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# These are all libcurl example programs to be test compiled
check_PROGRAMS = 10-at-a-time anyauthput cookie_interface debug fileupload \
fopen ftpget ftpgetresp ftpupload getinfo getinmemory http-post httpput \
https multi-app multi-debugcallback multi-double multi-post multi-single \
persistant post-callback postit2 sepheaders simple simplepost simplessl \
sendrecv httpcustomheader certinfo chkspeed ftpgetinfo ftp-wildcard \
smtp-multi simplesmtp smtp-tls rtsp externalsocket resolve \
progressfunc pop3s pop3slist imap url2file
# These examples require external dependencies that may not be commonly
# available on POSIX systems, so don't bother attempting to compile them here.
COMPLICATED_EXAMPLES = curlgtk.c curlx.c cacertinmem.c \
ftpuploadresume.c ghiper.c hiperfifo.c htmltidy.c multithread.c \
opensslthreadlock.c sampleconv.c synctime.c threaded-ssl.c evhiperfifo.c \