New file.
* debian/changelog: 4.4.90-1
* debian/rules (binary-arch): Depend on build.
(clean): Don't try to run
* debian/control (Standards-Version): Now 3.5.8.
* Diddle CFLAGS after AC_PROG_CC, not before.
2003-01-09 Roland McGrath <>
* syscall.c (force_result) [S390 || S390X]: Fix typo.
* debian/control: Update Maintainer: field.
2003-01-08 Roland McGrath <>
* NEWS: Update for 4.4.90 test release.
Support for new Linux 2.5 thread features.
* defs.h [LINUX]: Define __NR_exit_group if not defined.
(struct tcb): New members nclone_threads, nclone_detached,
and nclone_waiting.
(waiting_parent): Macro removed.
(pid2tcb): Declare it.
* process.c (internal_clone) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Reparent the new
child to our parent if we are a CLONE_THREAD child ourselves.
Maintain TCB_CLONE_THREAD and TCB_CLONE_DETACHED flags and counts.
(internal_wait) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Factor out detached children when
determining if we have any. If TCB_CLONE_THREAD is set, check
parent's children instead of our own, and bump nclone_waiting count.
(internal_exit) [__NR_exit_group]: Set the TCB_GROUP_EXITING flag if
the syscall was exit_group.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Use internal_exit for exit_group.
* strace.c (pid2tcb): No longer static.
(alloctcb) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Initialize new fields.
(droptcb) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Maintain new fields.
If we have thread children, set TCB_EXITING and don't clear the TCB.
(resume) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: Decrement parent's nclone_waiting.
(detach) [TCB_CLONE_THREAD]: When calling resume, check all thread
children of our parent that might be waiting for us too.
[TCB_GROUP_EXITING] (handle_group_exit): New function.
(trace) [TCB_GROUP_EXITING]: Use that in place of detach or droptcb.
Revamp -f support for Linux.
* util.c [LINUX] (setbpt, clearbpt): New implementations that tweak
the system call to be clone with CLONE_PTRACE set. Various new static
helper functions.
* process.c (internal_clone): Define also #ifdef SYS_clone2.
Initialize TCPCHILD->parent field.
[CLONE_PTRACE]: Don't do PTRACE_ATTACH here, because it's preattached.
Check in case the new child is in the tcb already.
(internal_fork) [LINUX]: Just call internal_clone.
* strace.c (trace) [LINUX]: Under -f/-F, grok an unknown pid
reporting to wait, put it in the TCB with TCB_ATTACHED|TCB_SUSPENDED.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent1.h (sys_oldlstat): #define as printargs.
* file.c [LINUX]: #undef st_[amc]time in case they are macros.
* (AM_CFLAGS): New variable, define to $(WARNFLAGS).
* (EXTRA_DIST): Remove debian/postinst and debian/prerm.
2003-01-09 Wichert Akkerman <>
* debian/postinst, debian/prerm: removed, /usr/doc symlink is no
longer used
* debian/rules: no longer install postinst and prerm
* debian/control: do not end summary with full stop (lintian)
2002-12-30 Roland McGrath <>
* (bin_SCRIPTS): New variable, list strace-graph.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add missing files.
* Fix asm/sigcontext.h check to include prerequisite.
* syscall.c (qualify_one): New function.
(qual_options): Replace lookup field with qualify, update initializer.
(qualify): Update caller.
(qual_signal, qual_fault, qual_desc): Rewritten from lookup_*.
(qual_syscall): Rewritten lookup_syscall, match name more than once.
Fixes RH#70579, bites IA64 -efoo when foo exists on IA32.
* version.c (version): Make const, bump to 4.4.90.
* strace.c: Update decl.
* [LINUX && X86_64]: Remove cruft.
* linux/x86_64/errnoent1.h: New file.
* linux/x86_64/ioctlent1.h: New file.
* linux/x86_64/signalent1.h: New file.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent1.h: New file.
* linux/x86_64/i386-headers.diff: File removed.
* linux/x86_64/ File removed.
* linux/x86_64/ File removed.
* linux/syscallent.h [X86_64]: Disable sanity checks, subcall stuff is
already broken for 32-bit personality on x86-64.
2002-12-29 Roland McGrath <>
*, Punt subdirs, handle everything here.
* linux/ File removed.
* freebsd/ File removed.
* sunos4/ File removed.
* svr4/ File removed.
* linux/alpha/ File removed.
* linux/hppa/ File removed.
* linux/ia64/ File removed.
* linux/powerpc/ File removed.
* linux/s390/ File removed.
* linux/s390x/ File removed.
2002-12-26 Roland McGrath <>
* Grok three flavors of #define line, uniquify.
* linux/hppa/ File removed.
* linux/powerpc/ File removed.
* linux/ New file.
* linux/ File removed.
* freebsd/ New file.
* freebsd/i386/ New file.
* freebsd/i386/ File removed.
2002-12-22 Roland McGrath <>
Update to Autoconf 2.57, and Automakify with version 1.7.
* New file.
* File removed.
* Moved to ...
* ... here. Update for Autoconf 2.5x and Automake.
* aclocal.m4: Moved to ...
* acinclude.m4: ... here. Update for Autoconf 2.5x.
* acconfig.h: File removed.
* AUTHORS: New file, makes automake happy.
* File removed.
* README-CVS: Update to recommend autoreconf instead.
* file.c: HAVE_ST_* -> HAVE_STRUCT_STAT_ST_*.
* strace.c: *_DECLARED -> HAVE_DECL_*
* stream.c: HAVE_* -> HAVE_STRUCT_*
* linux/ (ioctldefs.h ioctls.h): Use $(SHELL) instead of
sh, and use $(srcdir) to find the script.
* linux/powerpc/ (ioctlent.raw): Find in ../.
(ioctlsort.o): Use ../ioctlsort.c, not ../../ioctlsort.c.
* linux/x86_64/ (headers): Renamed to all.
* linux/alpha/ Add empty install target.
* linux/x86_64/ Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/ Likewise.
* linux/ Likewise.
2002-12-26 Roland McGrath <>
* defs.h [LINUX && MIPS] (MAX_QUALS): Set to 5000, not 4999.
From Daniel Jacobowitz <>.
2002-12-21 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/syscallent.h: Add some new 2.5 syscall names.
Now clone takes 5 args.
* process.c [LINUX] (clone_flags): Update with 2.5 flag bits.
[LINUX] (sys_clone): Print new args.
* mem.c (print_ldt_entry): Make global.
* linux/syscall.h [I386 || IA64] (SYS_socket_subcall): Bump to 300 for
safety, since up to 260 are already used in 2.5 kernels.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update the table.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* syscall.c (force_result): New function.
* process.c (internal_wait): Handle ECHILD exit from wait call with
WNOHANG flag set; force the return value to 0 in the inferior when it
has live children we are tracing.
* NEWS: Mention the bug fix.
2002-12-17 Roland McGrath <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Remove placeholders 275-298 to catch up
with linux/syscallent.h additions.
* strace.c (tcbtab): Make this a pointer to pointers, not an array.
(tcbtabsize): New variable.
(main): Initialize them using dynamic allocation.
(alloctcb, main): Use tcbtabsize in place of MAX_PROCS; indirect.
(pid2tcb, cleanup): Likewise.
[USE_PROCFS] (pollv): Make this a pointer, not an array; make static.
(rebuild_pollv): Dynamically allocate the vector.
* defs.h (tcbtab): Update decls.
(MAX_PROCS): Macro removed, no more static limit on this.
* process.c (fork_tcb): New function.
(internal_clone, internal_fork): Use it instead of checking nprocs.
* strace.c (detach) [LINUX]: Use __WALL (or a second try with __WCLONE)
in wait after sending SIGSTOP.
2002-12-16 Roland McGrath <>
* signal.c (sprintsigmask): Increase static buffer size to account for
worst possible case. Reported by Daniel Jacobowitz <>.
* process.c [LINUX] (wait4_options): Fix __WCLONE value. Add
* strace.c (trace) [LINUX]: Only check errno if wait4 actually fails,
so we don't repeat a wait and thus drop a status. Fixes RH#62591.
2002-12-15 Roland McGrath <>
* process.c (setarg) [POWERPC]: Support it.
* util.c [POWERPC] (LOOP): Fix value, now 0x48000000 (0: b 0b).
Old value was bogus, not even a proper instruction.
From Guy M. Streeter <>.
* strace.c (main) [! USE_PROCFS]: Always reset SIGCHLD to SIG_DFL.
* Don't check for putpmsg.
* stream.c (sys_getpmsg, sys_putpmsg): Make these conditional on
#ifdef SYS_*, rather than on HAVE_PUTPMSG.
* aclocal.m4 (AC_STAT64): Include <linux/types.h> before <asm/stat.h>
in test. Test our own #ifdef LINUX rather than predefined `linux'.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Use sys_llseek for _llseek.
* linux/sparc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* syscall.c (syscall_enter) [LINUX && POWERPC]: Define PT_ORIG_R3 if
not defined, since <asm/ptrace.h> defines it only #ifdef __KERNEL__.
* process.c: Likewise.
* desc.c (sys_osf_select): Add missing return type.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Use strerror, not sys_errlist/sys_nerr.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Remove macros for sys_delete_module,
sys_nanosleep, both already in linux/dummy.h.
* syscall.c (get_scno): Move static `currpers' inside #ifdef X86_64.
(trace_syscall): Fix return without value.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update table with names of new syscalls
io_setup, io_destroy, io_getvents, io_submit, io_cancel.
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* linux/powerpc/syscallent.h: Likewise.
* signal.c [LINUX && I386]: Provide SA_RESTORER constant if not
defined. If the bit is set, print the sa_restorer field of sigaction.
* mem.c: Add sys_{get,set}_thread_area.
* linux/syscall.h: Declare them.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update the table for these.
* linux/dummy.h (sys_modify_ldt): Define only #ifndef I386.
(sys_get_thread_area, sys_set_thread_area): New macros #ifndef I386.
* Check for linux/xattr.h and linux/futex.h headers.
* linux/syscall.h: Add sys_* decls for new syscalls getpmsg, putpmsg,
readahead, sendfile64, setxattr, fsetxattr, getxattr, fgetxattr, int
listxattr, flistxattr, removexattr, fremovexattr, sched_setaffinity,
sched_getaffinity, futex.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update the table.
* io.c: Add sys_sendfile64.
* file.c: Add sys_readahead, sys_*xattr.
* process.c: Add sys_futex, sys_*affinity.
* linux/syscall.h (SYS_socket_subcall): Define to 256 on all machines.
(SYS_ipc_subcall): Always SYS_socket_subcall + SYS_socket_nsubcalls.
* linux/syscallent.h: Update the table for socket and ipc subcalls.
2002-11-09 Heiko Carstens <>
Bugfix for s390/s390x:
* syscall.c: Fixed scno derivation for s390/s390x.
2002-11-06 Michal Ludvig <>
Merged patch from Steven J. Hill <>
to allow the compilation of a native MIPS strace.
2002-11-06 Michal Ludvig <>
From Marty Leisner <>,
rewritten by mludvig:
* strace.c (not_failing_only): New.
(usage): Added -z switch description.
(main): Added -z switch parsing to not_failing_only variable.
* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Added not_failing_only handling.
2002-10-08 Heiko Carstens <>
Missing complete changelog for 2002-10-07 commit:
* Added linux/s390, linux/s390x to ALL_SUBDIRS.
* acconfig.h: New define for s390x.
* config.sub: Added missing define for s390 and new one for s390x.
* Added new define for s390x.
* file.c: Added missing #undef dirent64 and new defines for s390x.
* linux/s390: New directory.
* linux/s390/ New file.
* linux/s390/errnoent.h: New file.
* linux/s390/ioctlent.h: New file.
* linux/s390/signalent.h: New file.
* linux/s390/syscallent.h: New file.
* linux/s390x: New directoy.
* linux/s390x/ New file.
* linux/s390x/errnoent.h: New file.
* linux/s390x/ioctlent.h: New file.
* linux/s390x/signalent.h: New file.
* linux/s390x/syscallent.h: New file.
* linux/syscall.h: Added sys_mincore() prototype and added new
s390x defines.
* process.c: Added s390x defines.
(change_syscall): Changed handling for s390.
(setarg): Added missing s390/s390x code in setarg().
* signal.c: Added s390x define.
(sys_sigreturn): Bugfix in s390/s390x code (wrong number of
arguments to sprintsigmask()).
* stream.c (internal_stream_ioctl): Changed int cast to long cast,
since printstr() expects a long.
* syscall.c (decode_subcall): Changed several variables to be long
instead of int to match 64 bit requirements. Added s390x defines.
(syscall_enter): Changed upeek() call to match s390 and s390x
* util.c: Added s390x defines.
2002-10-07 Michal Ludvig <>
Merged s390x port by Heiko Carstens <>
and bugfixes to s390 by D.J. Barrow.
2002-09-23 Michal Ludvig <>
Merged x86-64 port by Andi Kleen <>
and Michal Ludvig <>
* New target 'headers'. Failure ignored.
* acconfig.h: New defines for x86-64.
* Ditto.
* defs.h: Ditto.
* file.c: Ditto.
* signal.c: Ditto.
* process.c: Added support for x86-64.
* util.c: Ditto.
* syscall.c: Ditto + added automatic personality switching.
* linux/syscall.h: Ditto.
* linux/x86_64: New directory.
* linux/x86_64/ New file.
* linux/x86_64/ Ditto.
* linux/x86_64/i386-headers.diff: Ditto.
* linux/x86_64/ Ditto.
* linux/x86_64/syscallent.h: Ditto.
* mem.c (print_mmap): Always print arg[4] as int.
2002-09-23 Michal Ludvig <>
* Fix regular expressions.
* linux/syscall.h: Added missing braces in prototype of
* file.c: Use '#ifdef LINUX' instead of '#ifdef linux'.
(struct fileflags): Made extern to inhibit compiation warnings.
(sys_getdents64): Merged LINUX and SVR4 part.
* syscall.c (get_scno): Split multiline string into two distinct
2002-05-24 John Hughes <>
* stream.h, net.h: Avoid possible infinite loop caused by
unsigned arithmetic in preceeding change.
2002-05-23 John Hughes <>
* acconfig.h: Add HAVE_OPTHDR and HAVE_T_OPTHDR defines.
* aclocal.m4: Add tests for struct opthdr in sys/socket.h and
struct t_opthdr in sys/tiuser.h, define HAVE_OPTHDR and HAVE_T_OPTHDR
if found.
* use tests for struct opthdr and struct t_opthdr.
* defs.h: add new function print_sock_optmgmt.
* io.c: add hack that lets ioctl decode functions set auxilliary
string return.
* stream.c: better decoding for timod ioctls.
* net.c: add function print_sock_optmgmt, used by timod ioctl
decoding functions in stream.c.
2002-05-23 John Hughes <>
* acconfig.h: Make autoheader happy about Linux/SuperH
2002-05-23 John Hughes <>
* strace.c: Get rid of warning if not using POLL_HACK
2002-05-22 John Hughes <>
* net.c: Simplify {get,set}sockopt, decode SO_LINGER, cope with
options that are not just ints, cope with systems that don't
#define SOL_TCP and so on.
2002-05-21 John Hughes <>
* strace.c: Fix warning if POLL_HACK is used.
2002-05-17 John Hughes <>
* svr4/ Some defines on UW come with too many spaces.
2002-05-17 John Hughes <>
* svr4/ Cope with #defines wrapped in #ifdefs.
2002-05-17 John Hughes <>
* stream.c: tidy up output a little.
2002-05-17 John Hughes <>
* process.c, svr4/dummy.h, svr4/syscall.h: decode arguments
to procpriv syscall.
2002-05-01 Wichert Akkerman <>
*, defs.h, process.c, sock.c, syscall.c, util.c: merge
patch from Greg Banks <> for Linux/SuperH
2002-04-01 Wichert Akkerman <>
* strace.c: close tcp->outf in droptcb()
2002-04-01 Wichert Akkerman <>
* net.c: decode packet options
2002-03-31 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/{alpha,hppa,ia64,mips,powerpc,sparc}/syscallent.h: regenerated
2002-03-31 Wichert Akkerman <>
* debian/*: added
* linux/syscallent.h: fix typo and add the reserved stream syscalls
* defs.h, file.c, io.c: fix signed/unsigned issues
* syscall.c: check for negative u_errors
* cvsbuild: renamed to
2001-12-17 Wichert Akkerman <>
* net.c: add new TCP socket options
2001-10-26 John Hughes <>
* svr4/ Cope with #define lines containing
comments that terminate on subsequent lines. Used to
comment out subsequent ioctls!
2001-10-25 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/ioctlent.h: regenerated using current scripts so
term ioctls are included
2001-10-19 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* strace.c(proc_open): On SVR4 only trace the syscalls,
signals and faults we care about.
2001-10-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* acconfig.h: Add HAS_SIGINFO_T.
* aclocal.m4: add check for siginfo_t in signal.h.
* use check for siginfo_t.
* defs.h: if HAVE_SIGINFO_T the declare printsiginfo. On SVR4
allow access to siginfo when signal recieved.
* process.c: Remove SVR4 only version of printsiginfo.
* signal.c: merge SVR4 and LINUX versions of printsiginfo.
* strace.c: on SVR4 print siginfo when signal recieved.
2001-10-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* system.c(sys_ssisys): handle return values for ssisys
2001-10-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* signal.c: handle sigwait
* svr4/dummy.c: Move sigwait to done
* svr4/syscall.h: handle sigwait
2001-10-16 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* system.c(sys_ssisys): decode some args for ssisys.
2001-10-16 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* mem.c: MS_SYNC is zero, so must be first in xlat list.
* svr4/dummy.h: memcntl is much like mctl.
2001-10-16 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* util.c (umovestr): UnixWare (svr4?) returns 0 when trying
to read unmapped page. Make it possible to strace ksh.
2001-10-03 David Mosberger <>
* process.c (internal_clone): Avoid race condition by clearing
breakpoint after attaching to child.
2001-10-02 David Mosberger <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Define ia32 syscall numbers (originally
by Don Dugger, with my refinements).
* linux/ia64/ioctlent.h: Regenerate and manually merge conflicting
* linux/ia64/ (ioctldefs.h ioctls.h): Update for
new ioctlent.h generation scheme.
* linux/syscall.h (sys_clone2): Declare.
[IA64] Define ia32 socket, ipc, and extra syscall numbers.
* linux/ (regexp): Also handle <asm/ioctls.h> so we
don't miss the tty ioctls (unfortunately, some of the sound timer
ioctls are in conflict with them!).
* util.c (setbpt) [IA64]: Add ia32 support (by Don Dugger).
(clrbpt) [IA64]: Ditto.
* syscall.c (internal_syscall): Handle SYS_clone2, SYS32_wait4,
and SYS32_exit.
(get_scno): Get ia32 syscall number from r1 (orig eax) instead of
r8 (eax). Handle TCB_WAITEXECVE.
(syscall_fixup): Handle ia64.
(syscall_enter): Fix argument fetching for ia64.
* strace.c [IA64 && LINUX]: Include <asm/ptrace_offsets.h>.
(trace) [PT_GETSIGINFO]: Print signal address and pc if possible.
* process.c (tcp): New function.
(change_syscall): Add support for ia64 linux.
(sys_execve): Turn on TCB_WAITEXECVE for ia64 linux.
* desc.c (getlk): Cast l_len to "long long" to avoid warnings when
type is narrower.
* resource.c (sprintrlim64): Ditto.
* defs.h (TCB_WAITEXECVE) [IA64]: Define.
[IA64]: Declare "ia32" variable.
* bjm.c: Do not include <linux/module.h>. It's not safe to include
kernel headers. Declare the necessary constants and structures
directly instead.
2001-10-01 David Mosberger <>
* signal.c (parse_sigset_t): New function.
(sigishandled): Fix off-by-one bug by using parse_sigset_t() and
avoiding relying on internal layout of sigset_t datastructure.
2001-04-26 David Mosberger <>
* linux/ia64/syscallent.h: Add getunwind().
2001-04-11 David Mosberger <>
* syscall.c (syscall_enter): Use PT_RBS_END instead of deprecated
PT_AR_BSP. Pick up arguments starting with out0, which is not
always the same as r32 (e.g., consider inlined syscalls).
2001-09-28 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* process.c: FreeBSD-CURRENT no longer has PT_READ_U, and anyway we
were showing it as PT_WRITE_U! Fix from Maxime Henrion.
2001-09-18 John Hughes <john@Calva.COM>
* net.c: fix display of sockaddr structures, sometimes too many "}",
sometimes too few. Fix suggested by Richard Kettlewell.
2001-08-19 Wichert Akkerman <>
* signal.c: do not include asm/sigcontext.h on IA64 since it gets
the struct from bits/sigcontext.h already which signal.h includes.
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/ change regexps so we catch sound ioctls as well in
* linux/ fix a few things so the ioctl list is generated
* ioctl.c: remember to shift ioctl masks as well
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* Linux/**/syscallent.h: synchronize section for fcntl and use sys_fcntl
for sys_fcntl as well
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* linux/hppa/syscallent.h: updated from Matthew Wilcox
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* process.c: seems Linux/IA64 changed register names on us, switch to
using new names.
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>
* strace.c: set CLOEXEC flag for outputfile
2001-08-03 Wichert Akkerman <>