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* udp_s.h for HP-UX 10.30 and above
* This header file defines the UDP connection structure, udp_s, for lsof.
* Lsof gets the parameters of a UDP connection from tcp_s. Lsof locates a
* tcp_s structure by scanning the queue structure chain of a UDP stream,
* looking for a queue structure whose module name begins with UDP; that queue
* structure's private data pointer, q_ptr, addresses its associated tcp_s
* structure.
* V. Abell
* February, 1998
#if !defined(LSOF_UDP_S_H)
#define LSOF_UDP_S_H
#include "kernbits.h"
typedef struct udp_s {
int udp_state; /* connection state */
KA_T udp_hash_next;
KA_T udp_ptphn;
uint16_t udp_checksum;
uint16_t udp_port[2]; /* source and destination ports */
uint32_t udp_src; /* source IP address */
uint32_t udp_dst; /* destination IP address */
* These q4 elements are ignored.
uint udp_hdr_length;
int udp_wroff_xtra;
uint udp_family;
uint udp_ip_snd_options_len;
KA_T udp_ip_snd_options;
int udp_linger;
union {
uchar udpu1_multicast_ttl;
u32 udpu1_pad;
} udp_u1;
NET32 udp_multicast_if_addr;
KA_T udp_udph;
uint udp_priv_stream;
uint udp_calc_checksum;
uint udp_debug;
uint udp_dontroute;
uint udp_broadcast;
uint udp_useloopback;
uint udp_reuseaddr;
uint udp_reuseport;
uint udp_multicast_loop;
uint udp_rx_icmp;
uint udp_rx_icmp_set;
uint udp_distribute;
uint udp_link_status;
uint udp_copyavoid;
uint udp_pad_to_bit_31;
union {
uint udpu2_wants_opts;
struct udpu2_flags_s udpu2_flags;
} udp_u2;
union {
char udpu3_iphc[72];
iph_t udpu3_iph;
u32 udpu3_ipharr[6];
uble udpu3_aligner;
} udp_u3;
u8 udp_pad2[2];
u8 udp_type_of_service;
u8 udp_ttl;
u8 udp_bound_ip[4];
* Those q4 elements were ignored.
} udp_s_t;
#endif /* !defined(LSOF_UDP_S_H) */