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* sth_h for HP-UX 10.30 and above
* This header file defines the stream head structure, sth_t, for lsof. Lsof
* uses the stream head structure to obtain the stream's read and write queue
* structure pointers.
* V. Abell
* February, 1998
#if !defined(LSOF_STH_H)
#define LSOF_STH_H
#include "kernbits.h"
#include <sys/types.h>
typedef struct streams_queue {
KA_T q_qinfo; /* queue info pointer */
KA_T q_first;
KA_T q_last;
KA_T q_next;
KA_T q_link;
KA_T q_ptr; /* queue private data pointer */
ulong q_count;
ulong q_flag;
int q_minpsz;
int q_maxpsz;
ulong q_hiwat;
ulong q_lowat;
KA_T q_bandp;
u_char q_nband;
u_char q_pad1[3];
KA_T q_other;
KA_T queue_sth;
} streams_queue_t;
typedef struct sth_s {
streams_queue_t *sth_rq; /* pointer to stream's read queue
* structure chain */
streams_queue_t *sth_wq; /* pointer to stream's write queue
* structure chain */
* These q4 elements are ignored.
dev_t sth_dev;
ulong sth_read_mode;
ulong sth_write_mode;
int sth_close_wait_timeout;
u_char sth_read_error;
u_char sth_write_error;
short sth_prim_ack;
short sth_prim_nak;
short sth_ext_flags;
ulong sth_flags;
int sth_ioc_id;
KA_T sth_ioc_mp;
OSRQ sth_ioctl_osrq;
OSRQ sth_read_osrq;
OSRQ sth_write_osrq;
ulong sth_wroff;
int sth_muxid;
KA_T sth_mux_link;
KA_T sth_mux_top;
gid_t sth_pgid;
KA_T sth_session;
KA_T sth_next;
POLLQ sth_pollq;
SIGSQ sth_sigsq;
KA_T sth_ttyp;
int sth_push_cnt;
OSR sth_osr;
KA_T sth_pipestatp;
KA_T sth_ext_flags_lock;
uint qlen;
struct sth_func_reg sth_f_reg;
spu_t sth_bindspu;
* Those q4 elements were ignored.
} sth_s_t;
#endif /* !defined(LSOF_STH_H) */