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Notes on Using the Scripts in This Subdirectory
The scripts in this subdirectory are examples of post-processing
lsof field output. Some are contributed by lsof users and are
reproduced substantially as written by those users. Since the
scripts are examples, they are not guaranteed to work on all UNIX
dialects. Use them to learn about processing field output, don't
expect them to be ready for production, and expect to be required
to modify them to make them work.
If you want to do field output post-processing in a C program, take
a look at the test suite C library in ../tests/LTlib.c. You may
be able to adapt it to your needs.
The scripts are written in AWK, Perl 4 (4.036), and Perl 5 (5.001e
through 5.006). AWK scripts have a suffix of ``.awk''; Perl 4
(which will work under Perl 5) scripts have a ``.perl4'' suffix;
and Perl 5 scripts, ``.perl''.
Supply AWK scripts to your AWK interpreter with its -f option. Supply
lsof field output via a pipe -- e.g.,
lsof -F | awk -f list_fields.awk
The Perl scripts use the Unix command interpreter line feature to
specify the location of Perl -- i.e., the first line begins with
``#!'' and the path to the Perl interpreter follows. If your system
supports the command interpreter feature, but your Perl interpreters
have different paths to them, just change the interpreter lines in
the scripts. These scripts assume:
Path to: Is:
======= ==
Perl 4 /usr/local/bin/perl4
Perl 5 /usr/local/bin/perl
If your system doesn't support the command interpreter feature,
you'll have to supply the scripts to your Perl interpreter on its
command line -- e.g.,
lsof -F | /<path_to_your_perl_4> list_fields.perl
The Perl scripts attempt to establish a path to lsof, putting their
result in the $LSOF variable. Assuming you'll run them from the
scripts subdirectory, they look there first, then in the directories
of the PATH environment variable. If that proves unsuitable, modify
the &isexec() subroutine calls in the scripts to suit your lsof
Vic Abell
April 4, 2002