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* (C) Copyright 2010,2011
* NVIDIA Corporation <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#ifndef _TEGRA_BOARD_H_
#define _TEGRA_BOARD_H_
/* Set up pinmux to make UART usable */
void gpio_early_init_uart(void);
/* Set up early UART output */
void board_init_uart_f(void);
/* Set up any early GPIOs the board might need for proper operation */
void gpio_early_init(void); /* overrideable GPIO config */
* Hooks to allow boards to set up the pinmux for a specific function.
* Has to be implemented in the board files as we don't yet support pinmux
* setup from FTD. If a board file does not implement one of those functions
* an empty stub function will be called.
void pin_mux_usb(void); /* overrideable USB pinmux setup */
void pin_mux_spi(void); /* overrideable SPI pinmux setup */
void pin_mux_nand(void); /* overrideable NAND pinmux setup */
void pin_mux_display(void); /* overrideable DISPLAY pinmux setup */