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\dir hostapd hostapd
hostapd-specific code for configuration, control interface, and AP
\dir src/common Common functionality
This module includes IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.1X, and WPA related
functionality that is shared between AP and station modes.
\dir src/crypto Cryptographical functionality and wrappers
This module defines crypto and tls interfaces to provide portability
layer for different crypto/TLS libraries. Wrappers for number of
libraries are also included here. In addition, internal implementation
of various crypto functions are provided as an alternative for an
external library and to extend some algorithms.
\dir src/drivers Driver wrappers
This directory includes the driver interface definition and all the
driver wrappers that can be used to interact with different drivers
without making rest of the software dependent on which particular
driver is used.
\dir src/eap_common Common EAP functionality for server and peer
\dir src/eap_peer EAP peer
\dir src/eap_server EAP server
\dir src/eapol_auth EAPOL authenticator
\dir src/eapol_supp EAPOL supplicant
\dir src/l2_packet Layer 2 packet interface
This module defines an interface for layer 2 (link layer) packet
sendinf and receiving. All the wrappers for supported mechanisms are
also included here. This is used to port packet access for new
operating systems without having to make rest of the source code
depend on which OS network stack is used.
\dir src/radius RADIUS
RADIUS module includes RADIUS message building and parsing
functionality and separate RADIUS client and server functions.
\dir src/rsn_supp IEEE 802.11 RSN and WPA supplicant
\dir src/tls Internal TLS server and client implementation
This module can be used as an alternative to using an external TLS
\dir src/utils Utility functions
Independent set of helper functions that most other components
use. This includes portability wrappers and helpers for common tasks.
\dir src/wps Wi-Fi Protected Setup
This directory includes Wi-Fi Protected Setup functions for Registrar
(both internal in an AP and an External Registrar and
Enrollee. Minimal UPnP and HTTP functionality is also provided for the
functionality needed to implement Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
\dir wpa_supplicant %wpa_supplicant
%wpa_supplicant-specific code for configuration, control interface, and
client management.