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A tour of the lsof_4.85 distribution:
00.README.FIRST_4.85 is this file.
README.lsof_4.85 contains distribution and security information.
RELEASE.SUMMARY_4.85 contains a summary of the lsof 4.85
lsof_4.85_src.tar is the lsof 4.85 source tar archive.
lsof_4.85_src.tar.sig is a detached GPG certificate for
I suggest you follow these steps:
1. Read 00.README.FIRST_4.85.
2. Read README.lsof_4.85 and follow its instructions to verify
the authenticity of lsof_4.85_src.tar.
3. Unpack lsof_4.85_src.tar -- use `tar xf lsof_4.85_src.tar`.
That will produce an lsof_4.85_src sub-directory.
4. Change to the lsof_4.85_src sub-directory and read its
Vic Abell <>
Tue Sep 27 14:06:28 EDT 2011