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This is strace 4.0, a system call tracer for SunOS 4.x, Linux, System
V release 4, Solaris 2.x and Irix 5.x. strace is released under a
Berkeley-style license at the request of Paul Kranenburg; see the file
COPYRIGHT for details.
Read the INSTALL file for generic instructions on how to install
strace. If configure cannot guess your system configuration, you can
specify it on the command line after the other options like this:
./configure --prefix=/usr i486-linux
A single sunos4.1 binary should work on all the sun4, sun4c and sun4m
kernel architectures. Let me know if sun4d doesn't work. Other
i486-*-sysv4 systems may work with little or no tweaking.
See the file NEWS for information on what has changed in recent
See the file PORTING if you like strace but it doesn't work on an
operating system you use frequently.
See the file CREDITS to see who has contributed to strace.
See the file TODO if you feel like helping out.
You can get the latest version of strace from its homepage at .
Please send bug reports and enhancements to the strace
mailinglist at, or directly to
Wichert Akkerman <>