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* Internal WPA/RSN supplicant state machine definitions
* Copyright (c) 2004-2010, Jouni Malinen <>
* This software may be distributed under the terms of the BSD license.
* See README for more details.
#ifndef WPA_I_H
#define WPA_I_H
#include "utils/list.h"
struct wpa_peerkey;
struct wpa_tdls_peer;
struct wpa_eapol_key;
* struct wpa_sm - Internal WPA state machine data
struct wpa_sm {
u8 pmk[PMK_LEN];
size_t pmk_len;
struct wpa_ptk ptk, tptk;
int ptk_set, tptk_set;
u8 snonce[WPA_NONCE_LEN];
u8 anonce[WPA_NONCE_LEN]; /* ANonce from the last 1/4 msg */
int renew_snonce;
u8 rx_replay_counter[WPA_REPLAY_COUNTER_LEN];
int rx_replay_counter_set;
u8 request_counter[WPA_REPLAY_COUNTER_LEN];
struct eapol_sm *eapol; /* EAPOL state machine from upper level code */
struct rsn_pmksa_cache *pmksa; /* PMKSA cache */
struct rsn_pmksa_cache_entry *cur_pmksa; /* current PMKSA entry */
struct dl_list pmksa_candidates;
struct l2_packet_data *l2_preauth;
struct l2_packet_data *l2_preauth_br;
struct l2_packet_data *l2_tdls;
u8 preauth_bssid[ETH_ALEN]; /* current RSN pre-auth peer or
* 00:00:00:00:00:00 if no pre-auth is
* in progress */
struct eapol_sm *preauth_eapol;
struct wpa_sm_ctx *ctx;
void *scard_ctx; /* context for smartcard callbacks */
int fast_reauth; /* whether EAP fast re-authentication is enabled */
void *network_ctx;
int peerkey_enabled;
int allowed_pairwise_cipher; /* bitfield of WPA_CIPHER_* */
int proactive_key_caching;
int eap_workaround;
void *eap_conf_ctx;
u8 ssid[32];
size_t ssid_len;
int wpa_ptk_rekey;
u8 own_addr[ETH_ALEN];
const char *ifname;
const char *bridge_ifname;
u8 bssid[ETH_ALEN];
unsigned int dot11RSNAConfigPMKLifetime;
unsigned int dot11RSNAConfigPMKReauthThreshold;
unsigned int dot11RSNAConfigSATimeout;
unsigned int dot11RSNA4WayHandshakeFailures;
/* Selected configuration (based on Beacon/ProbeResp WPA IE) */
unsigned int proto;
unsigned int pairwise_cipher;
unsigned int group_cipher;
unsigned int key_mgmt;
unsigned int mgmt_group_cipher;
int rsn_enabled; /* Whether RSN is enabled in configuration */
int mfp; /* 0 = disabled, 1 = optional, 2 = mandatory */
u8 *assoc_wpa_ie; /* Own WPA/RSN IE from (Re)AssocReq */
size_t assoc_wpa_ie_len;
u8 *ap_wpa_ie, *ap_rsn_ie;
size_t ap_wpa_ie_len, ap_rsn_ie_len;
struct wpa_peerkey *peerkey;
#endif /* CONFIG_PEERKEY */
struct wpa_tdls_peer *tdls;
int tdls_prohibited;
int tdls_disabled;
/* The driver supports TDLS */
int tdls_supported;
* The driver requires explicit discovery/setup/teardown frames sent
* to it via tdls_mgmt.
int tdls_external_setup;
#endif /* CONFIG_TDLS */
#ifdef CONFIG_IEEE80211R
u8 xxkey[PMK_LEN]; /* PSK or the second 256 bits of MSK */
size_t xxkey_len;
u8 pmk_r0[PMK_LEN];
u8 pmk_r0_name[WPA_PMK_NAME_LEN];
u8 pmk_r1[PMK_LEN];
u8 pmk_r1_name[WPA_PMK_NAME_LEN];
u8 mobility_domain[MOBILITY_DOMAIN_ID_LEN];
u8 r0kh_id[FT_R0KH_ID_MAX_LEN];
size_t r0kh_id_len;
u8 r1kh_id[FT_R1KH_ID_LEN];
int ft_completed;
int over_the_ds_in_progress;
u8 target_ap[ETH_ALEN]; /* over-the-DS target AP */
int set_ptk_after_assoc;
u8 mdie_ft_capab; /* FT Capability and Policy from target AP MDIE */
u8 *assoc_resp_ies; /* MDIE and FTIE from (Re)Association Response */
size_t assoc_resp_ies_len;
#endif /* CONFIG_IEEE80211R */
static inline void wpa_sm_set_state(struct wpa_sm *sm, enum wpa_states state)
sm->ctx->set_state(sm->ctx->ctx, state);
static inline enum wpa_states wpa_sm_get_state(struct wpa_sm *sm)
return sm->ctx->get_state(sm->ctx->ctx);
static inline void wpa_sm_deauthenticate(struct wpa_sm *sm, int reason_code)
sm->ctx->deauthenticate(sm->ctx->ctx, reason_code);
static inline int wpa_sm_set_key(struct wpa_sm *sm, enum wpa_alg alg,
const u8 *addr, int key_idx, int set_tx,
const u8 *seq, size_t seq_len,
const u8 *key, size_t key_len)
return sm->ctx->set_key(sm->ctx->ctx, alg, addr, key_idx, set_tx,
seq, seq_len, key, key_len);
static inline void * wpa_sm_get_network_ctx(struct wpa_sm *sm)
return sm->ctx->get_network_ctx(sm->ctx->ctx);
static inline int wpa_sm_get_bssid(struct wpa_sm *sm, u8 *bssid)
return sm->ctx->get_bssid(sm->ctx->ctx, bssid);
static inline int wpa_sm_ether_send(struct wpa_sm *sm, const u8 *dest,
u16 proto, const u8 *buf, size_t len)
return sm->ctx->ether_send(sm->ctx->ctx, dest, proto, buf, len);
static inline int wpa_sm_get_beacon_ie(struct wpa_sm *sm)
return sm->ctx->get_beacon_ie(sm->ctx->ctx);
static inline void wpa_sm_cancel_auth_timeout(struct wpa_sm *sm)
static inline u8 * wpa_sm_alloc_eapol(struct wpa_sm *sm, u8 type,
const void *data, u16 data_len,
size_t *msg_len, void **data_pos)
return sm->ctx->alloc_eapol(sm->ctx->ctx, type, data, data_len,
msg_len, data_pos);
static inline int wpa_sm_add_pmkid(struct wpa_sm *sm, const u8 *bssid,
const u8 *pmkid)
return sm->ctx->add_pmkid(sm->ctx->ctx, bssid, pmkid);
static inline int wpa_sm_remove_pmkid(struct wpa_sm *sm, const u8 *bssid,
const u8 *pmkid)
return sm->ctx->remove_pmkid(sm->ctx->ctx, bssid, pmkid);
static inline int wpa_sm_mlme_setprotection(struct wpa_sm *sm, const u8 *addr,
int protect_type, int key_type)
return sm->ctx->mlme_setprotection(sm->ctx->ctx, addr, protect_type,
static inline int wpa_sm_update_ft_ies(struct wpa_sm *sm, const u8 *md,
const u8 *ies, size_t ies_len)
if (sm->ctx->update_ft_ies)
return sm->ctx->update_ft_ies(sm->ctx->ctx, md, ies, ies_len);
return -1;
static inline int wpa_sm_send_ft_action(struct wpa_sm *sm, u8 action,
const u8 *target_ap,
const u8 *ies, size_t ies_len)
if (sm->ctx->send_ft_action)
return sm->ctx->send_ft_action(sm->ctx->ctx, action, target_ap,
ies, ies_len);
return -1;
static inline int wpa_sm_mark_authenticated(struct wpa_sm *sm,
const u8 *target_ap)
if (sm->ctx->mark_authenticated)
return sm->ctx->mark_authenticated(sm->ctx->ctx, target_ap);
return -1;
static inline void wpa_sm_set_rekey_offload(struct wpa_sm *sm)
if (!sm->ctx->set_rekey_offload)
sm->ctx->set_rekey_offload(sm->ctx->ctx, sm->ptk.kek,
sm->ptk.kck, sm->rx_replay_counter);
static inline int wpa_sm_tdls_get_capa(struct wpa_sm *sm,
int *tdls_supported,
int *tdls_ext_setup)
if (sm->ctx->tdls_get_capa)
return sm->ctx->tdls_get_capa(sm->ctx->ctx, tdls_supported,
return -1;
static inline int wpa_sm_send_tdls_mgmt(struct wpa_sm *sm, const u8 *dst,
u8 action_code, u8 dialog_token,
u16 status_code, const u8 *buf,
size_t len)
if (sm->ctx->send_tdls_mgmt)
return sm->ctx->send_tdls_mgmt(sm->ctx->ctx, dst, action_code,
dialog_token, status_code,
buf, len);
return -1;
static inline int wpa_sm_tdls_oper(struct wpa_sm *sm, int oper,
const u8 *peer)
if (sm->ctx->tdls_oper)
return sm->ctx->tdls_oper(sm->ctx->ctx, oper, peer);
return -1;
static inline int
wpa_sm_tdls_peer_addset(struct wpa_sm *sm, const u8 *addr, int add,
u16 capability, const u8 *supp_rates,
size_t supp_rates_len)
if (sm->ctx->tdls_peer_addset)
return sm->ctx->tdls_peer_addset(sm->ctx->ctx, addr, add,
capability, supp_rates,
return -1;
#endif /* CONFIG_TDLS */
void wpa_eapol_key_send(struct wpa_sm *sm, const u8 *kck,
int ver, const u8 *dest, u16 proto,
u8 *msg, size_t msg_len, u8 *key_mic);
int wpa_supplicant_send_2_of_4(struct wpa_sm *sm, const unsigned char *dst,
const struct wpa_eapol_key *key,
int ver, const u8 *nonce,
const u8 *wpa_ie, size_t wpa_ie_len,
struct wpa_ptk *ptk);
int wpa_supplicant_send_4_of_4(struct wpa_sm *sm, const unsigned char *dst,
const struct wpa_eapol_key *key,
u16 ver, u16 key_info,
const u8 *kde, size_t kde_len,
struct wpa_ptk *ptk);
int wpa_derive_ptk_ft(struct wpa_sm *sm, const unsigned char *src_addr,
const struct wpa_eapol_key *key,
struct wpa_ptk *ptk, size_t ptk_len);
void wpa_tdls_assoc(struct wpa_sm *sm);
void wpa_tdls_disassoc(struct wpa_sm *sm);
#endif /* WPA_I_H */