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Date: December 5, 2009
Pingpong is just my (Daniel's) jestful collective name on the protocols that
share a very similar kind of back-and-forth procedure with command and
responses to and from the server. FTP was previously the only protocol in
that family that libcurl supported, but when POP3, IMAP and SMTP joined the
team I moved some of the internals into a separate pingpong module to be
easier to get used by all these protocols to reduce code duplication and ease
code re-use between these protocols.
In 7.20.0 we converted code to use the new pingpong code from previously
having been all "native" FTP code.
There's no support in the documented URL format to specify the exact mail to
get, but we support that as the path specified in the URL.
There's no official URL syntax defined for SMTP, but we use only the generic
one and we provide two additional libcurl options to specify receivers and
sender of the actual mail.