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for AIX Toolbox
Author: Tor Arntsen
The spec file in this directory is based on the Linux ssl and non-ssl
curl spec files, plus additions to make it AIX Toolbox compatible.
The AIX Toolbox setup (installs into /opt/freeware, with symlinks in
/usr/bin,/usr/lib,/usr/include) are based on IBM's aixtoolbox spec
file written by David Clissold <>, see
This spec file is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the
old spec file found at the above link. Thus, like the old spec file
this version is also a unified ssl/non-ssl version. To get non-ssl
RPMs just pass --define 'nossl 1' to the command line when building
the RPM, e.g.
rpm -bb --define 'nossl 1' curl.spec
Default is to build with ssl support.
Lastly, the spec file expects the Curl source distribution file to be
in .tar.bz2 format.
The nifty cURL header of this README is a ripoff of the vms/readme file.