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<p class="level0"><a name="NAME"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">NAME</h2>
<p class="level0">curl_strequal, curl_strnequal - case insensitive string comparisons <a name="SYNOPSIS"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">SYNOPSIS</h2>
<p class="level0"><span Class="bold">#include &lt;curl/curl.h&gt;</span>
<p class="level0"><span Class="bold">int curl_strequal(char * str1 , char * str2 );</span>
<p class="level0"><span Class="bold">int curl_strenqual(char * str1 , char * str2 , size_t len );</span> <a name="DESCRIPTION"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">DESCRIPTION</h2>
<p class="level0">The <span Class="bold">curl_strequal()</span> function compares the two strings <span Class="emphasis">str1</span> and <span Class="emphasis">str2</span>, ignoring the case of the characters. It returns a non-zero (TRUE) integer if the strings are identical.
<p class="level0">The <span Class="bold">curl_strnequal()</span> function is similar, except it only compares the first <span Class="emphasis">len</span> characters of <span Class="emphasis">str1</span>.
<p class="level0">These functions are provided by libcurl to enable applications to compare strings in a truly portable manner. There are no standard portable case insensitive string comparison functions. These two work on all platforms. <a name="AVAILABILITY"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">AVAILABILITY</h2>
<p class="level0">These functions will be removed from the public libcurl API in a near future. They will instead be made "available" by source code access only, and then as curlx_strequal() and curlx_strenqual(). <a name="RETURN"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">RETURN VALUE</h2>
<p class="level0">Non-zero if the strings are identical. Zero if they're not. <a name="SEE"></a><h2 class="nroffsh">SEE ALSO</h2>
<p class="level0"><span Class="manpage">strcmp (3)</span> <span Class="manpage"> strcasecmp (3)</span> <p class="roffit">
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